Food prices in Baku – 2022

Food prices in Baku – 2022: how much to eat and what to try

Holidays in a foreign country is not without tasting the national cuisine, so when planning a trip, it is important to know how much money to take to buy food and visit cafes. Those who are going to the capital of Azerbaijan, we advise to read the information about the prices of products in Baku stores and the dishes that must be tasted.

Azerbaijani cuisine: what to try in Baku

Nourishing, flavorful and varied food in Baku allows you not only to get gastronomic pleasure from eating it, but also to satiate the body for a long time.

Culinary traditions of Azerbaijan are closely linked with the Muslim religion, so fans of pork will have to look for alternative meat. It can be lamb, which Azerbaijanis skillfully cook and season with a variety of spices. Also, river and sea fish (mostly salmon and sturgeon species) is always on the menu in Baku restaurants. Beef and poultry are less popular with the local population, but dishes from this meat are always offered to holidaymakers.

National feature of Azerbaijani cuisine is abundant use of spices (cumin, cardamom, pepper, cinnamon, cumin, saffron, etc.) and herbs (basil, parsley, coriander, cumin, etc.). They fill the food with a variety of flavors that are in harmony with each other.

Vegetables are an integral part of Azerbaijani dishes. Tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers and peppers are especially popular. Among fruits, quinces, pears, cherry plums, apricots, plums, apples and oranges are often used in cooking.

Azerbaijani people adhere to culinary traditions not only in combination of certain ingredients but also in usage of special dishes: pitishnitsa is used for traditional piti soup, cauldron – for pilaf, saja – for meat mix, tas – for stewing meat, etc.

For those who are not familiar with Azerbaijani cuisine, we suggest studying its main dishes.

Panorama of the city with a view of the sea

What to order for the first dish

Ordering lunch in Baku restaurants, you can start with traditional soups – piti, bozbash or khash.

Piti is a thick Azerbaijani soup cooked on lamb brisket in the oven. It includes eggplants that are pre-fried with onions, carrots and peppers with the addition of turkey fat (it is taken from the back of a sheep of the “turkey” breed). At the last stage, the soup is sprinkled with coriander.

The spicy bozbash, including chestnuts, potatoes, tomatoes, chickpeas, eggplants and zucchini, is no less popular with the local population. Mint and apples give the soup a special flavor.

Unlike the above soups, khash is prepared with the addition of two types of meat – lamb and veal. One more peculiarity – the greens are served in a separate container so that the guests can put them into the soup (Azerbaijanis themselves use khash without greens and for breakfast).


People with liver and stomach diseases should be careful with Azerbaijani soups. They are very greasy and may be poorly received

National soup


What to order for the main dish

As a second course restaurant menu in Baku can offer jiz-biz, lula kebab, dolma or pilaf.

Azerbaijani pilaf is considered one of the most delicious. The secret of the dish is to cook rice separately from the other components. It is placed in a cauldron and added fat and butter. Before serving, the rice is mixed with lamb, vegetables and fruits, covered with kazmag (flatbread) and sprinkled with pomegranate seeds.

One of the most popular Azerbaijani dishes is dolma. It is minced mutton, rice and greens wrapped in grape (sometimes quince) leaves. Vegetables, fish and fruit may also be added. The Russian equivalent of dolma is stuffed cabbage rolls.

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For the dumplings lovers we recommend to try dushbara which reminds by its exterior and taste the dish so familiar to Russians. However, dushbara is much fattier, as “dumplings” with minced lamb are cooked not in water but in lamb broth and together with the liquid they are put on a plate. Before serving, butter and plenty of fresh herbs are added to the broth.

You can enjoy the soft and fragrant meat by eating traditional lul-kebab, which is a well-cut minced lamb cooked on charcoal on a skewer. The meat is served with flatbread and greens.

Local recipes include not only meat but also by-products. One of such dishes is dzhiz-biz, which is roasted mutton guts, heart, kidneys, and liver in sheep fat. Potatoes with greens are offered as a garnish.

For those who prefer a lighter meal we recommend ordering the traditional appetizer called ajapsandal. It includes eggplant, sweet bell pepper and tomato flavored with garlic, onion, coriander and basil.



Dessert and Drinks

For dessert you can have baklava made of layered dough, nuts with the addition of saffron, cloves and sugar. Pastry lovers will enjoy shaker bura, a cake with a nut filling in the shape of a half moon.

The traditional flour products also include crispy cookies sheker churek and round bun with soft stuffing shor gogal.

The most commonly consumed drinks in Azerbaijan are tea and sour-milk liquid products: ayran, atylama and bulama.

For consumption together with the second course are often offered sherbet based on berry and fruit juices or iskenjebi, consisting of liquid with the addition of honey and vinegar. You can also get palub (a beverage like kissel) or khoshab, which resembles a compote.

shaker bura

Shaker bura.


It is not customary in the country to associate festive meals with drinking alcohol. It is consumed mainly for medicinal purposes. Of the local strong drinks the Azerbaijanis are ready to offer tinctures, cognac and arak (“moonshine” with an aroma of anise). Those who prefer the lighter drinks may want to try bouza (Azeri beer).

For your information

Arak has a high strength (40-60%), so before drinking it is recommended to dilute it in the proportion of two parts water to one part of the drink. Often ice is added to the “cocktail”. Cheese, nuts and fruit are used as an appetizer.


A cozy courtyard in Baku with a local cafe

Food prices in Baku for 2022

For those planning a trip this year, it will be helpful to know the current food prices in Azerbaijan. The information collected by us about their cost in stores, as well as the pricing policy of restaurants and cafes will help to determine the necessary amount for the rest.

The prices are given in rubles on the basis of 1 Azerbaijani manat ≈ 43,5 rubles.

Restaurants and cafes, street fast food

Speaking about how much it costs to dine in Azerbaijan, you should specify the intended place of eating. If you plan to visit tourist catering establishments, a set of the first, second and a drink will cost on average 800-1500 rubles. In expensive restaurants it may cost 2-4 thousand rubles.

However, if you don’t have a budget to spend that much money, you may dine together with locals at inexpensive eateries: the price for a full meal starts at 350 rubles. The only thing to keep in mind is that the staff here speaks only Azerbaijani (the menu is also written in the local language).

Average prices for meals and drinks in Baku restaurants are presented in the table below.

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Name of dish, product Cost in rubles
vegetable salad 200-650
dushbar 440
sturgeon shashlik 1500-2000
saj 1000-1700
bottle of water, 500 ml 44
cup of tea 10
cappuccino 100-150

For those who prefer to “snack on the go,” it will be interesting to know how much food in Azerbaijan is offered in fast food establishments.

Inexpensive but high quality fast food is sold at the oldest and most popular chain Shaurma #1 in the country. The process of cooking shawarma takes only 5 minutes and costs about 120 rubles.

Economy versions of lunch are available in Buyuk Firat: here you can order the first dish for 90 rubles only and shashlik (3-4 pieces) or salad for 80 rubles.

A budget snack is available at Bir Iki: the price for shawarma is in the 100-115-ruble range. Inexpensive fast food places include Firuze, Maide and Anadolu.

Those who prefer the familiar taste of fries and burgers can go to KFS, McDonald’s, Mooyah or Grill Konig. A standard package of fries here can be bought for 130 rubles, a hamburger for 220, and a hot dog for 150.

You can stop for a rest while walking around Baku at Bubble Waffle; here they make some of the tastiest waffles with various fillings. A snack at the cafe costs 220-250 rubles.

Food in stores and at the bazaar

To make your stay in Azerbaijan cheaper you can cook your own food. Russians will be pleasantly surprised at how much bread, milk, fruit and vegetables cost in the country. Despite the low cost, they are always fresh and high quality.

Below are the prices of products in stores and supermarkets in Baku.

Product name Cost in rubles
Bread, 1 piece 7-26
lavash, 1 pc. 23
Grilled chicken, 1 pc (1.3-1.5 kg) 220
Boiled sausage, 1 kg 200-260
soft cheese, 1 kg from 220
yogurt (600g package) 42
bananas, 1 kg 90
watermelons, 1 kg 19
apples, 1 kg 30
oranges, 1 kg 87
peaches, 1 kg 55
peanuts, 100 g 13
walnuts, 100 gr. 60
cashews, 100 gr. 44
cucumbers, 1 kg 42
tomatoes, 1 kg 84
wine (0,75 l bottle) 200-500
local beer (0,5 l bottle) 60
imported beer (0.33 l bottle) 90-170
cognac “Old Baku” (0,5 l bottle) 650


According to tourists, one of the best chain supermarkets with inexpensive and fresh products is Bazar Store.

Those wishing to feel the local color, haggle and buy traditional Azerbaijani products should go to the markets. There are several of them in Baku, but two are especially popular – Yasll Bazar and Teze Bazar.

As tourists who visit Yasll Bazar write, here you can buy tea at a bargain price, as well as very tasty sweets (churchella, pistachios with honey, etc.). The cost of other goods (meat, vegetables, fish, cheese, pickles, etc.) is the same as in the supermarkets, or higher. Yasll Bazar is focused on visitors; it’s pleasant to be here, but it’s not possible to save money on purchases.

The lowest prices for products in Azerbaijan are presented in the central market of Baku – Teze Bazar.Tourists recommend to come here to buy products in case of self-cooking, as well as to feel the local color. However, those planning a trip to Teze Bazar should be prepared for the lack of cleanliness and neatness typical of traditional supermarkets.

Video review of food in Baku

This is interesting

Azerbaijani markets have one peculiarity: here you will not find price tags for goods. To find out the price, you have to ask the seller; offering your own price is not forbidden.

Due to the low cost of food in Azerbaijan, a trip to this country is suitable for tourists even with the most modest budget.

Where to stay in Baku: 10 best hotels for value for money

A selection of hotels for tourists

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My name is Sergei, and I work as a guide in various cities in Europe, Asia, eastern Russia, also work as a manager in a large travel agency. During my travels I experienced a lot of emotions, learned useful information about rest and prices, saw unique places about which I hurry to share on the pages of my blog about tourism.

Prices in Baku : how much money do you need in Azerbaijan in 2022 – Travel Budget

14.3 € (24.7 manat / 892.9 ₽) is the minimum budget for a day in Baku . This is enough for a good budget hostel, two trips by public transport and food (the amount equal to two dinners in inexpensive cafes).

This amount does not include the cost of the flight and insurance. A round-trip ticket from Moscow to the February events could be found for 10-11 thousand rubles. Slightly cheaper during sales (subscribe to Telegram channel @samokatus not to miss them). Azerbaijani low-cost airline Buta Airways often offers tickets from different Russian cities for 4-5 thousand rubles one way.

Insurance can be picked up on the service Cherehapa . Cherehapa is Aviasales in the world of insurance, choosing from dozens of options the cheapest or most suitable in terms of parameters. Cherehapa is our partner and we recommend it as the best insurance aggregator.

The current exchange rate of the Azerbaijani manat: 1 AZN = 0.6 EUR = 36.2 RUB. In Baku you can exchange both USD, EUR and RUB (but not in all exchange offices). The exchange rate in different exchange offices doesn’t differ much. It is more convenient to withdraw money from ATMs or pay with a card (in big shops).

Is it open to enter Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan opened the air border for Russian and Turkish citizens from June 10, 2021. Both a vaccination certificate and a PCR test are needed for entry.

  • PCR test: required. A PCR test done at least 72 hours in advance is required for entry (except for children under 1 year old).
  • Certificate of vaccination: compulsory. Passengers over 18 years of age should also present a vaccination certificate or a certificate of having had coronavirus.
  • The issuance of electronic visas and visas on arrival is suspended. But Russians whose stay in the country does not exceed 90 days do not need a visa.

How much does it cost to get from Baku airport to the city?

There are several ways to get from Heydar Aliyev Airport to the center of Baku:

    Baku Bus companies take around the clock with half an hour intervals to the metro station “May 28” near the railway station. To pay for the ride, you need to buy a BakiKart (0.3 manat (10.9 ₽) single-use card plus 1.3 manat (47.0 ₽) fare).
  • An official cab to the center of Baku will cost 27 manat (976.8 ₽). With an Uber you can get to the city center for 15-17 manat (542.6 ₽).
  • Individual transfers (starting from 20€) can be booked at KiwiTaxi.
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How do I get around the city?

How much does public transport cost?

Public transport in Baku is represented by buses, trolleybuses, route cabs and the metro. To pay for travel in the subway or buses one needs to buy a BakiKart. There are two types of cards: top-up (costs 2 AZN (72.4 ₽)) or single-use (0.3 AZN (10.9 ₽)). One trip costs 0.3 manat (10.9 ₽). It is worth having change or small bills to buy a card and pay the fare.

You can use Google Maps to plan your routes.

How much does a cab cost?

In Baku, cab prices depend on the company. On average, the fare for boarding is 2 manat (65.1 ₽) and a kilometer will cost 0.8 manat (28.9 ₽). Uber’s minimum fare is almost twice as cheap. An alternative to Uber can be the Bolt.

How much does gasoline and parking cost?

A liter of gasoline in Baku costs on average 1 manat (36.2 ₽). One hour of parking in the city center will cost 1 manat (36.2 ₽), and a whole day will cost 6-10 manats (217.1 -361.8 ₽).

Where can a tourist stay in Baku (hotels, hostels, apartments)?

Hotels: In the off-season a double room in a cheap hotel can be taken from 10-12 € further from the center (for example East House Hotel or Red Roof Hotel). In or near the old town (Icheri-Sheher) a room will cost you from 15-20 € (e.g. Old Town Guest House or Khazar Guest House). A room in a good hotel in the Old Town will cost from 20-25 € (for example Kristal Hotel, ATFK Hotel Baku or Eleon Hotel) and a room in the Old Town will cost from 30-35 € (for example Jireh Baku Hotel , Town Gates Hotel or Old Castle Boutique Hotel).

During high season prices are 15-20% higher. At a chain of five-star hotels a room will cost from 100 € (for example at the Boulevard Hotel Baku Autograph Collection or Holiday Inn Baku).

Hostels: Prices for shared rooms start at 4-5 €. If you book early, prices don’t vary much during the summer. The best value for money/quality/place is Zion Hostel. Prices for a shared room start at 5 €.

AirBnb: An apartment in central Baku will cost about 20 €. For 15-20 € you can find good options for early booking and in summer for 20-25 €. Rooms in Baku are rented out much less, especially in central parts of the city. With lucky circumstances you can manage to book a few options for 10-13 €.

So, a good budget accommodation in Baku will cost you 4-10 € per night per person.

How much does the connection cost?

The most convenient option for travelers offers Azercell, it is called “Guest Package” and includes 10GB and 20 minutes of international calls. The package costs 17 manat (615.0 ₽).

How much does it cost to eat at restaurants?

  • Lunch at an inexpensive cafe: 10 manat (361.8 ₽). For example, Old Garden.
  • fast food :
    • Doner – 5 manat (180.9 ₽). For example, Bir Iki.
    • A cup of cappuccino – 5 manat (180.9 ₽). For example, Coffee Station. A selection of coffee shops.
    • A glass of beer – 4 manat (108.5 ₽)). For example, Finnegan’s Pub. A selection of bars.

    How much does food cost in the supermarket?

    Prices in Baku for products in the supermarket are slightly more expensive than in Moscow. Food should be bought in bazaars, for example in the Green Bazaar (Yaşıl bazaar) near the railway station. Seasonal fruit and vegetables, dairy products and alcohol are much cheaper.

    How much does entertainment cost?

    Baku has a large selection of free tours. If you are willing to pay for an interesting tour, you can find a guide on Tripster or Sputnik8.

    A sightseeing bus tour will cost about 20 manat (723.5 ₽), while prices for boat trips start at 30 manat (1,085.3 ₽). You can climb the Maiden Tower for 2 manat (72.4 ₽).

    How much do souvenirs cost?

    Food souvenirs are worth buying in bazaars or supermarkets. On average, prices for souvenirs in Baku are as follows:

    • Basic souvenirs: postcard 0,3 €, magnet 3 €, T-shirt 5 €
    • Special souvenirs: black tea from 3 €, armudas from 10 €

    Flea Markets in Baku

    Azerbaijan’s most fashionable “flea market” is located near the May 28 metro station opposite Salaam Cinema Baku. Typically people come here for the designer and vintage items, antiques and other utensils. The market is open in spring and autumn; however, there is a boom on Sundays during the summer months.

    Tax Free

    When leaving Azerbaijan, citizens of Russia and other countries can count on a tax refund – all goods in Baku are subject to 18% VAT.

    In order to carry out the procedure of tax free return you need to buy goods in stores with a special sticker, and the minimum threshold is 300 manat (10,852.9 ₽).

    Learn more about tax free return in Azerbaijan here.

    Baku Museums

    Prices for admission tickets to Baku museums vary widely. Among the most expensive are the Museum of Art of Azerbaijan (10 manat (361.8 ₽) and the Museum of Azerbaijani Literature (9 manat (325.6 ₽)). The Carpet Museum is a little cheaper (7 manat (253.2 ₽). For 5 manats (180.9 ₽) you can visit the Museum of History of Azerbaijan or the Museum of Modern Art.

    How much more expensive is Baku compared to Moscow?

    Prices for holidays in Baku are lower than in Moscow in almost all respects. Food in cafes and restaurants is 16% cheaper, and rents are 60% lower. Also, it is cheaper to travel by public transport and cab. Learn more at

    Prices in Baku

    When to visit Baku?

    It is worth coming to Baku for at least three days. In terms of optimal weather and tourist flow it is worth visiting in the spring or autumn. In addition, in the spring you can catch the major celebrations: Novruz (March 21) or the Republic Day (May 28). In October, sovereignty day and a jazz festival are celebrated.

    Bottom line. So how much will I spend?

    • 4 – 10 € for accomodation.
    • 0,3 – 1 € for transport.
    • 10 – 15 € for food (cafes and supermarkets).

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