Going to Naples! Reviews & Prices for vacations – 2022

Naples – a bustling, but distinctive city

Holidays in Naples

Just the name of the Italian city awakens dreams of a vacation! Find out from our reviews about what it’s like to be in Naples. Which hotels are considered the best, where the beaches are good and what to see in the city.


Impressions of the resort

There is no unambiguous opinion about Naples among tourists. Some call the city noisy and dirty. Others are delighted with the Baroque temples, unique museums and luxurious palaces. Naples attracts with its contradictions! The city grew up in the shadow of Vesuvius and is used to live a busy life.

If you want to understand the tradition of the Neapolitans, explore the historic center of Naples. For those who dream of inhaling the fragrance of beautiful life, we advise to stroll past the presentable hotels along Via Partenope. For lovers of nightlife, visit the clubs and discos in Piazza Trieste e Trento.

Olga_Steam: “The city I fell in love with during 2 days and for a very long time. For tourism it is a paradise.

Orangik: “It’s a very versatile city, it’s in my heart. For us Naples is clearly divided into two parts – “old and fashionable.

Holidays in Naples

Some people call it noisy and dirty. Others love the Baroque temples, unique museums and luxurious palaces. Naples attracts with its contradictions! Photo: unsplash.com / @faustmann.

Best hotels in Naples

The most expensive hotels in Naples are located on the waterfront. These are 4-5* hotels with wonderful views of the Bay of Naples. In the historic center there is a lot of accommodation for tourists in old mansions. Prices there are not trivial, but you can find comfortable apartments from 70 €. Look for apartments and flats in Naples on Booking.com.

If you want to save money, choose hotels in the area of Piazza Garibaldi and Central Station. In this part of the city budget rooms cost 30-40 €. Look for hotels in Naples on Hotelluca.

The best hotels in Naples, according to tourist reviews:

Delco Naples 3* is one of the most inexpensive 3* hotels in Naples. During high season, a double room with breakfast will cost 38 € and up.

Bed and Breakfast Casa Mariella 3* is a cozy hotel 7 minutes walk from the city port. A room for two with breakfast costs from 66 € per night.

IstayinToledo Luxury Guest House 4* – A guesthouse not far from the Royal Palace. Double room with breakfast costs from 80 €.

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Artemisia Domus 4* – Stylish guest house 1 km from Castel Nuovo. A room for two with breakfast costs from 102 €.

Grand Hotel Parker’s 5* – A classic Italian hotel near the Royal Palace. Double room with breakfast costs from 170 €.

Maschio Angioino Suite 5* – A cozy hotel near the port and Castel Nuovo. There are rooms with balcony and terrace. A room for two with breakfast costs from 115 €.

Best hotels in Naples

The most expensive hotels in Naples are located on the waterfront. These are 4-5* hotels with a wonderful view of the Bay of Naples. Photo: unsplash.com / @al1zumi.


Naples has a beach called Bagno Elena Beach. It is equipped with sun loungers, sun umbrellas and changing rooms, but it is not recommended to swim there. The reason is that the sea water within the city leaves much to be desired.

The city’s beach holiday in Naples is best enjoyed in the suburbs, where the sea is cleaner. At 30 km from the city center, on the Amalfi coast stretches the pretty seaside municipality of Positano. The small houses are huddled right on the mountainside. Positano has several good beaches with pebbles and volcanic sand.

Residents of Naples go swimming on the islands. Tourists like the long, sandy Lucrino beach near Pozzuoli. With your own towel you can sit on any beach. Rental of a deck chair costs 10-20 €.

Honeybeelike: “The first thing I noticed was that it was the brightest blue! The sea here is not turquoise or azure, but exactly the deep blue. We didn’t see any beaches in the city. Locals swim right off the rocks.

Beaches in Naples

At 30 km from the center of the city on the Amalfi coast stretches the pretty seaside municipality of Positano. Photo: al1zumi / unsplash.com.

What to see in Naples

The most interesting legends and stories of Naples are associated with Castel Nuovo, Castel dell’Ovo, Sant’Elmo and the Royal Palace – Palazzo Reale di Napoli. While vacationing in Naples, visit the beautiful Piazza Plebiscita, the cathedral, the Umberto I Gallery, the San Severo Chapel and the country residence of the King in Caserta.

According to reviews of tourists in Naples are popular excursions to Pompeii, Vesuvius, the Almafitan coast, the caves of Castelcivita, as well as gastronomic, wine and shopping tours of the city. Many tours are conducted in Russian, the most popular are:

    – 78 € for 1-2 people. – 20 € / 1 person. – 160 € for 1-10 people. – 130 € for 1-10 people.
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Uncle Belvedere: “Via San Gregorio Armeno is a street of artisan workshops where handmade goods are displayed, which amaze with their variety and beauty. You can wander along this street for hours, looking at everything in a row. Here you can find amazing Christmas and New Year’s tree decorations.

What to see in Naples

While vacationing in Naples, visit the beautiful Piazza Plebiscita. Photo: jackwandering / unsplash.com.

Holidays with children

Naples is not suitable for a beach vacation with children, but interesting for excursions. Visit Castel Nuovo, the Acquario Oceanarium, Edenlandia Amusement Park and the National Railway Museum. Children love Lo Zoo di Napoli and Diguilandia, a park for outdoor activities.

Maroona: “The imposing fortress of Nuovo goes back to the 13th century. Children will love being inside a real old castle where the history of Naples comes to life.

Holidays with kids in Naples

Visit Castel Nuovo with your children. Photo: ronnikurtz / Depositphotos.com.

When to go

The mild Mediterranean climate of Naples allows you to vacation in this city all year round. The weather gets warm as early as March, when the mimosas and crocuses bloom. The beach season lasts from Easter until October.

The temperature in Naples in May +23 ° C, and in June the thermometer rises to +30 ° C. The city literally melts with the heat in July and August. It’s worth spending all the days by the sea, because it’s too hot to see the sights. Learn how to sunbathe properly.

The velvet season lasts until late October. In September, the sea is almost as warm as in summer – about +24 ° C. It’s still sunny in Naples in October, but the sea can be choppy. By the end of the month the temperature of the sea drops to +21. +22°С.

Katya Mikhatova: “In mid-October in Italy the weather is fine, but the heat is gone. We went into the cool water a couple of times. The coast here is like in the Gulf of Finland, you have to look for depth, but the sand is fine and the water is clear, warmed up a couple of hours in the sun and went back to town.

Weather in Naples

In July and August, there are a lot of tourists, and the city literally melts from the heat. Vacationers spend entire days by the sea. Photo: unsplash.com / @carlosheviariera.

Conclusions: is it worth going to Naples

Naples is the third largest city in the country. It is home to about 1 million people. Here with pleasure rest those who are not embarrassed by the noise of traffic and large number of people.

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Naples is good for sightseeing, nightlife, tasting the delicious Italian cuisine and local wines. For beach vacation is better to go to small seaside resorts.

Going to Naples! Reviews & Prices for vacations – 2022

Castel – Sant – Elmo on reconstruction We were in Naples last spring, in April, for the Easter holidays. The weather was already warm, but apparently the tourist season had not yet started. A lot of the historical sites in the city were under reconstruction. This, together with the general carelessness of Naples, made for an unhappy picture.

Castel Sant’Elmo was also all fenced off. And we couldn’t get into it. But we didn’t regret that it took us so long to get here: by bus, by cable car, then we walked. And we came to the fence! But when we got to the observation point

We went to Italy at the end of July. From Naples we planned a trip to Pompeii and Vesuvius. The ticket from Pompeii to Vesuvius cost 20 euros. The ascent was carried out in three stages. First we rode a bus, and some people stood up, then we were transferred to a military off-road, where we all had to sit (apparently, this is a safety requirement), and the last stage was on foot. Given that it was the height of summer, the climb up Vesuvius turned out to be a good test of our fitness. The ascent on foot took about twenty minutes.

From Pompeii straight from the train to Vesuvius, to the foot part, by bus 10 euros.Well, and the entrance to Vesuvius 10 euros.

As you know, the best pizza in Italy, and in Italy itself – in Naples. As you know, the best pizza in Italy, but in Italy itself – in Naples. Naples is considered the birthplace of pizza.On the advice of the inhabitants of Naples, one of the best pizzerias is Gino Sorbillo LievitoMadre Al Mare.This is a place where they cook really insanely delicious pizza, and that’s where local residents go. There are many famous pizzerias in the city, but many of them are tourist pizzerias, so locals do not go there (primarily because of the higher prices).Since this pizzeria is very

  • go on excursions
  • swim-sun on the beach
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4 We came to Naples in the spring. It’s already warm and sunny here in April. By evening, of course, it gets colder. But during the day, you can sunbathe. Castel del Ovo on Naples’ seafront is the easiest place to do it. Castel del Ovo is a castle covered with legends and myths. They were definitely invented for tourists. But this in no way detracts from the photogenic and romanticism of the castle. It is also very pleasant that you can walk around the castle for free. However, they close it early enough, at 18:45 inside already.

Vesuvius looks great in April Our acquaintance with Naples was not long, we were here only two days. We left the climb to Vesuvius for the second day. From the morning we set out to conquer the volcano. From the main train station of Naples runs a regional train. Further, to Vesuvius itself, we got a bus. And another 200 meters on foot climbed to the crater of the volcano. If at the foot of the volcano was sunny and warm, but climbing to the top, we were caught in a barrage of wind. And it was cold, even icy. Satisfied

Capodichino Please correct the name! Capodichino in the Italian transcription sounds like CapodiCino, not CapodiCino. It’s not an English word, right?

Naples offers tourists a fascinating opportunity to get acquainted not only with local historical sites, but also Italian cuisine.

First and foremost, of course, we will talk about Italian pizza. Every traveler, come to Italy, just must try this dish “number one”.

A little walk through the main streets of the city, you’ll see quite a few places where you can eat. The question is where they make the best Italian pizza, the tastiest and the biggest (in terms of size I mean).

There’s a lot to see! I read a lot of interesting reviews about this Archaeological Museum, so to visit it was one of the obligatory points of our stay in Naples. At the end of May, my husband and I managed to get into the museum on an annual promotion when admission was only one euro per person. There were, of course, a lot of people at that time. But the large area and many halls did not prevent looking at the exhibits. We went into the museum at about 19:30 and came out a little later than 22. We looked at everything, but we had time to get only to the halls with coins and mosaics.

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In Castel dell’Ovo we were walking along the Naples seafront and we came to an interesting place, admission to which turned out to be free. At the entrance we met many brides posing for the cameras. Also near the bridge there are many cafes, there are souvenir shops with various accessories, beads, memorable gifts. On the right side of the entrance, on the rocks, there are many sunbathers. Some even manage to swim, although the stones are quite high. It’s a beautiful place to relax. Time

  • go on excursions

Climbing the crater of Vesuvius in September 2015 From the station ERCOLANO scavia you go down and on the left – right vezuvio express office – buses of this company (go once an hour, I went to 10,40) you can get to the middle of the mountain, where you will need to walk 20-30 minutes to the crater. The company gives 90 minutes for everything. You admire the crater and go back down – get on your own bus. This pleasure cost me 20 euros (arrival, crater, departure).

Wear comfortable shoes. It’s better not to wear pants, you will wash for a long time after – it’s very dusty there :) On the head hat!

It is beautiful there :) But you’ll forget it fast. You can take pieces of solidified red lava from there, or you can buy rosso lava there for 3 euros.

Hello Svetlana! Thank you for the story! If you don’t mind, please help a traveler with kids to choose the best route to Pompeii and Vesuvius out of five possible: 1. take a train from Naples to Pompeii, get off near Vesuvius and then take a train back to Pompeii; 2. take a train from Naples to Pompeii, get off near Vesuvius and then take a bus to Pompeii; 3. Take the train from Naples to Pompeii, get off at Pompeii, then take the train to Vesuvius, then take the train to Naples; 4. Take the train from Naples to Pompeii, get off at Pompeii, then take the bus to Vesuvius, then take the train to Naples; 5. Take the train from Naples to Pompeii, get off at Pompeii, then take the bus to Vesuvius, go back to Pompeii on this bus and then take the train to Naples; Thanks so much in advance!

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