Going to Rimini! Holidays in 2022 and reviews

Rimini: a review of beach vacation

In this report I will tell you about my personal experience of vacationing with a child at sea in Rimini on a package tour in 2019 and why we did not go on our own.

  • Trip budget and extras . Average check in a cafe in Rimini
  • What can you save on?

So, in the summer we spontaneously decided to go to the sea, and since we were limited in time (we had only one week to travel), a long flight to distant countries we immediately excluded. Let me say at once that we considered several options: Turkey, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Spain – where for the same budget you get a completely different level of service and the country as a whole.

paid beach in Rimini

Paid beach in Rimini at 9 am (July).

We always travel with our daughter, and the sea, of course, too. Therefore, we chose only places with sandy beaches, so that there was a place to play and run baby.

I should note that the search for tickets for a trip by myself was not successful. We had to worry about this a lot in advance. For example, round trip ticket for three people to Spain cost about 70-80 thousand rubles. – This is a month / month and a half before the trip. Do not ask why so expensive, we live 1000 km away from Moscow, it does not work at all cheap to fly to Europe in the summer (in peak season) because of the change, and there are no direct scheduled flights from our city to European cities.

So we decided to take a package tour to Italy, with a direct flight to Rimini. We bought a package tour at a price close to the ticket price (86 rubles), which included: direct flight back and forth from our city for three people, 3* hotel, half board (breakfast + dinner / lunch), shuttle service to / from the airport. This pricing policy is very rare and lucky, but this summer we were lucky. Usually package tours are more expensive or as expensive as a self-organized family trip.

We bought a trip three weeks before departure, we had a Schengen visa for two years. But when we looked at the cost of the tour 10 days before departure – were even more surprised, now it is even less (about 78 thousand rubles).

Conclusion: even on a package tour you can save money. After all, package tours include flights on charter flights, which are cheaper than regular flights, and there are often price reductions a few days before departure. In addition, it is convenient if you can not buy a ticket for a charter, and there are no regular flights from your city.

Additional costs for a vacation in Rimini

In addition we spent about 35 rubles:

  • rent of sun beds on the beach
  • food (the cost of the tour included only 2 meals a day at the hotel)
  • shopping in a local supermarket (water, snacks, ice cream)
  • Car rental (for the trip to Bologna and outlet stores)
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Rent sun beds and review of beaches in Rimini

About the rental, I will say right away that not at all regretted the money spent. Wonderful service: clean sand, wastebaskets everywhere (there is even sorting waste), clean sun loungers (also cleaned).

Rimini beach

The beach can choose any beach, which you like, rent a deck chair and relax. There are free beaches – went and saw, but returned to the paid. Here the choice is yours! It is quite possible to have a rest on a free beach without sun beds and with the towel and an umbrella. The sea too everywhere is the same.

How much do sun loungers cost on the beach in Rimini

We rented 2 sun loungers + umbrella. If you rent for 1 day the price 14 euros / day, for 3 days – less, for 7 days – even less. It is advantageous to take at once for a week!

The prices for rent of sun beds and umbrellas in 2020:

  • Rent a sun lounger – from 4 euros (depending on the beach and distance from the sea)
  • Rent 2 sun beds + umbrella – 10-14 euros (depending on the beach and distance from the sea )

Sea in Rimini

We should separately note the sea – very shallow, easy entrance, which is ideal for children. Well and friendly Italians do not leave without attention to our daughter, who constantly tried to get acquainted with her and make a compliment.

It may seem in the photo that the beaches are very deserted – and so it is. Holidaymakers was very small, only in the evening there were more. Our holiday at the end of July, and from 1 August the Italians start their vacation season, so we had few tourists.

Our hotel review in Rimini.

Hotel Roxy Floridiana on google

We stayed at the Hotel Roxy Floridiana – the hotel is lovely, a bit tired, the building is old but the rooms are very clean and fresh. Also, we were supposed to have a double room and a crib, but we ended up getting a 3-bed room (1 double bed and 1 single for the baby). The bathroom was great: shower, toilet, bidet and very spacious. There was a split in the room and a TV (and it even worked).

The location of the hotel is amazing. The windows overlook Federico Fellini park (where the famous fountain with the horses) and the beach was just a 5 minute walk away with a child. And in the evening you can walk in the park and its surroundings.

Food Prices in Italy - 2022

Food at the hotel and cafes in Rimini

As for food, there are many cafes and pizzerias in Rimini. We liked to walk and eat in the historic part of town rather than on the promenade (read about it in the report about the sights of Rimini ).

I can recommend a good cafe near Federico Fellini Park where they speak Russian, cook delicious food and are not expensive: Pizzeria Del Kursaal Di Curcic Jelica at Viale Amerigo Vespucci, 12h, 47921 Rimini RN, Italy.

The cost of a pizza and 2 glasses of wine is about 10 euros. Be sure to try the Italian flatbread – piadina!

Prices in Rimini cafes in 2019

  • Ice cream – from 1.5 euros
  • Pizza – from 6-7 euros
  • Pasta – from 8 euros
  • Piadina – from 5 euros
  • Coffee – from 1.5 euros
  • Service charges in restaurants – 2-3 euros per person.
  • Average bill for lunch for 1 person – about 13 euros.

Meals at the hotel: breakfast (buffet) + lunch or dinner à la carte (the menu varied by day of the week). Everything was sufficient, tasty, but for lunch/dinner the portions are huge – better not to finish a little.

The hotel had its own patio where they had dinners once a week with “live music”. There was wicker furniture, swings, children’s corner in the courtyard.

In general, I should say that the hotel is quite pensioner, a lot of Italian women and Italians of advanced age, there were Russian-speaking tourists, but a little bit.

Total budget of the trip:

About 120 t.r. for three people (2 adults and a child of 3 years)

How to make your trip to Italy even cheaper?

So, what you could save on.

First, you can always relax on the free beach – just buy your own umbrella. You can take an umbrella with you, to turn in as part of your luggage. For example, our umbrella from Spain was lost by the airline, but then it was found and we took it at the airport in our city 2 days after arrival.

Secondly, you can do without additional excursions in the region, just enjoying the beach vacation.

Many people like to buy a lot of souvenirs, you can also save a lot of money on this.

And finally, food – you can always save on food, if you are limited in funds, instead of dining in restaurants and cafes, choose fast food or buy food in a supermarket.

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Holidays in Rimini

Read travel reviews to find out if Rimini is worth a vacation in 2022. What they write about beaches and holidays with children, which hotels are better and where to go on vacation from Rimini.


Tourist reviews of Rimini

Rimini is one of the most famous seaside resorts in Italy. Excellent hotels, 15 km of clean beaches, a museum of Federico Fellini, stores and shopping centers for shopping. The city is small in size and well planned. In the western part of Rimini there is a huge shopping mall Le Befane.

Foreigners love to come to the Romanesque Riviera. Italians themselves enjoy spending weekends and vacations here. Picturesque resort is affordable not only for wealthy travelers. In Rimini there is enough budget accommodation, inexpensive cafes and restaurants.

Komissar-53: “The sea reminds something of Riga seashore, but it is warmer, quieter and the sand is a bit darker. It is full of all kinds of animals (crabs, mussels). People are friendly, even if you meet a drunken company at night, you can not be afraid in the center.

Piazza Cavour is the cultural center of Rimini. Alexey Sinitsyn, editor-in-chief of our website, is in Rimini.

Best hotels in Rimini

According to reviews, Rimini has many good hotels 3-5*, inexpensive apartments and guest houses. Tourists like cozy family hotels, so there are almost no high-rise complexes at the resort.

Rimini is a popular vacation spot. If you want to arrive in summer, book accommodation in advance!

    and Level.Travel – tours to Rimini and Hotelluk – accommodation in Rimini

The best hotels in Rimini, according to tourist reviews:

Accademia Hotel 3* is a cozy economy hotel in the Rivabella area, 50 meters from the sandy beach. During high season, a double room costs from 59 €.

Up Hotel (ex. Detroit) 3* is a popular hotel in the Rivazzurra area, within walking distance of the beach. In the morning there is a daily buffet service. For 100 € a double room can be rented.

Rimini Suite Hotel 4* is located 90 m from the beach. It has an outdoor pool. A double room costs from €122 per night.

Erbavoglio Hotel 4* is a hotel near Viale Vespucci Boulevard. A cozy room for two with a continental breakfast costs from 147 €.

Grand Hotel Rimini 5*, a luxury hotel with a private beach, has been welcoming guests since 1908! It is located in Marina Centro, 10 minutes walk from Rimini train station. A double room costs from €180.

The i-Suite Hotel 5* is loved by tourists for its ultra-modern design, outdoor pool with whirlpool and spa on the top floor. Comfortable apartments start at €270.

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Hotel reviews for Rimini

Hotels along the coast in Rimini. Photo: reddgio / unsplash.com.

Rimini’s beaches.

The luxurious coastline is the calling card of Rimini. The 15 km long coastline is divided into sections, which are numbered from 1 to 150. Most beaches are paid. They are equipped with everything you need for a comfortable holiday by the sea. Rent a chair for 6 €, and a set of two sun loungers and an umbrella for 20 €.

Beaches number 1 and 100 are municipal and you are allowed to rest there with your own towel. Because of the sandy seabed, the water near the shore can be muddy, but at a distance from the beaches tourists enjoy diving.

Viktor A: “Frankly, I was surprised by the beaches in Rimini. The entrance to the sea is smooth, a gradual set of depths, clean sand, warm water. Sufficiently comfortable infrastructure – a place to change, toilets, showers. The impression of the beaches of Rimini is excellent.

Holidays with children in Rimini

The beach in Rimini. Photo: reddgio / unsplash.com.

Where to go from Rimini

Of the sights in Rimini, the historical part of the city is interesting. See the Tiberius Bridge, the cathedral, the Arch of Emperor Augustus, and the buildings that surround Piazza Cavour. Drink water from the marble fountain “Pigna”!

While vacationing in Rimini, tourists go to the tiny state of San Marino, Florence, Milan, Venice and Rome. If you like to travel independently, take a day trip to the colorful Italian cities of Santarcangelo di Romagna, Ravenna, Gradara, Pesaro, Urbino and Ancona.

Traveling by car in Italy is convenient and inexpensive. Check out our car rental tips.

Where to go from Rimini

The graceful walls of St. Mark’s Cathedral. Photo: unsplash.com / @timounesays.

Holidays with kids

Parents with children love Rimini for its comfortable beaches, good hotels and pleasant entertainment – Italy in miniature park, dolphinarium, Fiabilandia amusement park and water parks. Take your child to the Surgeon’s House, a museum of antiquities in Piazza Ferrari and the lighthouse in the port. See the unusual building on Via Del Fante with its walls lined with shell rock.

Maria: “We went to Rimini with my family in July. We liked the resort. The trip was successful, as the baby was in the stroller all the time, my husband and I had a great time walking around the area. Rimini has a lot of activities for children, but it is too early for our one year old.

Monorail in the park “Italy in miniature. A mockup of Milan Cathedral and the Alps in the background in Italy in Miniature Park.

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Shopping in Rimini is more convenient and profitable with an experienced shopping tour instructor. We recommend turning to Irina Mikhaleva – she is a professional, pleasant and responsive person. Irina perfectly organized our vacation in Rimini a few years ago.

  • Advice on fashion trends in Italy.
  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel and back. Trips to the most famous warehouses and factories. No buses and no waiting! Individual trips (maximum 4 people).
  • Assistance in choosing where to eat, and in organizing excursions to Rome, Venice, Florence, San Marino.

Contacts for Irina: Facebook or +39 339 69 44 653 (Viber, WhatsApp and mobile)

Reviews of Rimini

The best time for shopping in Rimini (and Italy as a whole) is in January-February, and in July-August, when there are sales. Photo: Bert Kaufmann / flickr.com / CC BY-SA 2.0.

When to go

Rimini’s mild climate combines Mediterranean and temperate continental features. The swimming season on the Adriatic Sea begins in May and lasts until the end of October. The weather in June and September is ideal for holidays with small children.

In July and August the resort is moderately hot. The daytime temperature rises up to +30 ° C, but because of the high humidity the heat is felt stronger.

Lyudmila Yudina: “In July there was no need to stay under an air conditioner. It was enough just to get under a sun umbrella.

In October, the weather turns bad. On the coast it rains more often and the sea is stormy. From November to April there are not many tourists. In winter, those who want to save money on tours, fans of sales and sightseeing tourism vacation in Rimini.

Rimini Weather

The port in Rimini. Photo: unsplash.com / @marijana_vasic.

Conclusions: is it worth vacationing in Rimini in 2022

It is worth going to Rimini for beach holidays, interesting experiences, diving and shopping. This Italian resort is a good place for a vacation with children. From Moscow to Rimini is only a 3-hour flight. The road from the airport to the city takes 5 minutes. Before you get tired, you’ll be by the sea!

Rimini is good for lovers of gastronomic tourism. It is nice to taste Parma ham and Parmesan in their homeland – in the historical Emilia-Romagna region.

The disadvantages of vacationing in Rimini in 2022 are few. At night in the town can be noisy from the nightclubs and discos. This resort in Italy is always crowded and difficult to find a free beach.

Reviews of Rimini

Tiberius Bridge in Rimini was built 2000 years ago. It is open not only for pedestrians, but also for transport.

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