Holidays at Sea in Georgia – 2022. Best resorts and prices

Where to rest by the sea in Georgia and how much it costs

Reviews about vacationing at the sea in Georgia

We have visited all resorts in Georgia from Poti to the border with Turkey. We tell you about our impressions – where it is better to come with children, couples and nature lovers. Learn about resort prices in 2022.

Is it expensive to vacation?

Georgians are generous and hospitable people! Compared with Russia and Southern European countries, holidays at sea in Georgia are inexpensive. Prices at the resorts are lower than in neighboring Turkey. In high season, a 2-3-bed apartment with a kitchen costs $ 16-18 per day, and in low season – less than $ 10. A double room in a 3* hotel with breakfast will cost $25-30. To stay at a 5* hotel can cost $ 85-100 – the price of “three rooms” in Barcelona.

Public transport in Georgia is cheap. The ticket for a high-speed train from Tbilisi to Batumi costs $ 8.09 (25 GEL), a bus ride to Batumi is $ 0.16 (0,5 GEL), the average price of a cab around the city is $ 1.4 (0,3 GEL).

Expenses for food will not burden your budget either. The average check in a cafe for two is $3.5-5. The streets of Georgian resorts sell delicious khachapuri for $0.5-0.85. Fresh fruit in season costs $0.5-2$ for 1 kg. If you come to Georgia, forget about cappuccino! Try the delicious Batumi-style coffee and you’ll know there is happiness. A cup of fragrant drink with a thick crema costs only 1 lari – $0.32.

avokuJ: “You can have a very cheap vacation in Georgia. If you rent an apartment, you practically pay only for travel and rent. Meals are just like at home, even cheaper. Product prices are not globally different from Russian. Dairy products and eggs are a little bit more expensive. Fruit, vegetables are cheaper. While in Russia tomatoes cost 150 rubles per kilo, in Georgia you can buy them for 2-3 lari (50-75 rubles), the same is with berries. Cherries, cherries, strawberries are 75-125 rubles per kilo”.

Imperatrica_0604: “On the seafront of Batumi you’ll meet a lot of boats, which will offer you a boat trip. We paid 30 GEL for 4 people, it’s worth it to admire the beauty of the shore. We even managed to see dolphins swimming nearby”.

Sweetlips55: “The price for the subway in Tbilisi is 0.5 lari = 11 Russian rubles. The subway is very different from St. Petersburg and Moscow. I was always smiling and nobody was pushing me or pushing me.

Where to have a better rest

The Black Sea coast of Georgia stretches for 308 km. Choice of seaside resorts in Georgia depends on what kind of vacation you are counting on. The most promoted and largest in size – Batumi. In the modern seaside town like to vacation for young people and parents with children. Batumi has an excellent beach infrastructure, a large selection of hotels and entertainment, the sea water is not as clean as in small seaside villages. Learn about all-inclusive vacation in Batumi.

Gonio and Kvariati are resorts where you can choose a hotel with gorgeous sea views. For the clearest sea water we advise to go to Sarpi, and for sandy beaches – to Ureki, Shekvetili, Grigoleti or Maltakva. There are inexpensive public transport all along the coast. Live in different resorts, and you are sure to find a place to your liking!

Resorts in Georgia on the map


Beautiful Batumi is as light and playful as young wine! Tourists from different countries – Russian couples, Ukrainians, Belarusians, residents of Kazakhstan, Turkey, Iran and the UAE – stroll along the promenade of Georgia’s main resort. We even met Thais and Indians! Adjarians, Gurians, Mingrels, Turks, and expats from the CIS countries live in the international city. Many of them speak Russian fluently.

Batumi has its own airport, a wonderful old town, interesting museums, a large botanical garden and a wonderful promenade – Batumi Boulevard, which stretches along the sea for several kilometers. You can stay in a hotel, guest house or rent an apartment from locals. Look for hotels in Batumi on Hotelluk, the best according to tourist reviews:

    – from 618 ₽/day – from 940 ₽/day – from 989 ₽/day – from 989 ₽/day – from 1339 ₽/day – from 1854 ₽/day – from 1947 ₽/day.

Batumi beaches are wide and have coarse pebbles, so it’s better to swim in special shoes. The water entry is shallow and the depth starts a few meters from the beach. The main drawback of the resort is the nearby mouth of the Chorokhi River. The river carries a lot of trash and silt to the sea when it rains, so the water is not too clean. People of Batumi and tourists love to swim in Sarpi and on Green Cape beach, which is situated in the northern suburb of Batumi – Makhinjauri.

Renting a car in Georgia: my experience. Prices 2022. Where is more profitable?

Where to have a rest in Georgia

Green Cape beach. Author’s photo.


Georgia’s southernmost resort by the sea is located near the border with Turkey. Sarpi is a small village near the border crossing, which has stores, a drugstore and even a small ethnographic museum. Here Batumi residents love to vacation by the sea. Young people come to Sarpi to jump into the water from the coastal rocks. Learn more about vacationing in Sarpi.

You can stay in hotels and guest houses at the bottom of Sarpi and on the slopes of the mountain. The views of the bay from the top are spectacular! A minus point of Sarpi is the highway, which is used by cars and heavy vehicles 24 hours a day. You have to cross the road to get to the seashore. From Batumi to Sarpi there is a bus line #16. It will take you only 20-25 minutes to get to the clean pebble beach!

Look for hotels in Sarpi on Hotelluk, the best according to tourist reviews:

    – from 1,014 ₽/day – from 2,225 ₽/day – from 3,339 ₽/day.


To the south of Batumi, beyond the wide valley of the Chorokhi River stretches the large coastal village of Gonio. It is famous for its Gonio-Apsar fortress, which has been guarding this land since ancient times. Between the ancient fort and the sea stand residential apartment buildings, and next to the new embankment and palm trees quietly stroll around chocolate cows. Hotels and guest houses for tourists are to the south and on the slopes of the surrounding mountains.

The beach in Gonio is long and wide. The shore is covered with medium to fine pebbles. The depths start almost immediately. It seemed to us that the coastal current here is stronger, so in Gonio is not too good to swim with children. There are better resorts in Georgia! Learn about vacations in Gonio.

Look for hotels in Gonio on Hotelluk, the best according to traveler reviews:

    – from 989 ₽/day – from 865 ₽/day – from 1113 ₽/day – from 3981 ₽/day.


Between Gonio and Sarpi lies a small picturesque village that is popular with everyone who wants to vacation by the sea in Georgia. There are apartments and budget hotels, on the slopes of the mountains are 3* hotels with swimming pools and near the highway – the cozy hotel Gonio Inn 4* and comfortable Sunset Kvariati 5* with its own beach. The only thing that spoil the impression is the construction site. Here and there in Kvariati you can see fences and unfinished buildings. Find out about holidays in Kvariati.

Search for hotels in Kvariati on Hotelluk, the best according to traveler reviews:

    – from 742 ₽/day – from 1978 ₽/day – from 3709 ₽/day.


We fell in love with the tea capital of Georgia at first sight! Chakvi is a big Adjarian village on the banks of the river of the same name, 13 km away from Batumi. It has about 10 thousand people, stores, a market and pharmacies. Tourists stay in the private sector, rent apartments and cottages. We were amazed that the Georgian village has so many sidewalks with beautiful colored tiles. Look for hotels in Chakvi on Hotelluk, the best according to tourist reviews:

    – from 989 ₽/day – from 1239 ₽/day – from 2455 ₽/day.

Chakvi is the best place to stay in Georgia by the sea for lovers of silence. The resort has a spacious beach, and there’s plenty of room for everyone on the long pebble coast. There are no noisy highways and city bustle nearby. Just you and the lapping of the waves! Sometimes cows come to the beach, but they add color and do not spoil the impression of Chakvi.

Where to have a rest in Georgia

The beach in Chakvi. Photo by the author.


Despite its tiny size, Tsikhisdziri is considered one of the best places to rest by the sea in Georgia. It’s all about the fashionable Castello Mare 5* complex, which stands on a green rocky promontory. The Georgians, with whom we rode in the shuttle bus, were talking about this resort hotel as if it were a true wonder of the world. No wonder, as the small seaside village has built a modern hotel for tourists with luxurious presidential rooms, a swimming pool overlooking the sea, a tennis court, and a spa center. Look for hotels in Tsihisjiri on Hotelluk, the best according to tourist reviews:

    – from 1,731 ₽ – from 1,698 ₽.

Tsihisdziri beach is small, pebbly, with clear sea water. For thrifty tourists in the village there is a cozy 3* hotel and apartments that are rented by locals. Just next door are the ruins of the Byzantine fortress of Petra.

Private Sector in Batumi - the best accommodation up to 3000 rubles


The resort town on the Black Sea is very reminiscent of the Baltic. We liked the wonderful promenade, clean pebble beaches, a seaside park and rows of tall pines. In Soviet times, Kobuleti was considered the main health resort of Georgia and an excellent seaside resort. Now the palm belongs to Batumi.

Kobuleti stretches along the sea for 7 km. It is a narrow and long city, it consists of three parallel streets. In the southern part there is a market, a stadium and a museum, and to the north adjoins a little-known pearl of Georgia – the picturesque reserve “Bogs of Spain. Vacationers rent rooms in guesthouses, hotels, sanatoriums and resorts, and motorists like to stay in the camping area to the north of town. Prices for accommodations in Kobuleti are slightly higher than in Batumi. Look for hotels in Kobuleti on Hotelluk, the best according to tourist reviews:

    – from 865 ₽/day – from 915 ₽/day – from 1236 ₽/day – from 1607 ₽/day – from 2472 ₽/day.


A resort where it is best to vacation with children in Georgia, located 55 km north of Batumi. There are no entertainments and attractions in Ureki. The seaside village is visited for the magnetite beach with unique black sand, the healing properties of which are composed of legends.

Ureki employs doctors, who receive patients from various cities and help them get rid of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, rheumatism, neuralgia and heart ailments. People walk on the sand, lie on it, bury themselves in the sand almost entirely.

There is no promenade in Ureki, but there are beautiful pine trees along the coast. The local beach is wide, the shallow water stretches for 50-100 m. It’s a paradise for kids and those who can’t swim! There is a lot of accommodation for tourists, there are stores and a pharmacy. You can come for a couple of hours or stay for the whole vacation. Look for hotels in Ureki on Hotelluk, the best according to tourist reviews:

    – from 794 ₽/day – from 855 ₽/day – from 1467 ₽/day – from 1467 ₽/day – from 1955 ₽/day – from 2933 ₽/day.


Closer to Kobuleti is a resort village, which also has a beach with therapeutic magnetic sand. Compared to “dacha” Ureki, Shekvetili looks stylish! When we saw the pretty resort houses between the pine trees, we immediately thought of Palanga and Nida.

Next to the resort there is a large amusement park and the park “Georgia in Miniature”. Within walking distance is a pleasant place for walks – Music Park and a modern concert hall Black Sea Arena, where Georgian and international stars perform.

In contrast to Ureki, Shekvetili has luxury hotels – Scala 4 * and Paragraph Resort & Spa Shekvetili 5 *. It is nice to stay in a comfortable room and admire wonderful sunsets on the Black Sea from the balcony!

Look for hotels in Shekvetili on Hotelluk, the best according to tourist reviews:

We were surprised that Poti is not overly advertised as a seaside resort in Georgia, so we decided to go there to see for ourselves. Poti is a nice port town! We were impressed by the beautiful cathedral, interesting museums, a bustling market, a green park with a sculpture of Alexander Dumas, and the cute atmosphere of the Georgian countryside. Look for hotels in Poti on Hotelluk, the best according to tourist reviews:

    – from 1113 ₽/day – from 1236 ₽/day – from 2102 ₽/day.

Living in Poti is convenient, but there is nowhere to swim in the city itself. There are no beaches, just stony seashores. Locals take minibuses or cars from Poti to nearby seaside villages. In Mqltava there is a wide beach with small gray sand, almost no trees. In Grigoleti there are pine trees on the shore, and the beach is narrower. The villages are not as thoroughly cleaned as the best resorts in Georgia, so there is a lot of trash by the water, which is taken out by the sea.

In Grigoleti and Mcltava you can come for a day, rent a room or a cottage. Do not count on special infrastructure!

Cathedral in Poti. Photos of the author. The sea in Poti. Photo: marekssteins /

When to go

Warm weather on the coast is established in mid-April. In spring, only walruses bathe, but it is nice to rest by the sea in Georgia. When there are not yet crowds of tourists, we like to walk along the coast, drink strong brewed coffee and enjoy Georgian cuisine. The blooming azaleas and roses look bright against the snow caps of the high Adjara mountains.

Where to go from Batumi: ancient fortresses, bridges, waterfalls and canyons

At the end of May, you can sunbathe on the beaches. Swimming is comfortable from June, when the temperature of the sea water rises to +20. +22°С. The peak of the tourist season is in July and August.

I can assure you that you should not be afraid of summer heat during vacations in Georgia by the sea! Fresh winds always blow near the coast, so it’s not as hot here as in Tbilisi. The velvet season at Georgian resorts is comfortable. In September and October it’s still warm. The sea water cools slowly, you can swim until late October – early November.

Rest in Georgia by the sea all inclusive

Russian tourists are already accustomed to vacationing in Abkhazia in the summer. But a little further south, between Abkhazia and Turkey, lies an amazing country – Georgia. Subtropical climate, clear sea, mineral water, delicious Georgian cuisine – all this will turn your vacation here into a delight. Add to this plenty of attractions, most of which date back to the Middle Ages, developed infrastructure of Georgian resorts, friendly attitude of the inhabitants – and you will want to return here again and again.

What resort to choose

Planning to go on vacation in Georgia, it is worth getting acquainted with its resorts in advance. After all, you can not only swim and sunbathe, but also to be treated with mineral waters and curative mud. And one resort is different to another. There are among them more noisy and more quiet, somewhere the beach is designed for children – sand and shallow sea, and somewhere a paradise for divers – immediately at the shore begins depth.

Rest in Georgia by the sea all inclusive.

The most popular place for recreation is Batumi and its surroundings. Another name of the city – “the sea gate of Georgia. Here is an excellent port, and the guests of the resort are the inhabitants of other countries. Batumi can offer guests a wide range of hotels – high class and economy, excellent Georgian cuisine, developed infrastructure. There is a famous all over Georgia park, as well as a botanical garden and a dolphinarium. Singing fountains attract young people, and Orthodox churches – believers and history buffs. Especially for hotels in Batumi is relevant early booking system, because in the high season holidaymakers come to the city very much.

Buy tour in Batumi

Kobuleti can also be attributed to the best resorts in the country. This city is much smaller than Batumi, and has a great climate. Coniferous forests, clean air, beaches of fine pebbles – all this attracts those who are used to having a “higher class” rest. There are many springs of mineral water in the area, so there are several health centers in Kobuleti. They specialize in diseases of gastrointestinal tract and cardiovascular system.

Here come a lot of tourists with children, as the beaches are ideal for babies. But also young people here have something to do. In the tour desk you will be offered a wide range of excursions. Hiking routes will allow you to get acquainted with the most beautiful places. Park with many attractions will occupy hours of leisure.Two more resorts are located near the border with Turkey.

Buy a tour to Kobuleti

Kvariati is the right place for divers. The water here is particularly clean and the rich underwater world delights even the most experienced divers. For other tourists – wide beaches of great length, warm sea and beautiful mountain scenery. The only disadvantage – there are not so many comfortable hotels, most tourists have to settle for private sector.

Sarpi is “almost Turkey,” as the state border is literally “two steps away. The surroundings of Sarpi are attractive for tourists – picturesque cliffs, subtropical climate, warm sea… And Sarpi has many cafes and stores. Here you can buy local Georgian and Turkish goods, try the dishes of both countries. Here you can find the best accommodation, which is not a problem.

And on this site you can rent a car in Georgia for only $25 a day!

If you want to live in one of the greenest places in Georgia, literally in a botanical garden – choose Mtsvane Kontskhi. This is a very quiet resort, which for many tourists is one of the main advantages. Exotic plants and fruits, flowers and tropical vines will make you feel like you’re in paradise. Oranges can be picked right out of the trees. And underwater diving will give you the opportunity to look at the Black Sea with different eyes. Diving centers have all the necessary equipment.

Anaklia is a modern resort area. Until recently it was just a small village, but today tourists are offered a variety of entertainment. Children will be happy to visit the water park, and adults – clubs and discos. Transport connection to Batumi is excellent.

How to get from Tbilisi to Batumi - all ways

Best hotels

Gone are the days when tourists were available only modest rooms in the private sector. Today, the best hotels in Georgia can satisfy vacationers with the most demanding tastes.

Hotel 19

Rest in Georgia by the sea all inclusive.Rest in Georgia by the sea all inclusive.

Located in Batumi, next to the water park. The road to the sea takes 4-5 minutes. The rooms are located so that all vacationers can watch the sunrise. There is free WI-FI on the territory of the hotel. In the cafe you can not only eat, but also taste the most famous Georgian wines. Near the hotel there are restaurants serving Georgian, Russian, Ukrainian, Adjarian and Greek dishes. There is also a wide range of excursions available.

Kent Hotel 4*

Rest in Georgia by the sea all inclusive.Rest in Georgia by the sea all inclusive.

Located in Kobuleti, on the beach. Exit the hotel directly to the beach. There is an outdoor swimming pool, all the necessary barbecue, a special terrace, where you can sunbathe. Operate a restaurant and bar. Exquisite dishes of Georgian cuisine and the best wines – all this you can get without leaving the hotel. There are few rooms here and, an important fact, you can come here with your pet. Shuttle service from the airport is provided.

Colosseum Marina Hotel 5*.

Rest in Georgia by the sea all inclusive.Rest in Georgia by the sea all inclusive.

Located in Batumi. With good reason this hotel can be considered one of the best options for recreation. Its convenient location – near the water park – and developed infrastructure attracts tourists. Here it is possible to have treatment procedures, visit spa-salon, bathe in one of the pools – opened or closed. There is also a fitness center and a tennis court.

Euphoria Batumi Hotel 5*

Rest in Georgia by the sea all inclusive.Rest in Georgia by the sea all inclusive.

Located in the center of Batumi. Has its own pebble beach. The restaurant offers the best national cuisine, and the bar offers the wines for which Georgia is famous. Free private parking is provided, and WI-FI works continuously on the territory of the hotel. For those who want to have a good time, there is a health center. Nearby there is an aqua park, a little further – dolphinarium, archeological museum.

Hotel Intourist Palace 5*

Rest in Georgia by the sea all inclusive.Rest in Georgia by the sea all inclusive.

Located in Batumi. The beach is a 4-5 minute walk from the hotel. Nearby is the Seaside Boulevard, the favorite place of rest of citizens, and the central square. It is also close to the port, so you can go on trips to the sea every day. There is a fitness center and several swimming pools at your disposal. In the spa center you can take a whirlpool bath, visit sauna and sauna, use the services of professional masseurs. There is also a casino, an ATM and a currency exchange office. In addition to local dishes, the restaurant offers Italian cuisine, and the bar offers a variety of drinks.

Hotel Corner Inn 4*

Rest in Georgia by the sea all inclusive.Rest in Georgia by the sea all inclusive.

Located in Batumi, the hotel is separated from the sea by a few hundred meters. The restaurant offers buffet-style meals. On the menu there are always fruits and vegetables, as well as freshly made juices. Delivery of meals and drinks to the rooms is provided. ATM, free WI-FI and parking are nice extras for the hotel guests. Excursion bureau is available. Water park and dolphinarium are nearby.

Black Sea Hotel

Rest in Georgia by the sea all inclusive.Rest in Georgia by the sea all inclusive.

It is an excellent choice for those who want to relax in Kvariati. The hotel is located on the beachfront, the way to the private beach does not take a minute. The restaurant serves Georgian and European cuisine. The bar is open. Ironing and laundry services are available, and there is a tour desk. Aside from the traditional beach activities, you can go diving or fishing at the sea. Transfers from the airport and back are provided.

When to go on vacation

If you have already discovered Georgia or are going to do it, you can come here at any time of the year. You just need to decide the purpose of the trip and take into account a few things. For example, if you go to a Georgian ski resort – do it from late November to mid-April. And for the trip is better to choose an airplane or train, rather than a car or bus. At this time often avalanches occur in the mountains, and the road may be blocked. For those who want to know Georgia better and see its attractions, you can recommend the following periods. In spring – from April to June, in fall – from early September to late October. At this time there is no intense heat, you can enjoy both beach vacation and sightseeing trips.

In the spring every bush and every tree is in bloom, and in May you can catch several seasons: in the mountains there is snow, in the foothills, spring is riotous, and the sea is already summer. In the fall, Georgians harvest grapes and other fruits, so you will not only swim in the warm waves of the Black Sea, but also enjoy the gifts of the generous country. In July and August in Georgia, it is hot and quite crowded. If you are going to come here at this time – it is better to take care of the hotel in advance, otherwise many options will be booked.

All about vacation in Sarpi. Prices 2022, reviews and personal experience

Tbilisi - the heart of Sakartvelo

Mtskheta - the soul of Sakartvelo

Old and true to tradition Tbilisi

Rest with children

Rest in Georgia by the sea all inclusive.

What resort to choose, if you’re traveling with a child? Much depends on the timing of the trip and the age of children. If the child is over 4-5 years old, and you are going only for a few days – choose Batumi. Let the sea purity in the port city is inferior to other resorts, but the entertainment is more than anywhere else. And the water park, and a zoo, and of course, a dolphinarium. The most beautiful embankment and playgrounds with characters of cartoon films will please both children and adults. In the case when the vacation is planned as a beach vacation, it is better to stop at Kvariati or Kobuleti. This is where you’ll get the most pleasure from bathing, and in Batumi you can go from time to time to have fun.

By the way, the roads here are smooth, so that the child is unlikely to get seasick. Those looking for sandy beaches for children should go to Ureki. The sand here is considered therapeutic. The attitude of the local population to children is very good. The kids are pampered, treated with treats and allow them almost everything. The local food is very tasty, but when choosing food for a child, you should be careful. If the baby is very young, habitual for him the porridge in a box and nutrition in jars worth to take with you – at least for the first time, until you find an alternative. The range in local stores is smaller than in Russia.

Cafes and restaurants offer many dishes quite spicy and with specific flavors. However, it is not difficult to order mashed potatoes or milk porridge. The fruit at the local markets is in abundance.

All Inclusive or Breakfast – What to Choose?

Rest in Georgia by the sea all inclusive.

When choosing a variant of the package, you may hesitate – what do you prefer? Breakfast? Or maybe all-inclusive? No, there are no problems with eating at the resorts of Georgia – there are a lot of cafes and restaurants. Another thing is that you can unexpectedly go beyond the budget. In addition, the “all inclusive” system implies free use of all hotel infrastructure. Saunas, swimming pools, sports and children’s playgrounds, and much more – you do not have to limit yourself, and in the evenings to keep count: how much money is spent, and how much is left. Rest in accordance with the system “all inclusive” allows you to relax completely.

What to see

Rest in Georgia by the sea all inclusive.

There are so many things to see in Georgia, that it is unlikely that you will manage to see everything in one trip to this country. Tbilisi’s older districts will allow you to immerse yourself in a medieval atmosphere. The new part of the capital, on the contrary, will strike the imagination with futuristic buildings. In the Monastery of Betania, which dates back to the 11th century, you can see ancient frescoes. It is located next door to Tbilisi. Also near the capital is the ancient city of Mtskheta, which is called the “second Jerusalem. According to tradition here is kept the Chiton of the Lord. Tourists also visit Vardzia – an ancient rock monastery, which was also a fortress in the Middle Ages.

Batumi is famous for its fountains with “dancing water. As well as a moving sculpture called “Love. Believers and history buffs should visit the David-Gareji monastery complex, the medieval Alaverdi Cathedral, Gelati and Safari monasteries, also belonging to the Middle Ages. Sighnaghi City of Love resembles Italy. The romantic peculiarity of the town is that you can register your marriage here at any time of the day or night. Svan Towers, Khertvisi fortresses, associated with the name of Queen Tamara, the fortress Ananuri, karst caves – the choice of tours in Georgia is unusually rich.

In Georgia they say: “If you come to us for the first time – you’re our guest, the second time – you’re our friend, but the third time – you’re our brother. We can wish everyone to “fraternize” with this wonderful and beautiful country.

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