Holidays in Georgia in November 2022. Weather and prices

November is not a favorable month for travel to Georgia.

November is not a favorable month to visit Georgia. But if you are going to visit Georgia in November, let’s see how and where you can spend this time in the most favorable weather conditions.

November in Georgia is not the best time to travel (maxlethal2010 /

The Weather in Georgia in November

In November, even in such a fertile country as Georgia, there is no way to get away from bad weather. And here the usual companions of autumn – wind, rain and cold – will sooner or later get to you. But this does not mean that your vacation is sure to be spoiled: dress warmer and bring a raincoat or umbrella. In warm waterproof clothes you can enjoy fresh sea air, and capital beauties, and the benefits of local natural resources – mud and the famous mineral water. In addition, no one cancelled a good autumn weather, too, and it can quite please you!

So, let’s start with the order! The weather in Tbilisi is much colder than in early autumn: the temperature is +8. +10 ° C, and on some warm days it may be up to +18 ° C. At nights the frosts may occur. At night the temperature can drop below freezing at -3 . -5 °С.

In Borjomi in the beginning of November it is +12. +14 °С at the beginning of November, but very soon the temperature decreases to +3. +5 °С during the day and below zero at night. The precipitation is raining or snowing, but sunny days are still not uncommon.

Gudauri is preparing for the start of the ski season: +1. +3 ° C during the day and -6. During the daytime it is +1 +1+3°C and at night it is -6-9°C, so if the circumstances are favorable the snow cover starts to form at the resort. Precipitation at the beginning of the month is rare and by the end of November the snowfalls are more frequent, the days are overcast and there are not many tourists yet.

In Bakuriani it is warmer, but otherwise the situation is similar: snow cover is still not enough for skiing, and just for walking it is already quite cold and uncomfortable.

In Kobuleti and Batumi the weather more and more resembles the autumn weather: the sea temperature is almost the same as the air: +16. +17 ° C against +13. +17 °С. At night it’s +8. +9 °С. There are still more sunny days here, though bad weather happens too. Nights are not so cool in Poti but it rains a bit more often.

It is quite humid in Kutaisi and Tskaltubo too, so the raincoats and warm clothes will be useful: about +9 ° C during the day and 0. +2 ° C at night.

What to do in Georgia in November?

November is unpopular month for tourists to vacation in Georgia. First of all this is due to the beginning of rains that increase in late autumn on the whole territory of Georgia. So first of all you should plan your excursions and walks by checking the weather forecast and do not forget to dress for the weather: have an umbrella, raincoat, sweater, waterproof shoes, warm jacket and even a hat and scarf. In this case, even in November you can have a good time, and there are enough sights and interesting routes!

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Beach Holiday

Beach season in November in Georgia is considered closed, however, in early November on sunny and windless days the water temperature in the shallow waters may warm up to +20 ° C. That’s why on nice days you can see the most brave holidaymakers, taking a dip in the sea. But you can not only swim at the sea, but also walk, enjoying the views and the beauty of the calm or raging sea. On a good day, be sure to walk the promenade, look for dolphin dolphins in the sea, watch the local fishermen on the shore.

Ski Recreation

The peak ski season in Georgia is from December to March, when the mountains have the most snow. However, it is possible that it is in November when the first ski lovers come here. For example, in the 2018-2019 season, the snow fell on the slopes on November 12, but the season usually starts a little later: in December-January, you should take this into account and check the weather forecast and news on the official websites of ski resorts.

Entertainment and excursions

In November, fewer tourists come to Georgia than in other months of the year. However, many find this to be a positive thing. In the absence of holidaymakers you will have a better opportunity to experience the authentic atmosphere of Georgia, its culture and history. In addition, the prices in hotels and hotels are also significantly reduced.

If you are going to the mountainous regions, then keep in mind that in these places anything can happen, including unforeseen situations.

In November 2016 the tour was cancelled!!!

In 2016, when we were planning to go to Georgia in very early November, our operator canceled the tour because the pass suddenly fell asleep. How so. Just a piece of rock fell off and blocked the way… disrupted the plans of tens of thousands of people. And the situation wasn’t resolved for a few days… SO THERE’S MOUNTAINS LIKE THAT.

Holidays and festivals

November 23 – Giorgoba, or St. George’s Day: local Christians honor him as their patron saint in churches and family circle.

What are the prices for holidays in Georgia in November?

The cheapest airfare to Georgia in November 2021 is sold by Belavia. The return tickets to Batumi from Moscow will cost about 15000 rubles. Accommodation in off-season is usually cheap: 2-bed room in a gesthouse in Batumi costs from 600 rubles per day, and apartment-studio with kitchen on the first line to the sea – from 800 rubles. Note that in Georgia you won’t usually find a central heating system for houses, as Russians are accustomed to, so be sure to clarify in advance how the house or room is heated. Do not agree to stay without heating – it will be cold! Despite the fact that during the off-season some tourist cafes and restaurants are closed, there are plenty of places in Georgia, where you can eat tasty snacks. Ask the locals, where they make khinkali and khachapuri, and you will be told about the best inexpensive places.

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How to have a rest by yourself in Georgia in November

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The weather in Georgia in November usually does not please tourists with sunny days, but the end of autumn has its admirers among the lovers of this hospitable country.

Georgia in November

November is very beautiful in Georgia

Is it worth to go on vacation to Georgia in November? Weather in Tbilisi and Batumi, Borjomi and Gudauri, reviews of tourists, how to dress, prices 2022 for hotels, airfare and tours. What to do in Georgia in late fall, what to see – found out.

November is probably the most pessimistic month of the fall… and year. Both in Russia and in other at least European countries.

Cold, rainy and at best, many regions at this time of year are already covered with a thick blanket of snow. And the sun seems to stop smiling: sometimes it shows its radiant face, but it no longer wants to warm you.

Is it any wonder that our soul urgently demands positive impressions? And something at least remotely resembling a holiday!

Fortunately, in some parts of the Old World it is possible to enjoy all these on the eve of the calendar winter! Anyway, in November in Georgia you can still catch a glimpse of elusive warm velvet autumn. And you can definitely recharge your batteries of energy, which will allow you to survive the gloomy and anxious winter…

Don’t you believe it? You’ve already washed your summer clothes and stuffed your suitcases into the closet?

What to see in Tbilisi. Routes for 1, 2, 3 days

Then it’s time to get them back. Because the tourist season in South Caucasus never really ends – it just flows from one hypostasis to another!

Note that those who travel to Georgia in this period by car, put themselves in a better position. For the end of autumn in the Caucasus is extremely suitable for travel and tours!

November is the perfect time to travel in Georgia

The Weather in Georgia in November

As all travel guides report, it is not stable. It seems to behave completely unpredictably and may frighten travelers with snowy skies or hot days with a temperature of 25 degrees.

For example, you went to Gergeti in light summer clothes. And bam – there is low cloudiness and piercing wind, momentarily discouraging and even depriving you of the chance to see Kazbek.

We will allow ourselves to disagree with this statement – certain regularities are still visible. And a study of meteorological statistics for November in different regions of Georgia allows us to draw quite an optimistic picture. No abstractionism, just facts!


In early November the Georgian capital can remind anyone anyone of Sochi. In fact, the temperature for at least 3-5 days at the beginning of the month reaches +17-22 during the day. And during the nights not every year tries to test +10-degree mark – usually preferring the interval of +12-14.

All this is accompanied by cloudless skies and minimal chance of precipitation. Walk around Tbilisi if you want, or drive to Mtskheta or Kakheti if you want. Which by this time has mostly harvested grapes and even started tasting them.

By mid-November, the weather in Tbilisi can peak at +10. But in other years, the ripe, sunny autumn is in no hurry to leave these parts. And then you can stroll along the banks of the Kura River and admire the exceptionally bright here “nature fades” at 15-17 degrees Celsius.

In the second half of the month, things are clearly beginning to move toward winter. The sun is unable to warm the intermountain Tbilisi Basin above +6-8 during the day, and at night it just does not freeze.

Precipitation is still very low for this time of year. And the probability of dry days is still higher than unseasonable ones.


If this town had as many attractions as you can see in Tbilisi, it would be a real low season hit in Transcaucasia. Because during the first half of November Borjomi enjoys quite warm and mostly sunny weather. And on the number somewhere around the tenth you can walk along its streets in a light jacket.

Of course, in the last decade of the month icy breath of approaching winter begins to be felt here (maximum +8-12). But the European tourist, who finds himself in these parts in late autumn, will still be charmed.

Where to eat in Tbilisi

It rains just like in Tbilisi. And often exactly on the same days.


Late fall skiers, of course, are hunkered down low in anticipation of the new season. But even in the end of November, the main resort of Georgia will hardly be able to please fans of fast slopes with snow cover. And sometimes the temperatures are not so hot that we want to think about any native winter pastime.

In 2022, for example, November was exceptionally mild in Gudauri. And even at the end of it the night frost was easily melted by the air that warmed up to +6-8 degrees by day. Although usually on the threshold of winter here you can already sharpen your skis and figure out the trajectories, as even the daytime temperatures move into negative territory.

Once again, it’s bright enough in late fall, and precipitation is infrequent. So, only incorrigible optimists can count on a plentiful snow cover. Therefore, in the reviews and enthusiastic exclamations on the theme of early season is not found – usually it begins in Gudauri only in December.


With the hope to swim in the Black Sea, not to mention the possibility of doing it regularly, you should bid farewell from the beginning. For the water temperature in Batumi is not higher than +18 even in the beginning of November.

But warm days do happen. For example, in the first decade of the month the weather gives warmth from year to year in the region of +20-24. And even during nights the thermometer unwillingly lowers below +14-15.

The sun at times burns so hot that you believe that summer has not gone anywhere! So if you’re going, be sure to take sunscreen and other useful things at the southern sea.

In the middle and end of November it gets cooler in Batumi. But in a distinctly subtropical way: during the day the atmosphere still warms up to +15-18.

Decided to go? Not so fast – the spoon of tar is also present! And not a little – in comparison with the summer it becomes too damp here.

Although according to statistics the average rainfall in Batumi during this period is only 6-8 days per month, the total rainfall makes you think. 100-110 mm per month – that’s a lot!

Svetitskhoveli Cathedral is one of Georgia's main Orthodox churches

How to dress

Demi-seasonal clothes will be to hand: quilted jackets and boots on thick soles will be a help in all situations. Besides, you are almost for sure going to come here in them – landing from Moscow in November in summer sneakers is for those who aims at Egypt.

We also recommend to take with yourself a solid windbreaker with a hood. And a sufficient stock of sweatshirts, sweaters and cardigans – they will come in handy in any attempt to get out into the mountains.

It seems premature to bring ski pants and jackets – you will go to Gudauri or Svaneti. But raincoats and waterproof shoes may come in handy for those who are going to stay a few days in Batumi or Kutaisi.

6 soulful boutique hotels in Tbilisi

Prices 2022

Are not inclined to break the ceiling – rather, they do everything to please even the not-so-wealthy tourist. In any case, having a sum of about 2-2.5 thousand rubles for accommodation per day you can settle even in the center of old Tbilisi.

For example, pay attention to Kiki guest house, which has already proved to be quite popular. Parking is free for guests, and you won’t have to pay for Wi-Fi either.

It costs more, but the price-quality ratio is also very good and Mini Hotel Angel Old Town. Rooms are clean, fed delicious almost homemade food, and very close to the famous Tiflis baths.

How to get to Tbilisi from Moscow and other Russian cities (not counting cars), and how much air tickets cost? About the first we told in detail in our article, the second will cost about 20-21 thousand rubles per person. Transit through Minsk, you’ll have to spend 7-8 hours in transit.

  • You can save a lot on excursions!

Sincere and long sightseeing tour in Tbilisi will cost about 12-20 € per person, which at this time is very inexpensive. For 20-25 € or more they will take you to Kakheti. And they will do everything to make you fall in love with this wine region.

For about the same money a trip to Gergeti will cost – it is necessary to see Kazbek and Darial Gorge. 20 € is a standard fee for a group tour to Mtskheta.

What to do

It depends on how long your vacation in Georgia in November will be. If it will be only a short vacation, that is 2-3 days, we advise to see Tbilisi and go to the neighborhood. Visit Mtskheta and look around from the height of Dzhvari monastery, to visit the ancient settlement Uplistsikhe. Drive on the Georgian Military Road and appreciate the power of Kazbek, one of the most photogenic peaks of the Caucasus Range

If you are already quite familiar with Tbilisi, you can explore other interesting places in Georgia. For example, one day you can go to Borjomi. Or, for example, to see with their own eyes the amazing cave city of Vardzia – to it is about 240 kilometers.

People, who are restless, will visit Kakheti obligatory, even if they’ve done it before. And then from the region of vineyards they will move to more austere places, to “the land of Svans”.

The “cherry” on the cake will be a trip to Batumi. Where on the threshold of winter, people do not think about putting on winter clothes. And celebrate life no less actively than they did in the summer.

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