Holidays in Goa in winter 2021-2022: weather in December, January and February

Where to go in winter at sea: Goa

Winter in Russia is a pleasure, frankly, to say the least. And if you want to spend it in a place with a warm and pleasant climate and excellent beaches, we present you an answer to the question “where to go in winter at the sea inexpensively”: another country for wintering in our series of articles – Goa.

Goa: a country where you can go to the sea in winter

Again, let’s take apart, this time a part of the country, according to several criteria:

Let’s tell you more about them.

Goa (India) in winter 2022 2023

Goa is the smallest, but at the same time the most famous state of India (only Uttar Pradesh, where the Taj Mahal is located, can compete with this title). Goa is very different from the rest of India and the stereotypes associated with it, the beautiful beaches, exotic nature and unique atmosphere attracts tourists from all over the world.

Goa is divided into northern and southern (conditionally divided by the fort Aguada 1612 year of construction):

  • North Goa (Morjim, Anjuna, Candolim, Calangute) is famous for its youth hangouts and rich nightlife, the hotels here are mostly budget, 2-3*.
  • South Goa (Colva, Majorca, Benolim, Agonda) for a more respectable public, the beaches are cleaner, the situation is much calmer, and rest mostly family Europeans and wealthy Indians. Hotels 4-5*, decent apartments and bungalows, which, of course, affects the price.

Weather in Goa in the winter.

weather in goa in winter

The most comfortable weather conditions in Goa from November to April. At this time of dry and cloudless weather with a comfortable +28-31 ° C during the day, at night can be cool, the daily variations are quite high, the temperature can drop to 15-18 ° C, so you’d better take a couple of things with long sleeves. The water temperature is about 26-29°C.

Humidity is in the range of 70-75%, the sea is calm.

Visa to Goa for Russians

Citizens of the Russian Federation need a visa to India , but there is good news, it can be done online. The visa online is made on the site TVOA (, here you can fill the form (in English), upload your picture (format JPEG and “weight” from 10 to 300 Kb) and scan pages with personal data of passport (PDF format), for more information you can look here ( It is necessary to arrange the visa no later than 4 days before the trip, ideally a couple of weeks. The permit you get has an “expiration date” of 30 days, during which you need to get into India.

The visa fee is 60 USD.

The cost of an electronic visa for 30 days from April to June is 10 USD, from July to March – 25 USD. An annual visa costs 40 USD and a five-year visa costs 80 USD.

If approved, the visa authorization will be sent to the e-mail address you indicated on the application form. Permit must be printed out and presented at the airport to the border control officer, and must be kept until the end of the trip.

Insurance in Goa

Goa is the best place to go in the winter to relax by the sea in a variety of ways: you can dive in the ocean, go surfing, and so on. Therefore, before the trip be sure to buy travel insurance in Goa for the residents of Russia! You can arrange it directly in the form below:

How much money to take to India - 2022

How to buy cheap air tickets to Goa

Where to go in winter abroad

Without a package tour to Goa is not easy to reach, the flight from Moscow in December 2022 will take 26-31 thousand rubles with one or two connections. There are no direct, scheduled flights. Sometimes the charter airlines “throw” on the market tickets for a direct flight, but it is very rare, and the tickets themselves are not for the charter price.

Therefore it is best to buy a ticket to Goa – in the winter it will be cheaper than the regular plane ticket.

Availability of accommodation in Goa

Goa has housing for every taste and purse, apartments, condos, houses, rooms, cabins and villas, just to give a few options in the resorts:

  • Here are these apartments in Dona Field near the beach will cost 39950 rubles from October 3 to October 30, 2022 (prices for 2 adults).
  • And in Calangute for $ 950 per month (November 2022 to be exact) you can rent these luxury apartments with a pool, 10 minutes walk from the beach.

Of course, AirBnB is not an indicator, it just allows you to roughly estimate the cost of housing. Many people rent a hotel for 2-3 days on Booking or an alternative site and look for long-term accommodation on the spot, it comes out cheaper, and the housing can look not in the pictures.

In general, a month of accommodation in Goa costs from 15000 rubles (decent options from 25000-30000 rubles) and up to infinity. Needless to say, if you’re traveling with a group, couples, for example, it’s easier and cheaper to rent a house in a joint venture.

Safety in Goa

There are poisonous snakes in India, but they live in the wild, and if you do not walk through the wild jungle and rice paddies probability to meet them is extremely small. Also off the coast of Goa is very rare, but still sometimes there are sea snakes, and you need to watch your step lest you accidentally step on a stingray, the consequences could be very sad.

As for the non-natural dangers, pickpocketing, petty theft and thieves on bikes certainly occur, as well as in the resorts of Asia, so valuable personal items are better left in safes hotels and in apartments, and the balconies and windows in them to close.

It is not allowed to drink tap water in India, better drink natural juices without ice, they are tasty and not expensive. The locals are very friendly and helpful, they are very religious, so show respect while visiting Hindu temples, take off shoes, and girls need to cover the shoulders and knees.

In general, behave culturally, you did come to visit )))).


This concludes our review of wintering in Goa. Post your questions in the comments, if you still have any, share this article with your friends on social networks and catch the cheapest tours to Goa in winter 2022 2023!

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    Holidays in Goa in Winter

    Holidays in Goa in winter

    Going to go on holiday to India in winter 2021-2022? Learn about tour, hotel and food prices in Goa and the weather in December, January and February. We give tips on what to do in winter and where to go (festivals and holidays), and conclude with tourist reviews.

    Not so long ago, the Indian state of Goa was associated exclusively with informal movements and subcultures, but now its beaches are becoming increasingly popular among tourists. This is due to excellent natural conditions and affordable prices. Holidays in Goa in winter is especially good – it’s sunny and warm, about +30. +32°С. Precipitation is virtually absent, and perfectly clear sea water is heated to +26. +28°С.


    What to do in Goa in winter

    In December, January and February to Goa tourists come first of all for a beach holiday, the weather is perfect for it, besides you can improve your physical and mental health: there are many active centers of yoga and Ayurveda in the state.

    The sun is very active at this time, so it’s best to get a tan in the morning, before 10 o’clock, and in the afternoon – after 15. In the evening, clothes with long sleeves will come in handy, as the air cools down pretty quickly after sunset.

    There are small villages in the north of the state – Anjuna, Candolim, Calangute, Arambol, Morjim and others. The local beaches have long been fancied by hippies, while young people tend to go to the dance parties and trance parties. In the south, tourists settle in places like Agonda, Cavelosim, Colva, Benaulim and others.

    See: What to bring from Goa as a gift for friends and relatives.

    According to reviews, Agonda is good for a quiet “seal holiday.” Kavelosim has beautiful semi-empty beaches and luxurious hotels. In Colva and Benaulim, the entire infrastructure is geared toward the middle class.

    In Arambola there is a yoga center, very popular with travelers, there are nightclubs and casinos, the bulk of cafes are located along the beach. Concerts and fire shows are periodically organized.

    Morjim is considered the most Russian resort, which makes the prices here higher than elsewhere. In winter, turtles come to the shore and lay their eggs in the southern part of the beach – Turtle Beach. The village also has several yoga centers, stores and souvenir shops.

    Find out also how Russians can get a visa to India.

    Goa reviews prices

    (Photo: Natesh Ramasamy / / CC BY-NC 2.0 license)

    Diving enthusiasts during the winter months will have the opportunity to explore the underwater world that hides the remains of once-dead ships. The main season for divers is from October through April, and the state has several training centers for beginners. The largest is in Bogmalo.

    Surfing schools are open in Baga and Ashwema, but sailing and parachuting, water skiing and motorcycling are more popular in the state. The beaches of Calangute, Candolim, Colva and Baga offer the most water activities.

    Shopping lovers can stroll through the colorful markets in Anjuna, Baga, or Arpora. Young people can visit the rowdy parties of the northern part of the state or rent a bike and ride around the surrounding area.

    Spicy and spicy Indian food at the resorts are presented in a sparing version for the tourist, in addition to specific local delicacies on the beaches offer more familiar to European stomachs dishes. According to reviews, the beaches are well cooked sea creatures: fish, lobster, shrimp and others, and a glass of freshly squeezed juice from tropical fruits quickly refreshes and quenches the thirst.

    In between beach breaks and tropical fruit cocktails, you can entertain yourself with an elephant ride or an educational tour. Popular natural attractions – 310-meter waterfall Dudhasagar, Pandava caves, wildlife sanctuary Bondla, park of live butterflies, bird sanctuary island Charao, spice garden, extreme jungle tours in off-road vehicles. Architecture connoisseurs choose trips to Panaji and Vasco da Gama, the ancient frescoes and buildings of Old Goa, the ancient structures of Bumbai and Hampi.

    Looking for the best place to relax on the beaches in India? Find out where best to rest in Goa.

    winter prices in goa

    (Photo: shanidov / / CC BY-NC 2.0 license)

    Winter holidays and festivals

    According to tourist reviews, while vacationing in Goa in winter, you can see many celebrations and join the Indian culture. Below we list the main holidays, events and festivals that you can visit in December, January and February 2021-2022 while vacationing in India.


    On December 8, Goa (in Panaji) celebrates the Feast of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception and hosts a city fair with national food tastings.

    On the last weekend before New Year’s Eve, Kandolim Beach hosts the annual Sunburn Festival of electronic dance music. Mostly house, goa and psy-trance music is played and for three days the huge beach becomes one big party with competitions and other entertainment.

    Catholic Christmas is celebrated with traditional church services and family celebrations, while New Year’s Eve is celebrated with on-air parties and other entertainment. On December 31st, the beaches and streets of Goa are jammed with people.


    From January 1-8, Goa’s Mandarem Beach will play host to a big Yoga Festival.

    On January 6, the people of Goa celebrate the Portuguese festival of the Three Magi with a theatrical procession to the church in Chandor, Kansaulim and Reis Magos Fort. The solemn procession is led by teenagers in fancy dress riding white horses.

    On January 14, India celebrates the harvest festival, Pongal, with traditional ablutions in water bodies and offerings of gifts to Brahmans. On January 26, a military parade of sailors is held on the waterfront in Panaji as locals celebrate Republic Day.


    In February, the Panaji Academy of Arts hosts a two-day Pop, Beat and Jazz festival, and at the end of the month there is a traditional carnival before Lent in all cities. The ceremony is opened and closed by King Momo, appointed ruler of the city for the duration of the festivities.

    winter Goa

    (Photo: spo0nman / / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

    Weather in Goa December, January and February

    According to reviews, Goa in December and January is the best for a beach holiday. The weather is dry and clear (temperature about +32 ° C during the day), very warm and sunny, but without a hat and plenty of water to drink can’t do. It rains very rarely (1-2 times), it may not rain for the whole month. The wind is warm and pleasant, the water is just green milk, the temperature is around +28 ° C.

    The whole January is sunny and clear, the air temperature is +31. +32°C, water +26. +28°C, and a pleasant breeze blows. On some beaches in the north of the state form excellent waves for surfing.

    The weather in Goa during February resembles January: 30°C during the day, a slight increase in humidity from 65% in January to 70%, no or very little rain. The west winds bring freshness and coolness. Temperatures drop rapidly after sunset and can drop to as low as +21°C at night, so temperature-sensitive people could use a light stole at all.

    Check out the full weather overview for all months of the year: When it’s best to vacation in Goa.

    winter Goa reviews

    (Photo: Swami Stream/ / CC BY 2.0 license)

    Prices in Goa in winter 2021-2022.

    Since the exchange rate of the Indian rupee and the Russian ruble is almost equal at the moment (1 rupee ≈ 0.9 ruble), the Russians have not so cheap to live in the state as before. Nevertheless, the flow of Russian tourists is not diminishing, despite the inflated winter prices – at this time in the state is the peak season. At the New Year holidays there is a jump in prices for accommodation, food and entertainment.

    Prices in Goa in winter 2021-2022 for double rooms in hotels are about this (note that they may vary from resort to resort):

    • budget room in a hostel – from ₽600
    • In a 2* hotel – from 900 ₽
    • in a 3* hotel – from 1,500 ₽
    • in a 4* hotel – from 2,000 ₽
    • 5* hotel – from 2 700 ₽

    The cost of accommodation may be 2-3 times higher on New Year’s Eve, and we recommend that you book hotels well in advance (early in the fall). The best way to do it is to use Rumguru service, which will find the best deals among several booking systems – sometimes 4 and 5-star hotels make significant discounts.

    Lunch at a shek (beach restaurant) will cost about Rs 60-200 per person, depending on the dishes ordered. Coffee is 50-80 rupees.

    Compare the cost of living and holidays in India with other countries in Asia: “Countries where it’s cheap to live”.

    Goa in December

    (Photo: alebaffa / / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 license)

    Tours to Goa in December, January and February 2021-2022

    The cost of tours during the winter months goes up significantly. In December, tours are the most expensive: at the beginning of the month, prices are lower, closer to Christmas prices increase by at least 50-60%, reaching a maximum by New Year’s Eve. By mid-January prices stabilize, and in February tours become more affordable. The price difference between the beginning of December and the end of January is 15-20%.

    It’s best to look for low-cost tours to India on Travelate and Level.Travel – they compare the offers of more than 120 leading tour operators. So you can find a tour at the best price. The ticket is issued online. Do you want to have a rest inexpensively? Look also our tips on how to find cheap tours.

    In winter, quite often there are cheap tours to Goa – we write about them in a special section “Hot Tours”. For example you can often find tours for 7-11 nights for only 20 thousand rubles per person – it’s even cheaper than tickets for regular flights, in addition, the amount already includes accommodation, meals, insurance, transfer.

    Tourist reviews about vacationing in Goa in winter

    Prices in winter in Goa are the highest, especially during the New Year holidays. In addition, you must be mentally prepared for the crowds of vacationers: the coast is dotted with people, and the roads will form endless traffic jams.

    Judging by the reviews of tourists who holidayed in Goa in December and January, in the New Year and Christmas holidays, peace and quiet do not wait – the country has a large own population plus an influx of tourists, all having fun and drinking, some in a drunken state racing bikes, thereby creating traffic accidents.

    Women travelling alone should be more careful: it’s not recommended for them to spend a night on the beach, because the resorts are too mixed up.

    Otherwise, it is a beautiful place with a unique nature and a great climate, and a beach holiday in winter in Goa is just great because of the wonderful weather and warm sea, the main thing is to choose the right resort with a good hotel.

    Check out more travel reviews about holidays in India: reviews of beaches, restaurants, hotels, reviews of prices and weather in Goa, as well as recommendations from vacationers.

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