Holidays in Italy at sea: where is the best? Top 10 resorts

The 10 best beach resorts in Italy.

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Italy attracts crowds of tourists from all over the world all year round. Rome, Milan and Venice account for the largest number of visits.

However, beach holidays in Italy are no less popular. The country is washed by 4 seas: the Adriatic, Ligurian, Ionian and Tyrrhenian. Do you want to lie on the golden sand and swim in the warm, crystal clear water? Then this is the right place for you! We’ve made for you a selection of the 10 best resorts in Italy by sea.


The capital of the province of the same name attracts fans of rest on a budget, but with taste.

It gathers unpretentious young people to have fun all day long. Rimini has a rich nightlife: there are numerous bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

Most local hotels are rated 3*. A company of friends can rent a villa. Gentle Adriatic Sea, long sandy beaches, entertainment and excursions for all tastes and pockets – what more do you need for a great time?

Lido di Jesolo

If you’ve decided to take a vacation at the seaside in Italy and you don’t know where to stay, come to Lido di Jesolo! The city is located in the north of the Apennine Peninsula, washed by the waters of the Adriatic Sea. From any part of this Italian resort you can walk to the coast in maximum 10 minutes.

The hallmark of the city – clean sandy beaches stretching for more than 14 km.

Here you can enjoy the relaxed, homely atmosphere. However, cheerful companies will not be bored in Lido di Jesolo either. Amusement parks, oceanariums, museums, theaters, water parks and nightclubs eagerly await visitors.


The volcanic island of Ischia is washed by the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. This Italian resort is famous for its healing thermal springs.

Sodium chloride and radon mineral waters work wonders. It is also a famous balneological resort with sulphide silt mud.

The island of Ischia can be safely included in the list of the best places for a holiday at sea in Italy. There is a rich fauna and flora. First-class sandy beaches alternate with rocky promontories. You can relax from the hustle and bustle in the shade of cypresses, pines, cork trees and olives.

San Remo

A fashionable seaside resort located on the Ligurian coast of Italy.

Prestigious hotels and villas are ready to open their doors to you. Exclusive boutiques and luxury casinos do not complain about the lack of visitors. The city buzzes with life day and night.

The influx of tourists is especially noticeable during music festivals. San Remo is called the “city of flowers” for a reason – fragrant greenhouses are found at every step. The long sandy-pebbly beaches are equipped with everything you need for a first-class vacation.


The easternmost region of the country is washed by the Ionian and Adriatic Seas.

Do you want to admire the beauty of pristine nature? Welcome here! This is a land of karst caves, limestone caves, rocky bays and sand dunes.

In Puglia you have the perfect opportunity to practice water sports. The most popular seaside resorts in the region are Torre Canne, Margherita di Savoia, Gallipoli, Galliano del Capo, Porto Cesareo.

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San Vito Lo Capo

If you are planning a vacation at sea in Italy and do not know where to go with your child, choose San Vito-Lo Capo! The resort is located on the island of Sicily, on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The town is proud of its long sandy beach, which is considered one of the best not only in Italy, but also in Europe. You feel like you are in a tropical paradise. The sea is shallow, without pits and undercurrents, so kids can splash in the shallow waters.


This seaside town is located on the Gulf of Salerno. The peculiarity of Amalfi is its location on the slope of the rock. The houses full of greenery and flowers are connected to each other by stone steps carved in the rock.

It has beautiful nature, a crystal clear sea with pebble beaches and lots of attractions. Lovers of outdoor activities can dive or go sailing. And the evening spent in a romantic atmosphere in one of the coastal taverns will be remembered forever.


Do you want to have a beach holiday in Italy, but you don’t know where to go? Welcome to Versilia, known as the Tuscan Riviera! One of the most fashionable resorts in the region is Viareggio. It’s the center of social and cultural life in Tuscany. Representatives of the political and business elite spend their vacations in Versilia.

You can choose from luxurious yachts, excellent restaurants, luxury boutiques and beauty salons. Holidaying on the coast of the Ligurian Sea surrounded by the Apuan Alps will be unforgettable!


The municipality of Vasto is located in the Abruzzo region. The resort’s calling card is the pristine sand and pebble beaches, which regularly receive the Blue Flag Award.

It is a perfect place for water sports or excursions – there are many historical and cultural monuments in the vicinity.

Along the coast stretches a chain of hotels, entertainment facilities, campsites and children’s camps. It is one of the most popular beach resorts on the Adriatic coast of Italy, which attracts tourists of all ages.

Porto Cervo

This is where the regulars of the society chronicles – the stars of first magnitude, big businessmen and politicians spend their vacations. It features white sandy beaches, yacht clubs, gourmet restaurants and luxury boutiques. Guests arrive here to rest on a private plane, helicopter or yacht. Porto Cervo is called the pearl of the Emerald Coast.

We have analyzed for you the most popular resorts in Italy and now you know where to go. Treat yourself to an unforgettable trip to a Mediterranean paradise!

10 Best seaside resorts in Italy

The best resorts for your holidays in Italy

We tell you where the best seaside resorts in Italy are! A choice of 10 resorts. Find out where to go on vacation for families with children, sightseers, young people and elderly tourists. Where are the best beaches, where is it cheap and where is it fun? Prices, pros and cons of beach resorts in Italy.

Italy receives tourists from Russia. There is no direct flight connection, but it is possible to catch a connecting flight. The issuance of new visas for Russians has been suspended. This article may not include up-to-date information about prices for tours and flights. Take a look at the list of open countries.

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A popular resort for seaside vacations is located in the Emilia-Romagna region, on the coast of the Adriatic.

Who suits . Rimini is a versatile vacation destination. It is known for low prices, good infrastructure, plenty of entertainment and attractions. On the coast there are monuments from the Roman era, and interesting museums are open.

Цены . Тур из Москвы на двоих на 7 дней стоит от 58 тысяч рублей прекрасный выбор для тех, кто хочет сэкономить. Найти тур >>

Pros and cons . Rimini is one of the resorts of Italy, where it is best to vacation at sea with children. Sandy beaches stretch for 15 km and have a gentle entrance to the sea. Go to the water park, visit the oceanarium and entertainment park “Italy in miniature. From Rimini it’s easy to go to the historic cities and to San Marino.

    Prices, reviews, tips : prices, brands, outlets : how to get there

Where to rest in Italy

Rimini is one of the best resorts in Italy to vacation at sea with children. The sandy beaches stretch for 15 km and have a gentle entrance to the sea. Photo: reddgio /


Riccione is called the green pearl of the Adriatic. A small resort 9 km from Rimini is one of the budget holiday centers of Italy. For more than 20 years, Mussolini vacationed here.

Who suits . History connoisseurs are attracted by the monuments of ancient Rome, the castle of the XIII century and elegant old villas. The gentle sandy beaches and water parks Oltremare and Aquafan are loved by families with children. The thermal complex Riccione Term is liked by tourists who prefer to combine a beach vacation with treatment.

Цены . Недорого отдохнуть в Италии можно в Риччоне. Тур из Москвы на двоих на 7 дней стоит от 66 тысяч рублей. Однако по сравнению с Римини, это более солидный и фешенебельный курорт. Найти тур >>

Pros and cons . The sandy coast is 7 km long. Along the coast stretches a series of excellent hotels, bars and restaurants. The pedestrian street Via Ceccarini has high-end boutiques and is considered one of the most expensive places to shop in the country. Riccione’s main drawback is that it can be crowded and noisy during peak season.

Italy resorts

The flat sandy beaches and water parks Oltremare and Aquafan are popular with families with children. Photo: /


One of the best resorts for beach holidays on the Adriatic is 90 km from Venice and is famous for its clean sea and excellent beaches. The first tourists came here back in the middle of the last century.

Who is suitable for . Lignano consists of three neighborhoods. Sabbiadoro is the noisiest and busiest part of the resort, chosen by parents with children. Lignano Pineta is the coast for bohemians, and the Riviera is a quiet respectable area with residences, apartments and private villas. The resort attracts fans of elite tourism with its own thermal center, riding school, yacht club, tennis courts and golf courses.

Цены . Отдых не очень дорогой. Тур из Москвы на двоих на 7 дней обойдется от 67 тысяч рублей. Найти тур >>

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Pros and cons . Lignano is a good place for a seaside vacation in Italy with children. Spend a pleasant day at the Aquasplash water park, the Punto Verde Zoo, the Gardaland amusement park and the natural parks next to the picturesque Lake Garda.

The beach on the picturesque Lake Garda. Photo: pippocarlot / Gardaland amusement park. Photo: Isaac74 /

San Remo

The famous “song” resort is located in the northwest of the country, near the border with France. In addition to the music festival, the largest city in the province of Imperia is known for lush flowers and bicycle rides.

Who Suits . San Remo is made for a bohemian vacation, and is among the most expensive resorts on the Ligurian coast.

Цены . Стоимость путевок дешевеет с середины ноября по середину апреля. В сезон цены взлетают вверх, и туры из Москвы на двоих на 7 дней продают от 102 тысяч рублей. Найти тур >>

Pros and cons . Holiday atmosphere at the resort reigns both in winter and summer. Tennis tournaments, sailing regattas, fashion shows and boxing fights await tourists. San Remo is famous for its gardens, parks and excellent restaurants. Tourists are popular with local history museum and a tour of the villa, where Alfred Nobel lived. Keep in mind that you should not expect much silence from the lively seaside town.

The famous “song” resort is located in the northwest of the country, near the border with France. Photo: Artnapoleonka / San Remo is famous for its gardens, parks and excellent restaurants. Photo: Sapientisat /


The small town is a real gem on the Venetian Riviera. It is known for its wide beaches and excellent conditions for surfing, diving and yachting.

Who suits . The Italian resort is versatile. One part of it, Spiaggia, has plenty of entertainment. Connoisseurs of a quiet holiday stay in the relaxed Bibione Pineta.

Цены . Тур из Москвы на двоих на 7 дней стоит от 120 тысяч рублей. Найти тур >>

Pros and cons . A few years ago in Bibione discovered the healing mineral springs, and now health lovers are eager to get here. The town is located between Venice and Trieste, so it is appreciated by fans of excursions.

Where to rest on the sea in Italy

The beach in Bibione. Photo: makALEX /

Lido di Jesolo

Where to vacation in Italy? Choose Lido di Jesolo and you will not make a mistake. The best resort of the Venetian Riviera is located in the north of the Apennine Peninsula. The high spurs of the Dolomite Alps reliably protect the coast from strong winds. There are never storms, and the shallow sea gets up to +25. +26°С. Where to stay in Venice →

Who’s suitable . The quiet town is good for family vacations. However, Lido di Jesolo has a lot of entertainment and is loved by young people. Reviews of Lido di Jesolo →

Цены . Курорт известен умеренными ценами. Тур из Москвы на двоих на 7 дней стоит от 79 тысяч рублей. Найти тур >>

Pros and cons . Lido di Jesolo has a nice provincial atmosphere. There are comfortable hotels and well-kept coastal streets. The beaches stretch for 15 km, and everywhere there is everything you need for an active holiday. Tourists enjoy playing volleyball, catamaran rides, diving and windsurfing.

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Beach in Lido di Jesolo. Photo: bloodua /


A beautiful town on the Tyrrhenian Sea coast, 70 km from Palermo.

Who suits . Cefalù has preserved ancient and medieval buildings, so it is interesting for connoisseurs of history and architecture. The quiet and cozy area is perfect for families and older tourists.

Цены . Сицилийские курорты недешевы. Тур из Москвы на двоих на 7 дней стоит от 103 тысяч рублей. Найти тур >>

Pros and cons . Cefalù is a popular resort in Italy for a vacation by the sea. Here you can relax quietly and peacefully. Beach vacation is convenient to combine with walks and excursions. Visit near the picturesque temples, palaces and an ancient sanctuary of Diana. Admire a collection of XV-XVIII century paintings and archaeological finds in the Mandralisk museum.

Overview of resorts at sea in Italy

Within the city is one and a half kilometers of sandy beaches with an even entrance to the sea and a soft sandy bottom. Photo: pitrs10 /


Where is the best place to rest by the sea in Italy? The resort in the west of the Ligurian Riviera is famous for its excellent sandy beaches, historical monuments and beautiful nature.

Who Suits . The resort is versatile and is divided into several parts. Finale Marina presents modern entertainment and hotels. The new Finale Ligure is known for the luxurious PalmBeach beach, promenade, restaurants and bars. The old part of Finale Pia is separated from the resort by the river, a place suitable for leisurely strollers.

Цены .Тур из Москвы на двоих на 7 дней стоит от 93 тысяч рублей. Найти тур >>

Pros and cons . Enjoy a beach vacation and visit the historic area of Finale Borgo, home to the city’s museum, medieval fortress, and monastery. From Finale Ligure, tourists go to Monaco and major Italian cities.

Where to rest at sea in Italy

The beach in Finale Ligure. Photo: zocchi2 /


The beautiful resort town on the shores of the Ionian Sea is the calling card of the island of Sicily. One comes to Taormina to admire the magnificent architecture and coastal views from the Tauro slope.

Who Suits . Tarmina is a picturesque place where people have lived for centuries. The resort is interesting to visit for anyone interested in Italy’s historical past and the nature of this country.

Цены . Тур из Москвы на двоих на 7 дней стоит от 96 тысяч рублей. Найти тур >>

Pros and cons . Taormina has good beaches. People come here for the warm azure sea, the citrus gardens, and the great view of Etna. See ancient churches and cathedrals, go up to the Saracen castle and admire the panorama from the Greek theater.

The best resorts in Italy

Mazzaro beach with fine and pleasant pebbles, Taormina (Photo: / @tintels)

Island of Sardinia.

The second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea looks like a sandal. Because of its unusual shape and paradisiacal nature, it has been called “God’s first footprint on earth.”

Who is suitable for . If you’re looking for a resort for the best seaside vacation in Italy, choose without a doubt hospitable Sardinia. The island has luxury hotels for the most demanding tourists, popular club hotels and small cozy family hotels.

Цены . Тур из Москвы на двоих на 7 дней стоит от 83 тысяч рублей. Найти тур >>

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Pros and cons . The most prestigious beaches are located on the Emerald Coast. Tourists like the beautiful sandy beaches of the Coral Riviera, in the provinces of Nuoro, Cagliara, Oristano, Oliastra and Carbonia-Iglesias. A trip to Sardinia allows you to get acquainted with the original region of Italy. Here live the descendants of an ancient civilization, and many historical monuments.

The best resorts in Italy with beaches

Campulongu beach in Villasimius, with Hotel Stella Manis in the background. Photo: AniphaeS /

Where to rest in Italy by sea

The country is divided into several vacation areas. Some resorts are located on the mainland, while others are located on islands. Most Italian beaches are well equipped. In addition to sunbathing and swimming, diving, yachting, windsurfing, sea fishing, shopping, and trips to interesting places and other cities are popular with holidaymakers.

The lowest prices for holidays at sea in Italy you will find on the Adriatic coast. For families with children we recommend Riccione, Rimini, Bellaria and the “heel” of the Apennine Peninsula – Puglia.

Respectable beach vacation attracts wealthy tourists with luxury hotels, restaurants, stores and casinos. For him go to the islands in San Remo, Sorrento, Rappalo, Portofino, Capri.

Young people like resorts with nightclubs, discos, trendy boutiques and beach entertainment for outdoor activities. Rimini, Lido di Jesolo and the mecca of surfers – Bibione.

Excursion tourism is good in places with easy access to historical centers of the country or the center of world fashion Milan. From the Ligurian Riviera are popular trips to Monte Carlo and Monaco, from Rimini to Rome and Venice.

Where to vacation in Italy by the sea for elderly tourists? Seniors choose quiet resorts without nightlife. These requirements could not be better met by Sicilian Taormina, Cefalù and the seaside town of Finale Ligure. Those who want to improve their health go to the island of Ischia.

Interesting facts about Italy

When to go on vacation at sea in Italy

The northern regions of Italy are in the continental climate zone, while the southern regions are in the Mediterranean climate zone. The full season of seaside holidays in Italy starts in June and lasts until October.

If you are planning a lot of excursions, it is better to choose not too hot. In early summer, in September and the first half of October the temperature is +24. +27 ° C, and the sea water +20. +22°С. These months are ideal for active excursions and family holidays with the kids.

In July and August it’s really hot. During the day the air heats up to +30. +35 ° C, and the sea up to +26 ° C. This climate is difficult for elderly tourists and anyone who has health problems.

In the fall, it gets colder on the mainland. On Italian islands, the sea remains warm for a long time, and you can fully relax. In the low season from late fall to mid-spring, coastal resorts of Italy are visited by fans of sightseeing tourism and those who want to be treated at the mineral springs.

Which resort to choose in Italy

Atrani is the smallest commune in southern Italy with a population of less than a thousand people (Photo: / @nelliakurme)

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