Holidays in Kemer with children – 2022. Best hotels and beaches

All-inclusive hotels for holidays with children in Kemer, Turkey

I would like the hotel to have designated smoking areas. And be sure that the hotel should be a children’s doctor. Thank you very much to the members of the animation team for an active time and a good sports programme.

There is a point that we did not like very much. It is the musical accompaniment around the main pool. At times it felt like we were in a nightclub and not on vacation.

We were 100% impressed with the hotel. Room: The room suited us completely Comfortable and comfortable for our large family. Housekeeping was done daily. But there was periodically an unpleasant odor in the room.

And the delicious food and great service. Thank you to the waiters Hamdi and Harun. The front desk team is mobile and responsive. They are very quick to respond and also quick to solve any issues. THE STARS OF THIS HOTEL ARE THE GUEST RELATIONS.

I had a lot of variety on the menu. The hotel is very good value for money. There is a big load of people, and the service is always first-rate.

The DJ and the animator are not friendly and do not say hello to the guests. The deejay and the head animator are not friendly and do not say hello to guests. At first there were some complexities with the issuing of towels.

At the end of May 2021 the hotel was closed. Tried to walk through it to paradise cove, but the gate was closed. Large green area, polite security guards. The hotel is designed for German tourists.

I think the hotel is good, this is evidenced by the fact that freely allowed on the beach, despite the fact that the hotel is closed this year!)

I think the hotel is good. There is one thing but. )) if you do not like to go to bed early, take a room away from the center of the hotel. And so all very well.

The hotel was very well equipped with a well equipped children’s playground and communal swimming pool. We had a room with a view of the mountains: sunsets and sunrises. By the way the rooms are so comfortable and clean, a feeling of home. The towels are all new and changed daily.

A good hotel for retirees and families. (But there is a minus in some of the Russian people, they occupy the deckchairs at night, putting their shitty towels)) here it is necessary to sort out the management that so cannot

Best hotel, a solid “5” Extro clean rooms, areas, beach, even clean the water in the sea)) there is a pier and two specially equipped entrances to the sea, around the lifeguard rings in case of strong waves)) By the way,I came in handy. Service at the hotel-perfect. Food,above all the floor,just an abundance of delights,desserts,fresh fish,seafood,meat a variety,vegetables,fruits,ice cream.

Great youth hotel! Good food, great selection. I did not have any problems with the food, yet I booked a room at the hotel.

The service was great and the staff was courteous. The only downside was the constant doom, doom, and smoke music in the hotel next door. Nearby a disco and up to 2 am music, you can hear it even with the window closed.

If possible later we were moved to the hotel we booked — special thanks and a couple of stars to Lyudmila). There were some technical problems in the room, but the staff solved them.

For children: aquapark, water slide, animation, children’s club, children’s playground, children’s menu, buffet for children, games room

The hotel was great! The animation, the beach, the pools, the bars, everything is top notch. We had a great restaurant and a great place to eat. For children there is a playground with slides, mini club with a good program and mini disco.

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For teenagers – teenager room with a console and tennis, pool with slides, every day games, competitions. Adults, too, have something to do. shotgun shooting, archery, morning gymnastics.

Everything is great! Food, atmosphere, children’s club! But the sunbeds could do with more. I am with child and I would like to be closer to the sea, that it was convenient to look after the child.

We are writing a review from the Asteria Kemer Hotel. The hotel is very clean and tidy. The staff is polite and smiling. The staff at the bar were super fast, and Halil was waiting on us at the fish a la carte, a very nice waiter.

Thank you to Khatidja for his smile and positive attitude, she is a sunshine of the restaurant. Thank you so much for the food! Spa area is lovely and clean. Kamila from Denver store sent us on our shopping spree.

Thank you very much, we were very happy with it. It was a lovely hotel we would love to stay here again in Autumn. We would recommend this hotel in every way.

For children: aquapark, water slide, animation, children’s club, children’s playground, children’s menu, buffet for children, games room

We had breakfast, lunch and dinner at the main restaurant, we had a variety of tastes, the waiters were very good. We had lunch, breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the main restaurant.

The beach has a button to call the waiter – very convenient. We had a couple of meals at the butcher a la carte restaurant, we liked the presentation of dishes, the attention of staff and the meat was delicious, juicy.

We had a large mini club, we really enjoyed it, we had a mini disco and we loved it.

A great advantage of the hotel is its location, the view is just amazing, when you come you will understand :))) The staff were amazing we had a lot of fun!

Bathroom service was friendly, our room was cleaned before 12 noon as it was very comfortable for us having children.

We had been to Turkey only once before and we usually travel to Europe but after our stay we would definitely recommend this hotel to our friends and we are considering our next stay at this hotel.

The administrators are friendly and knowledgeable. At the reception desk resolving any issues quickly and efficiently. Animation is a friendly, positive team, which involved in their contests of different age categories.

The territory is huge, well-groomed, birds sing, walk hens, cats in lilyazhno rest, responsible staff looks after every flower. Comfortable beach, pier, new sun loungers. Room, not big but clean.

The bar is great guys always with a smile, Zehra is just a sunny face. The restaurant is a very important part of our stay. We had a wide range of food, choice of fruit and desserts.

Spa area, excellent hamam, quality massages, the only thing that bothers each of the price, I understand the “people haggle” but somehow so.

Chef cook attentive and responsive. The chef attentive and helpful. Bogdan (3 years old) ran to the restaurant with great pleasure as he was met by his friend Mustafa.

For children: aquapark, water slide, animation, children’s club, children’s playground, children’s menu, buffet for children, games room

Soccer balls are dead, they’re cheap, they could have been upgraded, or the kids are playing with tattered swords. The hotel is not a bad hotel if it costs adequate money. The hotel is not bad if it is for a reasonable price.

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The restaurant was lovely with seafood, good food, lots of fruit, desserts. The hotel is compact and space was used wisely. Our room had a partial view of the sea, it was quiet, we could not hear the animation in the evening.

My room was on the ground floor and my breakfast was on the top floor. My room was very well looked after and my ceilings were very comfortable. The staff at the bar were very friendly and friendly, the staff were friendly and attentive and focused on providing a good atmosphere.

The barman at Lobby Bar named Yalsin will make delicious, beautiful cocktails and always smiling, by the way he works from 8 am till 16 o’clock)) for the note. Murat will offer towels and massages.

We were welcomed and looked after. We stayed at the hotel two hours early without extra charge. The room was luxurious and welcoming. The bed was comfortable, linens and towels were spotless and fresh and the bathroom fixtures were new.

No exaggeration- the hotel was GREAT! I can say this with certainty as I travel a lot in Turkey and around the world in general. The staff is maximally friendly and helpful.

For children: aquapark, water slide, animation, children’s club, children’s playground, children’s menu, buffet for children, games room

Conditionally speaking, the level of service is better than the Maldives, but closer to fly. The water is the same clean, only the sand is not (in 2020 the sand is not brought at all, but the pebbles are very fine)

Good evening, I would like to describe my trip to this hotel. I will stay at this hotel again. We had a beach with white sand and beach amenities for kids as well as adults.

I walked into this hotel on the beach and it was really nice. I walked past the 4 star PALMET next door but it was rubbish at 3.

I walked past, modest, expensive, luxurious, with his helicopter carefully circling the hotel over the other more simple hotels, an A-plus)

Japanese, Turkish, Italian, Mexican restaurant. even an adult would want to, let alone a child

Great shopping. And next to the mosque. Next to the mosque store where you can buy a hijab, bedding, jewelry. I will go there again.

For children: aquapark, water slide, animation, children’s club, children’s playground, children’s menu, buffet for children, games room

Animation is just so that it is not redundant, if you do not need it, but always here if you get bored (at least checked on the fitness team and miniclub), chefs smile, waiters and bartenders at your service

A very pleasant and relaxed atmosphere for a complete vacation. For us Barut became a criterion of quality and a guarantee of a successful vacation

We also liked the hummus, but it is already on the fan. In the hotel 24 hours a day (closed we have not seen it) lobby bar, a large selection of alcoholic beverages, though locally produced (replica brands :))

There are some minuses, but they are quite compensated by excellent service, a compact but very thought out territory, delicious food, great food and a lot of advice.

The waiters are swirling and trying to serve everyone. The entrance to the sea is not very gentle, but there is a place for children and those who don’t swim well or don’t swim at all. A big plus that the hotel is located almost in the center.

The room stock is in good condition. The smell of shampoo and gel was not to my liking. It was a bit on the low side and not too hot. The food at the hotel is over the top. And the red fish and shrimp and mussels

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For children: aquapark, water slide, animation, children’s club, children’s playground, children’s menu, buffet for children, games room

This hotel is great! Picturesque! The area is well-groomed! Very cozy! We will make you feel at home! Service at the highest level! Staff is polite and smiling ! Very active, lively and sincere sports animation! All the guys are positive, active, kind, energetic, do not let me get bored, with fitness on kangoo jumping, with darts entertained, with Zumba dancing!

I love and miss them! They simply made our rest unforgettable.

Every day a variety of games at the pool, which from the soul had fun because of the so-called “punishment”.

Small but very well maintained area. Not bad cuisine, always something interesting to find ;) The girl with the animation is really nice. The girl with the activities is good! Evening shows every day a new one, it was interesting to come over.

There is chicken, turkey, fish white and red once a week, tuna once a week, beef, lamb only in the Turkish restaurant, the seafood that was before 2020 (crayfish, shrimp, red fish, squid) was not there any more.

Imported alcohol (Whiskey Bellantais, Red Label, etc.) free of charge and in sufficient quantity. But in spite of everything, we were satisfied with our stay. The hotel was great, the sea was amazing, the nature was gorgeous, the mountains, pine trees, and the views were amazing.

The staff really had a lot of praise. We had a lot of food, lots of food, and a lot of things to choose from. We had lots of food, lots of choice, there was something for everyone. The location is perfect, right on the beach and close to all the stores.

It was just great hotel, nice pebble beach, the views were amazing. It was just great hotel, lovely pebble beach, gorgeous views, and lots of restaurants. Nice smiling staff. The restaurant is great (buffet).

The hotel is within walking distance of the hotel and the spa area is excellent with a wonderful indoor pool, Finnish and Turkish baths, and hammam. All use, remained satisfied, pleased with the staff SPA-area.

I stayed in Fame Residence Kemer since 23. The hotel is clean, nice and cozy. The staff were very helpful and friendly, and they try to solve all problems quickly. The sea, nature – very nice and accessible.

We had a stay in April 2021. Everything was perfect. Best stay in years! Did not have a full hotel. Don’t know how it will be in July and August. I’m sure it will be just as perfect. Just relaxing and getting high!

The room has a non-alcoholic mini bar, free safe, all the shower amenities. The food in the restaurant was very good and varied with fish every day. I would like to say a special mention to the staff.

Atmosphere cheerful, good animation, parties, discos, comfortable soft round chairs, and of course the disan of the hotel! Very good food, and a very large selection! We recommend this hotel!

I would like to mention the animation, an excellent entertainment program everyday since morning, everything was great organized, every night dancers and circus acrobats performed, then the disco till 12 am.

It was great hotel services and everything was organized well, everything was great fun, every night we had dancing, circus and whirligigig, then disco at 12 noon.

I want to share my experiences from my holiday in Turkey in early September 2020. The year came with surprises, quarantine and everything else exhausted the body and morale so I came to the choice of hotel in Turkey responsibly and chose one of the top hotels in Kemer! I heard a lot of good reviews about the Orange, but I did not dare to relax in it.

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Since no one canceled COVID-19, of course changed the tourist rules and many restrictions, but all bans and not convenience clearly end after check-in at Antalya Airport Weather greeted tourists hot and sunny, tour operator Join Up organized met and delivered to the hotel without problems! The hotel itself is great with an interesting concept: Amsterdam central inside and out.

My room was clean and the mini bar was stocked with no alcohol and water for free! The only difference is that you don’t serve food and drinks from 7:00 to 24:00 without any restrictions, but it was for the best since the guests were not pulling a million plates and less food went into the trash!

Rest in Kemer with children

Rest with young children in Kemer

Holiday nuances with children in Kemer in 2022. What hotel is better to choose? Where are the sandy and fine pebble beaches? How to have fun and what to expect from the trip?

The Mediterranean coast of Kemer is famous for its natural beauty – there are majestic mountains, coniferous forests and warm blue sea. Such a climate is very useful for the recovery of holidaymakers, so the resort is one of the five most popular holiday destinations in Turkey. Consider in detail the features of a family vacation and try to figure out the pros and cons of a holiday in Kemer with children.

Features of holidays in Kemer with children.

Kemer is a young resort, distinguished by its convenient location and developed infrastructure. Even the most remote hotel resort area is located no more than an hour away from the airport.

Those who are going on holiday in Kemer with children, especially little ones, it is important to know: the coastal strip of the resort is narrow, all the beaches are pebbly with the same entrance – there are rarely areas with sand. Walking on the sharp stones without shoes is uncomfortable, so it is better for children to buy special slippers. The water is clean and clear, on the beaches – trampolines and slides for children. From entertainment popular diving (for adults), beach volleyball, fishing and boat trips – the city has its own port with yachts.

What to do on vacation in Kemer with children in 2022? You can play in the park, visit the zoo, dolphinarium and ethnographic open-air museum in Kemer. There is a children’s entertainment park Dinopark in the village of Göyinkük, where artificial dinosaurs make long sounds and move their limbs, which bring an indescribable delight to young spectators.

From Kemer convenient to visit the most famous attractions of the country: Pamukkale, Mira, Kekova. In the vicinity of the resort there are the ruins of ancient cities, caves, bays, and the famous Yanartas Mountain. Children and adults will enjoy a ride on a cable car to the top of Mount Tahtali. In the evenings it is pleasant to stroll around the central square of Kemer, admiring the elegant sculptures and inhaling the aromas of plants. Nearby are the main shopping streets of the city, where you can shop or just sit in a cafe.

When to go

For a family beach holiday with children in Kemer is more suitable for the beginning and end of the season: in June and September the daytime is a comfortable +30 ° C, and the sea is warm enough for swimming +25 ° C. Pleasant weather in early October, although the sea has time to cool a few degrees. The heat in the middle of summer can reach +40 ° C, and not everyone tolerates such high temperatures, although this period is in greatest demand.

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The best resorts and beaches of Kemer for holidays with children

The best city beach of Kemer, which is suitable for recreation with small children is a sandy beach “Moonlight” (Ayisigi) . However, although the shore is sandy, the entrance to the sea is pebbly. “Moonlight” is a municipal beach, located near the park of the same name. There are a lot of cafes and stores, a water park and a dolphinarium. The second famous beach in the city is a pebble beach with a deeper sea.

In addition to the city of Kemer, the resort area includes several villages. The most visited of them are Beldibi, Tekirova, Kirish, Chamyuva, Goynuk. All these regions of Kemer are more or less suitable for recreation with small children.

The shallowest sea and fine pebbles on the beaches in Tekirova, Chamyuva and Kirish, there are good modern hotels of club-type – according to reviews, these resorts of Turkey is good for recreation with children. On the beaches of Beldibi pebbles coarser, and the resort is more suitable for fans of active entertainment.

Articles on the topic:

The best hotels in Kemer for recreation with children

(Photo: bracchettid / / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

The best hotels in Kemer for holidays with children in 2022

Prices for holidays in Kemer in 2022 are quite high – the hotel base is widely developed, there are many 5* hotels, working on an “all inclusive” and functioning all year round. The first line is located hotels 4-5 *, closer to the mountains and farther from the coast – the economy variant hotels and mini-hotels. Family-type hotels offer children’s and dietary menu, so there are no problems with eating for children. The only thing you need to worry about is baby formula.

We have chosen some of the best inexpensive 4 and 5 star hotels in Kemer for holidays with children based on tourist reviews. They are all-inclusive, on 1 or 2 lines and have a variety of activities for kids.

  • Larissa Sultan’s Beach Hotel 4*. Search tour →
  • Armas Beach Hotel 4* with water slides. Search tour →
  • L’oceanica Beach Resort 5*. Search tour →
  • Selcukhan 4*. Search tour →.

If you are going on a trip alone, we advise you to look for hotels in – it will help you to find the lowest price. Do not know how to use it? Read the article on how to book a hotel in Turkey by yourself.

If you prefer to vacation with a travel package, we recommend searching for the last minute offers at Travelate and Level.Travel – they compare 120 tour operators’ offers, and thus are able to find the perfect tour. It is possible to buy a trip online, and this is very convenient. Want to save your money? Check out our 7 rules for buying tours online.

Reviews and travel tips about family vacations in Kemer

Kemer is a great place to vacation with children: it has clean air, clear water and good service. Slightly upset only the beaches – some are forced to buy special shoes to walk on the shingle.

Choosing a hotel for recreation with children in Kemer, you need to consider a few things. Thus, on the beaches of resorts Goynuk and Beldibi there are areas with large stones, and in some places you can enter the water only from the pier. And in Kemer there are several big nightclubs, where the fun does not cease even at night. Perhaps this is why most often choose Kemer for recreation young people, and couples with children prefer a quiet and comfortable suburbs.

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