Holidays in the Crimea 2022: how to plan

Rest in the Crimea in the summer of 2022: where to go and what to see

The most part of our country is located in the zone of not very warm climate. Spring and fall slush, winter frosts, when you need to put on three layers of warm clothing, tiresome. I want warm nights, exciting aromas of roses, warm sea water and a new unforgettable experience. Holidays in the Crimea in the summer of 2022 will give you all this and maybe more. Stock of interesting places here will not dry up, even if you come here every season ten years in a row. And the clean and comfortable beaches will be appreciated by everyone, including families with children.

Summer months in the Crimea are similar, but if you can choose, then come at the beginning of the bathing season.

When to go


Popular resorts









Journey by car


The classic route by car goes along the South Coast of the Crimea. Start your journey in Simferopol – there is a large concentration of attractions dedicated to the ancient and modern history of the peninsula. Then you have Alushta, one of the favorite Crimean resorts since Soviet times. And finally, Yalta – the Crimean riviera, the unofficial capital of the peninsula. Travel along the route nice – the road is generally smooth, although there are sections with serpentine ascents and descents.

Simferopol – Sevastopol

The capital of Crimea, the former capital of the Crimean Khanate and the hero city of Sevastopol are all in one trip. Along the way you will see many major Crimean attractions, located both in the cities themselves, and in the vicinity: there are both natural sites (mountains, caves, reservoirs, bays), and man-made (monasteries, museums and entire cities). The roads are flat, all the serpentines are aside, traveling by car on this route is a pleasure.

Kerch – Sudak

The picturesque route begins at the “Crimean gates” – Kerch. Everyone who drives a car comes to the peninsula through this city. On the way you pass through 4 cities and countless places of interest: from wide beaches to art galleries. There are sights to suit all tastes. But be careful on the mountain roads – the views are certainly breathtaking, but it’s better to take your time.

Hiking in Central Crimea in June

In June, the clearest water in the sea. The dryness and heat hasn’t reached its peak yet, and the hot sun hasn’t had time to dry the land. Nights are warm, but not too hot. In Crimea, unlike the rest of Russia, it is a blessing. The locals expect rainfall in summer as it promises a good harvest and a break from the heat which is present on the peninsula for at least five months out of the year.

You can plan your vacation in the Crimea in the summer of 2022 at any resort. In June all the rest houses and museums that are closed for the off-season are already open. In the gardens and parks is the peak of flowering roses: red, yellow, white, black and even spotted queen of flowers fill the air with exquisite fragrance, with which even the most expensive perfume can’t be compared. Mountain rivers and waterfalls turn into turbulent streams, forests are full of a variety of mushrooms. If you are a fan of quiet hunting, at this time you may get such a local exotic as the mountain ceps, some specimens of which are larger than a soccer ball.

In June, when it’s still not too hot, it’s the best time for hiking in the Crimean mountains. Photo: Maxim GOLOVAN

June is a perfect time to have a rest in the mountains of the Middle Ridge. The Crimea is not only the sea and beaches. This is also a stunningly beautiful mountain ranges with a unique microclimate and pristine nature. Here you can still drink water from mountain streams and brew tea from the same collected medicinal herbs. Mountain honey can cure even serious illnesses, beauty of sceneries and silence will give you strength.

And there are a lot of interesting places here! Cave towns, the legacy of ancient civilizations, waterfalls and canyons, gorges and protected tracts, medieval palaces and ancient monasteries – all unique and breathtakingly beautiful. No wonder that the central Crimea is this cinematic mecca: not only domestic, but also foreign studios shoot blockbusters here.

And those who love spirituality won’t be disappointed either. There are powerful places of power in the heart of the Crimea. During the war the agents of the occult service of the German Anenerbe zealously conducted excavations in the area of the Boiko mountain.

Medieval capital of Crimea Bakhchisarai, as well as picturesque villages Sokolinoe, Tankovoye, Bashtanovka, Synapnoe and others offer all guests a peninsula tourist centers and vacation homes in picturesque mountain valleys. There are not only comfortable rooms with meals, but also swimming pools with spring and even mineral water, horseback rides on a mountain plateau and countless excursions.

The truth about Gurzuf. Leisure reviews and prices - 2022

Do you want to combine swimming in the sea with the beauties of the central Crimea, it is not difficult to do. The peninsula is small, to the nearest seashore from the center of the peninsula maximum half an hour by public transport.

Tick Season in the Crimea

Tick season in the Crimea starts earlier than in most parts of Russia: as early as February. With the onset of heat bloodsuckers wake up and make their first attacks. And they are active not only in woods and parks, but also on beaches. Specialists recommend using repellents, hiking in closed clothes and examining yourself regularly. You should be especially careful in extremely dangerous areas, where arthropods attack most often.

Naval Parade in July

If you happen to visit the Crimea in July, you may witness the majestic Navy Day parade. Photo: Evgeniya GUSEVA

Summer holidays in the Crimea, especially in July and August, choose connoisseurs of beaches, which in 2022 the peninsula may well be proud of. Did you know that the Black Sea is the most comfortable for recreation of all existing? First, there is practically no dangerous to life and health fauna: no cannibal sharks, no poisonous corals and sea urchins, jellyfish, leaving ugly scars on the skin. Summer water temperature remains at a pleasant level of +25 … +27 degrees. Of course, there are sometimes upwelling, when the lower cold layers rise up, but it is rare and does not last long. Third, the salinity of the Black Sea water is 18 ppm, which corresponds to the salt content in our blood and tears, that is, unlike the water in lakes, oceans and other southern seas, the Black Sea will never cause irritation, so you can open your eyes under water with confidence.

The choice of coast is up to you. If you love scuba diving, no doubt, will approach the Southern coast of Crimea with its depths: 10 meters from the shore is already with his head. Or the western Cape Tarkhankut, where in 1966 film “Amphibian Man” was shot. Where else can you find such picturesque underwater caves, caverns and cliffs!

For those who have not yet learned to swim and love to bask in shallow water, suit the beach “Golden” in Feodosia. Recognized children’s resort remains Evpatoria. It, as well as Saki is famous for its mud baths.

Holidays in the Crimea is worth planning for the summer of 2022 for the grand action, which takes place on Navy Day, the last Sunday of July. Sevastopol begins preparations for the holiday a week in advance in order to impress the guests and residents of the peninsula with the scale of the parade. On this day the entire Black Sea Fleet is dressed in flags of coloring, huge warships headed by the flagship, guards missile cruiser “Moscow” come out on the roads. The holiday program includes submarine maneuvers and aerobatics from the Crimean aces. The celebration ends with a grand salute over Sevastopol bays.

Festivals and stargazing in August

Last month of the calendar (but not long Crimean) summer is not much different from July, but will be a real gift for fans of southern fruits. That in August, local markets literally bursting with an abundance of gifts of this southern land.

August in the Crimea is also a month of various festivals. Opens this marathon international gathering of bikers on Mount Gafforta near Sevastopol. Its culmination is a grand show.

In August a large festival of historical reconstruction “The Genoese Helmet” takes place in Sudak. Photo: Vitaly PARUBOV

Those who have not had time to get acquainted with the serious men on the motorcycles, be sure to have time to visit another famous all over the country event, namely, the festival of re-enactment “Genoese Slam” . All the action takes place in the city of Sudak in the medieval fortress. For many years, every August here are gathered people who live their souls in the past centuries, and by coming to the festival, you are sure to be transported back in time: the knights, the ladies in long dresses, the smiths and heralds – all against the backdrop of castellated walls, the southern nature and the blue sea.

The Knights will be replaced by the Koktebel Jazz Party, a favorite vacation spot of artists, and jazz bands from all over Russia come to Koktebel to show their art.

The Crimea or Sochi? Honestly compare where to relax.

And where to go in the Crimea without wine? In August the grape harvest begins and the new noble drinks are laid. In the village Vilino, where the winery “Magarach” is located, the festival “Golden Bunch of Grapes” is held. where everyone can taste the unique Crimean wines, which are equal to no other place in the world. No matter how much they publicize the French wine, the winemakers of this country admit that their vines are inferior to the Crimean ones by all accounts. Even the Queen of England for many years has purchased several barrels of wine for her table just in the Crimea.

And again Sevastopol. Only this time evening Chersonese . Here, on the ancient ruins, you can see an interactive holographic show depicting the two thousand year history of the city. You cannot miss an authentic ancient Greek theater, restored by archaeologists, on the stage of which, just like thousands of years ago, actors present tragedies and comedies.

And also in August the most beautiful stars, because the southern nights are very dark, and very large cities in the Crimea, and nothing prevents to observe the distant galaxies in all their glory. Actually at this time nature can surprise you with two unique phenomena: the star rain, or rather – a meteor shower Perseids, which is especially good to observe on the tops of the mountains, and the glow of the sea, when the sea is well heated and begins mass reproduction of caterpillars. As soon as you dip your hand into the night wave, bluish sparks immediately appear around your fingers. It’s hard to believe that all this is a natural phenomenon, and not some artificial special effect.

It’s time to go to Alushta: prices are falling, tourists are less, the weather – no surprises!

Very soon it will be the Indian summer, and this means that it’s time to plan your trip to the sea. But already in mid and late August, the number of tourists decreases: families with children leave – it’s time to get ready for school. Alushta is waiting for visitors, and promises beautiful beaches, which are no longer as crowded, hotels, prices which have already started to go down, and excellent weather until the fall, without any natural disasters.

What fruits and berries ripen in summer?

The Crimea is a paradise for those who like delicious and natural products. Sometimes the citizens of Russia’s northern regions even grumble at the Crimeans for neglecting their own fruits and berries – it’s no joke that city streets are littered with juicy ripe apricots and cherry plums, while locals walk through them and don’t even pick them up.

In August in the Crimea, figs ripen – a sweet and very useful fruit. Photo:

In June, stores and markets of the peninsula are bursting with cherries, cherries, raspberries, apricots (we advise to pay special attention to the variety of large light apricots “Pineapple”).

In July, peaches reign supreme in the markets. If you want to bring them home, you should choose the harder ones, but if you want to taste the wonderful Crimean fruits at once, buy ripe soft fruit. Particularly famous for its peaches is the Alma Valley, with its unique microclimate. It was once the place where they were delivered directly to the Tsar’s table.

August is rich in watermelons and melons. Before they used to bring watermelons from Kherson to the Crimea, but after they returned to Russia they started growing local varieties, and these striped berries are as sweet as the Kherson and the Astrakhan ones.

In August figs ripen in abundance. In the past it was a purely southern seaboard fruit, but in recent years it is ripening well and in Bakhchisarai, and in Simferopol. Crimean figs are very sweet and incredibly healthy.

Crimea can boast of such exotics as feijoa and kiwi. They grow on the South Coast. Feijoa jam is rich in iodine and tastes like a mixture of strawberries and pineapple.

In September you can see an interesting fruit – ziziphus, or Crimean date. It really looks like a date but tastes like a mixture of apple and pear. Ziziphus is especially good for hypertensive people as it normalizes blood pressure.

The end of summer is the time for walnuts. This tree feels so good in the Crimea that it grows in almost every homestead and on every street. So if you want you can pick up walnuts directly from the ground.

Do not forget about grapes. You can find grapes for every taste: richly sweet, sour, white, red, black, large, small – one cannot imagine all the diversity of varieties of the noble vine.

And a few words about the magnificent Crimean tomatoes. Be sure to try the pink salad, yellow, and sort of “Crow’s Heart”. You won’t be able to taste such huge, delicious, and sweet tomatoes anywhere else.

New hotels in Crimea - 2022

How to plan your vacation in the Crimea

Plan your vacation in the Crimea in 2022 by using our Guide! Learn how to choose a good resort, lodging, and the perfect time to travel. We tell you about prices, transportation and more.

The Crimea is either love or hate at first sight. Few people remain indifferent. I loved it immediately and irrevocably, although it has a lot of flaws. If you do not like the Crimea, give it another chance!


When to go

On the basis of what holiday in the Crimea you need, choose the time. We came to the peninsula in all seasons except winter.

Summer – primarily beach holidays and excursions. The sea is well heated in July and August. All the cafes, hotels, museums and entertainment are open. But it is hot, the prices are high and there are a lot of tourists. In June, if you don’t like the heat, come in the first month of summer. Read more about rest in the Crimea in summer.

Autumn is a border time. In September, the velvet season, and it is comfortable to swim. There are fewer tourists, prices are a little lower, and the weather is nicer. It is already not so hot to do trekking and go on excursions. October and November are cooler, it starts to rain. Learn more about rest in the Crimea in the fall.

Winter is the dead season. Rare hotels and resorts work, the tourism industry is asleep. You can inexpensively stay in good hotels, enjoying the mild winter and exploring the peninsula. Some come to celebrate the New Year. Learn more about rest in the Crimea in winter.

Spring is for nature lovers. Blooming and smelling Crimea is very beautiful! It’s especially nice in May. It can be rainy and cold, but I liked the spring in the Crimea very much. It is still cold to swim. Learn more about rest in the Crimea in the spring.

Vacations in the Crimea

In the Crimea I like the end of spring and the beginning of summer: warm, a lot of flowers and few tourists.

How to get there

You can get to the peninsula in many different ways: by plane, bus, car, train and by tour. Many people use a combination – a single ticket to the Crimea. For example, by plane and bus or train. This method is convenient for the regions.

Residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg is easier to fly. Moscow-Simferopol tickets are inexpensive all year round – 6000-8000₽. Sometimes there are cheap ones from the regions too – usually from Pobeda on sale. We look for tickets on Aviasales. It compares prices of all airlines in a minute and finds the dates with the lowest prices.

There are very cheap tours to the Crimea – from 25000₽ for two people. Look for inexpensive tours on Travelate and Level.Travel. Check out our review of the cost of trips to the Crimea – there is a detailed description of the prices.

For me the most pleasant way to get to the Crimea is by car. On the way you can see a lot, plus the freedom of movement on the peninsula! But for many people it is more convenient to fly to the Crimea.

Read more about all the ways to get there:

By Car in the Crimea

This is us stopping by a poppy field in the Crimea – there are many of them. To see such beauty, come to the Crimea in May.

What resort to choose

First, decide what kind of beach you need. If sandy and sandy-pebbly, go to the east or west of the peninsula – in Evpatoria, Feodosia, Kerch, Shchyolkino, Olenevka – and neighboring small settlements. Almost all other resorts beaches are pebble. There is also sand in Sudak and Koktebel, in the Quiet Bay. Find out which sandy beaches are considered the best in Crimea.

Then think about the prices. The most expensive resorts are Yalta, Alushta and the South Coast in general. In others, the prices are more democratic.

The landscape of the resort is also important. Many resorts are hilly, and the elderly, as well as small children will not be easy to climb in the heat from the beach to the hotel.

For a quiet and relaxing holiday choose small villages such as Olenevka, Rybachie, Partenit and Simeiza. There are a lot of cafes, restaurants and cafes at big resorts.

Of all the resorts of the Crimea, I like to vacation most in Sudak – it suits me in many ways, and it’s easy to explore the neighborhood by car. I’ve been there four times.

15 best hotels of the Crimea on the seashore. Prices - 2022

Are you lost among the plethora of small and large resorts of the Crimea? It is not that easy to choose. Read our guide to the resorts of the Crimea – it will help you find the right one. All resorts and villages I marked on a detailed map of the Crimea.

Holidays in the Crimea on their own

The seafront in Yalta.

Where to live

If you want to rest in the Crimea on your own, responsibly approach the choice of accommodation: carefully read reviews and book online in advance. There are many nuances, so learn how to book accommodation in the Crimea, as well as read how hoteliers in the south cheat tourists.

We lived in the Crimea in different cities and chose different types of accommodations. If it was a road trip, then with housing did not bother: booked for a short period of 1-2 days before arrival, because in the hotel we came only to spend the night. Usually, guest houses cost 800-1500 ₽ per night, depending on conditions and the resort. The price record was 200 rubles per room in Olenevka (Tarkhankut) in 2014, just after the annexation of Crimea. Now such prices in the Crimea, alas, not to be found. Even lived in a tent by the sea in Lyubimovka – in general, free of charge. Learn where to relax in the Crimea with a tent.

If we wanted to have a rest near the sea, we chose a comfortable hotel with a pool and booked in advance. Such in season cost from 2500₽ and above – there is no limit. An example of an excellent inexpensive hotel in Sudak with parking, pool, kitchen and a table for ping-pong – “House with the Knight. Very nice, lived there for two weeks and paid only 1000₽ for two in June! It was so cheap because we booked in advance.

Families with children more profitable to rent an apartment or rooms with a kitchen in the guest house. There are plenty of those in the Crimea – read about the private sector: where and how to rent, how much it costs and what are the nuances. If there is a kitchen, it’s very convenient – we did not waste time in the morning looking for a cafe, and boiled coffee and cooked breakfast on their own.

Accommodation in the Crimea on the spot do not look – it’s long and uncomfortable. We book everything on BOOKING, we double-check prices on Hotellook. The private sector still look on Daily rent.

How to rest in the Crimea on your own

Hotel “House with the Knight”. Quite good and quite inexpensive accommodation in Sudak. We paid 1000 rubles per day for two.

Where to eat

On vacation in the Crimea, there will be no problems with food. The choice of establishments is wide: from inexpensive dining rooms to restaurants of different cuisines with a view of the sea. But with service, as well as value for money is average, so I always read reviews about the institution on Yandex, Google and MAPS.Me first.

Food prices are about the same as in the resorts of the Krasnodar region. When vacationing in the Crimea, we eat mostly in canteens, because it is inexpensive, nourishing, tasty and, most importantly, fast – restaurants usually sin long service. The average bill is 300-500₽ for two. Canteens are very popular among tourists, they are in almost every resort. There are decent lines.

We enjoy oriental cuisine so we often had a chance to visit national cafes: laghman, pilaf, samosa, etc. – delicious, nourishing, good! They are slightly more expensive than cafeterias.

We dined out a couple of times in restaurants-not bad, but not cheap. It comes out from 1000₽ for two without alcohol.

Groceries in stores are generally the same as in the European part of Russia. Dairy products and imported fruit are more expensive, fish and seafood are also expensive. It remains a mystery to me why prices for seafood are so high in Russian seaside towns.

Local fruit and vegetables are cheap in season: we buy strawberries, cherries, cherries, mulberries, grapes and figs. For example, in September, we bought figs from grandmothers at the market for 50-100₽ / kg (depending on the variety), fig jam – 150₽ for 0.5 liters. Grapes are 30 to 150₽ depending on the variety. But watermelons and melons are expensive.

If you have a sweet tooth, I suggest checking out the stores with Turkish delight, halva and sherbet. It is very delicious! In addition, it is a good gift for friends and family – we always bring sweet gifts from the Crimea. Find out what souvenirs to bring from the Crimea.

Holidays in the Crimea

A typical lunch for two for 300 rubles: borscht, casserole, manty, salad, compote.

What to see

The Crimea is one interesting place, and in each trip I discover something new. I like the fact that every corner of the peninsula has a rich history, replete with sights and legends. Going on vacation in the Crimea, be prepared that time after time you will have to choose: where to go now, and what you have to leave for later. From personal experience we have developed a great route around the Crimea – use it to plan your own.

Ai-Petri: useful tips

Most of all I like the variety of nature in the Crimea – so much on a small peninsula! From the steppes with mud volcanoes in Kerch and the gentle hills of Dzhangul to the high mountains of Ai-Petri, where it snows in winter. It is especially beautiful in the New World. I made a list of the most beautiful places in the Crimea – it grows with each trip.

Download our handy guide map of the Crimea on your smartphone! We have chosen only the most beautiful, favorite and tested places for you. The map works without the Internet, which is especially important in the Crimea. Cafes, restaurants, hotels and other places are marked there too. The map costs 200 ₽ and will save you a lot of time.

To find yourself in the Crimea above the clouds is not only on board the plane – these views can also open from the tops of its mountains. This is me on the famous Ai-Petri peak near the South Coast. I love this view of Cape Rhinoceros from the Golitsyn Trail in Novy Svet.

Where to vacation with children

With children is more convenient to rest in developed resorts with sandy beaches such as Evpatoria and Feodosia. However, many families go to Yalta, Gurzuf and other resorts in the South Coast, although the local beaches and the landscape is not that ideal for small children – still a pebble. But there is a beautiful nature and a lot of entertainment for the child, it is convenient to go on excursions.

My nephews and younger brother and I vacationed in Sudak – there inexpensive and beautiful.

Read about holidays with children at different resorts in the Crimea:

Our nephews liked it in Sudak. Beach Miami in Olenevka: perfect cleanliness and sand, like in the Maldives.

Journey by car

The Crimea must be felt, live, flowing smoothly from one location to another, sticking to a personal rhythm. That’s when you get a melody of travel, not a cacophony of beach holidays with a limited inclusion of excursions.

The Crimea is literally set up in order to travel through it alone on a car: it’s easy to get, there are no language barriers, to find accommodation and food is simple. And there are a million interesting places here – a million!

I’ve been to the peninsula twice by car – without a car and half of the places I would not have had time to see during a short vacation. The main thing to know:

  • Gasoline is 10% more expensive than in central Russia.
  • Roads in some places excellent (South Coast, “Tavrida”), and in some places bad.
  • The manner of driving is peculiar, southern.
  • Parking lots in the South Coast resorts, consider, no – all jammed.

This is just a small part – read more about the trip to the Crimea by car.

Take a look at our articles about travelling by car to other regions and countries. And good luck on the roads!

How to rest in the Crimea by yourself

In May and June we drove around the Crimea by car – we saw a lot of blooming fields.

How to travel in the Crimea

Traveling around the Crimea using shuttle buses is easy because they are ubiquitous and omnipresent. Buses between cities run frequently, and the fare is inexpensive. The main transport hubs are Simferopol, Sevastopol, Kerch, and Evpatoria. There are a lot of trolleybuses between the resorts on the South Coast.

Those who do not want to go by bus, those are helped by cab drivers. Private taxi drivers are waiting in the streets and at railway stations.

However, the most convenient and interesting way to travel in the Crimea is by car. If you don’t have your own, you can rent one at – the rent costs from 1000₽ per day. Read our tips about renting a car in the Crimea.

Within the cities and resorts there are inexpensive public transportation. In 2014 in Sevastopol, we felt like we were in the 90s when we were told the price of a trolleybus fare – 5 rubles. We could not have imagined that such a thing could happen! Now prices are higher, but still inexpensive. And also in Sevastopol there is a unique form of public transport – boats of intracity communication. They ply between the opposite banks of the bay, and also go to Inkerman.

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