Holidays in the Crimea in autumn 2022. What the weather and whether to go

Holidays in the Crimea in the autumn of 2022: where to go and what to see

The Indian summer is the best time for holidays in the Crimea. From September till mid October the weather in the peninsula is perfect. Plan the vacation in this time, and you will be waiting for a solid plus.

The most pleasant – there is no incredible heat, as in July and August. You can not be afraid of sunburn and sunbathe easily by day on the beach or walk around the palaces, parks, museums and tours all day.

The sea isn’t even cold yet: you can swim the whole day. Jellyfish at this time does not happen. On the beaches there are no crowds of tourists: come at any time, not in the early morning, as in high season.

When visiting palaces and museums you won’t have to stand in lines for tickets, and no one will spoil the pictures by getting in your frame. You can travel freely by car. Most of the tourists leave, there are no traffic jams and problems with parking.

If you have chosen a vacation in the Crimea in the fall of 2022, we will tell you what to do and how to spend your time in an interesting way.

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Summer in September

In September in the Crimea beach vacation continues. The sea is still warm, the water is about +21 … +23 degrees. During the day the air heats up to +26 … +30 and at night it is about +18. This month is considered an extension of summer.

If you plan to sunbathe and swim, come to the beach by 9 am. Earlier there is no point. The air is not yet warm, it is not comfortable to lie on the cool sand or stones. In the afternoon, the beach can not run away, the sun is not as stinging. After 17 hours swimming is already cold.

September in the Crimea is still a beach holiday. Photo: Alexander KIRYAKOV, “KP”-Crimea”.

Choosing recreation in the Crimea in autumn 2022, note: up to the 20s of September you can choose any resort villages, later give preference to major cities with developed infrastructure. In the Crimea, as soon as the tourist traffic decreases, the owners of stores and entertainment facilities begin to close their points. In a small town there may be only one store and a cafe.

Weather and seasons in the Crimea by months. When is the best time to relax?

In addition to beachwear, be sure to take jeans and a light jacket: you will need them in the evening. It rains in September, so an umbrella will also come in handy.

For a holiday in this month is better to choose Greater Yalta (the city and the settlements adjacent to it), Greater Alushta (the city and the surrounding villages), Sevastopol, Sudak, Koktebel, Feodosia, Saki, Evpatoria.

It is time to go to Alushta: the prices fall, tourists less, weather – without surprises!

Very soon it’s going to be the Indian summer, and this means that it’s time to plan your trip to the sea. But already in mid and late August, the number of tourists decreases: families with children leave – it’s time to get ready for school. Alushta is waiting for visitors and promises beautiful beaches, which are no longer as crowded, hotels, prices which have already started to go down and the excellent weather until the fall, without any natural disasters.

Unpredictable weather in October

In the first half of October, some tourists are still swimming in the sea, while others are already wrapping up in warm clothes. The temperature of the sea water and air is about +17 … +19 degrees. On the beach holidaymakers often make funny pictures, when one girl lies in a bathing suit, and another sits in a sweater with a thermos in his hands and breathes the sea air. All because for someone the cooling sea is no longer suitable for bathing, and for someone such weather is still summer.

Traveling through the Crimean sights, be prepared for a sharp change of weather. Photo:

It often rains in October. It can be sunny and clear in the morning, and thunderclouds come in the afternoon. If you were still walking around in a T-shirt today, it doesn’t mean that tomorrow you won’t have to rush to the store for a jacket. In the Crimea sudden temperature drops are a usual thing. If you’re going on vacation in October, you should take clothes for all occasions: you will need both T-shirts and shorts, and a jacket and boots.

Rest in the private sector of Yalta. Prices for accommodation - 2022

In October we advise to rent apartments in Yalta, Alushta, Sevastopol and Evpatoria. The infrastructure is better developed than in other cities.

September in the Crimea – Top 7 places where the sea and the air are warmer

September in the Crimea is, of course, no longer high season, but the weather – the water and air temperature – in the beginning, middle and even at the end of this month still allows you to enjoy walking along the coast, swimming in the sea and sunbathing. We offer a rating of the warmest places in the Crimea in September, where you can arrange a holiday at the start of autumn.

№1. Alushta

Alushta – as numerous reviews say, the “south pole” of the Crimea. The resort is officially considered the warmest on the peninsula. If in summer it can be too hot here, September is more than comfortable – on average +23 … +25 ° C during the day. It rains rarely, the days are mostly sunny.


Bathing season in Alushta believe the longest in the Crimea – swim here even in October and in September the water temperature rarely drops below +22 ° C. In addition, the September climate is conducive to visit the main natural attractions of Alushta in the surrounding area – the Valley of Ghosts, an array of Demerdzhi. In the height of the Crimean summer it is hard to climb the mountains, but in September it is just right.

For many tourists is important and the fact that in September in Alushta already noticeably drop in housing prices, although the season has not yet rolled over, all the restaurants and cafes, a variety of attractions work. It is important and a general decrease in the number of tourists, because the beaches in Alushta are quite narrow, in the high season they are often crowded.

№2. Sudak .

Sudak is competing with Alushta for the title of the warmest Crimean resort. He also belongs to the undisputed leadership in the number of sunny days a year – more than 300. So the Sudak in September is a great place for those who love swimming and sunbathing, but can not stand the heat of summer.

Anapa - the Crimea: how to reach

The average air temperature in Sudak in September is almost the same as in Alushta – 23-25 degrees Celsius. But here a little less diurnal fluctuations in temperature. Water is also very warm – about +22 ° C in mid-September. You can count on enjoying the grapes – they are already ripe, and around Sudak are a lot of vineyards.


September cultural program in the city is very rich – all the routes in the vicinity (Meganom, Novy Svet…) are current, excursion bureaus and pleasure boats continue to work in “seasonal” mode.

And there is a reason for that – in Sudak in September there is not too noticeable change in the number of tourists. They become less, but not by much, because the resort is considered a youth. Therefore, the prices for tours in Sudak in September usually does not differ much from summer. Find a place near the warm sea is not a problem – Sudak beaches are of great size.

№3. Sevastopol .

Most of the ratings rank Sevastopol as one of the warmest places in the Crimea in September. Temperatures in September here are kept at +24-25 degrees without sharp diurnal fluctuations. You can not fear the unexpected appearance of “Bora” – a cold north wind bora, often visiting the hero-city in winter and spring.


However, the sea in Sevastopol in September is somewhat colder than in Alushta or Sudak. Usually here the temperature is +21 ° C, but it is enough for a comfortable swimming. In Sevastopol you can also observe a significant difference in water temperature in different bays and coves – in September, just as in summer.

Because of these features of the climate and the huge excursion attractiveness of Sevastopol the difference in the number of visitors in September and in high season is insignificant. If you want to save money, you can pay attention to the nearby villages – the climate in them from Sevastopol almost no different, and the prices are lower. Many travel agencies consider the best choice for a September holiday in Sevastopol Cape Fiolent.

Private Sector in Sudak 2022 - price to 3000 rubles

№4. Yalta .

In the resort capital of the Crimea in September the temperature is slightly lower than in Alushta, but only a couple of degrees. Fluctuations in daily temperatures are noticeable, but at night the thermometer is usually above +15 °C.

But the sea in Yalta remains steadily warm during the whole of the Indian summer. Even in late September its temperature rarely falls below +22 ° C, in such conditions can swim even mildly hardened vacationers. The given temperature data is also suitable for the majority of the villages in Big Yalta.


The number of tourists in Yalta in September falling a bit, but in general the resort is very popular and the velvet season, count on empty beaches and reduced prices do not have. But both the cultural program, and social life in September in Yalta is almost as rich as in July. So no one will feel cold or bored here, and “velvet” Yalta consistently collects the most favorable reviews.

№5. Gurzuf

Even though Gurzuf is a part of Yalta, the mountains surrounding the resort create a special microclimate. There is no strong fall winds, and a lot of greenery makes the air is especially good for health.


In Gurzuf and its surroundings have many attractions that are also pleasant to visit in September +23, and not in the heat of the height of summer.

It is interesting that the sea in Gurzuf is usually warmer in autumn than in Yalta. Even at the end of the month the temperature can reach +22 ° C, and on particularly sunny days the water can get up to +24 ° C. The number of tourists in Gurzuf in the autumn is relatively small.

№6. Feodosia

Feodosia is famous as one of the places with the warmest sea. This feature is due to the characteristics of Theodosia bay. Therefore, the average water temperature here for September is +22 degrees.


The air is a bit more complicated. September Feodosia is characterized by dry, sunny weather, so even +30 heat in the daytime in September does not surprise anyone. However, large daily fluctuations in temperature are not uncommon here. It is less likely to occur in the first half of September. This is also true for the nearby settlements (Beregovoye, Primorsky, Ordzhonikidze).

How much does a trip to the Crimea cost - 2022. Tour prices with flight

Feodosia – not a leader in popularity among the Crimean resorts in the holiday season. So here you can count on lower housing prices and relatively free beaches. At the same time all the restaurants, entertainment venues and other resort attractions are still open in the “season”.

№7. Nikolaevka .

This popular resort village is sometimes even called among the leaders of the ratings “the warmest place in September Crimea. But although in September it is really warm here, the average day temperature in Nikolaevka in September – about +23 ° C, which is lower than in Alushta or Sevastopol.

There are also relatively large daily fluctuations in temperature. The sea in September Nikolayevka favorable to bathers – the average water temperature is +21 ° C.


Since Nikolaevka – mainly a family resort, in September the number of tourists here decreases quite a lot (schoolchildren have to go home and go to school). Therefore, and place on the beach becomes a lot (in Nikolaevka in principle, the beaches are spacious), and prices for housing and popular resort goods and services fall.

However, in September the season is still officially on, so all the resort facilities are working. Optimal holiday in Nikolaevka September will be for older couples who want to hide from the hustle and bustle, and families with small children.

If you look at the other ratings of the Crimean resorts, you can find a slightly different “arrangement of places” where it is warmer in early fall. The fact that the Crimea in September in principle is very comfortable and in its entire resort area in the first month of autumn is still quite summer temperatures. Difference where the warmer sea and air, often turns out to be objectively impossible, so you can safely choose any resort – a long favorite, or interesting in terms of cultural programs. All the same you can swim and sunbathe in September in the Crimea everywhere.

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