Holidays in the Dominican Republic in January 2022. Weather and temperature

Holidays in the Dominican Republic in January: weather, air and water temperature, prices, what to do and where to rest best?

weather in dominica in January

Weather in the Dominican Republic in January is of interest to tourists who want to go on vacation in the cold winter months in a hot tropical country.

The Dominican Republic is a tourist country with a tropical climate characterized by humid summers and dry winters. The best time to vacation in this part of our planet is from November to April. Although many tourists prefer summer months, when even the sea is heated to +30 ° C. On the other hand rest in the Republic is comfortable throughout the year. Weather in the Dominican Republic in January, May, August almost no different, the country’s climate is flat, you can go on vacation here at any time of year.

At a time when in Russia there is snow and the sun has long ceased to appear on the coast of the Dominican Republic travelers waiting for spacious beaches with thousands of palm trees, the scorching sun and warm clear water. In addition, holidays in the Dominican Republic in January – is also an opportunity to celebrate the New Year in a very unusual atmosphere, without the olivier salads, tangerines and speeches by the head of the country clinking champagne glasses. Going to the Dominican Republic, you will be able to celebrate the New Year on the ocean to the Caribbean rhythms – it is worth it just once in a lifetime to go on such a trip.

What Dominican Republic in January

The weather in the Dominican Republic in January refers to the high season for tourist holidays. The high season begins in December and lasts until April. This is when the country has just the perfect weather for a chic beach vacation. It is too hot in the summer, rains in the fall, and winter is just the time when you can relax with maximum comfort, without the heat and constant rainstorms.

Weather in the Dominican Republic in January

Weather in the Dominican Republic in January can not be called a winter! On the coast during the day the thermometer rises to +28 … +29 ° C, and at night never drops below +18 … +20 ° C. It may be cooler in the mountainous areas and at the altitudes of 3000 m above sea level there is snow. The low-lying areas away from the coastline, on the contrary, have a hot climate. Among the seaside resorts in the Dominican Republic, January temperatures are higher on the Caribbean coast.

In the middle of winter one should not fear hurricanes and storms. The strongest waves are noted on the Atlantic coast, and the resorts of the Caribbean Sea are almost all the time calm. Weather in the Dominican Republic in January, please fans of swimming and sunbathing – the temperature of the sea water is kept at around +26 … +28 ° C.

Holidays in the Dominican Republic in December 2022. Weather and temperature
Air temperature during the day, ° C Water temperature, °C Number of sunny days Precipitation days
Santo Domingo +28 +27 14 3
Punta Cana +27,4 +26,7 14 3
Juan Dolio +28,5 +27,7 12 4
Puerto Plata +26,7 +26,6 14 5
La Romana +28,4 +26,9 13 3
Playa Bavaro +27,3 +26,6 13 3
Sosua +27 +26,6 11 5
Boca Chica +28,1 +27 11 5

Compared to the dry December, January has slightly more rainfall: 3-5 rainy days on the Caribbean coast, and twice as many rainy days in the Atlantic coast resorts.

Weather in the Dominican Republic

Tip . Even in cloudy weather, don’t forget to wear a hat and use sunscreen with a high degree of protection.

What kind of clothes should I wear?

What is the weather like this time of year? Most of the time it is very warm, and a light dress, T-shirt, shorts, sandals or sandals will be enough for the daytime. Be sure to take care of a hat. For evening walks a jacket or sweater will be enough.

Warm clothes are sure to come in handy, since tourists, both Russian and from other countries, prefer to celebrate the New Year directly on the beach in the Dominican Republic. This is quite natural, since neither in Russia nor in most European countries, such an opportunity does not present itself.

Therefore, even before the holiday tables are set on the sand, at which the beach and New Year’s Eve banquets will be held. They are accompanied by musicians, and the other important components are fireworks, dancing, spectacular cocktails, and of course, a sea of champagne and rum. The tours to the Dominican Republic for New Year are in high demand, so we recommend you to buy in advance. Prices for recreation from St. Petersburg will depend on your preferences.

Where to vacation in the Dominican Republic in January 2022

The main thing for which tourists come to the Dominican Republic is an excellent beach vacation. Universal place for a comfortable family vacation consider Punta Cana. This resort is well developed tourist infrastructure and there are 4 * and 5 * hotels with meals “all inclusive”. Especially a lot of elite hotel complexes in the area of Cap Cana .

Parents with children love Boca Chica . The natural lagoon is framed by beaches with pure white sand, and a coral reef protects the shore from high waves and sea predators. Many families go to the south of the island – in La Romana .

Holiday in the Dominican Republic in January

(Photo: Henry Player / / License CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Not far from the Dominican capital is the beautiful resort of Juan Dolio . The depth near the shore here is only 1.5-2 meters. Vacationers enjoy snorkeling, diving and golfing.

For a more secluded vacation in the Dominican Republic in January, look for the Samaná Peninsula. Away from civilization, this tropical resort is enjoyed by couples in love and lovers of eco-tourism.

In the north of the country stretches a large resort area of Puerto Plata, which includes Sosua, Cabarete and Playa Dorada. Attractions in this part of the coast are compact. Tourists love to go on excursions and boat trips.

Excursions in the Dominican Republic - 2022: prices, descriptions, reviews

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Tourist season

In the Dominican Republic, the year is conventionally divided into two seasons: the dry season and the rainy season. The dry season coincides with the beginning of the bathing season. This division is very relative. Tourists come to the Dominican Republic all year round! Santo Domingo resorts receive the least amount of rainfall throughout the year, and hurricanes are least common in Punta Cana – it is reliably protected from bad weather by a mountain range.

The beginning and end of the beach season

Beautiful beach and water in the Dominican Republic The beginning of the season in the Dominican Republic is considered the period from the second half of November to mid-April . During this time the water is clear and calm, hurricanes and downpours are unlikely. Almost all days the sun shines brightly.

The water temperature ranges from +25-27C. Children and adults can swim, dive and take air baths comfortably. There is a slight breeze from the sea, which saves you from the scorching heat.

In the first half of May the weather gets worse with the light rains and the temperature drops a bit. But the change is not too pronounced, so you can plan your vacation until the end of May.

The end of the season is from June to November. This period is also called the rainy season. In the Dominican Republic, the wind picks up and the rains come down.

Note ! – It rains most often at night, during the day the sun still shines brightly on the island. In addition, during this period, you can observe a magnificent rainbow in the sky.

Made, for clarity, a table of seasons by month:

Prices for tours

Search for the best deals on travel tours at Level.Travel and Travelate – they will find the best deals among different tour operators. Want to save your money? Check out our 7 rules for buying tours online.

If you’re going on vacation to the Dominican Republic in January 2022, keep in mind that the cost of the trip will be higher than in December.

  • 7 Best Hotels in Punta Cana
  • 10 Best Hotels in the Dominican Republic

Tour prices for 7 days for two people, flying from Moscow:

The cheapest tour (RUR) All inclusive tour (RUR)
Punta Cana 137 000 141 000
Boca Chica 124 000 126 000
Puerto Plata 120 000 135 000
La Romana 162 000 173 000
Samana 163 000 165 000
Juan Dolio 134 000 135 000
Cap Cana 192 000 194 000

Reviews about the weather in the Dominican Republic in January

(Photo: / @joelcasilla)

Tours in Punta Cana (Punta Cana) from Moscow. Excursions

Dominican Republic with Children

Tours in Punta Cana attract primarily families and lovers of serene recreation surrounded by wildlife. However, there is also something to see, so tourists from time to time decide to diversify the beach holiday with informative excursions.

Dominican Republic in September 2022. Where to vacation? Weather and reviews

Choose tours to Punta Cana from Moscow, and be sure to include in your route local parks, waterfalls, lagoons and other natural treasures. Among the most famous of them are the Bavaro Cave, the reserve “Indigenus Ice”, the waterfall El Limon. As for monuments and places of interest, the Columbus Lighthouse and Garcia tobacco factory, coffee and butterfly farms stand out.

Tours: – Coffee, Chocolate Plantation and Macau Beach – for 4 hours and $65 – Overview of Punta Cana and Bavaro – for 3.5 hours and €110 – Snorkeling in the Caribbean Sea – for 3 hours and $59

Of the water features, stand out such places as the Marine Park “Marinarium”, Dolphin Island, diving .

If you want to rest in Punta Cana, most likely the trip will be from Anex Tour. Compare the prices of trips to Punta Cana from all tour operators is better on the three sites that we showed above:

  • Level.Travel
  • Travelata
  • Onlinetours .

Sea in the Dominican Republic

What to do on vacation in the Dominican Republic in January

What we expect from a vacation in a tropical paradise is a warm sea, water activities and a good tan. How to diversify beach activities during a trip to the Dominican resorts in January?

Have fun at the holidays . New Year’s Eve is celebrated on the island as cheerfully as the rest of the world. There are fireworks and concerts in the cities. Unlike Europe, in the Dominican Republic they decorate artificial Christmas trees and palm trees, and funny Santa Clauses in shorts appear in the hotels.

Новый год в Доминикане >>

Catholics enjoy participating in the spectacular procession of the Magi, which begins January 5 in Santo Domingo. The locals are very temperamental, so the religious holiday turns into a spectacular show. On January 21, St. Mary Altagracia is venerated in the country, and solemn masses are celebrated in all Catholic churches.

January 24, 2022 begins the most important holiday, the colorful Dominican Carnival. Colorful processions in costumes and masks last until early March. Noisy masquerades are held in Santo Domingo, the provinces of Monte Cristi and La Vega, the city of Santiago and the resorts of Puerto Plata and Punta Cana.

Что привезти из Доминиканы >>

Prices for holidays in the Dominican Republic in January

(Photo: zoosnow /

Ride the waves in the wind . The fresh breezes that blow along the coast attract windsurfing enthusiasts. Cabarete, Puetro Plata and Sosua host competitions, and there are schools for beginners.

Whale Watching . In mid-winter, humpback whales come to the protected Samaná Peninsula. Witness the sea giants mating!

Отдых с детьми в Доминикане >>

Add a little thrill. In January the weather in the Dominican Republic is dry and the humidity does not exceed 63-65%, which is great for outdoor activities. Try buggy safaris, quad bikes and jeeps. Want to take advantage of more eco-friendly transportation? A two-hour horseback ride will cost $30-$50.

Transport in the Dominican Republic: rent a car, buses, cabs, shuttles

(Photo: / @joelcasilla)

Take a trip to Santo Domingo . The very first city in the New World has preserved colonial buildings and monuments. Visit Faro a Colón, Columbus’ enormous lighthouse museum where his remains rest. Stroll along the long Malecon promenade, see the Osama Fortress, the Alcazar de Colon Palace and the Santa Maria la Menor Cathedral.

Take a tour . Especially popular with tourists are:

  • Saona Island and the artists’ town of Altos De Chavon – $65-$90;
  • Catalina Island – $115;
  • “Manatee Park, $35;
  • 27 waterfalls – $90;
  • The protected Samana Peninsula – $60-$105;
  • boat trip – from $100.

Prices in the Dominican Republic.

Air and water temperature in the Dominican Republic in January

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Recommendations for tourists

When traveling abroad, it is important to consider the peculiarities of local culture and so forth. For example, the Dominican Republic is considered a country with an unstable criminal situation. Therefore, in order not to be disappointed in your vacation and get only positive emotions from the trip, you should follow certain rules.

Holidays in the Caribbean Sea: the weather in the Dominican Republic in January 2022, the water and air temperature

Going to rest at the sea in the first month of the year, you should look at the distant coast of the Caribbean Sea. At the beginning of the year there are excellent conditions for beach holidays, and you can spend all day on the sand, bathing in the warm sea and sunshine. Especially tourists rush to the beaches of the Dominican Republic, and at this time you will not find burning tours to the country. Weather in the Dominican Republic in January 2022 is gorgeous, sunny and almost no precipitation. Water temperature reaches 26 degrees Celsius, and the lack of high waves contributes to a calm and serene holiday. So what resort to choose?

Weather in the Dominican Republic in January 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, photos, whether you should go.

In the Dominican Republic there are many resorts that are in demand among tourists. They are all modern, with new hotels and beautiful beaches. The Russians are in particular demand for a trip to Punta Cana, and Europeans prefer to stay in Boca Chica or Santo Domingo. But believe me, at this time throughout the country is great weather, and the choice of resorts is not such an important, though not the last.

You would be surprised, but it’s true: January in Dominican Republic is the coldest month of the year! Surprised? Do not give much importance to this, because there has never been a frost here, and unlikely will be. The lowest temperatures that have been recorded on the island in January in the entire time of weather observation was +15 degrees! Agree, these figures are excellent.

If you take the average temperature, the daytime thermometers read +26 +28 degrees. In the first month of the year there are almost no abrupt changes. 2-3 times a month the air can warm up to +33. The temperature does not fall below the stated average, even when the weather is overcast.

Cuba, Mexico or Dominican Republic: where is better? Honest review

Weather in the Dominican Republic in January 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, photos, whether you should go.

In the evening and at night it is also quite warm. After sunset, the air cools down a bit and the thermometers show +25 degrees. At dawn, the temperature drops again and becomes about +20 degrees. To meet the sun on the beach and see its first rays a lot of tourists come out. Therefore, in the early morning the coast has already come to life and there begins the rest, which ends closer to midnight.

The water in the sea has a temperature of +25 +27 degrees. In the absence of wind on the water there are almost no waves. Bathing in such water is one pleasure, and you can spend time on the beach all day.

Weather in the Dominican Republic in January 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, photos, whether you should go.

But not always it turns out, often plans for recreation spoiled by rain. Rainy days in the resorts of the country are from 2 to 5 days and in general it can rain at any time, even if the whole day the sky was clear. Therefore it is worth being prepared for this turn of events and in case of approaching clouds have time to hide under the roof, for example, go to a cafe or go back to the hotel.

In January, the day in the Dominican Republic is shorter than the night. Sunshine hours count 7-8 per day, and the day lasts about 10 hours.

The Dominican Republic in January: where to vacation, resorts and weather

The country has many cities and resorts, so tourists have a great choice where to spend your vacation. See what the weather conditions in the Dominican Republic in January at different resorts and choose the best place for your vacation.

Weather in the Dominican Republic in January 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, photos, whether you should go.

Dominican Republic in January: weather and reviews of tourists

“If you are going to the Dominican Republic in January, then immediately take with you a sunscreen. Your skin gets burnt instantly. Also don’t forget your umbrella. It rains here often, though it does not last long. But in general the weather is fine and most of the rest will be spent on the beach in the sun.

“January is the best time to relax in the Dominican Republic. The wind is not strong, the temperature is not high and there is no heat. Sometimes it rains, but it’s a trifle. The sea is warm, it is wonderful to bathe in it. So, I recommend it to everyone, but about the prices, they hurt biting.

Weather in the Dominican Republic in January 2022 water and air temperature. Reviews, photos, whether you should go.

“I did not expect such a super vacation. The sun, the warm sea and fun from morning till evening. There is no heat, mosquitoes also did not see, but constantly bright sun and at any time it was possible to go on a beach. There is no better place for New Year’s Eve!

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