Honestly about Blagoveschenskaya. Reviews about rest and prices – 2022.

Blagoveshchenskaya reviews.

Holidays in September from 6 to 9. Absolutely home atmosphere. All clean and cozy. Well-groomed adjoining territory. Yana and Oleg unobtrusive hosts, but always ready to help and advise. And another thing: the quietest street where the hotel is located. I liked it all. If we come to Blagoveshchenskaya, it’s just here.

Rested in August, rented a four-bed room in the guest house “Valenti”. The living conditions are excellent, the room is very clean. There is everything you need: air conditioning, shower and toilet, excellent beds with soft mattresses, clean linens, dishes, microwave etc. Everything was thought out to the smallest detail! Wonderful barbecue area, trampoline. The hosts are very friendly. To the sea walking distance of 20 minutes, but we went by car. Parking space can always be found. The sea is clean, the beach is good. We had only positive emotions from the vacation. Thank you very much!

Rested the family in mid-August. The house after repair, all clean, beautiful, new furniture, fluffy towels, comfortable bed, nice warm pool on the territory, you can sunbathe on a sun bed, the sea is close (we went by car), stores are within walking distance. Quiet and cozy area. The hosts are very hospitable. We really liked our stay, we’ll definitely come back again! Really appreciate it, we really had a great stay.

I stayed with my family, there were 4 of us. We liked everything, the area is clean, the room is nice and comfortable with all amenities. The territory has a kitchen and a barbecue and arbors, even a trampoline for children. To the sea 10 minutes walk, near the house a lot of stores and places where you can buy ready-made food, even a store 5 in three minutes. In general we liked everything. Thank you.

Everything is great. We loved it. Highly recommend. Thank you very much. And the owners of the beautiful house and staff serving. We had a great holiday. It is necessary to find such people. Honest people who are not greedy. We want to tell them all – Thank you and thank you again. Who will come will be satisfied. All you will know. We will come again without fail.

I want to thank the owners of the house for our vacation! We had a holiday from 16.08 to 26.08.2022. 6 adults, two children and a Labrador dog. They met me at the station with the children. The house is very cozy and clean. Air conditioners in every room. The yard is a beauty of plants, mini garden, barbecue area. The sea 15 minutes! Walks coach to the sea every 20 minutes! We stayed happy! Thanks Angela and Vadim!

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Holidays With the family all wonderful! The houses are new, the smell of wood. A full of small private house by the sea. Own parking lot, the owners are very kind and hospitable. To the sea 2 minutes walk, there are all sorts of entertainment awnings. We liked it very much and advise others!

Holidays at the moment, all satisfied, nice house, close to the sea just 2-3 minutes walk, there is a cafe nearby, tasty shashlik, hospitality at the highest level. Holidays here are not the first year, all like it. Come here.

Many thanks to Natalia and Ivan for their hospitality! The guest house is well maintained, clean, lots of greenery. The owners are hardworking and caring people. The room has everything you need (towels, dishes, cutlery) to stay. Checked us in before the appointed time, which was very nice after a long road. For a car there is a guarded parking area. The guest house is ideal for families with children. There is a playground with swings, etc. Thank you :-)

Booked the house almost a month in advance. We had a family of 3 adults and two dogs (a Jack Russell and a Husky). We loved it, no problems with the animals. A pass to the house through the yard, the house has a fenced area (terrace), where there is a canopy and a table with benches, very convenient. The house all the conditions, very clean. There’s air conditioning, TV, clothing drawers, a few clothes hangers, toilet, shower and a sink. A neat kitchen and a refrigerator, electric kettle, stove. We are generally very lucky, there was utensils, which were replaced by new very nice plates (very much listen to the opinion of the guests – the dishes have been replaced). The house is 2 storey, the beds are very comfortable. The total area with a children’s playground, a common summer kitchen, barbecue area, for cooking shashlik/barbecue – all available – grills, skewers, grates. We liked it very much! Thanks to Nadezhda for letting us in a decent house with pets!

This is the second year in a row I’ve rented rooms from the guys. In 2021 a studio, in 2022 a 2 room with a patio.Both the studio and the 2 room are fine. Everything is well and tastefully done. The rooms have everything for a comfortable stay. All what is written on the site-true. I recommend it!

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Want to have a great vacation in comfort? Then I recommend stopping at the guest house at Vinogradny Lane, 7. Stopping here the second time. We like it very much! Our bright and cozy room has air conditioning, double bed, shower cabin, etc. Very convenient that the area has a fully equipped kitchen, barbecue, parking for several cars. It’s not far to the sea. A special word, of course, want to say about the owners of this wonderful hotel! Friendly, sincere, cheerful and good people! It is clear that their goal is to ensure their guests an excellent holiday! Overall, if you plan a vacation in Blagoveshchenskaya, stay here. Do not regret it!

Finally we got out to rest. After the road, we really wanted to relax and did not want a long search for options for accommodation. And so it turned out. Went literally into the third yard and stayed. Immediately we were happy with everything. The hosts were welcoming, the rooms were clean, the dining room was in perfect order, showers and clean bathrooms. And more in principle and does not need. The house has a large swimming pool, which we loved to swim in, not only the kids, but also)). Tak also has a trampoline, to which the children can not treat indifferently. Very much liked that there is a gazebo where you can hide from the sun. Within walking distance of cafes, market, stores and of course the sea. From it we delighted. Sand and clear water – just beauty. The days of the vacation flew by instantly. We say thank you very much to D. Tole and t. Marina for wonderful rest. Very good people. They have cleanliness and order everywhere. The children loved them too, they didn’t even want to leave.

And we had a great rest in this hospitable house! We rented a 2-bed room with my daughter, the room has everything you need. The kitchen is large, clean and comfortable, near a great store with homemade semi-finished products, cooked themselves (which usually on vacation do not do), just next door (neighbors hi) you can buy fresh fruit, vegetables, across the street bakery. Nearby stop in both directions, though the sea, though in Anapa. Thanks for the rest!

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Blagoveshchenskaya: tips for recreation

The beaches of the western part of Greater Anapa are considered the best in the Krasnodar region. Learn from the reviews of tourists, whether you should go on vacation in Blagoveshchenskaya. What are the beaches there, is the sea clean, what are the prices in 2022.


Impressions of the resort.

Locals and tourists call the village 25 km from Anapa – Blagoveshchenka. Such spacious sandy beaches as there, the Black Sea coast is still to be found! Prices for housing, food and entertainment in Blagoveshchenskaya not bite like in Sochi. There are no posh hotels. Most tourists rent rooms and apartments in the private sector, stay in mini-hotels and guest houses.

Worth a little distance from the shore, as the streets become quiet. Vacationers like the quiet atmosphere and relaxation, but there are tourists who are dissatisfied that the seaside village has little partying and entertainment.

The main drawback of the resort village is that the private sector is located away from the sea. To walk to the beach in the heat is not too pleasant! In reviews about rest in Blagoveshchenskaya in the summer of 2021 tourists write that after the quarantine the resort infrastructure is not fully restored. On the beaches there are no garbage containers, some cafes and canteens do not work.

Lisenok: “Blagoveshchenskaya village – the sea is super! Dolphins, sand, remoteness from vanity. Disadvantages – a little far from the private sector”.

Reviews of tourists about Blagoveshchenskaya

Sea in Blagoveshchenskaya. Photo: User:Dmitry89 / flickr.com / CC BY-SA 2.0.

Is it expensive to have a rest?

In contrast to the promoted resorts of the Krasnodar region, the vacation in Blagoveshchenskaya turns out to be budget. During the high season of 2022 a double room with private bathroom in the guest house costs from 1400 rubles per day, an apartment with a kitchen – from 2500 rubles, and a three-bed room in a mini-hotel with three meals a day – from 3200 rubles. According to tourists’ reviews, it’s convenient to buy products in Blagoveshchenskaya in “Pyaterochka”. Look for accommodation in Blagoveshchenskaya on Hotelluk and Sutok.

Traveller’s notes: “The prices are still quite acceptable, although you can by no means call them low. They are much lower than in the Crimea or Sochi, but higher than in Anapa.

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VLeo: “Prices for fruit, vegetables and other local delicacies are quite acceptable, and in some cases cheaper than “Pyaterochka”, but in taste and quality much higher. But with the influx of vacationers, prices, as it happens, crept upward.”

Best hotels in Blagoveshchenskaya

What Sea and Beaches

Blagoveshchenskaya village is called the “capital of the three seas”. Here you can find the Black Sea, Kiziltashsky and Vityazevsky estuaries. Unlike resorts that are located in bays, Blagoveshchenskaya is on the shore of the open sea.

In reviews about rest in Blagoveshchenskaya for 2021 and 2022, tourists write about the clean sea water. The entrance to the sea is gentle. Almost every day dolphins swim up to the shore. Algae is carried to the shore only after storms. At the height of summer, when the sea water in Anapa blooms and becomes green, the locals go to bathe in Blagoveshchenskaya.

The central beach of the village has everything you need for recreation – sun loungers for rent under a shady canopy, changing rooms, toilets, inflatable slides and water entertainment. Even during the peak season there are less people here than in neighboring Vityazevo.

On the spit between Blagoveshchenskaya and Vityazevo is a beach where nudists love to relax. In the off-season and in stormy weather, choose a hotel with an indoor pool. For example, there is one in the boarding house “Malakhit”.

Olgatka: “The beach is sandy. The length of the beach is long, you can even find a place practically deserted. The beach without a large litter, but the drums and wrappers in the presence. With cabins for changing and sun beds is not easy. On the central beach there is. Further – are absent at all. Practically nowhere you cannot wash your feet from sand and wash from sea water”.

The panorama of the beach in Blagoveshchenskaya

What to do

In addition to the beach and sea, sea fishing, quad biking, diving, hang gliding, kitesurfing and windsurfing are popular in Blagoveshchenskaya. If you like noisy parties, night bars and clubs, it is better to stay in Anapa. In the village there are only a couple of cafes, where they hold discos. The usual leisure for tourists – evening gatherings with local wine.

According to reviews for 2021, from Blagoveshchenskaya tourists willingly go on excursions to mud volcanoes, Taman, “Lotus Valley”, Utrish Dolphinarium, Novorossiysk and Abrau-Dyurso.

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Julia: “I recommend this place to those who are tired of the cramming at the developed resorts, who don’t want to swim in the dirty sea, hurting other tourists’ feet, who hate to lie on the beach among piles of bodies, who want to look at the sea and see the sea and sometimes dolphins, but not human heads, tubs, bananas and boats sticking out of water.

Riding on a banana boat on the beach near the boarding house “SouthRa”.

Rest with children

According to tourist reviews, the beaches of Blagoveshchenskaya village are good for holidays with children. Parents gladly take their children to the water park “Laskovy Bereg”, the playground “U Lukomorye” and the playground near the Central Beach.

The main problem of all Black Sea resorts in summer is rotavirus infections. If a child falls ill, he will be treated in Anapa, because Blagoveshchenskaya has no hospital of its own.

Olesya: “In the guest house “Maria” we vacationed with my family in July. The room is bright, large, the bathroom is clean. Kitchens are equipped with everything you need for self-cooking. The pool is warm, clean – very cool, especially for a small child.

Maria: “Rested as a family in June in the mini-hotel “Cherry”. The place is great, quiet, ideal for a family vacation. My daughter really liked swimming in the pool.

Playground on the central beach

When it is better to go

The resort season in Blagoveshchenskaya begins in April. From mid-spring to late fall, the coast is full of surfers. Swimming in the sea is comfortable from late May – early June to late October. If you do not like strong heat, come to Blagoveshchenskaya in June or September.

Marina: “In mid-June the weather was quite normal. It was almost always sunny and windless during the day. Average temperature +24 … +25°С. In the evenings it was about +20°C. If I went for a walk, I had to put on a light jacket.

Is it worth to go to Blagoveshchenskaya

According to tourist reviews, vacation in Blagoveshchenskaya in 2022 is suitable for families with children, tourists of age and young people. Spacious sandy beaches and clean open sea favorably distinguish Blagoveschenka from neighboring Anapa. In the village you can rent budget accommodation, have a good time at the water park, go surfing and go on excursions.

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