Honestly about Dzhubga! Leisure reviews – 2022

Dzhubga: vacation tips

We have collected reviews of tourists about vacation in Dzhubga in 2021. Opinions about the weather, hotels, private accommodation, beaches, excursions and entertainment. Vacation nuances in Dzhubga and tips holidaymakers.

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Pros and cons of vacationing in Dzhubga

For residents of Krasnodar, Dzhubga – the closest settlement on the Black Sea, so on weekends a lot of Krasnodar residents come to the resort. Tourists who vacationed in Dzhubga in 2020 were also satisfied. The settlement has entertainment for children, and the prices are lower than in Big Sochi.

The pluses of rest in Dzhubga in 2022, according to the reviews of tourists:

  • Warm sea.
  • A mild climate.
  • Picturesque nature.
  • There is a water park, dolphinarium and oceanarium.
  • A great choice of excursions.
  • Easy to get by car.

This is the closest Black Sea coast, where the sandy beach. But if you walk a little further, there is a stony beach. A lot of cafes on the shore.


  • Far from the airport and the railway station.
  • In summer the crowds and high prices.
  • Tight beach.
  • There is trash.
  • Through the village is a busy highway M4 “Don”.
  • Constant traffic jams.

Paxaxa: “You can forgive a lot to the resort, coming out to a beautiful beach with a clean sea. Unfortunately, there is no beautiful beach or clean sea here”.

Water park in Dzhubga (Photo: vk.com/podsluschano_dzubga_raj)

When it’s better to rest in Dzhubga

The resort climate is close to the Mediterranean. In Dzhubga mild winter and warm summer. Beach season begins in late May. During the second half of July and August the Black Sea gets up to +26 … +27°С. The air temperature is +30 … +34 ° C. In Dzhubga is not as high humidity as in Sochi, so the heat is easier to endure. Velvet season lasts until early October. During the warm season there is not much rain.

Mayollika: “We vacationed in July. Dzhubga greeted us with rain and storm on the sea. We were even a bit glad, that there was a nice opportunity to have a rest from the road. The rain was warm, so the overall impression is not spoiled at all”.

Reviews about rest in Dzhubga.

Beach Volleyball (Photo: booking.com / A-more Resort Hotel and Resort Complex)

Reviews of hotels in Dzhubga

The resort has a lot of accommodation for vacationers: from guest houses in the private sector to four-star hotels, but hotels of European level are quite few. There are also sanatoriums and campgrounds. The lowest prices are in the private sector of Dzhubga. Even during the peak season a double room in a modest guest house costs 600-700 rubles per day, but mostly rooms rent for 1000-1500 rubles, depending on amenities. You can rent a one-bedroom house for Br2,500 and a two-bedroom house for Br5,700.

For searching for hotels on the spot is difficult – book an accommodation on Hotelluk or Yandex.Travel in advance. It will be more reliable and profitable, because it looks for discounts on different sites. Learn how to book a hotel cheaper.

We advise to rent an apartment, a room, or a house directly from owners on Poduto.ru – it’s convenient and reliable service with real photos and reviews of tourists. Do not expect to find a good accommodation easily upon arrival – usually they offer overpriced apartments and houses in uncomfortable areas with a minimum of conveniences.

Type of accommodation Price per couple
Apartments from ₽1,500
Guest houses From 600 ₽
4* hotel from 6,800 ₽

Feedback about the recreation center “Rucheek”. Super liked it. A family place, the birds are singing, the forest, beauty. Raccoons sometimes come. I advise everyone to the place. We will stay here again.

Feedback about the AlMar Hotel: “I have the fondest memories and impressions. The staff at reception are impeccable, polite and extremely helpful. The location in general is one of the best in Dzhubga, perfect in relation to the city beach (5 minutes). Rooms are bright and clean. Recommended!

Review of the hotel “Biryuza” : “Nice, cozy. The owner is calm and friendly. Located high up to the sea a bit far, but a beautiful view from above. The area is interesting, gazebo, benches. I liked it.

Honestly about Sochi! Tourist reviews of vacationing in Sochi in 2022.

Feedback about the park-hotel Dzhubga : “The right bank from the river is a great quiet place. Located in a beautiful, clean park, which is cleaned. The place is ideal for a quiet holiday and relaxation))). The beaches are great, the water is clean))”

Reviews about rest in Dzhubga.

Aton Family Hotel. Photo: booking.com.

Reviews of beaches in Dzhubga

The main beach stretches for 800 meters. It is covered with fine pebbles, which closer to the water is replaced by sand. Entrance to the sea is flat, the bottom is flat, but sometimes you can come across large stones. Be careful!

According to reviews, the beach in Dzhubga has toilets, showers and water attractions for children. Along the small promenade there are several cafes. Tourists are sold a lot of fast food: donuts for 50 rubles, boiled corn for 70 rubles, boiled crawfish for 250 rubles, shawarma for 160 rubles, shashlik for 80-100 rubles. Some people like the beach in the village. Others complain about the dirt: bottles, cigarette butts and pieces of paper on the beach, in the sea and in the changing rooms.

Good reviews left about rest in Dzhubga on a paid beach Molchanova, which is located near the mountain Hedgehog. To rent a beach chair for the whole day there is a charge of 200 rubles.

Anna Lupsha: “The beach is clean, it is full of entertainments. We went on a boat “Consul”, it was really cool”.

KaterinaRenm: “The sea is very clean, and the only downside is a large crowd. You can’t have a rest without someone hitting you”.

Reviews about rest in Dzhubga

Beach in Dzhubga (Photo: vk.com/club4123107)

Reviews of excursions and entertainment in Dzhubga

Prices for entertainment in Dzhubga do not differ much from the prices at other resorts in the Krasnodar region. Catamaran ride costs 1000 rubles per hour, jet ski rental – 1500 rubles, kayak rental for 30 minutes – 300-400 rubles, parasailing – 2500 rubles. Fans of outdoor activities have popular boat trips – 1000 rubles for 2 hours, fishing, jeeping and safari on quad bikes.

During a holiday in Dzhubga with children visit the water park. Most vacationers like it there: there are pools and slides for children, a game room, cafe. The children are supervised by observers.

smirnovaea70: “In my opinion it’s the best water park in Krasnodar region. There are a lot of slides for all ages, wave pool, surf wave, climbing wall, lazy river with the current. Everything is very compact and conveniently located. There are enough paddleboards and mats for everyone. There are a lot of lifeguards.

Go to the dolphinarium, the oceanarium, the penguinarium, the contact zoo and the Whims of the Forest museum. According to reviews for 2020, on vacation in Dzhubga tourists have popular excursions to the Polkovnichy waterfalls, to the Mill Slit, the Ashe River valley, to Cape Kadosh and tours to Abkhazia. Beautiful places on the Black Sea →

Elena-RUS: “We liked the Blue Bay very much. We went by ourselves by car, the water is clean, the only thing is paid parking”.

ivan: “I didn’t like the lack of places of cultural rest, parks and squares in Dzhubga. Except for the sea, there is absolutely nowhere to go.

Dzhugba reviews

Aquapark in Dzhugba (Photo: vk.com/podsluschano_dzubga_raj)

Vacation nuances in Dzhubga

Dzhubga is nice for a vacation by the sea for a few days. If you have a long vacation, look for a cleaner and quieter resort by the sea.

Marie: “Rest in the village of Dzhubga, in my opinion, for not too pretentious people. For those who don’t need any entertainment, walks on the territory. It’s a vacation for people who need the sea, the sun and a place to spend the night”.

The main beach of the village is popular with tourists. If you want to take a place closer to the sea, come early.

Buy products at “Magnit” and “Pyaterochka”. They have a good range and lower prices.

Reviews about Dzhubga

Is it worth going to Dzhubga? Honest reviews about Dzhubga. The most vivid impressions of tourists about rest in Dzhubga.

Private Sector in Kabardinka without intermediaries: prices in 2022

Reviews on Dzhubga

General – determines the overall impression of the region. Beaches – equipment of the beach, etc. Nature – impressions about the nature of the region. Infrastructure – the general development of the region. Entertainment – where to go, what to see, etc. Catering – how well-developed network of cafes, restaurants, etc. Transportation – how well developed you can get from one place to another.

Reviews about the private sector in Dzhubga

Holidays in September 2021, at the expense of the price were also small disagreements on arrival, the owner said that once we are just three days, the price will be 100 rubles more, but it’s trifles. Upon arrival, the owner met us at 5 am, gave us a place in the neighborhood for a car for 100 rubles per day, resettled. The place is good, to the sea 100 meters, climb the mountain is not necessary (the rise is, but small). With water there were no problems, dirt was not, all clean everywhere. Cooking utensils for all had enough, in the evening the host gave us skewers for shashlik, relaxed well. Now about the minuses. The walls between the rooms are very thin, as if made of cardboard, the hearing is 100%. The owner is not very talkative, behaved very arrogantly, only because of this the second time to him again will not go.

I’ll start by calling the hostess. We booked a three-bed room with amenities. The price was negotiated 1700 per night. We were with my husband and a 2 year old child. I call the hostess, I say that today we arrive at night and she told me that she was wrong about the price, the room is 2100! Although the price was negotiated several times! I say you yourself were wrong. Now tell me about the room. 1. The refrigerator does not cool, but freezes! All the food froze. 2. The TV is tiny, not LCD (well, okay) and shows two channels: the first and Russia1. 3. 3. The toilet sink is clogged, the water drains for a long time, teeth brushed and it all floats. 4.The toilet itself smells bad. 5. The pressure of the shower leaves much to be desired and water interruptions. I soaped my head and suddenly the water was cold, just icy! Okay when an adult bathes, but a child, so you can catch cold. 6. 6. The shower curtain was short, all the water then spread all over the bathroom. We had a table near our room, this is probably the only thing that made us happy. At night we put the baby to bed and we could sit down. And the view of the sea is beautiful. One day there was no light. Turned it on only in the evening. At night it rained and on our as if “balcony” inflicted sand and the hostess came to her husband and said you poured sand-wash. Well, we naturally did not wash anything, not for that we came. Now I will tell about the kitchen. It was said that everything is. In fact: one knife for everything, not many pots and pans. The drawers of dishes smell bad! It’s good that we at least took separate dishes for the child. The water in the kitchen is icy, it is very uncomfortable to wash oily dishes. The hostess sits at her post all day and watches everyone like a supervisor! And about the discrepancy in prices I asked other guests of this house, and many had that one price is declared, and on arrival it turns out quite different! And there are a lot of stairs! With a child is very uncomfortable! The only thing very convenient for the child was very close to the sea! A couple of minutes.

We found this wonderful hotel on the Internet. We called and talked to them and they asked for an advance payment of 2500 rubles. We reinsured and sent 500 rubles, to which the owner agreed. We arrived July 1, 2016 morning, at 6 am. Long search, but we found (better not to find). Met us not Vachik, and his brother. unfold showed us 2 rooms on the 4th floor. Rooms seemed ok but my mother has a bad knee and it was hard to get up to the 4th floor. We were not offered any other rooms. We thought about it and decided that it didn’t fit. I walked to the front door of the hotel where there were already two people standing (as it turned out later, one of them was Vachik). I apologized, explained what happened and asked for a refund of 500 rubles. I was told that they didn’t even know about any 500 rubles. I showed three sms from the online bank, that clearly indicated to whom, when, how much I transferred. My phone almost flew into a puddle. The second person who showed up didn’t want to introduce himself. Word for word, turned to insults. We were there: a male driver, my mother, me, my sister 16 years old and my daughter 7 years old. They started insulting us, humiliating us and threatening us with u****. At the driver, when trying to take pictures of the hotel, they started throwing themselves at us and tried to take our phone. They did not let go of our car, at which point another one of their people showed up. We were threatened to find and u**** if we attempted a negative review. The mood was ruined for the whole vacation, it took a long time to recover from the shock. So, dear Vachik, it’s your luck that my husband was not there! Hotel “U David” in the village Dzhubga Tuapse district. Address: Tuapse district, the village Dzhubga South Street, 6-B Phone: 8-918-4**-**-13, 8-952-8**-**-35 Vachik.

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Reviews about guest houses in Dzhubga

Terrible attitude to the customer! If you are a few days, you will be dumped, despite all the agreements! If even after your reservation will appear customer greasier, your room will give boldly, as it is more profitable (hostess quote). The story spoiled holiday attached. A long truth, but with all the details! We have booked a room for a month on a site sutko.ru (13.06). Check-in should be 15.07. The reservation was successfully completed. With the landlord discussed the details in messages, everything is fine. On the day of arrival, at 10:57 ( an hour before check-in) without a declaration of war and a preliminary call, the reservation was canceled by the landlord. At that time we had already left the city of Sochi, in the direction of Dzhubga. (Booked to split the path to make the road easier for the children, divided the way home in two stages), I call the number listed on the reservation. I explain the situation, to which the answer: “Yes, hello, we canceled the reservation, alas, we have a situation with the rooms, no seats and we otmenevali all reservations on the daily ru. I said: “So we were supposed to check in an hour” The girl checked the date of booking and name and confirmed that, yes, our reservation is canceled, but we are still waiting, as we do not have time to inform and we’re like a few days, no problem, we are waiting for you! Only the only thing, the price is slightly different, will have to pay extra. I said well, well, on the spot, then we’ll figure it out, it was necessary to pay extra pennies. In the end, we arrived in Dzhubga, the road was difficult, parked at the base, I call the same number: “We have arrived!” To which the answer: “Yes, okay, now you will meet my sister. Well fine, I think, the children are exhausted, soon check in and we will have a rest. But it wasn’t! The “sister” came and told us that no one was waiting for us. But I immediately explained the situation, said, yes, there was an SMS with the cancellation, I called the number they told me that we are waiting, everything is okay. In response, let me check, it can not be, there are no seats. I last thought that this was just a misunderstanding, and now the leadership of the institution will sort everything out. But as it turned out, no. During a long conversation with my “sister”, then with “Mom”, I realized, what I realized, I was told directly that our room settled clients more fat, they came for longer, more profits, we do not take you unprofitable, we can not). Wow, cool how to throw people an hour before check-in, promising to wait for them, knowing that we’re going with children (2 years and 5 years). Then the “Mom” gave us a tour of the neighboring bases, houses, showed us how many rooms everywhere, and we’re doing her brains out. She began to accuse that we had come to the cancelled booking (well, this pressure I quickly cooled the quotes, I understand her “daughter” that we are expected, all is well, come on.). But it turns out we were still on the road already looking for a room, and in general, we have so much trouble here, we do not have time to clean rooms, everything is so bad, and my phone is broken, we can not do, all in loans (this information at that time I was least interested in, we were in complete shock of what is happening. After offering to beat the landlady (“mom”), yes yes, beat her. Quote: “Well, what are we talking about here, what are you suggesting, you want to beat me, stomp on me.” So, after these suggestions came at least something sensible, is the possibility of accommodating us for the night (since one room is free). To which we said it would be a backup if we couldn’t find anything. That at least to spend the night and in the morning to go home quietly, not to mention a visit to the water park and the beach.

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The search for alas was not successful, it was getting dark, most had no room, even the “mother” herself tried her acquaintances to find us a place, but alas, there was nothing. Of the remnants of luxury have been found a few rooms by me personally, but mood was already so spoiled that my wife and I decided not to wander in a hurry to the rooms and take the offer from “mom” and stay the night at them, then go home in the morning. Called all the same number, on the other end of the line was already felt aggression (though with what incidentally). But I quickly interrupted her a question on their own proposal “we want to take your offer to stay the night. At what he received a more positive response, said that now will clarify everything and call back. In the end, the climax! And here we also technically dumped, “sorry, but we can not take you. Cool) half an hour ago, we could, now we can not. Although I understand why we can’t, as “Mom” said of her job “we’re already sick of cleaning. We ended up spitting on the whole thing and decided to just take it and go home! This is something I’ve never dealt with before! Nobody even told me about it! Disgusting attitude! Now I want to tell the owners themselves, they will obviously read this review! You know, the problems you told, they have you from the fact that in their customers, you see only benefit (you weather us, we take you, you are not profitable – we dump you). Are not you afraid to stay at the bottom of the barrel? With that kind of attitude you will only have “old customers” (also a quote from “mom”). You will not have any newcomers, gradually you will be crushed by the competition of responsible, honest landlords, you will not be able to compete with them, even giving a low price. Gradually, and older customers will begin to notice it and drop out. If this is the first review with a blowout of your diner, don’t be surprised when there are more! Since on my farewell call the girl told me “it happens,” to which I added, “yes, it happens, but probably only at your place!” Yes, I wasted no time, yes I wrote the review. But I hope that at least someone can save from a spoiled vacation!

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Olga, Sergey and granddaughter Vasilisa (St. Petersburg). We are writing our review after Anton from Kirov. We lived on the same floor. We came across the address (Aquaminarium) by chance, wandering through websites. As we took our granddaughter, who is 4 years old, to have a rest we looked for everything to be near. We read the statement, looked at photos and contacted Kristina and booked a room in 90 days. We read negative reviews of other hotels. What if there was a catch? Anyway, we arrived in Goryachi Klyuch, where we were met by driver Maxim. Thanks him for the comfortable ride and a big hello. The transfer to Dzhubga was not expensive, the way was good and the trip didn’t take long. We were met by Kristina. There are some people who can charm you with just a smile. This girl is like that! Once on the territory and went up to the room we realized – ours. Very quiet center of the village, just behind the house (3 min.) “Magnet”. Opposite him “Pyaterochka”. Tout-zhe bus stop, pharmacy, children’s outpatient clinic. Directly opposite the guest house is located House of Culture. ATMs are in “Magnet” in the administration building and Sberbank on the – way to the sea, to which really, as stated, a 15-minute leisurely walk or 2 stops by bus. On the way to the central beach set of stores, shops, cafe, etc.. We stayed in a luxury 3-room single room. Spacious, bright, new furniture, kitchen and bathroom in the room. Clean and tidy room pleasantly surprised. Around each room table and chairs. A long gallery on the second floor creates a feeling of freedom and spaciousness. No oppression, crowding and with a large number of tourists no one interferes with anyone. Very comfortable. The area is perfectly clean. Thank you to everyone who helps Christina to keep order. It is quiet, no noise. This is important for people with small children. In general, all that was offered in the description of the guest house true. This is not our advertising but personal experience. Room cleaned by ourselves. We had a rest for exactly a month. The bedding was changed. Here we do not understand people who poop around and wait when I will clean up after them. Right Anton wrote. Respect others and they will respect you, do not litter and you will be clean. And it is worth remembering that Kristina is the mistress of the house. She gets tired too, and disturbing someone at night with a request to give out some kind of small thing is disrespectful. We just stopped by and looked around. We bought all the things we needed and lived happily ever after. If there was any question by Christina it was solved instantly. She always has a smile, will find time to help what we need, to suggest something, and just to communicate. And the kids loved her very much. For families with small children we can recommend to visit the Dolphinarium, Jurassic Park, and water park. Our granddaughter was pleased, and we as children frolic. And now about the main thing – the sea! Our impression of Djubga, about the beach and water purity is very positive. The settlement is clean, there are no dumps or open dumps like in big cities. The road to the sea from the guest house is comfortable, there are no hills. A lot of greens, mountains. On a beach every morning at 7.00 already clean. We came at 6.45 and the beauty! The beach is patrolled by police. We were lucky with the weather. During one month of rest we had only two rains. And four days the water temperature was 15 degrees. But when it’s hot and crazy, it’s great to swim in that water. The beach very long, wide Sandy, about water a small strip of pebbles entering the sea smoothly, without a threshold, that is very good for bathing with children. Bottom sandy, very pleasant. Well and in conclusion we want to tell – rest was successful!

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