Honestly about Kuchugury! Leisure reviews 2022

Reviews about Kuchugury.

Is it worth the trip to Kuchugury? Honest reviews about Kuchugury. The brightest impressions of tourists about rest in Kuchugury.

Reviews on Kuchugury.

General – determines the overall impression of the region. Beaches – equipment of the beach, etc. Nature – impressions about the nature of the region. Infrastructure – the general development of the region. Entertainment – where to go, what to see, etc. Catering – how well-developed network of cafes, restaurants, etc. Transport – how well developed transport communication is.

Reviews about guesthouses in Kuchugury

Review of the hotel INN Azov. The second year we have a rest in Kuchugury. Last year my wife on the reviews chose this hotel in the private sector. We have a car, so the remoteness of 2 km from the center of the village was not frightening. In pluses of remoteness – a much smaller amount of people on the beach, silence and cleanliness. This year we went to the same hotel. The Azov sea in these places is not deep, a pleasant sand and calmness for children. The senior made friends with peers who were resting nearby, bathed and walked with them, then with us. We also found something for the younger one to do. There are several play areas with a slide, swings and a pile of toys for all ages. There are even children’s scooters and a shade table. For adults – several areas with barbecues (there is even a large stone one), gazebos and benches. The area of the hotel is not large, but very cozy and neat. You can sit in the shade and quietness, admiring the roses. Pleasantly surprised by the fact that the owners, given the instability of water and electricity from the village, installed a huge reservoir for the accumulation of water and a generator, which occupies the entire house. We have never experienced any interruptions. At any time of day there is a good pressure and hot and cold water. Prior to vacationing in the Crimea, the water was given on a schedule and could turn off during the wash, what a strain it is. Rooms at the hotel are different in area, but all normal air conditioners, televisions (incidentally, supporting flash drives with movies) with “tricolor. We stayed in a 4 bed room with a sea view. The room was about 7 by 8 meters. The room has a bathroom with a bathtub just huge. To the sea 50 meters, but thanks to the ledge, overgrown with shrubs, squeals from the beach do not reach. And the sea can be seen chicano. All equipment in the rooms is modern. Towels and linen are changed often. Rooms are cleaned. Very polite staff and hosts. Curious symbiosis of the attitude as a client – extremely respectful, and as a friend. Nice sociable people Its own kitchen. Tasty and have a choice. You can even agree on a special meal or half portions. Round the clock access to coffee, tea and a kettle. In principle there is no need to eat on the side. But we sometimes looked into the restaurants in the village while walking. This year we took bicycles from Moscow. Every day the whole family would ride at least 5 km. Although there is also bicycle rent in the village. In principle the village has everything for children’s entertainment. Even a Ferris wheel and go-karting. Disco we did not look), but something prompts, that and they are. Of the minuses all the same removal from the center of the village. People without a car, do not like to sit in place, will be boring. A walk to the center, there to walk and back – about 5 km. The cab by the way is 100 p. one way. I recommend to everyone who wants cozy and comfortable at home, quiet, family rest near the sea.

Rest in the private sector Golubitskaya: prices for accommodation - 2022

Very nice place! We liked the appearance of the house in the photo, so the choice fell on it, as it turned out, the choice was correct. In this house, we were as comfortable as at home! The house and all its rooms are decorated in the style of country or provincial. They are quite thought out: there is air conditioning, refrigerator, towels, bathroom. Beds are comfortable, you can put them together, which is important when the child is small. Common areas – kitchen and hall pleased with their nice interior. Recommend for a relaxing vacation!

The cleanliness of the “rooms” is a matter of vacationers. The first thing we did after check-in – this general cleaning of the room (washing the floor, wiping dust from all surfaces, washing the plumbing). In addition, when checking into the room we were surprised by the owner’s nephew, who was on the bed and watching TV, with shoes on. And why? – No one washed the floor anyway! I should say that we went with a group, took three rooms. When booking rooms we were promised: a dining table in the kitchen for each room, a separate set of dishes for each room. In fact we were given two(!) tables for three rooms and four chairs for 8 people! Dishes and dishes as it turned out also was common, who had time, and ate, as they say. Especially intelligent guests broke the dishes in their drawers, the rest – as you want. The promised parking in a court yard has appeared a parking on road before the house. What is this, a scam? I have not encountered in a long time is a huge minus. Cleanliness on the territory, in the common kitchen leaves much to be desired. The hostess does not like to clean, pr us for two weeks only once washed the floor in the kitchen. She probably thinks that someone should do it for her. Trying to force the general trash from the kitchen, to which I explained that his garbage put in his bag and throw out by themselves, I think she got off. The photos on the site do not correspond to reality. And in general the rest was successful. The sea is close, the beach is pure, with weather we were lucky. In Kuchugury we rest not the first year. But to “Petrovich” never again!

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Kuchugury: vacation tips

Reviews about rest in Kuchugury

All the truth about rest in Kuchugury in 2022! Is it worth the trip? Look at our note and find out reviews of holidaymakers about beaches, hotels, entertainment and prices.

We went to the village on the Azov Sea with the funny name Kuchugury several times. Earlier it was a backwater place with a couple of streets, but now the resort has grown: there are a lot of guest houses, cafes, entertainment. Despite this, rest in Kuchugury is still inexpensive – come!

    – Kuchugury private sector. – Hotels and hotels in Kuchugury.


When to go on vacation in Kuchugury

In winter, the resort is dead: steppes around, and cold winds blow. The first tourists come to rest in Kuchugury at the end of April, when it is already up to +20°C. We once came in May: the sun was burning, but a cold wind was blowing, and the water was cool. Bathing season starts in early summer, when the sea warms up to +20. +21°С.

According to reviews, June in Kuchugury is the best time to rest on the Azov Sea. The air temperature during the day is up to +26 ° C. From July to mid-August is a hellish heat of +30 ° C – it was during this period we usually vacation in Kuchugury. But the sea is warm, +25 ° C, and we did not leave the water for hours. The second half of August I like it better: the winds start blowing, it’s not so hot, and after sunset it’s even a little chilly on the beach.

Don’t worry about rain and storms, it almost never rains. Once in August we caught a two-day storm – it was rough, but beautiful! You can’t swim in the storm because the waves are gigantic.

The velvet season is in September and early October. According to the reviews of vacationers, the weather in Kuchugury at this time is ideal: in early autumn, the air temperature is +24 ° C, and the sea water +22 ° C.

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Tip . For a holiday with children in Kuchugury are well suited for June and September. It is warm weather, and there is no heat. Perfect conditions for swimming and sunbathing!

Rest in Kuchugury on the Sea of Azov

June and September are good for vacationing with kids in Kuchugury.

How to Get There

Kuchugury is located on the northwest of the Taman Peninsula. The nearest airport is in Anapa (70 km). In Anapa take a bus to Temryuk, and then take bus #107 or route cab #107A to Kuchugury.

According to reviews, many come to rest in Kuchugury by rail. In this case, tourists take a ticket to Anapa, Krymsk, Slavyansk-on-Kuban (station “Protoka”), stations “Tonnelnelskaya” or “Varenikovskaya”, and from there go to the village by cab.

Another budget option is to get to Krasnodar by plane or train and buy a bus ticket to “Kavkaz” port. Get off at the “Fontalovskaya” stop, 5 km from Kuchugur, and come to the resort by cab.

We always came to Kuchugury in our car. It takes us 3 days to get there from Perm. From Moscow it is 17-20 hours (1490 km). We drive through Temryuk and Golubitskaya.

Reviews about rest in Kuchugury

On the beach in Kuchugury is golden sand.

Prices for housing in Kuchugury

According to reviews, the rest in Kuchugury most tourists like, it is quite comfortable. The small village has no luxury hotels – only guest houses, mini-hotels, recreation centers and the private sector, where you can live for 800-3000₽ per night for two. Prices depend on comfort, services and distance to the sea. There is one 3* hotel – “Golden Pheasant”, where the rooms cost from 3300₽.

Looking for hotels on the spot is difficult – book accommodation on Hotelluk in advance. It will be more reliable and profitable that way, because it looks for discounts on different sites. Find out how to book a hotel cheaper.

We usually lived in inexpensive guest houses or rented rooms in a private home – cost 800-1500₽. One of them is called “Turtle. For a company of friends or family it is advantageous to rent a cottage in the private sector – for example, a house for 6 people costs 6000₽. For a holiday in Kuchugury with children, choose guest houses with a kitchen. It’s a convenient and economical solution for a vacation. If you don’t want to cook yourself, make an agreement with the hosts.

We recommend to rent an apartment, a room or a house directly from the owner on Poduto.ru – it’s convenient and reliable service with real photos and references from the tourists. You should not think that you can easily rent a good accommodation upon arrival – they usually offer overpriced rooms and houses far from the sea and with a minimum of conveniences.

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Prices for holidays in Kuchugury in the summer of 2022 in a double room:

Recreation base. 1000-1500₽
Guest house from 800₽
Mini-hotel from 1,500₽
3* Hotel from 3300₽
House or cottage from 2300₽

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Hotel Kuchugury (Photo: booking.com / Hotel Kuchugury)

Food prices

According to reviews for 2021, on vacation in Kuchugury tourists have no problems with food. Most resorts eat in a cafe, but some cook partially on their own. For example, we always had breakfast at home. Products we bought in stores, and fresh fruits and vegetables – in the market. Recently a chain supermarket “Magnit” opened at the resort.

Almost all public catering is concentrated in the center, not far from the sea – on Lenin, Gagarin, Communist and Red streets. The average check in a cafe is 500₽ per person, and in a restaurant – 900-1000₽.

According to vacationers’ reviews, the cheapest place to eat in Kuchugury is in the canteens “Lyubimaya”, “Natasha”, “Malva”, “Family”, “Golden Pheasant”, the snackbar “Nicole”, the cafe-snackbar “On the shore”, “Inzhir” and bistro “Terrace”. There, a hearty lunch is offered for 250-300₽. The portions are large and the quality of food is good.

We liked it best in the tavern “Tavel” in the center: a cozy place with a nice interior, democratic prices, polite staff and curious dishes. The address of the tavern is Krasnaya Street, 32, next to Lazurit.

Beaches in Kuchugury

Beaches in Kuchugary are good: the golden crumbly sand with flecks of beautiful shells. They stretch for many kilometers – it is pleasant to walk along the sea. The sea is shallow everywhere, well heated, so parents with children love to relax here. Entrance to the water everywhere flat and without stones. In some places you need to overcome the strip of shell rock, but it is not a problem.

The most popular and equipped for recreation is a wide Central beach. There are sun beds, toilets and showers. On the shore – a cafe, awnings, where they do massage, water attractions and a children’s maze. It is cleaned from garbage. In my opinion it is a bit noisy there.

Another organized beach is situated a little to the west, near the street Gagarin. There are cafes and parking lots on this beach.

We usually used to go to the far end of the beach, near Krasnoflotskaya street, where there are almost no people. It was quiet and peaceful there. Sometimes vendors would sneak in food: corn, sweets, chebureks. If you want completely quiet, go further, in the direction of Cape Pekly and Stone – there are wild sandy beaches.

What I do not like on the Azov Sea – sometimes because of the waves the sea looks dirty, because the sand rises from the bottom. That is, you will not see the beautiful blue water, as on the Black Sea.

Navaginskaya Street in Sochi.

But on the Sea of Azov in August and September with the onset of darkness you can swim among the glowing plankton! It is beautiful and unusual, try it.

Map of beaches in Kuchugury


Recreation at sea in Kuchugury is easy to diversify! According to reviews for 2021, tourists love to fly a parachute behind the boat, ride “bananas” and jet skis. In the village opened an exhibition of wax figures, a small planetarium, a billiard room and hookah bar. Fans of outdoor activities go karting and travel on quad bikes.

Not far from Kuchugur, at Cape Pekly, there is a mud volcano Plevak – we went there to take mud baths. Fun entertainment, especially for children. Don’t be afraid and climb inside – it’s a curious experience. The mud is thick, so it’s not scary. The volcano sometimes releases bubbles. After you have to go down to the sea to wash off the mud. Here, be careful: the bottom is dotted with sharp slippery rocks in the algae, and I cut my feet. Enter the water in aqua shoes.

We also went to the village of Priazovsky and bathed in the mineral lake – it was clean and beautiful, and the water was so pleasantly cooling and made the skin soft. However, according to the reviews of holidaymakers, now with the lake everything is sad: garbage, sludge, paths overgrown.

If you got out to Kuchugury on vacation with children, go to the amusement park “Emelya”. Do you want more impressions? Visit Golubitskaya! In Kuban village there is a modern water park, dolphinarium, zoo and crocodile farm.

Excursions in Kuchugury

During a beach holiday in Kuchugury in 2022, go on excursions – according to reviews, they are interesting. We did not take excursions, but went by car on our own: to the mud volcano Plevak, to the mineral lake, in Taman, the museum in Temryuk.

Prices for one-day trips start from 500 rubles. The most popular tours are to the Lotus Valley, the Cossack village Ataman, Tizdar Volcano, the monastery in the village of Priazovsky and the museum of military equipment in Temryuk.

Tip . There is a bicycle rental shop in the resort village. Explore the surroundings of Kuchugur during pleasant bike rides!

Reviews about rest in Kuchugury

The active mud volcano Tizdar (Azov sopka) (Photo: tizdar.ru)

Is it worth resting in Kuchugury?

In general, rest in Kuchugury is not bad, but I like the landscapes of the Black Sea coast more. However, most tourists are happy with a vacation at the Azov Sea and would like to return here again. According to reviews for 2021, rest in Kuchugury has many pluses :

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