Honestly about Loo! Reviews of tourists about rest – 2022

Loo: vacation tips

Reviews about rest in Loo

A selection of reviews about rest in Loo in 2021 – a popular resort village of Big Sochi. What they write about the weather, hotels, beaches, sea, excursions and entertainment. The nuances of rest in Loo in 2022.


Pros and cons of rest in Loo

Cozy green village has the status of a resort district of Big Sochi and is located 26 km from the city center. Loo likes quiet rest lovers, parents with children and elderly tourists.

The plusses of rest in Loo in 2022, according to reviews of tourists:

  • Convenient to get from the airport and by train.
  • The warm climate.
  • Clean air.
  • Year-round water park.
  • Pebble beaches.
  • The opportunity to go to Sochi.

AtatatRatatatat: “If you want to walk around the city and see the sights, it’s still better to go in May or in September. Then the heat is not so hot, and there’s not such an influx of tourists.

Cons :

  • The railroad and highway divide the village in two. From the resort housing to the beaches have to walk through the equipped crossings and in the heat to wait for a traffic light signal.
  • The hilly terrain. Vacationers climb uphill every day to get from the sea to their accommodations.
  • Unclean water and the smell of sewage on the shore.
  • During the season there are many rotavirus and intestinal infections, due to which adults and children suffer.

PUSpute: “After it rains, the sea water near the Loo River becomes very muddy.

Rest in loo, sochi

A view of Loo from the pier. Photo: Andrei Khabarov / wikimedia.org / CC BY 3.0.

Reviews of the weather in Loo

The resort village of Loo is located in a zone of humid subtropics. It is located in the seaside valley and is surrounded on three sides by mountains. During the cold season, the temperature does not drop below +8°C. Most precipitation falls in late fall and winter.

The resort season starts in May. In mid-June the sea is already warm enough for bathing children. In July and August the temperature of the sea water reaches +26 … +27 ° C.

According to reviews of tourists, in the height of summer the weather in Loo is not too comfortable. Because of the high humidity on the coast too hot, so parents with children prefer to come to the sea in June or fall. The velvet season lasts throughout September. At this time it is warm in Loo, and the vacation turns out to be pleasant.

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Katerina: “I vacationed in June and was lucky with the weather. The air temperature during the day was kept at +25 … +26 ° C.. It was not stuffy”.

Dina Orlova: “In June daytime temperature was at least +30°С, I wanted to do nothing, only swam and sunbathed. In the evenings it is getting cooler, near the sea you can feel a light breeze”.

Reviews about rest in Loo

The tornado in Loo (Photo: vk.com/otdyh_vloo)

Reviews about hotels in Loo

Look for discounted hotels on Yandex.Travel and private accommodations on sudnogo.ru. Here are the main rules of hotel search.

Hotels, boarding houses and sanatoriums occupy the first line from the sea. Lodging in private homes and hotels is cheaper than in the Central District of Sochi. According to tourists’ reviews, you can rent a room at 600 rubles per person near the sea in Loo.

Prices for housing

Type of accommodation Price per couple
Guest houses from 600 ₽
Sanatorium Magadan 3* from 6 000 ₽
Hotel WaterLoo 3* from 2 500 ₽

Valeriy : “Hotel-sanatorium Akvaloo is suitable for the elderly and families with children. For young people, as it seemed to me, boring, as there is nowhere to go.

OlgaOB: “I really liked swimming in the pool of the sanatorium “Mountain Air”, there is also a children’s pool. There is a small playground with slides and swings on the grounds. The food in the dining room is varied.

Anastasiya8: “The territory of the hotel “Jazz Loo” 3 * is well-groomed, I liked the fact that you can go straight to the park – walk around.

Ekaterina: “Furniture, bedding in the guest house “Arina in Loo” 2 * – new, clean. A lot of beautiful flowers.

Tatiana: “The second time was in the sanatorium “Magadan”, all satisfied: food, treatment, comfort. A beautiful swimming pool and spa.

Oleg: “In boarding house” Congress “friendly staff, three meals a day, comfortable accommodation. What else do I need for recreation?

Where to have a better rest:

Reviews of tourists about Looo in Sochi

Evening bonfire at the hotel “JazzLoo” (Photo: booking.com / JazzLoo)

Reviews about the beaches and the sea in Loo

Pebble beaches of the village have a length of 1.5 km and a width of 40 m. According to tourist reviews, the sea in Loo is not clean everywhere. The best beach is near the resort complex “AquaLoo”.

The equipped beaches have everything you need for a comfortable holiday by the sea, but tourists complain that there are few toilets and changing rooms. Vacationers are offered jet skis rental, “banana” rides, boat trips and sea fishing.

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Olga Lyalina: “The big minus is that the railway stretches past the beaches. Trains and electric trains go back and forth, and you feel like a monkey in a zoo on public display.

ufaman: “There are several beaches, all of them are free. They are quite wide, the entrance to the sea is gentle, rent a deckchair for 150 rubles”.

Photos and reviews of rest in Loo in Sochi

Beach in Loo (Photo: vk.com/club608483)

Reviews about excursions and entertainment in Loo

According to reviews of tourists, in Loo not so much entertainment. The resort village boasts a modern water park “AquaLoo”, which works all year round. Diving enthusiasts enjoy the services of the local dive center. For everything else tourists go to Sochi.

If you come to holiday in Loo with children, walk through the green park, which is located on the territory of the sanatorium “Magadan”, and have fun on the rides on the waterfront.

According to reviews, tourists like excursions from Loo, but they are not cheap. Prices for excursions start from 900 rubles. Popular trips to the picturesque waterfall Miracle Beauty, in “Berendeyevo kingdom”, Mamedovo Gorge, Ashe River Valley, jeep tours and bus tours to Abkhazia.

Tatiana: “You can save a lot of money by asking the owner of the guest house to take you to interesting places. They will take cheaper and tell you more details, and will not limit time.

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Ride on a “banana” in Loo (photo: booking.com / LOK Gornyy vozdukh Atola)

Nuances of rest in Loo

According to the reviews of tourists, rest in Loo in 2022 will suit everyone who does not claim to excessive luxury. In addition to the water park, the village has no other entertainment. There are few walking zones.

Veronika D: “The infrastructure is completely absent. There are almost no sidewalks in the village, and you have to walk directly on the roadway from the edge.

If you want to settle in a quieter place, we advise to rent an apartment away from the beaches. There will be no noise, but from the sea will have to walk uphill. To feel more comfortable in hotels, hostels and boathouses on the coast, choose rooms with plastic windows. There will be less noise from the trains and discos.

Tourists do not recommend swimming near the mouth of the river Loo and near the storm drains that flow into the sea. The water here is dirty, and it’s easy to catch an infection. All necessary medications, especially remedies for intestinal disorders, bring with you. There are pharmacies in Loo, but the prices there are high, and in the summer there are queues.

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Reviews about rest in Loo

Holidays from July 26 to August 1 with a girl. Room clean well-maintained, with all the amenities conditioner, toilet, bath, TV: all amenities. Soya clean kitchen, evenings you can spend time on the big balcony overlooking the sea. To the sea 150 m. Near grocery store and canteens. Pyatyorochka magnet all within 10 minutes. The owners are very friendly and hospitable. The hosts are very hospitable and sympathetic.

Good evening! We returned from Looe on 17.08.2022, rested (for the third time) at Irina Tallinn 6. We like it here very much. To the sea 10 minutes, no need to climb the mountain, the room has air conditioning, a modern bathroom, clean. The kitchen has utensils, who like to cook on vacation. But most importantly, the warmth of the hostess. Thank you very much for the rest.

The house is amazing! We came as a family and were very warmly welcomed. Rooms were clean and the linens changed when needed. No mishaps or conflicts. Kitchen total, all enough, dishwasher-is generally ideal! Leaving home a couple of days of the road realized how to get used to wash dishes)))) Hot water is always. Light even if they turn off, in the house connect the generator. Tatiana, thank you.

Good afternoon! I want to thank you very much for our holiday from 17.07.22g. Home owners Zurab and Tatiana and Sergey who accompanied us to the airport. Such owners I have never met, good, friendly people, nice rooms, cozy, the rooms have everything you need density to towels and linens. There is wi.

I have been staying here since August 5, 2022. I stayed in a quadruple room with a balcony. My room has a balcony and the view is really impressive, on the green mountain. We moved from another hotel to Eleonora. We chose it for its very convenient “away from the main noise and railway tracks” location, spacious inner courtyard, gazebo, swings, with greenery (there is room for children to play), with a swimming pool!

Wonderful guest house, hospitable hosts. Everything is great. We have had guests two years in a row, and hope to see them again. If next year we’ll have a rest by the sea, we will go only here! Thank you so much for your hospitality.

Navaginskaya Street in Sochi.

For sure we will come again. Because here are very hospitable and welcoming people! Thank you Lyudmila and Ruslan.

I have had a few days with Irina in early August. In a nutshell I will tell you a story. I found myself in the Dream after reading reviews. In general I called and came. Train 471m Moscow – Adler arrived at 4.39 am. I was met at the station by Michael. Everything was very clean, from linen to plumbing, and most importantly Irina was a very nice and open person who did not leave any requests.

Booked a room for my colleagues at the end of July, booked through the hostess in early June, i.e. almost 2 months in advance. Agreed that they would have a double room on the first floor (this was important) for 2000r. per day, made an advance payment of 3000r. The hostess was very gracious, sent us pictures of the room, answered all questions politely. At this point, all good moments ended. A day .

Good day to you all! This summer we decided to take a vacation with my husband in Sochi. Rested in the hotel Natalie. Loo, Yenisei 6/32. We lived on the first floor. The room is clean, has a TV, air conditioning, internet. Bathroom in the room, everything works. The hotel is quiet and cozy. The patio has a pool, veranda and barbecue area. A lot of flowers on the territory. The hosts are hospitable, kind people. К.

Holidays at Rosa in August 2021, very comfortable, the sea close, store, too, parking for free, the minimum price of 650 per person! Were a large company, barbecued in the courtyard, barbecue is. And very friendly hosts. Rosa presented us with hot pepper seeds, now I grow them at home, and we also received a huge bundle of bay leaves as a gift. I liked it very much!

We stayed here for the first time. I liked everything! All neat and cozy. We got a room with a balcony and a view of the sea. When we woke up the first thing we saw was the sea! We loved it! A lot of dining rooms nearby, there were places to walk, the beach was not far away. Although there are a lot of people on the beach, but they are wide and there is enough space for everyone. Thanks a lot for the good-natured welcome!

To all reading – hello! Holidays for two in a three-bed room with facilities in June of this year. Apart from the weather everything was fine – the location of the house is good, to the sea no more than 5 minutes on the long road (through viaduct), if directly (through the railway), in a minute the sea! Near Magnit, the rest of the food and industrial stores, shops, cafes, dining rooms, etc. within walking distance. В.

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Hello. holiday home on Magnitogorsk in June 2022 the kind and responsive hosts. Met at the station. The room is more comfortable than what we agreed on the phone, extra charge was not taken. Thanks a lot. Will have a rest, will stay in your guest house.

I liked everything: clean rooms, clean bed, very nice kitchen, everything you need. Everything worthy. The owners are friendly. The location was very convenient for us. Do not like the center and crowds. Thank you!

Great place to stay, had a great vacation with my granddaughter. Not a problem. Quiet, clean. The map on the site4 shows 100m to the sea, and if it’s in minutes, it’s 10 minutes. Fifth is 10 minutes. A stop. Akvaloo nearby. Good rest, met interesting people. Thanks a lot to Tatiana for cleanliness, responsiveness and care!

We stayed in Sunny Beach guest house in June 2022. Hospitable hosts, cozy with everything you need room (air conditioning, TV, refrigerator). There is a common kitchen, where you can prepare a healthy breakfast or lunch. And if you do not want to cook, every step are canteens. 7-10 minutes walk to the sea. In 15-20 minutes at home there are Magnets, Py Pyatyorochki, trading rows. You can go on any tour.

Holidays here in June 2022. A good place. In number is comfortable, everything is at hand, is thought over to trifles (except for a shelf in a shower). The room was on the first floor, no balcony. As soon as you go out the door – there was a view of the sea. The location is convenient: to the beach close (min 7-8). The owner is serious, but friendly. It turns out there is a room with a kitchen! The difference is minimal. V next time we’ll take.

I first time in Loo in the guest house Lyudmila, I liked it, the owners are very hospitable and kind-hearted. Met on the railway station. and the airport. The guest house is a 5 minute walk from the sea, on a plain. Yard is very beautiful and well maintained, the rooms are very comfortable in the room shower, toilet, refrigerator, TV, air conditioning, the place is quiet and peaceful. On the territory is.

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