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Reviews for Sochi Park Hotel

Reviews for Sochi Park Hotel

“Sochi Park Hotel 3* is a popular hotel in Imereti Bay. Read tourist reviews of the hotel for 2021! Find out what vacationers like and dislike and if it’s worth going there in 2022.


In the summer of 2022, prices for standard double rooms with breakfasts start from 11400 rubles, in September – already from 6700 rubles, and in December – at all from 1700 rubles. A room costs from 4800 rubles on New Year’s Eve. As you see, to have a rest in a low season is almost 7 times cheaper! The price includes breakfast, you can also take another type of food.

The prices for tours in 2022 in “Sochi Park Hotel” (from Moscow, for two people, standard room, 7 nights with breakfast and flight):

  • in August – from ₽63,000
  • September: from ₽49,000
  • December: from ₽37,000
  • New Year – from ₽82,000

Rates include use of the pools and meals at the rate of your choice. Guests can relax in the thermal and spa areas and book excursions for a fee. A visit to the gym costs 300 rubles.

How to book a room at the best price . The cost of the same room at the same hotel will be different on different booking systems. To find the best price with discounts and promotions, use the service Hotelluk – it will compare prices in a minute and find the minimum. You can buy a tour to this hotel on Travelate or Level.Travel – just choose your room category, food type and dates. Read our tips: how to buy tours favorably and how to book hotels cheaper.

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You can also book a room for an independent holiday at a lower price than the official one. Tour operators buy a lot of hotel rooms for package tourists in advance, but sometimes a part of rooms is unclaimed, and then the tour operator is ready to resell them to independent tourists at a low price. It looks like buying a tour, but without a flight, transfer and insurance – just a hotel room. Look for such hot deals on Onlinetours – this service allows you to book rooms with tour operators without a flight. In this way even at the height of the summer season you can book a room at half the price.

Elena: “Be prepared to spend 70 thousand rubles for two more people for 10 days. Extended rooms from 12 to 17 are counted as a day, and cost 7,616 rubles. In the case of transferring the flight an hour and a half earlier and canceling the reservation, the money will not be refunded – this, you see, is a new reservation”.

Hotel territory

“Sochi Park Hotel” is famous for its modern infrastructure and beautiful park area with lakes. There are 12 eight-storeyed buildings, a spa center, beauty salons, bars, restaurants, cafes, five open-air pools, a gym and a night club on the 240,000 sq.m. territory. Families with children enjoy four playgrounds for children, a toy and children’s goods store, a recreation center for 4-12 year olds, and daily animation.

Nikaink: “Were in February. The purpose of the visit was to breathe the sea air and go skiing. The hotel has good rooms, excellent grounds, lots of places to walk and have fun, not a lot of people. Stores, laundromats and cafes are open.

Tour_in_life: “The area of the hotel is its pride. Beautiful lawns with no less beautiful flowerbeds, ponds with fish and ducks. Fountains. Pools. Great! Everything is well maintained, clean and beautiful. A lot of benches in the sun and under pergolas.

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Outdoor Pool at Sochi Park Hotel


Guests are offered four types of rooms – single and double standards, suites and superiors. You can choose accommodation with a cubicle or bathtub. Wi-Fi works well everywhere. There is furniture on the balconies, but there is no place to dry wet towels and bathing suits. Tourists are advised to bring a rope.

At the stage of booking on Travelate or Hotelluk you can see photos of each room type.

Rooms in “Sochi Park Hotel” are well-stocked, but, according to reviews, small in area. From the “sea view” rooms you will see a small blue triangle between the buildings. No more!

Double standard with one bed. Photo: Sochi Park Hotel. A bathroom in the room. Photo: Sochi Park Hotel.

Hotel location and beach

According to reviews, from “Sochi Park Hotel” 10 minutes drive to the airport and the railway station. Very close is the station, where the electric train “Lastochka” stops. Several minutes – and you are in the Olympic Park!

The official website of Sochi Park Hotel declares 800 m to the beaches. It will take you 15 minutes to get to the sea by quiet walking. In the heat of +35 ° C to go on foot is uncomfortable, so wishing to bring a transport – 100 rubles per person one way.

The beach, like almost everywhere else in Sochi, is pebbly. It is uncomfortable to lie on a towel. To rent two sun beds and an umbrella from the sun in July 2022 they ask 800 rubles.

Svetlana: “I liked the hotel, if it wasn’t for the food – everything would be great. I would like to point out the location. Everything is walking distance: Sochi Park, Olympic Park, the embankment.

The road to the beach. There are always people walking here.


There are 9 restaurants and cafes on the territory of the hotel, which feed their guests according to the buffet system. Holidaymakers choose the rate at their discretion – without food, with breakfasts, two or three meals a day. According to the reviews of tourists, the food is the weak point of the “Sochi Park Hotel”. Food is tasteless and monotonous. If you want to not depend on the schedule and spend less, eat in cafes and restaurants outside the hotel. Prices there are lower.

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Irina: “For those who had a rest at least in Turkey, there will be something to compare with, not in favor of this hotel. First of all a big minus for the food. Food for pigs, breakfast: grated carrots, carrots with mayonnaise, cabbage, scrambled eggs made of powder, the cheapest sausage and sausage, which is impossible to eat, casserole made of pasta which was not eaten at dinner yesterday, apples, sometimes watermelon.

Traveller reviews for Sochi Park Hotel

Food stalls. Photo: Sochi Park Hotel.


The tourists don’t complain about room and territory cleaning, but meticulous cleaning of the tables in cafe.

Yulia: “Rooms are cleaned well but the carpet has horrible stains. The tables are not cleaned at all. The room is very well maintained and the dishes are dirty. The hotel is conveniently located, it is possible to live but it is not comfortable to stay here for a long time”.

The territory of Sochi Park Hotel. Further to the left is Sigma Sirius Park, on the right – Gamma Sirius Park.


“Sochi Park Hotel” is a large hotel, so it is not surprising that the staff does not cope with all the problems that arise from the guests. The staff is polite, but tourists complain that the reception takes a very long time to settle the arrivals.

Olga: “If you fly into the hotel at night, or take an early check-in, or be prepared to spend half a day on the bench. We waited 13 hours for check in. The front desk clerk couldn’t find us a room for three.

Leisure time in Sochi Park Hotel.

A view of Sochi Park amusement park and Fisht Olympic Stadium from the hotel. Photo: Sochi Park Hotel.

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