Honestly about Tuapse! Leisure reviews – 2022

Reviews about Tuapse

Should I go to Tuapse? Honest reviews about Tuapse. The most vivid impressions of tourists about rest in Tuapse.

Reviews on Tuapse

General – determines the overall impression of the region. Beaches – equipment of the beach, etc. Nature – impressions of the region’s nature. Infrastructure – the general development of the region. Entertainment – where to go, what to see, etc. Catering – how well-developed network of cafes, restaurants, etc. Transport – how well developed transport communication is.

Reviews about guesthouses in Tuapse

Spring 6 Lisa and Alexei you are the best. For more than half a year before our first trip to the Black Sea, I looked at numerous sites with expensive hotels near the coast, hotels and vacation homes. Excited about the beautiful conditions, but the high prices discouraged. Believe me, it is very laborious work to look through hundreds of sites and thousands of pages with a lot of information – to the redness in the eyes, to falling asleep in front of the computer screen. We were still on the road in our car, and Lisa and Alexei, already worried about us: Where are we now, have not lost the road? Do we need help? Is everything okay, etc.. That’s caring. The area of the hotel, is located on 7-MI levels and each level strikes with its elegance, thoughtfulness, originality and diversity of flora and fauna. Bananas, kiwis, persimmons, laurel, ferns and many things that we have only seen on TV shows or on store shelves, all grow here. The pride of this, I would say, reserve is a huge and beautiful talking parrot ROMA. And what unusual mini-pools on different levels with exotic fish. For evening dessert for tourists numerous families of hedgehogs and raccoons, coming from the forest in the evening to eat tasty things. The botanical garden has a rest. Alexei is a real organizer, in the evenings engaged in physical education with children of guests. Spends a variety of training, games and entertainment kids love it! And about adults, Alexei does not forget: every day carries out all sorts of competitions, draws, games and entertainment with prizes. On weekdays on the beach holds competitions for children and adults, and on Sundays on the beach builds a water slide. And how delicious cooking Lisa, and Alexei – kebabs. It is impossible to describe. We want to tell about the bar at the hotel is a work of art, creativity and fantasy Lisa. The walls are in the style of the underwater world with sharks, urchins, seashells, seaweed, etc. In the evenings: karaoke and contests, everything is there. Free Wi-Fi, huge TV, split system, modern stylish bar furniture. Surrounding sea air is clean, saturated with aromas of forests. On the way to the sea, about 10-15 minutes, there are many grocery stores, a small grocery market. The water in the sea is clean and clear – like a tear. Lovers snorkeling in a mask and flippers, getting from the bottom of huge barnacles – a pleasure! Filmed a video of the underwater world on the action camera – just impressive. Underwater hunting lovers will love the variety of very large fish. The beach at Vesennyaya of fine pebbles, few people. Near the bar and cafe. More hospitable, friendly, sincere and cheerful people we have not met for many years. Elizabeth and Alexei surrounded us with their attention, love and care hospitable hosts, until our departure. As we left, we had tears in our eyes. This 2018, we will be coming to Spring 6 for the fifth time and with great pleasure. Our grown-up granddaughter Sofia is a delight, trying to study for B’s and A’s. Lisa and Alexei are like our family to us – our favorite brother and sister! We love you. Sincerely, Sergey and Natasha (Yeisk).

Private Sector in Loo. Prices - 2022. How to rent a place without intermediaries.

We also called the hostess as much as 40 days before arrival and immediately booked two rooms on different floors for 2 people each. Called the hostess before arrival, 3 days before arrival, to make sure that we are waiting for our rooms that we booked. The hostess said that everything was in order – as we had agreed. When we arrived in Tuapse we were met by Tatyana Vladimirovna and she started to babble at once that we must have misunderstood something. As a result our rooms on the different floors were occupied and we were offered a two-roomed room: one of them was through and in addition it had a bathroom with a horrible smell of rot in it. We, of course, were shocked, because we are two couples – young – and for the money we paid, we would like to live separately, as agreed. Tatiana Vladimirovna said that if you do not like it – go back to the station and look for something else, I do not force anyone to live with me. But we arrived at 6 am tired and could not imagine going back to the station and a day somewhere somehow to look for lodging, agreed to what we were offered, and in the bilevel room was not a single closet for things, although we specifically negotiated with her that the rooms were with cabinets. We had sideboards in each room and there was a compartment at the bottom to stack things in it, which is very uncomfortable. All the other shelves for some reason were occupied by the master’s stuff, when asked where to hang things, Tatiana Vladimirovna said: “And you brought ball gowns with you?” It was just a nightmare! In the end we were offered a pair of hooks, which were attached to the wall behind the curtains. By the sea more times you do not want to go, because then it is very hard to climb steep long stairs and very dangerous there is a path with a precipice in a ravine, you can easily fall down. Plus we are completely cut off from civilization. You can not just walk to the store – you have to look for a car, and cabs do not go to this hole. In general, people, do not spoil your rest, look for other place.

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It’s just awful. Guest House Tatiana we found on the Internet. Looked at the rooms in the photos, read the conditions, all very much liked. We booked rooms a month in advance. Repeatedly phoned the hostess, and clarified the time of arrival, and the living conditions. This nice woman promised heavenly conditions, and we believed her, as she communicated with us over the phone very politely and gently. The price was stipulated 1200 rubles per day and it was acceptable. Stipulated as parking in the garage for two cars. Shortly before departure called the hostess and said that the rooms are busy for three days, but it’s no problem and she’ll put us in her large room with a plasma TV. Since we drove on our own, we had no problem to leave later for three days, but a nice woman told us that after we get the same story and we fell as the last [deleted by the administration site]. When we were halfway there Tatyana called us and said she was going to put us up with a neighbor, but she said nothing about the rent, nor about the conditions of payment, and we didn’t even think to ask. Upon arrival in Tuapse our hostess met us and asked to follow her, but she uttered a very strange phrase: “Are you afraid? Of course we didn’t immediately understand what this meant, but very soon we were not just scared, but rather horrified, not only by what we had seen, but also by what we had heard. They were taking us to some vegetable gardens. The road was just awful – then downhill, then uphill, with cars on both sides, fences sparkling so close that a person on this road does not even have a place to squeeze. And how to go to the sea, if the road alone? Upon reaching the place we saw that very neighbor. It was a grandmother, who lived under the Tsar Peas, and the house is probably also built in those years, but in the middle of the facade overlooked the air conditioner and it did not kill our hope for a good rest until the end. But with difficulty we climbed to the top, aisles with stairs for Lilliputians in a dried form, where the rooms were located, we saw just old beds and that’s all. At the same time there was a terrible smell in the rooms. The facilities are all in the yard, where there is no light and the shower too, but it is not possible to see it. A nice granny said that she was waiting for us and even warmed a bucket of water. And that’s for seven people. The place for the car is so miserable that even one car can not fit. For this, they demanded payment from us, equal to the stipulated, completely different conditions. That is 1200 rubles per day for the room. But the biggest surprise was ahead. When we started to tell Tatiana that it does not suit us, she was outraged. Showed aggression in our direction. She called me capricious and said that since these wonderful conditions I do not like, then I do not like it at her. But let me, we have three children with us, the youngest child is only three years old, how can you wash a baby from the road in these spartan conditions at 1 am, and even for such a fee. Apparently people decided to make money, regardless of any moral principles. But then my grandmother started to swear that the night, she was tired and wanted to sleep, and asked us to get out. That’s how you can trust people on the Internet. They put up on the site such beautiful pictures, promise heavenly conditions, a good beach. And in fact all [deleted by the administration of the site]! The described beach is not there at all, a path through the forest obstacle course, a railroad line along the sea, not far from the oil factory. So think 1000 times not to be in this situation.

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And to you, dear Tatyana Vladimirovna, thank you very much, we had a wonderful vacation, but in true paradise.

Tuapse: vacation tips

    Read reviews about rest in Tuapse in 2021. How tourists evaluate the weather, hotels, beaches, sea, excursions and entertainment. Nuances of rest on the Black Sea coast of Krasnodar region.

– Private sector in Tuapse. – Hotels and hotels in Tuapse. – Tours in Tuapse.


Pros and cons about rest in Tuapse

Tuapse – an industrial and port center, so even in the summer tourists are few. Judging by the reviews of tourists for 2021, families with children, fans of excursions and trekking more like to rest in the resort area around Tuapse – in Olginka, Lermontovo, Novomikhailovsky, Agoy, Shepsie and Nebug.

  • The advantages of a Tuapse vacation in 2022:
  • Convenient to get by train.
  • Comfortable, warm climate.
  • There are no crowds of vacationers in the city.
  • In the vicinity a lot of natural attractions.
  • Compared with Sochi and Gelendzhik, prices are lower.

Interesting excursions.

The main streets where most tourists walk are clean and beautiful.

  • Minuses :
  • Because of the port and industries, the sea is dirty.
  • Too hot at the height of summer.

No entertainment for young people.

Reviews about vacationing in Tuapse

madampolly: “Tuapse made a positive impression, but it’s hard to call it a tourist destination. I wouldn’t go swimming here, the oil tank farm and the port create unfavorable conditions for beach rest”.

The railroad runs along the resort (Photo: vk.com/yatoorist_tuapse)

Reviews about the weather in Tuapse

Tuapse is located in the subtropical climate zone. It is hotter here than in Anapa, but not as humid as in Sochi. High, forested mountains protect the coast from cold winds, so winters are mild. The temperature rarely drops below +10 ° C.

For bathing the sea warms up as early as May. At the height of summer, the water temperature can reach +26 … +27 ° C. According to tourists, in July and August the weather in Tuapse is hot. During the daytime the thermometer column rises above +30 … +33 ° C. The velvet season lasts till early October.

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Leisure in Tuapse

Maria Makarenko: “June weather corresponds to calendar. It is warm, moderately humid, sometimes rainy, cloudy and windy. Daytime temperatures were stable. Already by noon the thermometer showed +25°С. No scorching sun.

The sea in Tuapse (Photo: booking.com / Sanatorium “Green Guy”)

Hotel reviews in Tuapse

Because of the port, hotels in the city are in demand at any time of the year. There are no hotels higher than 3* in Tuapse, but there are many mini-hotels, guesthouses and accommodations in the private sector. To look for hotels on the spot is difficult – book accommodation on Hotelluk in advance. It will be more reliable and profitable, because he is looking for discounts on different sites. Learn how to book a hotel cheaper.

Children like to rest in health camps in the resort area around Tuapse. Local sanatoriums offer rooms for family accommodation and children’s menus.

Tourist reviews of hotels in Tuapse are generally positive. In the summer of 2022, prices for a room for two with breakfast start at 2,000 rubles. If beach vacation is important to you, choose accommodation in the areas of Primorye, Kadosh and Zvezdny. There are a lot of budget proposals from private individuals, and there are convenient exits to the sea. Take a look at private sector in Tuapse.

We advise to rent an apartment, a room, or a house directly from the owners on Sudochto.ru – it’s a convenient and reliable service with real photos and reviews of tourists. Don’t expect to find a good accommodation after you arrive at the railway station – usually they offer overpriced apartments in uncomfortable areas with minimum amenities.

CyLLl1cT : “During my vacation at the Sosnovy sanatorium I managed to go fishing with my neighbors on the block. We caught horse mackerel. Cooked over a fire.

Dorofeev: “The advantages of the sanatorium “Green Guy” – a large well-groomed area, spacious rooms, a variety of dishes, a mini-zoo, flowering gardens, additional entertainment and services.

Irina S. : “Just delighted with Atelika Grand Oasis Hotel! The food is excellent, everything is enough, the choice is good. The pool is clean and huge, and the water is warm.

Reviews about the weather in Tuapse

Evgeny Batogov about Tuapse Hotel: “I haven’t seen a worse hotel yet. It looks more like a dormitory for guest workers. There is a terrible smell, the bathroom smells of sewage”.

Sanatorium “Green Guy” (Photo: booking.com / Sanatorium “Green Guy”)

Reviews about the beaches and the sea in Tuapse

The central city beach is pebbly, not too wide. Bathing area borders the railroad tracks. The depth starts not far from the shore, so you have to be careful with children. In the summer season the beach is cleaned. There are toilets, changing rooms, showers with fresh water, children’s water attractions, a cafe and sun lounger rental.

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To the west of the city, surrounded by picturesque cliffs, there is Primorsky beach. It too is equipped for recreation, but tourists come less. The most beautiful places for swimming are the wild beaches. They are 4 km from the center, in the area of Cape Kadosh.

Read reviews of the beaches in Tuapse:

Bogdanovich11: “The stones on the beach are large, it hurts to go barefoot, so you can’t do without slippers”.

Rututui: “It’s a long way to the beach. I couldn’t get to the beach because I was walking on the beach. The water is dirty and murky.

Reviews of tourists about Tuapse

Anastasiya G.: “On the city beach it’s better to walk further from the entrance – to the left along the railway track. At the entrance to the beach the river flows into the sea, and the water there is icy. And if you step back, the water is much warmer.”

Beach in Tuapse (Photo: vk.com/yatoorist_tuapse)

Reviews about excursions and entertainment in Tuapse

Rest in Tuapse likes trekking lovers. Visit Indyk Mountain, Honey Caves, near the waterfall in the gorge “Wolf’s Gate” and in the picturesque canyon of the Mad River. At 10 km from the city is a unique megalithic complex Psynako, which is called the Temple of the Sun. Vacationers enjoy tours on quad bikes and boat trips.

According to tourist reviews, Tuapse is not bad for vacationing with children. Take a stroll through the shady Platanaya Alley and the Kadosh pine forest park and see the beautiful musical fountain. Go to the rock of Kiseleva and sulfuric springs in the Cossack gap.

Vacationers leave a lot of positive feedback about excursions from Tuapse. Popular bus tours to the Shakhe River Valley, Golovinka, Volkonsky dolmen, Guam Gorge, Gelendzhik, Abrau-Dyurso, Sochi and Abkhazia.

Here is a review of a sea excursion from Tuapse along the coast to Kiseleva rock.

Reviews about the Tuapse beaches

Elena55sava: “The boat Irbis is small and cozy. From the shore the rock doesn’t seem so big anymore, but it’s still very beautiful.”

Pool at the recreation center in Tuapse (Photo: booking.com / Recreation Center Canyon)

Nuances of recreation in Tuapse

According to tourist reviews, Tuapse is good for a budget holiday by the sea. Prices in 2022 here are lower than in other resorts on the Black Sea coast. Choose a hotel in a green area and enjoy the walks.

Diofel: “Drove by train, drove into the hotel and stunned. Right from the balcony we had a gorgeous view of the mountains and the sea.

When choosing lodging, keep in mind that all the districts of Tuapse, except the center and the seaside, are located on the hills. From some places you’ll have to walk a long way down to the sea.

The city has a well developed public transport. Buses and shuttle buses are easy to get to the neighboring resort villages. If you want to take a cab, call a car by phone. It’s cheaper that way.

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