Honestly about Vardane. Leisure reviews and prices – 2022

Vardane: vacation tips

What are the reviews about Vardane?

A small resort with a “wine” name – a place for a quiet and relaxing holiday on the Black Sea. Learn about the pros and cons of Vardane in 2022. Honest reviews of holidaymakers and tips on how to save money.


Impressions of the resort.

In the off-season, the small Vardane – a corner untouched by civilization. But in summer on the Black Sea coast comes a lot of holiday-makers, and the streets of the village are filled with relaxed adults in beach attire and children thirsty for entertainment.

At first Vardane frightens tourists – the railroad along the sea and the river with the sewage right in the center of the resort. But all is not so terrible as it seems at first sight. Vardane has good places for bathing and inexpensive accommodation. You can easily get to Sochi by “Lastochka” and the prices are much lower than in the Crimea.

Alla Rast: “The beach in Vardane is amazing! Swimming in the open sea without any breakwaters – one pleasure! Dolphins sometimes come very close to the coast”.

Is it expensive to have a rest?

Holidays at the resort will not devastate your wallet. According to the reviews of the tourists, you can find budget accommodation in Vardane. In summer 2022 for 800-1500 rubles per night offer ascetic options with two beds and tables, a coat rack and a private bathroom. If you want more comfort, you will have to pay from 2000 rubles per night. Look for lodging in Vardan on Hotelluk and Suteluk.

For inexpensive lodging, we recommend diners near the sea. They are well prepared there, and the prices are not too high. Good shashlik is made in a cafe on the market.

Carefully choose the products in chain stores! Sometimes tourists find expired and spoiled goods in the local “Pyaterochka”.

Even in the 21st century it may be a problem to pay by card in Vardan. Take cash on vacation!

Vera: “If you need anything you have everything at hand – a drugstore, “Fix-Price”, “Pyaterochka”, “Magnit”, “CB” and a market with home-made fruit and vegetables. Get ready to buy slippers for walking on the rocks, especially children, for 300 rubles.

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What sea and beaches

The coast near the Black Sea resort pebble. Large stones are found only at the entrance to the sea. According to reviews of holidaymakers, the central beach of Vardane is well-equipped. During the season it is cleaned every day. There are trash garbage cans and shadow awnings. Rent a deck chair for a day costs 200 rubles.

The sea is clean. The entrance to water gentle. In July and August, there are jellyfish, but they do not give much trouble to bathers.

According to reviews of holidaymakers, the main disadvantage of Vardane is the Buu river, which flows into the Black Sea right in the center of the village. On the surface it is not dirty and does not smell, but tourists still prefer to swim away from the mouth.

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“The railroad runs through all the beaches of the settlement, as in the neighboring Loo. But it does not interfere with recreation, as the rails are silent and you can only hear the hum of the passing trains.

Panorama of Sheksna Beach in Vardane

What to do

Vardane budget, quiet, fresh sea air, but except for swimming in the sea, there is nothing to do. Tourists are taken to the water park Loo, on excursions to the aquarium, penguinarium and waterfalls. According to reviews of holidaymakers, in Vardane are popular safaris on jeeps and quad bikes, horseback riding, fishing in the open sea, day tours to the Tea Houses, Berendeyevo kingdom and Mamedovo Gorge.

Many people go to Sochi, Loo and Lazarevskoye for entertainment on their own. Public transportation on the Black Sea coast is not bad, so it is easy to get to neighboring resorts by buses, shuttles and rail.

Funny-boom: “There are electric trains “Lastochka”. Compared to St. Petersburg (train), it’s not a “Lastochka”, but a snail, it’s very slow.

Vera: “On tours, all running, the guide is constantly rushing, you do not have time to look at everything, take pictures – so it’s better to go on your own.

Holidays in Vardane

Go on an excursion to Dagomys tea plantations. Photo: Andrzej Wolinski / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 3.0.

Holidays with children

Vardane is a good choice for holidays with children. The resort has a warm sea, mild climate and all the necessary infrastructure. On the shore it is interesting to ride inflatable slides and have fun on the attractions.

The streets of the village lie on the hills. Carefully choose lodging, otherwise it will be difficult to climb with small children from the sea. Some tourists for the noise scolded street Lvivskaya and praised the quiet and comfortable Ogorodny Lane.

Be careful on the way to the beach and back! In reviews about Vardan tourists complain that locals and vacationers drive in cars with great speed and do not particularly take into account pedestrians.

The main thing is that you can’t get out of the car and don’t take much account of the pedestrians, as you can’t see them. From entertainment – only the beach. There are commuter trains to Sochi, Lazarevskoe, but it takes half a day to get there. Since we went with a child, did not go.

volva4eva: “Holidays with children 10-13 years. I liked it, probably will do it again. The place is picturesque, a lot of greenery, the beach is clean, not crowded, the sea, dolphins – all super.

When is the best time to go?

The beach season in Vardane starts in May and lasts till mid September or early October. It’s nice to swim in the sea from June. In July and August, when most tourists arrive, it’s hot – +28 . +33 ° C during the day, the sea water heats up to +24. +26°С.

September is warm with little rain. In mid-autumn the last tourists leave, and life in the resort village dies down until the next season. Find out when to vacation in Sochi.

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omg.07: “We vacationed from July 6 to July 15. I had a wonderful quiet rest. I liked it very much. Got off the train and got into a cozy environment with flowers, kiwi trees and palm trees.”

Vardane Weather

In Vardane, Dagomys, Loo and other resorts are always quieter than in major Sochi and Adler. Photo: DmitryVorona / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 3.0.

Is it worth going to Vardane

According to the reviews of holidaymakers, Vardane is a good option for a quiet vacation on the Black Sea in the summer of 2022. But the hilly relief is not too suitable for tourists in age and recreation with kids.

There is a lot of housing in Vardane. The village has stores, market, cafes and canteens. If you step away from the central beach, you can swim in the clear sea water. The small resort used to be considered quite budget-friendly, but now prices in hotels, guest houses and the private sector have increased.

Vardane village (Sochi, Russia) – reviews

Rest in July 2022. I can’t call Vardane village anything other than a hole. The administration of the settlement, aren’t you ashamed at all? Such dirt I have not seen anywhere else. And, not always this dirt leave tourists, local assholes, and they apparently like to live as in poor areas of India – in complete unsanitary conditions and garbage lying around absolutely everywhere in piles. And if it was just a village, but it is a resort area where people come to have a rest, but the administration and the locals only know how to shear money from dull tourists (and someone goes to these filthy places for years). I already keep silent about their attitude and disregard for tourists, for all time of rest there were only two pleasant people. The others are simply impudent and smug. Now about the village: Dirty, boring, there is absolutely nothing to watch. Although, there is a smelly river Buu, which flows into the sea directly into the central beach, and I have a suspicion that the river is dumping all the shit out of each house in the village. On the way to the sea you can see the garbage under each bush, the smelly, flowing containers with garbage, a lot of cigarette butts lying around for years in the bus stop and the stench from the sewage ditch running through the village. The Beach. On the beach, as you can see the dogs swimming right next to you, no one is watching their presence there, they piss next to your chair, walk on it, after bathing shake off the water directly at you. There are also tourists coming with dogs….. But it is more about the public resting there on a constant basis, as the sane person more than once will not rest there. Two times saw in water on the beach, sorry, shit, such I have not seen anywhere else. Well and the water respectively is not clean in the sea, probably because of the river Buu. We tried to go further, but all the same, the quality of water in the sea is very bad. Prices and food. Well, good food in Vardane certainly should not be expected, the prices in canteens as in Sochi, but the quality of food and service (attitude) you will be unpleasantly surprised. All food is prepared according to the principle: “What is supposed to eat” and do not show off, moreover, you have to pay three times the price for this rubbish. I do not know, the food affected, the dirty sea or the general antisanitary conditions, but the husband and the son have strongly fallen ill with rotovirus. A grown man was “gargling” for the whole day. Near the village is a highway, we lived on the street Lvovskaya and to go to the store Magnet we had to cross an unregulated crosswalk, I tell you: it’s a very dangerous journey! Local dzhigits did not give a damn about you and your life, they fly straight into the brazen when you are already out on the roadway crossing. This is more about the attitude towards tourists. They will push and do not blink an eye. In general, the conclusion I do not advise you to spend your money on vacation in this hole. If you love cultural rest, if you have a sense of beauty and you want to see beautiful sights on the parties and swim in the clear sea, to see next to cultural people, then you as well as I better look for another place for rest.

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Never, and for nothing, in Vardane that not a leg!!! The river is sewage and everything is in the sea! Dirt, stench, poisoning and infection, which for a long time still have to get rid of.

Hol Holidays July 2022 I give the exact translation Vardane – ugrozhe health.

We stayed in Varda in August 2019. The disadvantages are two and very big – stinky river with sewage, which flows right by the beach. Dirty beach. Just a nightmare. Mountains of garbage… Every one of us got an infection… Nauseated everyone. And our neighbors. What do the authorities do? You don’t even have to go to the trouble of taking samples to smell the shit flowing into the river. Too bad. It could have been a nice quiet place, but in fact… Nothing.

I’ll be brief, total asshole.

Were there in August 2016. The prices are insane. The beach is stony, the entrance to the sea is boulders, a small wave and you hit these stones, the entrance to the sea is very steep and sharply deep. In the middle of Vardane there is a small river-stink which flows into the sea. Every summer there is a viral infection about which the authorities keep silent – children vomit 24 hours a day. God forbid!

Holidays there 2013, sheer disappointment, the quay is small, entertainments for kids is not present, stood on a beach of 2 trampolines and all, above a beach passes a railway, trains ride, all welcome, the sea is dirty, if it does not frighten you probably you will like it.

Disadvantages: I did not see any!

Disadvantages: all in all!

I wanted to share a review about the village Vardane. This is a terrible place. The first thing we saw upon arrival was the river, which exudes a terrible stench, and SHE flows into the sea. The next thing is the canteen we were advertised as “back in the day”. Sovdep rests next door. We stayed there for 3.5 hours and left. I do not advise anyone!

Honestly about Kudepsta. Reviews about rest and prices - 2022

We vacationed in 2016 August-beginning of September. The horror! The stench from the river and sewage, which flows directly into the gutters throughout Vardane. Prices for fruit and vegetables in 2-3 times more expensive than in the center of Russia. The sea – dirt. And again I repeat – no fresh air – not one day of 26!

Advantages: Are absent, I do not know how people can like it here if it really write the real tourists!

Disadvantages: There is no civilization! Food is expensive and disgusting (I won’t tell you any gentler because none of the places we ate was tasty!) All the feces from the village in the sea!

Reading all the reviews, there is an impression that all are written by local residents because it is unclear how you can so praise the place where everyone’s eyes sewage from almost all the houses gently drains into the river, which flows into the sea directly into the central beach. Now, however, my own objective review. The year 2016 was going on, I with my wife and 2.5 year old child decided to go to this “great” place. Previously found a place to stay agreed with a local resident on the phone. there is a separate story about what the local irresponsible! In a nutshell, when we got there, it turned out that the place where I negotiated all occupied. We had to look for a place in fact difficultly found well of the staggering price I’m silent. When all the same got to the beach first there was a great view and the smell of the river stinking (However, good and conveniently, if you go along the sewer that pours from many houses to the creek just come out to the beach is like a kind of navigator local! By the way the word toilet on the whole beach only one paid so that the sea in Vardane a little even more salty than everywhere else) to the central beach like swimming only tourists who are not in the subject. Well enjoy rest in this wonderful settlement unfortunately did not manage because through the day after visiting the beach the child has caught an infection which I assure you all probably will overflow every second if not every first (this statement is made judging from the fact that in a chamber to us through the day tourists from the same settlement well and so on responses having a rest with which it was possible to communicate). In general it is possible still long and a lot to write, but on it I shall probably finish preryumivavshego all aforesaid, it is not necessary to visit this village because there is no civilization! The food is expensive and disgusting (I would not say softer, because none of the places where we ate was tasty!) All feces from the village in the sea! Unfortunately I didn’t have time to take many photos because the rest of the 6 days of the trip were in the hospital.

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Advantages: Quiet, calm. Guest houses.

Disadvantages: Complete disrespect for the residents to visitors. Dirt. ROTO-VIRAL INFECTION. Ambulances one by one. The river BUU flows into the sea.

The village is not well-appointed, dirty. The natives are mostly Armenians, who already hate the tourists. Be careful walking on the roads, driving at full speed and will not stop even in front of a child. There is no promenade. Not tasty food.

We had a holiday in Vardane in August 2011. It was a real nightmare. I do not understand those people who are just delighted with this place. It means they haven’t been anywhere else. I toured all the Black Sea coast, but it’s just rubbish. We had a holiday with three adults and four children. We were going to rest in Dagomys, but the train intercepted us Galina and offered to go to Neiss. promising us paradise conditions. In the first place, the house where we lived was without an address. secondly, behind the house was some kind of a farm. As a result, all the waste from this farm flows into the local river. And this river flows into the Black Sea, next to the local beach.As a result, all 7 of us just did not leave the toilet. We thought we were the only ones with such a problem, but coming to the pharmacy, we realized that we are not alone with such problems. Then we decided to move to Sochi, and after 7 days, our smallest child (3 years old) got a mouth-viral infection. Unbelievable, but all the symptoms stopped right away. When we were there, other tourists were taking their money and leaving. And all had similar symptoms. There is a medical center on the beach, but there is just a queue. Doctors offer to put a shot to get rid of nausea, vomiting and diarrhea for one day for 400 rubles. However, if you have a problem with constipation, then you are there.

We had a holiday in Vardane in August, the hosts were very friendly and nice Russians, on the garden street. They stayed there for two days on the third day they left in horror, stink in the sea, mosquitoes, the prices in the dining room as in a restaurant in Sochi, everything is terrible, and only good hosts agreed to return the money and left, with children do not go there complete unsanitary conditions.

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