How much does a holiday in Cyprus cost – 2022. The cost of travel

How much it costs to holiday in Cyprus

Cyprus is among the top popular vacation destinations for Russians in 2022. It was in demand even before the pandemic, but now that almost all of Europe is closed, it’s almost the only opportunity to relax with a European flavor. We have already told you all about holidays in Cyprus with children, about tickets to the island and hotels, and about the features of vacations in 2022. We even told you about car rental in Cyprus. There is an important detail: how much is a vacation in Cyprus for two? Let’s look into it in detail!

The cost of a trip to Cyprus in 2022.

There are two options for a vacation in Cyprus. The first is to use the services of a tour operator, and go to the island on a tour. The second is to buy your own tickets, book a hotel and apply for a visa.

Going to Cyprus with a tour is, of course, easier. You just need to choose your favorite city and hotel, and the tour operator takes care of all the details. This option is not always more expensive than the independent purchase of all components of the trip. Because tour operators organize charter flights to Cyprus and buy hotel rooms at once for the whole season. This approach significantly reduces the cost of services, and therefore sometimes the tour can cost even cheaper than an independent trip. We looked at tour prices in 2022 for two people to Cyprus.

All Inclusive Cyprus Vacations 2022.

Holidays in Cyprus 2022

Hotels, working on a system of all inclusive on Cyprus are not so much, so the choice is small. But it is always possible to find a suitable option.

The minimum cost for a trip to Cyprus for two people to an all inclusive hotel is 90 thousand rubles for 7 days in Protaras or Limassol. Such a price is available for tours in September, with a flight from Moscow. If you want to stay in Paphos, Ayia Napa or Larnaca, the price will be about 2-3 thousand rubles more.

Your all-inclusive tours to Cyprus from St. Petersburg are a bit more expensive. The minimum price for a tour for two people for 7 nights at a hotel all inclusive is 92 thousand rubles. But it is the price of accommodation in Paphos, so the difference in cost with a flight from Moscow is almost no.

September tours on Cyprus 2022 all inclusive are the cheapest in the second half of the month. At this time the island is still having good weather, and the sea is warm. It is possible to find a tour for 85 thousand rubles with the departure from Moscow, and for 90 thousand rubles with the departure from St. Petersburg.

All the listed tours to Cyprus include a flight, hotel accommodation, transfers and insurance. In addition, the tour operator itself is engaged in visa matters.

Cyprus: vacation in 2022, the prices with children.

Of course, the price of a trip to Cyprus 2022 for three is higher than for two. However, the cost of a vacation for a child is much lower than for an adult.

  • An all-inclusive hotel tour for 2 adults and 1 child with a 7-night flight from Moscow will cost a minimum of 107 thousand rubles.
  • If we take only breakfast and dinner, the initial cost is reduced to 101.5 thousand rubles.
  • And the vacation with only breakfast costs from 92 thousand rubles.

Tours in Cyprus with children without meals cost from 88 thousand rubles. We recommend on vacation with a child to choose at least breakfast. The savings are substantial – on the spot you will spend much more for breakfast in a cafe, even if you eat breakfast with products from the supermarket, it will not get cheaper. But included breakfasts make the vacation a little more pleasant.

Summer Weather in Cyprus 2022: June, July, August

Cyprus: How much does a 10-day trip cost

tours to Cyprus

Usually tourists go to Cyprus for 7 nights. But if you want a longer vacation, you can stay on the island for 10, 12 or more nights. In terms of 1 day of vacation a long tour is cheaper. Because the main cost of the tour is a flight, transfers and insurance. And they must be paid regardless of the duration of the holiday.

  • The minimum cost of the tour for 10 nights for two people is 75 thousand rubles, without meals.
  • With breakfasts the tour costs from 86 thousand, and with breakfast and dinner from 95 thousand.
  • An all-inclusive package for 10 nights starts from 99 thousand rubles.

Inexpensive tours in Cyprus

Cyprus itself is not a cheap destination. It is simply impossible to find the same cheap tour as, for example, in Turkey. The minimum cost of a tour to Cyprus is 55 thousand rubles for two people for 7 nights. This offer includes accommodation in an apartment without stars and without meals.

Inexpensive travel to Cyprus is possible on a last minute ticket. The visa is issued for 1 working day, so you can buy a tour just a couple of days before departure. Last minute tours to Cyprus from Moscow cost from 60 thousand rubles for two people, but, unlike the cheapest tour, it will include a stay at a 3 or 4 star hotel and breakfasts, and maybe even breakfasts and dinners.

Here you can buy a trip to Cyprus:

However, there are a lot of people who want to go to Cyprus in 2022, so there are hardly any hot deals. If you have already planned a vacation, it is better to book a tour now. The highest prices are in the next 2 weeks, and if you buy a trip a month or even longer, you can catch a bargain tour operator.

Cyprus: vacation 2022 prices.

Now let’s calculate how much it costs to go to Cyprus on your own. Cheap plane ticket from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Ufa, Chelyabinsk, Kazan and other Russian cities to Larnaca can help you find Y-flights. Tickets to Paphos are usually more expensive. The island is small, so it’s easy to get anywhere.

Airfare to Cyprus

You can buy a round-trip ticket from Moscow for 14 thousand rubles. From the regions, too, there are interesting proposals, for example, from Krasnodar or Yekaterinburg to Larnaca you can fly even cheaper than from Moscow – for 10 or 11 thousand rubles. We collected the best prices on air tickets to Cyprus on one page.

Total airfare for two people to Cyprus will cost about 28 thousand rubles round trip.

Prices of hotels in Cyprus

hotels in Cyprus

We have already written about hotels in Cyprus, in the article you will find a lot of useful and interesting information. We will not repeat it, and just name the prices for 7 days of accommodation:

  • apartments without meals from 26 thousand rubles;
  • 2 star hotels without food from 24 thousand roubles;
  • 3-star hotels without meals from 26 thousand rubles;
  • with breakfasts from 34 thousand roubles;
  • with breakfasts and dinners from 45 thousand rubles
  • with three meals a day from 50 thousand roubles.

The four-star hotels are about 5-7 thousand rubles more expensive than the three-star hotels. Staying at a 5-star hotel is 10 to 20 thousand rubles more expensive than at a 3-star hotel.

Love Ayia Napa: 27 best sights

It turns out that a stay for two in a 3-star hotel with breakfast and flight would cost 62 thousand rubles. And it’s cheaper than buying a tour with similar conditions. But you will need to arrange your own transfer from the airport to the hotel, buy insurance and arrange the visa.

Transfer from the airport in Larnaca in Paphos is 120 euros, but you can find much cheaper options. For example, if you ride the local buses, the fare will cost just 12 euros.

Find inexpensive insurance can help Youflyts. The policy, which will protect you not only from injury and illness, but also from coronavirus, flight delay, loss of luggage, costs from 1000 rubles.

Prices in Cyprus in 2022

Regardless of whether you go on your own, or use the services of a tour operator, it is better to know in advance what the prices in Cyprus are. After all, you’ll want to go to a cafe, buy something to eat in the local supermarket or buy souvenirs to take home.

Food Prices in Cyprus in 2022

food prices Cyprus

Food prices in Cyprus in 2022 are almost the same as in Russia. In large supermarkets the food is often cheaper, due to various promotions. Of course, in the small tourist stores by the beach a bottle of water or ice cream will be much higher, but where the food is bought by locals, the prices are quite affordable:

  • fruit from 0,5 to 3 euros per kg;
  • Cheese from 7 euros per kg;
  • yogurt from 0,5 euro;
  • milk from 1 euro;
  • Fish from 7 euros per kg.

Prices for alcohol in Cyprus is also not different from the average Russian supermarket. Not bad wine costs from 2,5 euros for a bottle, and the price of the famous Cyprus wine kommandarya about 10-12 euros. The price of beer in Cyprus starts from 0,8 euros per bottle.

As you can see, self-catering in Cyprus will not cost more than in Russia. Prices in stores in Cyprus for products in 2022 are almost the same.

Prices in Cafes in Cyprus in 2022

Prices of cafes Cyprus

Prices in cafes in Cyprus depend not primarily on cuisine, but on location. Near the seafront and in tourist areas, the cost of dinner in a cafe with hot, salad and alcohol – at least 35 euros for two.

And if you move away from the streets full of tourists, and find a cafe, where the locals dine, it’s quite possible to have a good dinner for 25 euros for two. By the way, we recommend visiting one of the Ocean Basket chain restaurants. They have a large selection of seafood combos at affordable prices. In Cyprus, there is a restaurant in Paphos and Ayia Napa.

Snack on street food, such as pita with various toppings is cheap, from 4 euros.

The price of renting a car and fuel

We have already written a detailed article about car rental in Cyprus, including the prices. The minimum cost of a car – 15 euros a day, on average from 20 to 35 euros, depending on the model. Renting a car in Cyprus is much more favorable than taking a cab. 1 short ride costs at least 8 euros.

The price of gasoline in Cyprus in 2022 – from 1.3 to 1.5 euros per liter.

The price of entertainment in Cyprus

What money to take on vacation in Cyprus? Of course, Euros. But how much – depends on what kind of vacation you are planning. If you have already bought a tour with meals, and you just want to swim in the sea and go on a couple of excursions, then a week you may be enough and 100-150 euros for two. The cost of sun lounger on the beach is fixed on the whole island – 2,5 euros. The authorities ensure that the price is not inflated, so it is everywhere the same. An umbrella costs the same.

What to bring from Cyprus - the prices of gifts and souvenirs

The cost of diving in Cyprus starts at 90 euros for 1 day. The price includes 2 dives, instruction, rental equipment. Sometimes, companies offer an included lunch.

Rent a bicycle in Cyprus from 9 euros per day. Rarely it is rented by the hour, but if you take it for several days at a time, the price will be lower.

Excursions in Cyprus cost from 15 euros to infinity. We can help you find the best program that will be interesting to you.

Shopping in Cyprus

There are shopping centers in major cities of Cyprus, where you can go for shopping. Prices for clothing in Cyprus can be both very low if it is mass-market stores, and high if it is the big name brands. But even mass-market clothing in Cyprus is safe to take, it is of good quality, and cheaper than in the same networks in Russia. You can buy a T-shirt for 2-5 euros and jeans from 10 euros.

Tourists often buy children’s clothing: in Cyprus it is cheap, and the quality is at a high level.


Holidays in Cyprus can be affordable. It is cheapest to buy tickets and book the hotel yourself, but if you book a tour, you do not have to make a visa and organize the transfer yourself.

Be sure to take cash with you. It is better to book a car for rental in advance. And do not forget about the insurance.

We hope that your holiday in Cyprus will bring you a lot of new and vivid emotions! And Uflyts will help you organize the best trip.

How much it costs to holiday in Cyprus

Find out how much a holiday in Cyprus will cost in 2022. Prices for tours, airfare, hotels, food, transportation and tours in popular resorts in Cyprus. Calculate how much money you need for an economical and beautiful vacation.


How much is a trip to Cyprus in 2022

Search for last minute tours on the services of Level.Travel and Travelata – they will find the best deals among different tour operators. Want to save your money? Find our 7 rules for buying tours online.

It’s always warm in Cyprus. Even in winter, the temperature does not drop below +15 ° C, so vacationers come here all year round. Prices for tours vary depending on the season. The cheapest vacation in Cyprus is from November to April. And from May to October the cost of travel to Cyprus is increased by 1.5 times compared with the low season.

Economical vacation. The trip to Cyprus for two persons for 10-11 days with departure from Moscow in the low season costs from 38 thousand rubles, and in the high season – from 60 thousand. For this money you will live in a 2* hotel without meals or with breakfasts. Usually such hotels are located on the 2-3 lines from the sea. Read carefully the reviews – the hotel may be old.

Beautiful vacation. How much is a trip to Cyprus in 2022 in hotels 4-5* with meals “all inclusive”? Prices for tours for two people for 10 nights with a flight from Moscow in the low season start from only 60 thousand rubles, and here in the high season – from 100 thousand. Beautiful holiday will cost almost twice more than the economy!

Cyprus: Shopping, Food and Internet in Paphos

If you want to have a rest with the maximum conveniences we suggest to buy tours to Cyprus from 130 thousand rubles. You will be welcomed in a luxurious 5* hotel, first line to the sea with an all inclusive diet. Do not worry about anything!

What prices in Cyprus

Nissi Beach in Ayia Napa (Photo: anexxx/

How much are the tickets to Cyprus in 2022

Where to find cheap tickets? Use the Aviasales search engine – it compares prices of all airlines. Learn the secrets of finding cheap airline tickets.

Cheapest tickets to Cyprus from Moscow in low season with a connection – from 7,400 rubles round trip. However it is not convenient to change flights – in this case, a pro visa to Cyprus is not suitable, you have to apply for a national one. Read more about the visa to Cyprus and the nuances of obtaining it.

It is better to pay more, but to fly without changing flights with an online visa, and not to bother. Direct flights from Moscow in low season cost from 8200 rubles, and in high season – from 15000. It is not cheap – it’s more profitable for two people to catch a last minute tour or just take a trip to an inexpensive hotel!

How to have a cheap holiday in Cyprus

It is quite easy to get a visa to Cyprus for Russians – the Republic treats Russian tourists favorably. (Photo: tookapic /

How much do hotels in Cyprus

Economical vacation. It’s cheaper to stay in Paphos and Limassol – there you can find a double room or apartment even in high season for 30-40 €. In Protaras and Ayia Napa hotels cost from 40 € in the summer, so it’s cheaper to go in the off-season. Hotels and apartments book on Hotelluk.

Beautiful vacation in Cyprus is not too expensive. For example, in Limassol in the high season, hotels 4-5* cost from 130 €. It is more profitable and convenient to live in apartments and houses – they cost from 45 € and above, depending on the size and amenities. There are lots of cool hotels and villas in Cyprus – when you see them you want to leave everything and go and live with a view of the Mediterranean Sea.

Our hotel picks:

See how much hotels in Cyprus cost during the high season of 2022:

How much does it cost to eat in Cyprus

Frugal vacations. Food prices are quite high in Cyprus. The average bill for two in a cafe is 25-45€. The closer the institution to the coast, the higher the prices. The cheapest place to eat in Greek tavernas and fast food. A good meal for two will cost you €20-30 and a combo meal at McDonald’s €10-12.

To save money, stay in apartments with a kitchen and cook for yourself. You can also have breakfast with supermarket staples like yogurt, sausage, cheese, and olives. Good and quality products are better to buy in the markets and supermarkets AlphaMega, Lidl, Metro, Sklavenitis, Papantoniou, Pop Life, Smart and Plus. Also almost everywhere there are minimarkets periptero .

A beautiful vacation. Lunch for two at a great seaside restaurant – from 70-100 €. For example, tourists admire the restaurant Sailor’s Rest Lounge in Limassol. Be sure to eat the seafood, it is fresh and delicious. Lobster in the restaurant costs €10 per 100 grams (it weighs at least 700 grams), grilled octopus €23, and Fine de Claire #2 oysters €3.5 apiece.

Larnaca 2022 traveler reviews. Holiday prices, tips

Prices of holidays in Cyprus

Grilled octopus (Photo: / @andriklangfield)

How much does transportation cost in Cyprus.

Economical vacation. Use the buses – they can also take you to some attractions. For example, in Paphos we took a bus to Aphrodite’s stone and Coral Bay. A day ticket costs 1,5€ for a ride from 4:00 to 21:00 and 2,5€ for a night ticket. A day pass within the city costs 5€ and a 7-day pass costs 20€. For a one-day pass for long-distance travel you pay 15€. Find out about transport in Paphos.

Beautiful vacation. There are two types of cabs in Cyprus – public and private. The cars are comfortable. Most often they are Mercedes, which are equipped with air conditioning. Almost all cab drivers speak English, and some also speak Russian.

Municipal cabs have fixed fares, and you can bargain with private taxi drivers. A boarding is 3€ during the day and 4€ at night. Rides at night are 15% more expensive than during the day. Up to 12kg of luggage is free.

What prices in Cyprus

The Stone of Aphrodite, 20 km from Paphos (Photo: / @diddymonaco)

How much do excursions in Cyprus cost

Economical vacation. There are many free attractions in Cyprus. Rent a car and travel around the island! Check out the colorful fishing villages, visit ancient temples and monasteries, go to the stone of Aphrodite, look at the rock tombs Macronisos and catacombs of St. Solomonia, admire the picturesque Cape Greco. There are also inexpensive walking tours costing up to 50€:

A Beautiful Vacation. How much money should I take with me on Cyprus tours? Take more if you want to see a lot. For example, a trip to Troodos costs 230€, to the main monasteries of Cyprus 200€, and to Northern Cyprus 250€.

How much will a holiday in Cyprus cost in 2022

Economical vacation. Russians need a visa to enter Cyprus. A big plus is that you don’t have to pay for an electronic pro-visa or a national visa!

Let’s calculate how much it costs for an economy vacation in Cyprus – for one person for 10 days:

  • low season flight tickets with a connection – from 105 €
  • Room at a 1-2* hotel – 150 €
  • cheap food – 300€
  • 1 tour – 50€
  • buses – 20€.

Total: 645 € (45500 roubles) per person.

How much money should I bring with me to Cyprus : 100€ (7050 RUR) per person. It’s enough for souvenirs, buses and a little shopping. You can enjoy the sea air, admire the beautiful landscapes and architecture, visit ancient sites, but you can’t live the high life. Details, how much money to take in Cyprus.

Beautiful vacation. Do you want to travel without denying yourself anything? Cyprus resorts offer excellent service and any entertainment.

How much does 10 days of a beautiful holiday in Cyprus per person:

  • 212 € for a flight
  • Room in a 5* hotel – 625€
  • restaurants and bars – €800
  • 3 tours – 650€
  • cab – 50 €.

Total : 2287 € (161,635 roubles) per person.

How much money can you bring with you to Cyprus : 400€ (28,270 roubles) per person. You can spend it on shopping, photo session by the sea, entertainment and souvenirs. With such a sum you can have a pleasant and carefree holiday in Cyprus.

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