How much does a trip to Paris – 2022 cost? Costs and Best Practices

How much does a trip to Paris cost? Prices and travel budget calculation

Paris has always been considered an expensive destination. This is not surprising, what else can you expect from the most popular tourist city in the world? But not everything is as sad as it may seem. First, we need to understand how much a trip to Paris costs. To do that, we’ll go over prices in all the important categories: flight, lodging, intracity transportation, food and entertainment. At the end, we’ll summarize and calculate how much a vacation in Paris will cost you. We’ll make a travel budget for one and two travelers. You will understand how much money to take to Paris for 1, 3 days, a week or even a month. Plus be sure to check out the section with tips on how to save money on a trip to Paris.


How much do tours to Paris cost

I decided to start with tours, since this is the easiest reference point for prices. This way you will immediately understand the cost of the flight, hotel, and transfer. Travel to Paris is not cheap. On average count on 40,000 rubles per person for a week of rest.

Price statistics for tours to Paris from Moscow

Look at the price statistics from Level Travel, and I advise to buy tours in Onlinetours. In addition the readers of discount up to 3% for any tour. Take it!


On average you can fly to Paris round trip for 10,000 – 15,000 rubles. For your convenience I attach the price calendar from Aviasales. Here you can select the departure city, the number of days away, and see what month and day, what airfare prices are. How much money you’ll give to fly to Paris depends on the season and your ability to find cheap airfare.

Cost of accommodation in Paris

Hostel Prices – Finding an inexpensive hostel in the center of Paris is no easy task. Hostels near the main attractions will cost you 30 euros per night in a shared room for 6 people. In the neighboring areas, for example, in the Mormartre, or in the Latin Quarter, prices are lower – from 17 euros per night. In summer and during the high tourist season, things get more expensive. A private room in a hostel in Paris will cost about 80 euros for two.

In Paris, there are not many good hostels, I can advise you two proven: St. Christopher’s. Christopher’s and 3 Ducks! Many hostels include laundry service and breakfast. Most include baguettes with jam or Nutella, croissants and strong coffee.

Hotel prices – Book a hotel in Paris from 50 euros per night in 1-3 km from the center. Each hotel has free wi-fi, air conditioning and other amenities. Breakfast is included in hotels from 60 euros.

I most often search for hotels on Roomguru, as it includes offers from Bookings and other popular search engines.

How much is an apartment in Paris – I do it myself and I advise you. The cheapest place to stay is in touristy areas where hotels are expensive. You can do this with Airbnb. It allows you to rent an apartment in the center of Paris for the price of a bed in a hostel. The price of an apartment starts at an average of 17 Euros. For more information on prices in rubles look at the Airbnb website. If you’re first time using this service, the link will give you a discount of 2100 rubles for the first booking.

How much does it cost to go to paris

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Food prices in Paris

The prices of food in Paris can be a big drain on your wallet, but I’ll give you a few tips that will cut it in half. First, let’s understand how much it costs to eat in Paris.

Lunch with a glass of wine in a good restaurant will cost you 25 – 40 euros per person. If you want to save money, avoid the tourist areas, where prices are 10 – 30% higher. Few people know that you can eat in the university canteens. The food there is delicious, and it’s cheaper than in restaurants. This advice is equally useful throughout Europe. Plus eat at business lunches (prix-fixe), so the cost of a full lunch of 2-3 dishes will cost you 20 euros. Read more about restaurant food in France in the article about French cuisine.

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Inexpensive breakfast in Paris – €7 for free

  • You can have breakfast for free in a hostel;
  • budget in any culinary department. Croissants and other pastries cost from €1, a cup of coffee €2.

Inexpensive lunch costs €5-€15

  • The cheapest option is to buy bread, cheese, and fruit and have a picnic;
  • Inexpensive street food costs about €5;
  • A simple lunch in a local restaurant €10-€15.

Dinner €10-€20

  • Dinner for €15 is easy. Opt for the plat du jour or prix fixe menus, i.e. business lunches;
  • A McDonalds combo meal (burger, fries and a drink) costs €7-€9.

Luckily, if you make your own meals, you can get them on a budget. There are plenty of food markets and stores all over the city where you can buy all the necessary products. Guideline that you will spend 50 euros a week on groceries for one person. It’s still many times cheaper than eating in restaurants. If you want to save even more, buy your groceries at Aldi or Lidl. These are local discounters.

Prices for products in stores in Paris

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How much does it cost to go to Paris

Well now we’re getting to the most important thing, how much money it takes to go on a vacation to Paris. I have made for you a table, from which you will understand how much it costs to travel to Paris for a day, a week, a month, for two or alone, with a modest budget, or not shy about money.

Budget types
Budget Medium Luxurious
1 person a day 61 € 4 542 ₽ 165 € 12 286 ₽ 480 € 35 741 ₽
1 person per week 426 € 31 720 ₽ 1 154 € 85 927 ₽ 3 360 € 250 186 ₽
1 person 2 weeks 851 € 63 366 ₽ 2 308 € 171 854 ₽ 6 720 € 500 372 ₽
1 person 1 month 1 824 € 135 815 ₽ 4 945 € 368 206 ₽ 14 399 € 1 072 152 ₽
2 people per week 851 € 63 366 ₽ 2 308 € 171 854 ₽ 6 720 € 500 372 ₽
2 pers. 2 weeks 1 702 € 126 731 ₽ 4 615 € 343 634 ₽ 13 439 € 1 000 670 ₽
2 pers. 1 month 3 647 € 271 556 ₽ 9 890 € 736 411 ₽ 28 798 € 2 144 304 ₽

Following the tips in the article, you will spend an average of 50 to 70 euros per day per person. The implication is that you will live in a hostel or rent an apartment for a company, eat in inexpensive cafes and cook most of the food yourself, and ride local transportation.

Prices in Paris in 2022 – how much money to bring

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How much does a trip to Paris cost – the most pressing question that every tourist asks. And no wonder, for a short vacation you want to see and try everything. So let’s look at the approximate prices in 2022 and try to save money.

How much does it cost to get to Paris

The easiest way to get to Paris is to take a plane. Every day a huge number of airliners make flights between our countries. But ground transport is not a little popular. Many people choose it to reduce costs and to see as much as possible on the way.

Round trip airfares to Paris

The direct flight from Moscow lasts about 4 hours, but it is not the most advantageous way to get there. The round-trip ticket prices start at 270 Euros and if you book in advance or take advantage of the discounts and bonuses offered by the airlines you can save a lot of money. It will be cheaper to change flights in the Hungarian city of Debrenets or Warsaw starting from 156 Euros.

Prices for train to Paris from Moscow

Every day from Moscow from the Belorussian train station there is a train with travel time of about 37 hours. The cost of such a trip will depend on the category of carriage, about 210 euros. For children are not bad discounts. Of course prices are not very different from the fares offered by airlines, but you can buy a ticket to any European city you liked, and then take a bus or train with domestic traffic to the place. So you can not only cheaper trip, but also visit the country of interest.

Prices for the bus from Moscow to Paris

Many people prefer the bus, which goes twice a week to the North Station, conveniently located in the 10th district of Paris. The ticket price is reduced to 110 euros in one direction, children under 12 years of age go for a price halved, as well as special privileges are provided to seniors and disabled.

The trip will be long, about 40 hours, but it gives the opportunity to see almost all of Europe, even from the bus window.

The price of a visa to Paris for Russians

View from Above in Paris

It is necessary to get a visa to travel, as a rule the period of validity is set at 90 days. Preparation for its registration will cost from 600 to 1500 rubles, these are photos, photocopies and insurance for the duration of stay in the country. The main costs will include the consular and service fee. Adult tourists have to pay for a Schengen visa 35 €, children under six years receive it for free. There is a compulsory fee of 25 € for applying to the visa application center. Remember to apply for the appropriate permission to enter the country in advance, otherwise the fee for urgency will double.

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How much does it cost to travel from Paris airport to the city center

There are three international airports in Paris. The largest is Charles de Gaulle, it receives the greatest number of flights, so the probability that you’ll arrive exactly here is high. The distance to the city of 25 km can be covered by train in 50 minutes, using the RER line. Trains run from 5 am to 12 at night every 10-20 minutes. The cost of the ticket is slightly less than 10 €. There are also comfortable buses from the airport. Directly to the center take routes number 120, 121, 140, 350, 351. The interval between services is about 15 minutes and the price starts at 11 €. Night buses start at 6€ and cost less. The fastest but also the most expensive cab will be. The price for such a trip will be about 50 € and on weekends and holidays you will get a discount of 15%.

The second largest airport Orly, located at a distance of 23 kilometers. A well-developed infrastructure allows to use any mode of transport: bus or train. Prices will be from 6 €. Tickets for all modes of transport can be purchased at ticket machines or from the driver. You can take an individual transfer to the hotel from 40 €.

Beauvais airport, it is the most remote terminal, receiving a small number of flights, mostly low-cost, with a minimal set of services on board. Distance to the center of Paris: about 70 kilometers. There are buses from the airport, they come directly to each flight. The price for a ticket is 17 €, and if you use the official website of the airport it’s 15 €. For a children’s ticket you will pay 10 €. Unfortunately, buses stop running at night. The train is less convenient, because in that case you have to take a bus #12 to the station in the town of Bove, located 4 kilometers away, and then take a train on the TER line. In total, such a trip will cost from 15 to 20 €.

How much does the subway cost in Paris

Near the Eiffel Tower

This is the most convenient and easy type of public transport, through it a huge number of daily pass residents and guests of the city. The subway in Paris is divided into five charging zones. The first and second zones cover the entire historic center of the city with its main attractions. A single ride on the Paris Metro costs €1.9. If you take 10 tickets at a time, you will pay €14.9.

It is most advantageous to buy passes. The cost per day for zones 1-2 is 7,5€, for a week – 22,8€ from Monday to Sunday.

How much does a cab cost in Paris

Tired of long walks and vanity, so you want to relax and trust your further way to an experienced driver, who will take you to any point of the capital. Paris cab has its own peculiarities. Look for cars with the inscription Taxi Parisien and illuminated bulbs under it in different colors. It is the color of the bulb and will determine how much your ride in Paris will eventually cost:

A white light means a fare of 1.06€ per km. Operational mostly on weekdays from 10am to 5pm; orange beacon with a rate of 1.29€ per km. You can count on this price on weekdays and Sundays; a car with a blue light will charge 1.56€ per km. That is usually the price during holidays and weekends, or at night.

Please note that extra 2.5€ will be added to the price.

Prices for car rental in Paris

If you have planned to visit the outskirts of Paris with its beautiful chateaux and vast lavender fields of Provence, olive forests and vineyards during your vacation then surely a rental car is what you need and it will guarantee your freedom of movement. And in this case the car should be taken immediately upon arrival at the airport. And of course the cost will determine the type and class of the car. On average 30-35 € for the economy class and 100-120 € for the medium class.

How to buy a ticket to the Eiffel Tower. How to save money?

Petrol prices in Paris

When renting a car pay attention to the type of fuel it uses. Diesel fuel has recently gained popularity. Gasoline prices range from about 1.36 euros to about 95 euros. Gasoline prices are €1.46 and €1.45 for 98 and 95 respectively. It is permitted to carry a reserve fuel can.

The Parisian gas stations are located throughout the city and are open 24 hours a day. But the rates will be different, the closer to the center – the more expensive.

How much does parking cost in Paris

One of the biggest transport problems of the French capital as well as any other city, especially in such a megalopolis, is parking. Find a place for the car is quite difficult and sometimes even impossible. But if you are lucky, you will have to pay from 3 to 1 € for parking, depending on zones.

At night, holidays and on Sundays most of the city parking is free, pay attention to the yellow sticker, this is a definite guarantee that you do not have to pay.

How much does a hotel cost in Paris

And as always, one of the most pressing questions during any holiday is the cost and comfort of accommodation.

We offer a choice of several worthy hotels that can meet your needs and make your vacation in Paris unforgettable.

  • We have some great three star hotels such as the Nouveau Paris Park Hotel, in one of the greenest areas of the city, the Mirifi, a short walk from the metro, or the Hotel du Nord et de l’Est, for those who enjoy a fun filled vacation. The facilities and cheap cafes make them attractive to many tourists. The price for a night’s stay in a two-bed room here starts at 4 thousand rubles;
  • The modern four-star hotels: Vice Versa with a designer interior, Appart’City Confort Paris Grande Bibliotheque with comfortable rooms and tasty food, or Novotel Suites Paris Nord, where you can visit a gym and spa. Staying here costs from 7 thousand rubles;
  • Victoria Palace Hotel, built with traditional French chic, luxurious Maison Albar Hotels Le Diamond and of course Sofitel Paris Le Faubourg, on the Champs-Élysées, they will please their guests with excellent service, comfort and coziness. The price for a room for two persons per night starts from 13000 rubles.

How much does a hostel cost in Paris

Paris hostels can be a worthy competitor for some hotels.

  • Hostel De La Poste, located in a lively place with comfortable rooms. It is possible to use private or public showers. The cost of living for 2 adults is about 2500 rubles per day;
  • Not bad and not expensive Effi Appartement, with good transport access;
  • cozy Eiffel Tower studio, with small cute rooms. Equipped with kitchen utensils, CB-oven and even washing machines.

How much does it cost to rent an apartment in Paris

Renting an apartment in Paris is advantageous if traveling with a large group or families with children. A big plus of such rent is the availability of kitchen and washing machine that will certainly save on food and bring a certain comfort, allowing you to wear clean clothes.

A comfortable apartment within walking distance of the city center can be rented for 50 € per day. For 70-100 € you can find a spacious apartment, where you can easily accommodate 5 people. The best place to find an apartment is with the owner on Airbnb (register here and get a 25 € bonus for the first booking)

How much does it cost to eat in a cafe or restaurant in Paris

Food in Paris

No doubt, the French cuisine is famous for its refinement and fine taste, but pamper yourself in expensive establishments can not be for everyone. The prices for food in Paris in some places can be off the scale. But do not worry, take a little turn from the main tourist routes, and you can easily find cheap coffees, bistros and restaurants with delicious food. A hearty breakfast will cost you up to 10 €, where you will be served with a delicious coffee and croissant, while a full lunch will cost 17 € and dinner about 15 €. Or go to McDonald’s, prices will be the same everywhere.

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Food prices in Paris

Many thrifty tourists willingly buy ready-made food in supermarkets. For example, a portion of grilled chicken with baked potatoes will cost about 4 €, a fragrant crispy baguette – 99 cents. Not bad to have a picnic in the park or a romantic dinner, taking real French cheese, its price starts from 8 € per kilo, fresh vegetables from 2 €, pamper yourself with the famous delicacy of goose liver – foie gras and of course a bottle of good wine. Prices for it are quite reasonable and start at 4 €.

How much does it cost to get to Paris?

It is possible to travel to Paris by airplane. You can find all kinds of tours with a flight from Moscow at the sites of tour operators. For example, a trip for two people for a weekend will cost from 54000 rubles, including flight and accommodation in a comfortable hotel. This price also includes breakfast. If you want to go to a week, the price rises from 80,000 rubles. Many hotels and agencies offer good discounts, which will significantly reduce costs.

Attractions in Paris with prices

Paris is a city in which you can wander endlessly. Here everyone will find something interesting for themselves. But there is the most iconic places, which in the first place try to get all the tourists and vacationers. First of all, this is the world famous Eiffel Tower. Admission will cost from 3 to 17 €, depending on the ascent to the observation deck. You can visit the palace and park complex – Versailles, the ticket price varies from 15 to 40 €. Cult cabaret Moulin Rouge will bring a storm of unforgettable emotions to your vacation. If you want to see the show program of the legendary variety show, pay from 95 €. Enjoy a boat trip on the Seine. For the youngest travelers Disneyland! Tickets start at 3€ in 2022.

Paris museums prices

A stroll along the Seine

Paris’ famous museums! The entire world admires their unique pieces of art and the greatest masters. Entrance to the Louvre will cost you € 13 and is free for under 18s, while the National Museum of Orsay offers discounted rates at € 14 and you can check the official website for more information. To visit the Centre Culture et d’Art Georges Pompidou you will pay 14 €. To save money buy a single card Paris Museum Pass to visit 60 museums and monuments.

It is better to buy all tickets in advance, so as not to waste time on queues. In addition, there are often discounts online and prices are better.

Prices for excursions in Paris

Planning your sightseeing costs, consider the advantage of excursions, they will help diversify your vacation and bring a lot of new and interesting. You can take sightseeing tours, covering the main attractions of the city, their price starts from 20 € or excursions to museums from 35 €. Gastronomic tours with tastings from 32 € are very popular. And if you go to Paris, how not to arrange a real photo shoot you can take a Russian photographer.

How much money do you need for shopping

And what a vacation without shopping! The most successful purchases can be made in shopping malls, here you will be pleased with both prices and quality. In addition they are constantly arranging sales and with a good discount to get women’s and men’s clothing from last year’s collections of the best known companies. Ties, belts, jewelry and of course the silk scarves Hermes are in great demand as gifts and souvenirs. Here you can find a huge selection of French perfumes and cosmetics.

How much does it cost to go to Paris

And now let’s summarize how much a trip to Paris 2022 for two people for a week would cost:

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