How much does a vacation in Fukuoka cost? Prices in 2022

How much is a trip to Phu Quoc by yourself? Prices for vacations by the sea

In this material, we will consider the prices of holidays on the island of Phu Quoc with a flight from Moscow, learn how much money to take on a trip to Vietnam for two, what ways to use when planning a vacation to save money. Let’s choose a few hotels on the first line, where the first place to plan a vacation with children or couples.

Phu Quoc Island is a Vietnamese territory and is located in the Gulf of Thailand. It is 48 kilometers of serene and comfortable beaches, which are visited by thousands of holidaymakers every year. They impress with their picturesque nature, the tropics, cliffs and waterfalls, coral reefs of the underwater world. And looking at all this, it seems that a vacation on the island would be too expensive pleasure, and it is better to choose another way. In fact, it’s not all that bad. Next about how much it costs to vacation in Fukuoka.

How much is a vacation to Fukuoka in 2022?

The most visited months are considered traditionally November – March . The cost of a trip to Fukuok in the winter (December, January and February) is almost no different from the costs at other times, as these months are also popular for recreation. After all, many people want to survive the bitter Russian frosts on the warm beaches with fine white sand, where the air temperature ranges from 30-31 degrees. In the spring it reaches 33 degrees. When planning a trip to Vietnam for the New Year it is worth thinking about buying tours in August.

To understand how much it costs to go to Fukuok, for the beginning you should know the approximate exchange rate, which is $ 1 ≈ 22700 VND ≈ 57 rubles. Or 1000 VND = 2.52 rubles. Based on this figure is easy to calculate what about the costs necessary to go to the tropical island.

By the way, any citizen of a foreign country can stay in Vietnam without a visa for up to 15 days.


Prices for holidays in Fukuoka in February should involve calculating not only accommodation, but also free time. Therefore it is recommended to calculate in advance all the important costs to vacation went positively and with vivid memories. So far there are no direct flights from Moscow, so you will need to take 1-2 changes.

You will have to spend about 30-40 thousand rubles on tickets.

How to save money when choosing airline tickets using services:

  1. find cheap airline tickets on Aviasales;
  2. or a lazier way, choose a messenger of your choice and get the cheapest airline tickets:

The lowest-cost option you can get for 20k (roundtrip). Transfers in most cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

You can buy a comprehensive tour, which will include a full range of activities (flight-transfer-insurance-food). A great way for those who are just starting to travel or tourists who have decided to fly to Phu Quoc with children.

How much does it cost to book a hotel on the first line?

Basically, a good room can be found for 700,000 VND, which is the equivalent of 1800 rubles per day of stay. It is important to note that some hotels do not refund reservations.

The first thing to consider are a few excellent offers with good conditions and positive reviews, located near the sea.

Horrible Vietnam! 8 reasons not to go on vacation

The price is for one week accommodation for two people when booking a room by yourself:

  • The Shells Resort & Spa Phu Quoc on Duong Dong Beach near Long Beach – 59838 rubles.

This is a double room with one large bed and breakfast. Wi-Fi is non-paying. The decor is modern and the floor is tiled. There’s an LCD TV, air conditioning, private balcony, minibar and electric kettle. The cafe cooks Vietnamese cuisine. Food can be ordered in the room. The hotel has a spa, fitness and wellness center on site.

  • Camia Resort & Spa on Ong Lang Beach near Duong Dong – 42074 rubles in a villa with spacious rooms.

Each room has a workspace, private bathroom, appliances. There is a communal pool and free internet for tourists at the spa hotel. Breakfast is included and can be Asian, Swedish or American.

  • Phu Quoc Eco Beach Resort on Ong Lang Beach near Duong Dong – 28049 rubles with one or two separate beds.

Breakfast included. Beautiful beach, panoramic pool, great service, restaurant with good food. The decor is in Balinese style, there is a hair dryer, air conditioning, towels, linen. Open Internet. There is a spa, fitness, health center.

Convenient exchange offices are placed within the hotels. In addition, there are playgrounds for children, an opportunity to book a tour of the best sights or outdoor activities. The staff is bilingual. Take into account the level of the chosen place, planning the cost of a trip to Phu Quoc in winter in December.

beach on the island

Prices for rentals from locals

The most inexpensive varieties of housing will cost vacationers about 250,000 VND per day (about 630 rubles). Guest houses pleasantly surprise with prices and quality of service.

For the week two people will pay:

    – About 4300 rubles for a bed in an 8-bed room. Shared bathroom, climate technology, lockers, dining areas. The hostel is considered the cheapest option on the trip. There is also a 10-bed room with a bunk bed for 2,618 rubles. – About 6,300 rubles for a double room with one bed. It has a wonderful view of the garden or the mountains, its own bathroom, TV, free internet, electrical appliances and more. Near the beach Duong Dong. The house is located away from the noise and dust. Clean and comfortable rooms with daily maintenance. – 16000 rubles for Deluxe Bungado with a garden view. It has two large double beds, appliances, private bathroom, TV with cable, open Wi-Fi. You can order food and drinks in the room. Meals and transportation included. There are also non-smoking rooms.

So, there are many different ways from premium hotels to friendly hostels where you can meet vacationers from all over the world and have fun together.

The cost of trips to Phu Quoc from Moscow

A ready-made trip provides flight, transfer, accommodation, meals and insurance, which greatly reduces the cost of time, money and morale.

At the moment, the cost of tours to Phu Quoc in 2022 for two adults for a week is as follows (we advise you to choose these hotels first)

    – cozy hotel on the first line and close to the airport, you can get to the center for 3 minutes or walk, green and well-groomed area, a huge number of attractions from the spa to the tennis court, excellent conditions for a romantic holiday, room rates from 115 thousand rubles when traveling in November. – A quiet place for seclusion away from the airport, it is worth noting the excellent work of staff and well-groomed territory. The rooms are bungalows of 40 square meters. Tour prices start from 104 thousand rubles in October.
Vietnam in December 2022. Weather and where to relax

Thus, the average price for a tour remains about 150 thousand rubles, not including spending on leisure and shopping outside the hotel.

The cost of food and meals in the cafe

Prices for food on the most famous island of Vietnam are very even loyal, the kitchen in the cafes and restaurants varied, you can find both traditional seafood preparation, and the usual European dishes. You can also eat food of your own making. After sunset, the night market opens.

  • For example, a standard meal in a cafe will offer a price of about 30,000 – 50,000 VND (80-130 rubles). It can be rice with seafood.
  • Chicken, meat or seafood is cheap here 60000 – 80000 VND (150-200 rubles);
  • Fruits are sold for 10 000-50000 VND (25-130 rubles), and the exotic varieties are much cheaper than apples, which are habitual for the Russians.
  • A cup of aromatic coffee can be treated for 200000 VND (50 rubles).
  • The alcohol costs 250000 – 350000 VND if we are talking about 0,5 l of whiskey (about 630-900 rubles), which is quite expensive. Wine in a restaurant will cost 1000000 – 130000 VND (250-330 rubles).

prices for vacations in vietnam for two

You can also snack on local fast food, which is sold at kiosks throughout the beaches. Save money with take-home food. You can buy fish, chicken, rice noodles, fruits and vegetables for self-cooking in Fukuoka stores. The approximate price for two will be 6000 thousand for the entire period of rest (7-10 days).

How much does it cost to go to Phu Quoc

Prices for rental cars

Entertainment in Fukuoka and excursions

In addition to swimming and sunbathing recommend diving, for 2 hours of swimming under water 500 rubles, a lighter version – snorkeling, worth 250 rubles, fly on a flyboard will cost 400 rubles for 10 minutes. Men can go fishing on a good boat with the locals from 4,500 rubles for half a day.

The cost of insurance for vacation in Vietnam

Standard traveler’s policy includes all measures in case of an accident. Travel insurance in Vietnam for 7 days will cost for tourists aged 18-40 years for the sum insured in:

  • 1000000$: 1,300 rubles;
  • 100000$: 700-14000 rubles;
  • 50000$: 600-1300 rubles;
  • 35000$: 400-2500 rubles (depending on options).

Insurance is mandatory when traveling to another country and covers a variety of health hazards for travelers.

How much money to take on vacation?

On average, you will need to calculate finances so that the day is guaranteed to be 900000 VND (2300 rubles), not taking into account the cost of living.

  • For independent excursions you can rent a motorcycle for 400-600 rubles per day. Gasoline will cost 57 rubles per liter.
  • You can also take a cab for a day at a cost of 2,000 rubles.
  • The trip by cab on the meter is usually about 35 rubles per 1 km. Hotels can provide tourists with free shuttle service.
  • Pearl souvenirs will cost about 700 rubles for a string, 550 for a pendant and up to 500 for bracelets in brand stores. Products are also available at the night market.
  • Simple summer clothes will cost about 500-600 rubles for guests of the Vietnamese island.
  • Hotels often provide household chemicals, but in case of extreme need, you can also allocate 250-300 rubles for shower gels, shampoos and other products.
Vietnam in August 2022. Weather and where to stay

From the above information it is easy to plan the cost of recreation on Fukuoka in 2022, as prices on the island are more or less stable and quite loyal to guests from other countries.


How to save money on your trip? Working tipsters!

  • We recommend searching for the best hotel prices on ROOMGURU . The search engine searches among all hotel databases on the internet, even from giants like Booking, and compares prices. If you like to use your smartphone, the Lodging Search app is a must. It’s very convenient to open your options upon arrival and book immediately.
  • Advantageous to insure your health and life while traveling will help service TRIPINSURANCE, the search engine shows the results of all major insurance companies. You need to choose only the most favourable option, but we advise you not to save on your health!
  • Airfare? We advise you to use AVIASALES, it is still the no.1 search engine among independent travelers.

My name is Sergei, and I work as a guide in various cities in Europe, Asia, eastern Russia, also work as a manager in a large travel agency. During my travels I have experienced a lot of emotions, learned useful information about rest and prices, saw unique places, about which I hurry to share on the pages of my blog about tourism.

How much does a vacation in Fukuoka cost?

Vietnamese Shop on Phu Quoc

How much does a vacation in Fukuoka cost? Here are the prices for tours, tickets, food, hotels, transportation, pearls and excursions in 2022. We disclose the budget of our trip.

Vietnam welcomes tourists from the Russian Federation. For convenience, the article provides pre-pandemic prices for trips and flights. Information about flights, tours, visas and other aspects of the holiday may not be up to date, check with official resources. Check the list of open countries.

Why do tourists choose Phu Quoc? There are several reasons: here you can relax on the cool beaches by the calm sea, drinking coconuts, eat cheap seafood and enjoy beautiful sunsets. The sea at the resort is the calmest in all of Vietnam! In addition, the island is not yet crowded with Chinese tourists – mostly Vietnamese, Americans, Europeans and Russians (which the majority). Hurry up :)

Exchange rate: 10 000 Vietnamese Dong (VND) ≈ 32 RUR.

What are you interested?

Tour prices on Phu Quoc in 2022

The cost of tours to Phu Quoc in high season – from 100 thousand rubles for two (10 nights, departing from Moscow). Compared with other very popular Vietnamese resorts – Nha Trang and Mui Ne – the price is only 20-30 thousand rubles. Sometimes you can get cheap last minute tour. In low season (summer), the cost of tours a little lower.

Not all tour operators do not send to Phu Quoc – and not every day there are tours. Seek them on their own services Level.Travel and Travelate – so you’ll find the best price. Also read 7 rules of online search of cheap tours.

Here is a table with the dynamics of prices on tours to Vietnam:

What to bring from Vietnam? The best gifts and souvenirs

Ticket prices.

There are no direct flights yet – except for charters. All with one or two transfers: in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City and other cities. Tickets from Moscow cost from 20 thousand rubles round trip – the lowest price. On average, the plane tickets cost 30-40 thousand rubles.

To save money, look for tickets in advance on the service Aviasails. Read also tips on how to find cheap airline tickets.

Our experience . We flew to Fukuok not from Russia, but from Thailand after vacationing in Phuket and Pattaya. First we flew to Ho Chi Minh City, and from there we flew to Phu Quoc with the VietJet low-cost airline. From Saigon we recommend to get to the island by air only! The trip by land and water takes almost a day and is very tiring, and the price difference is not so great. Our airfare was $37 per person plus $7 for luggage.

Weather on Phu Quoc island in Vietnam

Hotel prices in Fukuoka in 2022

Long Beach on Fukuoka is the most developed. All the life and most of the hotels are concentrated in the north near the town of Truong Dong and in the center of the beach. There are hotels in the south of the beach too, but they are mostly expensive resorts around which are deserted and there is global construction going on. There you feel like a post-apocalyptic movie: a huge space, empty unfinished hotels and not a single person.

If choice is important to you, stay in the north and the center: a lot of restaurants and cafes, there’s a night market and stores, in general – life.

We stayed in Fukuoka in 5 different hotels and resorts. We especially liked Miana Resort, Sailing Hotel and The Hill Resort – we recommend it! Look for the right hotel on Rumguru service, in a selection of the best hotels in Fukuoka we have already selected options with high ratings and good reviews.

Here are the prices for different types of accommodations in Fukuoka during the high season of 2022:

Guesthouse in Zuong Dong From $7.
A hostel by Long Beach from $10
1-2* Hotels and Resorts from 16$
Hotels and Resorts 3* from 30$
Hotels and Resorts 4 * from 70$
5* Hotels and Resorts from 90$

Useful articles about Fukuoka:

Phu Quoc prices for hotels and resorts

Food Prices in Fukuoka – 2022

They are higher than on the mainland: the usual Vietnamese dishes (rice or noodles with meat) in cafes cost from 60,000 VND, dishes with seafood – from 80,000 VND. When we arrived in Mui Ne after Phu Quoc, everything seemed unusually cheap. It’s hard not to order seafood rice when it costs 30,000 VND!

The cheapest place to eat in the tourist area is at the cafes for locals and at Ziong Dong. Fruit is inexpensive and sold everywhere. After sunset there is a night market.

Phu Quoc prices for seafood

How to get around in Fukuoka

There are buses, but they rarely run. We, like all tourists, rented a bike and used a cab – it’s the most convenient.

You can find a bike on the street along Long Beach for 150,000 VND. Almost every hotel offers to rent an iron horse.

Transportation to the airport. You are advised to take a cab – 13,000 VND per km. From the airport to the tourist area on the meter is approximately 120-150,000 VND, to Truong Dong – from 150,000 VND. Take a metered cab – cheaper. Some hotels have free shuttle service.

Nha Trang in Winter. Weather. Holidays in December, January, February 2021-2022

On the internet they write about the mythical JetStar shuttle bus for 50 000 VND, but we couldn’t find it at the airport. But in town we saw it standing lonely on a vacant lot.

fukuok cab prices


Shopping is not so good on Fukuok Island. What can you buy here? Pearls, souvenirs, some clothes.

Pearls are available at the night market, as well as in specialized stores (including pearl farms). Prices for pearls in Fukuoka: at the market a string costs 250-600 000 VND, pendants – 150-200 000 VND, bracelets – 50-200 000 VND. Tourists are advised to buy in brand stores.

Souvenirs are standard: plates, lacquer boxes, fans, statuettes, masks, hats and scarves. We did not specify the prices.

Clothing on the market, but a little: T-shirts, blouses, shoes, shorts. In stores in Truong Dong men’s jean shorts can be bought for 200,000 VND, women’s – from 250,000 VND.

What to bring from Vietnam as a gift to friends and relatives.

fukuoka pearl prices

Prices for excursions in Fukuoka – 2022

Here are the prices for excursions to Fukuoka by local tour operator Red River Tours – all inexpensive:

Snorkeling and fishing in the South Islands 17-22$
Speedboat tour of 4 islands 59$
Snorkeling + day fishing and overnight squid fishing 30$
Northern Islands + Wynperl and safari (with or without lunch) 40-47$
North Islands + kayaking on the Cua Can River 25$
Sunset and night squid fishing 15$
Snorkeling and fishing in the North Islands 17$
South Fukuoka tour (with or without lunch) 12-19$
North Fukuoka tour (with or without lunch) 15-22$
Diving (2 rounds) 70-80$
Snorkeling 25-30$

Prices at Wynperl Land in Fukuoka:

  • adults 500,000 VND;
  • Children 1-1.4 meters tall – VND 400,000;
  • children under 1m – free;
  • Wynperl Land and safari combo ticket for adults VND 850,000;
  • Winperl Land and safari combo ticket for children 1-1.4 m tall – VND 700,000.

what to see on fucuoc island in vietnam

How much does it cost to go to Fukuok

Let’s calculate the budget for a vacation to Fukuok for two people at a modest cost.

Airfare for two. 40 000 rubles.
Cheap hotel (10 nights) 250$
Excursions for two people (Winter Pearl, safari, fishing, bike rent) 140$
Food for two for 10 days 150$
Total 1 240 $, or 70 000 rubles

Usually tourists spend more on vacation in Fukuok, because they live in hotels or resorts 3 stars or higher, eat seafood, buy more tours, take a cab, buy souvenirs, and tickets for 20 thousand is not easy to find.

However, a trip to Phu Quoc can be cheaper than we calculated. To do this you need to live in a hostel ($ 9 per day for two) and refuse to pay for excursions, renting a bike and sightseeing on their own.

fukuok excursion prices

Our expenses

We vacationed in Fukuoka for three weeks in the winter and celebrated the New Year on the island. We stayed in different places: a cheap hostel in Truong Dong for $9 a night, a hotel for $25 and three resorts for $25-40 a night in Long Beach. We ate at both local and tourist cafes. We bought fruit every day. We rented a bike for three days and rode alone all the beaches and attractions of the island, we didn’t buy excursions.

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