How much does it cost to go to Cuba – 2022. Holiday Prices

How much money to take to Cuba

How much money to take to Cuba in 2022? The Land of Liberty is very cheap, but only for locals! There is a clear line between tourists and Cubans.

We spent a month in Cuba and want to tell you about our travel budget, how much it costs to vacation in Cuba in 2022. At first we thought that we would die of boredom in 30 days, that there was nothing to do there, the stores were deserted, and in general “why did we go?

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But it turned out differently. In life, everything is not always what it initially seems. And Cuba is no exception! The country is cool, people are kind, always smiling, nature is fantastic, the sea is blue. No one believed when looking at photos that it was not photoshop!

You need two PCR-test for covid . One 72 hours before boarding the flight, the second – at the airport upon arrival (free of charge). Covid-19 insurance is required.

Since June 21, Cuba has banned the exchange of cash dollars . Take Euros with you on your trip!

Cuba is the safest country in Latin America! But you should not disregard the basic rules and keep track of your belongings. In Cuba, everything belongs to the government – stores, hotels, travel agencies, buildings, tobacco factories, animals, fish in the ocean and even people.

Currency and Money in Cuba

Cuba is an unusual country! For a long time there have been two currencies: the peso (CUP) and the cookie (CUC). But in 2022 the peso is not used, it was canceled more than a year ago! In the past, everything was several times more expensive for travelers, from food to transportation. The whole travel industry was cookie-cutter. Excursions, entertainment, cab services – everything had to be paid for in cookies. Now Cuba has only one currency – Cuban peso (CUP).

As for currency you should take to Cuba Euros, pounds, any other currency except dollars, and just cash. However, you should not take rubles because our currency is not quoted here. It is not advantageous to pay with bank cards: commission for every transaction amounts to 3-5%, cards are not accepted far from everywhere, ATMs do not always work.

  • The exchange rate for 2022 is 1 Cuban peso (CUP) = 3.07 Rubles (RUB)
  • 1 euro (€) = 27 Cuban pesos (CUP)

Visa-free vacation abroad

How much money do you need for tours to Cuba

Cuba is a relatively new destination for our tourists, it’s not Turkey or Egypt, but still. So far Cuba is in the “top ten” popular destinations only in December, in other months – alas. The direction is improving and by the prices it will never be able to leave Turkey (it is No.1 almost all year round) because of the long and expensive flight, though the rest and category of holiday-makers are quite different here.

Tour operators actively promote Cuba, there is a diverse flight program. And in 90% of cases going on vacation to Cuba with a tour is cheaper than buying airline tickets (most often with connection), book a hotel and shuttle service.

First of all, there are good deals from Anex Tour with a charter flight by Azur Air, transfers, hotel and insurance. There are also occasional tours by Pegas Touristik with the flight by its own airline Nord Wind. An option with regular Aeroflot flights is ICS, a less popular tour operator that often has no transfers (but Cuba is lucky, it does!).

The average cost of a tour to Cuba for two people with a flight from Moscow is 134.316 rubles. Cuba outdid even the Dominican Republic, where the average bill 178.227 rubles (although in the Dominican Republic for that money will get “all inclusive”, and in Cuba – only “breakfasts”).

The level of service in Cuba is lower than in neighboring Caribbean countries (Mexico, Dominican Republic). The room stock is also generally inferior to other countries.

The most popular and budget resort of Cuba is Varadero, where they sell the most tours and the best choice of hotels. For the first time not a bad option to get an idea of the country.

Popular hotels in Varadero are Islazul Acuazul 3* , Gran Caribe Puntarena Playa Caleta 4* , Cubanacan Brisas del Caribe 4*. In Cayo Santa Maria Lagunas Del Mar 5* , in Havana Blau Arenal Club 4*. Prices start from 135.000 rub for two people with a flight from Moscow.

How to book a hotel in Cuba by yourself

You can often see cheap tours to Cuba for 5-7 nights. We do not recommend to go to the island of Liberty for a short period, the last day will “eat up” the flight (in Cuba minus 8 hours, compared with Moscow). If you want to go for a few days, it is better to go to Turkey (it is much faster to fly from the European part of Russia, there is no time difference), and to go to Cuba for a full vacation for 10-15 days.

Visa and insurance

You don’t need a visa to Cuba (for Russians up to 30 days). If you go to Cuba on your own, don’t forget to take out medical insurance. Medicine in Cuba is expensive, you should not cloud your vacation.

Inexpensive insurance with two included outpatient appointments and no deductible is Mondial-Allianz, sold at Cherehap . Cost from $1 per day. Insurance to Cuba is more expensive (from $3 per day), but with options included, insurance for children and pregnant women – ERV (sold on ). The most expensive and the best insurance (from $5 a day) is Tripinsurance.

Beach holidays in November where to go

How much money do you need in Cuba for excursions

There are three must-see places in Cuba: Havana, Trinidad, and Ambrosio Cave . Before the trip we repeatedly heard from some of our friends-acquaintances that one tour in Cuba costs at least $100, but it turned out not so. For example, the entrance to Ambrosio Cave in Varadero costs 125 CUP. There you can see rock paintings that are 2,000 years old.

The most excursions in Varadero and Havana, and you can find them from $50. This is in Russian with the locals (Russian). Even cheaper tours in Spanish or English. Find different options with Russian guides on Tripster and Sputnik8 . These are proven sites with email support. We rode around Varadero with them, we liked it.

Rum and Cigars. Havana Theme Tour. 50 $
Colonial Havana sightseeing tour 100 $
Rum, Coffee, Tobacco in Havana 67 €
All of Havana in one day from Varadero 67 €
Havana up and down 125 €
Author’s tour of nontouristy Havana 62 €

In total, how much money does a brother spend on excursions in Cuba? For 2 weeks at least 200 € .

Article on the topic: when to go on vacation to Cuba.

Cell phone and Internet

Internet in Cuba is very bad. First, it is paid almost everywhere, even in 5-star hotels. Secondly, the Internet does not always work, even in hotels for several hours a day. Thirdly, the quality of connection itself is very poor. Fibre optic cable comes from Venezuela (although America is nearby, but Cuba is not friendly with it), and because of such a long line laid on the bottom of the ocean, there will never be good high-speed internet in Cuba. Unless, at some point, they pull a cable from America.

No video conferencing, video calls, etc. are realistic from Cuba. This is the reason why freelancers don’t spend the winter there. An hour of internet costs $1. For paid communication you should put $10-50 in your trip budget.

Prices of souvenirs in Cuba

You can hardly buy plenty of souvenirs in Cuba. In stores you will be met with half-empty shelves. The first thing that comes to mind is Cuban rum and cigars. This assortment is available in all state stores. Alcohol costs from 125 CUP per bottle, cigars from 75 CUP apiece.

A 0.7 liter bottle of Havana Club rum in the store costs 250 CUP, Legendario rum 250-325 CUP, Cubay liqueur (blue, cocoa, pineapple, etc.) 75 CUP, cigars 75 CUP apiece. Tourists bring Cuban honey, cost 150-170 CUP.

How much money to take for food in Cuba

In restaurants for tourists, prices are also “charged”. Here you have to pay in coupons, and all prices are listed in them. Menus are all in Spanish, and there is often a translation into English. You can have a cup of tea or coffee for 10-50 CUP, salads 50-125 CUP, chicken dishes 100-150 CUP, fish dishes 125-200 CUP. The most delicacy in Cuba is beef. It costs 250-500 CUP. Prices in a Cuban restaurant:

  • Omelet 50-100 CUP.
  • Sandwich 35-85 CUP
  • Pizza 50-110 CUP
  • Salad with jamon 125 CUP
  • Spaghetti salad 50 CUP
  • Lobster soup 100 CUP
  • Shrimp cream soup 75 CUP
  • Chicken soup 75 CUP
  • Meat and vegetables 125 CUP
  • Beef filet mignon 450 CUP
  • Beef steak 280 CUP
  • Espresso coffee 10 CUP
  • Cappuccino 25 CUP
  • Frappuccino 35 CUP
  • Tea 25 CUP
  • Ice-cream 15-40 CUP

Drinks at Varadero bars: water 25 CUP, coffee 25-35 CUP, rum 18-75 CUP, tequila 50 CUP, sambuca 75 CUP, amaretto 75 CUP, beer 50-75 CUP, cocktails 75-125 CUP, whiskey Red Label 75 CUP, glass of wine 75 CUP, shots 25-75 CUP, Red Bull 85-90 CUP. Many Cuban establishments have menus in Spanish. Surprise!

Holidays in Cuba - 2022. Tourist Reviews

Prices in cafes for locals (cafeterias) in national CUP pesos. It’s hard to believe, but you can buy a cup of coffee here for 1 CUP, which is only 3 rubles. And if you order sandwiches or burgers at the national cafes, you can add cucumbers, tomatoes, mustard, etc. for free.

  • Avocado Salad 15 CUP
  • White Rice 15 CUP
  • Black rice with beans CUP
  • Potahue (thick rice made with beans or peas) 10 CUP
  • Chicken in salsa CUP
  • Tortilla 15 CUP
  • Jamon 10 CUP
  • Ham burger 10 CUP
  • Beefsteak 30 CUP
  • Chicken with vegetables 90 CUP
  • Meat platter 40 CUP
  • Roast liver 25 CUP
  • Beer 35 CUP
  • Coffee 1 CUP
  • Freshly squeezed juice 3 CUP

In total, for one meal in a tourist cafe in Cuba you can spend $10, for two with drinks 20-22 $. If you go to local cafeterias, it will be enough to spend $ 1-3.

As for fruits and vegetables, we recommend buying them where the prices are written. Otherwise, sellers start to inflate prices for tourists. Fruit in Cuba is sold in pieces or “libra” (about half a kg). The market sells guaiava for 2 CUP per piece, bananas for 5 CUP per piece, pineapples for 15 CUP per piece, papaya for 8 CUP per libra, watermelons for 6 CUP per libra, coconuts for 8 CUP per piece. Prices of vegetables in Cuba: bell peppers 3 CUP per piece, tomatoes 8 CUP per libra, yams 5 CUP per 0,5 kg, garlic 3 CUP per piece, pumpkin CUP 5 per 0,5 kg, cabbage 5 CUP per libra, herbs 5 CUP per bundle, corn 5 CUP per piece. We recommend trying sugar cane juice.

By the way, the voltage in the outlets in Cuba is 110V. In addition to the fact that you need an adapter, some appliances may not work (such as powerful hair dryers).

Tours in Varadero in December

How much to bring to Cuba for transport

If you decide to rent a car in Cuba, there is “a little problem”. You need to book a car 2 months in advance, otherwise it simply will not be available. The cost is 100 €, and the minimum rental period – 3 days. The traffic is chaotic (no better than in Asia). And in Cuba on the road easily meet motorcycles, horse-drawn carts and cars. You can rent a motorcycle on the spot, but not all of them can be traveled, for example, outside Varadero.

Also in Cuba are intercity buses Viasul (monopolist in Havana). Don’t be surprised, the bus may stop at a restaurant along the way (a “promotional stop” so to speak). The ticket price from Havana to Varadero is 375 CUP. You can also take the Varadero Bus Tour in Varadero – costs 125 CUP per person for the whole day. Every hotel and tourist attraction in Varadero is ridden along the way. Children under the age of 6 get a free ride. Look for red stops at all the popular hotels. You can ride a horse for 250 CUP per hour.

Find tours to Cuba online here: onlinetours Travelata

“Collective Taxi” is a collective cab service in Cuba where other tourists will ride in addition to you. The price is a little more expensive than the Viasul bus – from 500 CUP. But on the way the driver can take you somewhere else on the way (for example, we had an “advertising stop” at a cigar factory). And the most expensive transport is the usual, familiar to us, cab . A cab ride from Havana to Varadero costs 2500 CUP, around the resort of Varadero – 375 CUP. There is an international service KiwiTaxi in Cuba, you can pre-book transport (for those who like to solve the logistics in advance). For example, a cab from the airport to Havana will cost about $50. Here you can also book a transfer from Varadero to Havana. If you are deciding how much money to take to Cuba for transportation, then consider a minimum of $ 2-10 dollars a day if you move only one resort and $ 30-50 if to travel between Cuban cities.

As for shopping, there is a standard set. From Cuba most often bring rum, cigars, leather goods and paintings. Add up all the costs in Cuba, and what do we get for 14 days (not including flights or vacation packages):

Total comes out to $950 for 14 days of vacation, or $67 for one day. The more days, the cheaper each day in the country. In general, now you know how much money to take to Cuba in 2022, and most importantly, in what currency. We liked the island of Liberty, Che Guevara, rum and cigars. In general, the Caribbean is the best for a beach vacation. But it’s a long flight to get there.

Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba - 2022. Vacation reviews, beaches, tips

How much does a vacation in Cuba cost

How much does it cost to vacation in Cuba

Sharing my personal vacation experience! Find out how much it costs to travel to Cuba in 2022. Prices for hotels, flights, tours, food and entertainment. Tips on how to save money wisely. I’m telling you how much money we spent.

Check out: How to Go to Cuba Now – there you’ll find up-to-date travel reviews, pandemic entry conditions, a list of available resorts and tour prices. See also the list of open countries. Below we talk about vacationing in Cuba before the pandemic.

Last year we flew to Cuba. The country is bright and colorful – we loved it! We spent 12 interesting days on Liberty Island: we visited Havana, Trinidad and Varadero, swam in the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic, and spent only ₽27,500 per person. This review will help you understand prices in Cuba and plan a great vacation. Let’s go!

Exchange rate: 1 CUC = 1 U.S. dollar = 25 CUP.


Cuban currency.

Cuba is an unusual country! There are two currencies here at once.

CUC is the Kuk, or as the Cubans themselves say, C-u-ci. These are convertible pesos used to pay for lodging, tours, restaurants, transportation and souvenirs. The bills have pictures of the country’s landmarks on them. The exchange rate of the pesos is tied to the U.S. dollar: 1 CUC = $1.

CUP is the peso nationale. The money features portraits of the country’s leaders. CUPs pay Cubans their salary and can be used to pay for goods in stores, food at cafes for locals, or fares on the city bus. 1 CUC = 25 CUP, but the exchangers give 24 pesos nationale for a kuk.

I exchanged some of the CUCs for pesos and sometimes paid with them. I also advise you to buy some pesos, but not many, because they are rarely useful.

Warning. All exchangers charge 10% commission on transactions with the dollar. So come on vacation only with Euro, otherwise you will lose a lot. The rate in all exchangers is the same, even at the airport in Havana.

It is very easy to distinguish the bills: the national pesos (CUP) have portraits of Cuban leaders (the bill on the bottom) and the convertible ones (CUC) have pictures of Cuban tourist attractions (on the top). The latter also have “convertibles” written on them (Photo: SheepRUs / The main face-brand in Cuba (not the author, of course, but Che Guevara).

Tour prices in 2022.

How much is a vacation on a tour to Cuba in 2022? Expensive!!! Caribbean exotica costs a tidy sum. Prices are high because of the long flight, expensive hotels and food on the island. But the good news is that Russians do not need a visa.

Высокий сезон длится с ноября по апрель. Подробнее о сезонах отдыха на Кубе >>

My observations on the cost of travel:

  • Last minute tours are rare. It is better to buy a trip a month or two before departure – it’s cheaper.
  • The cheapest tours are in Varadero.
  • Minimum prices are in April, at the end of high season.

Almost all tourists think that a holiday in Cuba should only be in “five” and “all inclusive”, otherwise you will be disappointed. Otherwise you will be very disappointed. Service in many hotels is not very high, so accommodation should be carefully chosen based on reviews. Learn: where to go on vacation in Cuba.

I recommend buying tours at Level.Travel and Travellata – they look for tours at the best price in 120 tour operators, and they have a convenient system for evaluating hotels. I buy my trips there myself and in no case in the offices of travel agents in the city. See also my tips: 7 ways to buy a tour cheaper.

How much do tours to Cuba for two for 11 nights from Moscow:

2-3* with breakfasts From 90 000 ₽
4* all inclusive from ₽ 135,000
5* all inclusive From 165,000 ₽

How much does it cost to go to CubaThe beach in Varadero is white sand and the clearest water.

Hotel prices

It’s complicated with hotels in Cuba. The problem is that due to U.S. sanctions, international services like Bookings and Rumguru cannot work there properly. The choice of accommodation on Bookings is very poor (10-15 hotels in Varadero and Havana) and there are no reviews, which makes it difficult to choose a good hotel.

Fortunately, there is an alternative! By some miracle, in spite of the state blockade Airbnb works in Cuba, and there you can rent casa particular – accommodation from locals. All my accommodations in Cuba, I booked there, the choice is huge and there are a lot of reviews. In Varadero we rented a room in a guest house for $47 a night (yes, it’s expensive there), in Havana – an apartment for $19, in Trinidad – a house for $23. I always choose “whole house” in my search settings because I like privacy. But if you want to save money, you can live in a private room in an apartment where the owners themselves live.

How People Live in Cuba: Poverty, Queues, Scarcity

The conclusions are simple . If you want to go to Cuba by yourself, then book rooms, apartments or houses with local people. If you want to rest in “five”, it’s better to buy a tour.

How much does it cost to go to Cuba?

Cubans are open, sociable and cheerful people. Some tourists complain that the tourism industry workers are deceiving and cheating, but the ordinary residents are not mercenary.

Ticket prices

How much does it cost to go to Cuba in 2022 (round trip):

  • Aeroflot direct flights from Moscow to Havana start at ₽46,000.
  • Flights from Moscow to Havana with a connection in Istanbul – from ₽31,000.
  • Flights from St. Petersburg to Havana with connection in Paris – from ₽32,000.
  • Hot charters from Moscow to Santa Clara – from 31,000 ₽.
  • Hot charters from Moscow to Varadero – from 42,000 ₽.

Find tickets to Cuba at the best price with Aviasales – it compares prices of all airlines. See also: how to buy cheaper airline tickets.

We flew to Cuba from the Dominican Republic and then flew to Mexico. If I had flown from Russia, I would have chosen flights with a connection in Istanbul or Paris, because it’s hard to catch a cheap charter for the right dates.

How much does it cost to go on vacation to Cuba?

The beach on the Caribbean Sea near Trinidad.

Food prices in Cuba in 2022

Many tourists have scare in their reviews that food in Cuba is very expensive. It isn’t. Yes, it is more expensive than in Asia, but the prices are pretty adequate. Our average bill for two at a budget restaurant or cafe is 15-20 CUC. We managed to get a meal for 10-12 CUC somewhere. Alcoholic cocktails cost 1.5-3 CUC, a dish in a restaurant from 5 CUC. And you can buy delicious lobster for only 8 CUC!

There’s no selection in the stores, so don’t count on being able to cook yourself. There’s very little fruit either.

Read my complete guide to food prices in Cuba. There I told you about the prices in the cafes and stores, the alcohol, ways to save money and listed the best restaurants where we ate ourselves.

How much does it cost to vacation in Cuba

We ordered lobster for 8 cukes at Café Mambo Habana.

Transportation Prices.

We traveled to different cities and used different transportation. Let’s see how much it costs in Cuba.

The city bus . Now you are in for a shock! A ride on any city bus on Liberty Island costs only 1.25 ₽, or half a peso! Can you imagine? There are such buses in Havana, Varadero and other major cities. Even from the capital’s airport you can get away for that money, bypassing the dodgy cab drivers.

Intercity buses . Here you’ll have to spend some money. Cuba’s only bus company is Viazul, and local buses don’t sell tickets to tourists (they’re much cheaper). If you speak Spanish, you can negotiate, if not, only Viazul. The bus from Havana to Varadero costs 10 CUC, to Trinidad 25 CUC. Expensive!

Cab . There are two types of cabs in Cuba – for residents and tourists. Cubans use old, broken-down vehicles, while tourists take retro cabs and pay very high prices. A trip from Havana airport to the center is 20 CUC, from Varadero to Havana – 80-100 CUC. An average cab ride around the city costs 5-7 CUC. Try to haggle so that it is not more expensive than 0.5 CUC per kilometer.

Rent a car . This is very, very bad in Cuba! You can rent a car only locally, cars are almost never available and cost 80-120 CUC per day. Mopeds from 30-40 CUC.

How much does a holiday in Cuba for two?

In the foreground is a pure touristy pink cab convertible. In the background, a Cuban version of the Asian tuk-tuk, the yellow coco-taxi (Photo: / @mattis_se)

Tour prices

It’s a tin can, comrades! The prices of tours in Cuba would make your head spin. Let’s see how much they cost:

    – 240 €. – 280 €. – 150 €. – 120 €. – 62 €.
  • Diving course with 3 dives – 200 CUC.
  • Sea fishing – 80 CUC.
  • Catamaran trip – 70 CUC.
  • Boat trip – 50 CUC.
  • Horseback riding – 20-60 CUC.
  • Snorkeling on a coral reef – 40 CUC.
  • Jeep safari to Yumuri Valley 80 CUC.

As you can see, the prices are high. Travelling around the country on your own will be much cheaper. But if you can not, I advise you to take tours from trusted Russian-speaking guides on Tripster, not in the offices on the spot. At least that way you won’t buy a pig in a poke.

Reviews of tourists about Varadero. Recreation prices - 2022

Admission to museums in Havana costs 3-10 CUC for tourists and 25 times less for locals. Tough discrimination.

For an hour tour in a retro convertible around Havana with a mini-lecture in English the guys at the Capitol are asking 40 CUC. When you ask why it is so expensive, they start their song: they say gas is expensive, the engine burns a lot, and in general they are all poor here. They don’t want to give up the price because there are just too many willing to go for a ride.

Old Havana, Capitol view. We walked around the capital on our own, we were very interested even without tours. In a place like Havana, it is impossible to get bored. Trinidad is a city in central Cuba. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Known for its brightly colored houses.

How much does rum and cigars cost in Cuba

I’m not interested in rum or cigars. But most tourists think that to visit Cuba and not bring these two things is akin to a crime.

Cuban rum in the store costs 4-25 CUC per 1 liter. The cost depends on the brand and ageing. Keep in mind that you are allowed to take out of the country up to 2 liters of spirits per person.

The cost of cigars in Cuba depends on the manufacturer. Romeo & Julieta cigars will cost 4-7 CUC each, Montecristo Petit Tubos – 5-7 CUC. A box of 25 cigars costs 30-50 CUC.

Cigars at street vendors are cheaper. But experienced tourists take Cuban cigars only from official manufacturers. The fact is that the vendors on the streets roll cigars sloppily and use low-grade raw materials. Immediately after purchase open the box. This way you can make sure that the stated amount of cigars is inside and that they are of the right quality.

Unlike rum, there are no restrictions on the export of cigars from Cuba. The main thing is that the batch of more than 23 pieces was provided with special packaging and a hologram.

How much does rum and cigars cost in Cuba?

Packaging of “Romeo and Juliet” cigars. In Russia, the price for one piece starts at one thousand rubles, in Cuba – much cheaper. (Photo: / @jorisv)

How to save money while vacationing in Cuba

  • Take only euros to Cuba, because the exchange of dollars is charged a commission of 10% of the amount.
  • Do not look for where you can get a bargain on currency exchange. All exchangers in the country are state-owned, so everywhere the exchange rate is the same.
  • Stay in Varadero – it’s the cheapest resort in Cuba.
  • You can rent accommodation from Cubans on Airbnb. Choose accommodations with good reviews.
  • Check the price when ordering food at restaurants, sometimes they don’t give you a menu, but tell you the price verbally.
  • Explore Havana, Trinidad and other cities on your own, not with a tour.
  • Take cheap public transportation.
  • Negotiate the price with the cab driver before you get in the car.

How much will a vacation to Cuba cost in 2022?

Let’s calculate how much an independent vacation to Cuba in 2022 costs for two people for 10 days:

  • Airfare Moscow-Havana and back – 62,000 rubles.
  • A room in a guesthouse in Varadero – 30,000 rubles.
  • Meals in cafes and restaurants – 25 000 rubles.
  • Bus from Havana to Varadero and back – 2 500 rubles.

Total cost of travel to Cuba for two people for 10 days – 120 thousand rubles. In this case, the cheapest tour in Varadero, you can buy from 90 thousand rubles, but in addition need to spend money on food. Conclusion: the cost of recreation in Cuba on tour and on your own is about the same. Plus lay out the cost of excursions.

How much does it cost to go to Cuba

The beach in Varadero.

How much did our trip cost

We spent 12 days in Cuba: 4 days in Havana, 5 days in Trinidad and 3 days in Varadero. We saw the country from different angles, relaxed on two coasts and had a great time walking around colorful Havana (we walked 50 km). It was interesting! Here are our expenses for two:

  • $369 – food.
  • $100 – cocktails, wine and beer.
  • $72 – transportation.
  • $4 – museum in Trinidad.
  • $4 – tips to the musician and security guard at the lookout.
  • $77 – apartment in Havana for 4 nights.
  • $114 – cabin in Trinidad for 5 nights.
  • $140 – guest house in Varadero for 3 nights.

Total: $880, or 55,000 rubles for two people. The budget has everything except for airfare. You can repeat our route and your trip to Cuba will be quite inexpensive and very interesting.

    : where best to rest : description, photos and prices : resorts, prices, holidays with children : prices, reviews, seasons

How much does it cost to go to Cuba?

In bright and colorful Trinidad.

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