How much money to take in Greece – 2022

Prices for holidays in Greece: tours, airfare, accommodation, tours, transportation

Greece is traditionally considered one of the most inexpensive countries, especially when compared to Europe. Prices for package holidays in Greece now are even lower than in Thailand and neighboring Turkey. In this article we’ll take a closer look at how much a vacation in Greece costs.

It all depends on how you travel. Any country can be both cheap and expensive, because everyone spends money differently. There will always be those who get by with “little blood” and those whose wallet is pretty empty, and vacation in Greece is no exception. To cover this topic more fully, I’ve compiled a few budgets below for different styles of travel. Just focus on the one that is closer to you personally and determine how much it will cost to go to Greece individually.

Prices for tours in Greece

Holiday in Greece in 2017 prices

The trip to Greece is one of those countries where you can fly cheaper than on your own, you just need to look for last minute tours. The cost of tour packages strongly depends on the season, the most expensive offers in July and August. It’s the hottest time in Greece, and the beach holiday is in full swing. Most successful month in terms of price/weather/number of tourists is September.

Unlike Turkey, Greece is not so widespread early booking, but still in travel agencies you can find options for “All Inclusive”. What is better and more profitable, the early booking or last minute trips, we dealt in the article. As usual, the cheapest way to fly from Moscow.

The average price for a tour to Greece ranges from 14 000 to 30 000 rubles per person. The trip will take from 3 to 14 days. Holidays with children will cost a pretty penny, but it is a standard situation for almost any country.

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Air tickets

The actual prices of air tickets to Greece you can see in the widget below. The lowest prices for air tickets to Greece from Moscow to Athens. As a rule, the prices for air tickets to the resorts are higher. The widget is interactive, you can change its settings, change the city of departure and arrival, click on a month and see how much the plane tickets cost for a particular date. Keep in mind that the cost of the ticket depends on whether it is a direct or connecting flight. If you buy roundtrip tickets at once, you will save on average 1,000-2,000 rubles. You can find the cheapest flight in advance, about two months before the planned date of travel. Flying in summer is more expensive.

Look for cheap tickets on Aviasales and Skyscanner. These services compare prices of all carriers. Learn the secrets of finding the best airfares.


Now let’s determine how much housing costs in Greece. Depending on the region of Greece, the cost of housing will vary. The more popular the city, island or resort you choose, the higher the prices are. In Athens, as a rule, it is cheaper to rent an apartment than in Mykonos. But it is better to look at each case separately.

Holidays in Greece with children - 2022. Best resorts and hotels

Look for good hotels on Hotellook – the site compares prices from a variety of booking systems (Booking too) and finds the best one. Read our guide on how to find a good and inexpensive hotel on your own.

For example, a place in a common room in a hostel will cost you 10 – 30 euros, and a separate room in a hostel 45 – 60 euros. In low season the cost will drop to an average of 25 euros.

The cost of rooms in an inexpensive hotel starts at 40 euros for a room with a double bed. In Mykonos the price for a room starts at 55 euros. During the high season on the Greek islands (July and August), expect a price increase of 2 times.

You can save money by renting a separate apartment with a kitchen. In Greece you can find an apartment for the price of a bed in a hostel for a day with its own kitchen, at the same time save on food, if you cook yourself. I usually rent accommodation on Airbnb. There you can pay online in advance in rubles, look through a bunch of offers, find a villa by the sea, etc. The main thing is to pay attention to the description, the final price, reviews, and location of the accommodation.

Save money on accommodations by renting from locals with Airbnb. Get 2,100 rubles as a gift on your first booking.

trip to Greece cost

Prices for food in Greece are slightly higher than in Moscow. Greece is famous for its cuisine. A good lunch at a restaurant, even in a tourist area, will cost you about 20 euros. If you order a Greek wine the check rises to 30 euros. To eat in Greece in expensive restaurants is possible by spending from 30 euros. The seafood in Greece is comparatively not cheap, the whole fish costs 18 euros. The prices in cafe are lower, there the average check about 11 euros. The cost of spirits for Europe is very democratic – a bottle of local beer is about 100 rubles, and here imported already closer to 300, a bottle of wine, on the average, 500 rubles. You can buy a liter of good olive oil from 800 rubles.

If you want to save money on food, then pay attention to street food. For example Gyros (which is something like shawarma) you can have a nourishing and tasty meal for 3 euros.

If you’re going to cook on your own, you’ll have to spend about 36 euros per week per person on food. See the table below for the current prices of food in markets and stores in Greece.

Average food prices in Greece

Our review of holidays in Rhodes. Prices and tips - 2022


The trip on public transport is 1,40 €, the minimum fare for a cab is from 4 €.

The cost of trip by long-distance bus or train in Mainland Greece is on the average 20 €.

Since there are so many islands in Greece, if you travel between them, you will have to use ferries and boats frequently. Expect to spend, on average, about 36 euros per trip, although less if the islands are close, about 12 euros. To get from Athens to any of the islands costs about 60 euros. Slow night ferries are 13 euros. Night ferries are a good way to save money, and you don’t have to pay for lodging, you’ll spend the night on the ferry, and are cheaper than the fast day ferries.

Renting a yacht in Greece for a week on average from 1000 euros, a day from 20 euros per person. You can choose with a captain and crew, you can choose without. You can search options online at

Prices for car rental in Greece start at 16 euros per day. The cost of gasoline per liter is 1.57 euros. Approximately at the same price will come out renting a scooter online.

I advise you to rent a car in Greece from local renters through Myrentacar – they have convenient and safe online booking, plus lower prices than international rental companies.


Tickets to visit historic monuments and attractions cost 12 – 24 euros. Island activities (kayaking, parasailing, bananas) will cost 22 – 45 euros. You can rent a quad bike for a day for 20 euros, scuba diving – an average of 72 euros.

Prices for excursions are very diverse, usually starting at 20 euros. You can see the exact cost of specific excursions below.

    – unusual excursions from the locals. – Inexpensive group tours.

Only Russian-speaking guides.

How much money to take on vacation in Greece

And by tradition, let’s look at the average cost of a vacation in Greece, based on the experience of other travelers. In the table you will see the average spending for 1 and 2 people per day, week and month in Greece. By figuring out your travel style, you’ll have data to guide you when planning your trip to Greece.

From this table you will be able to understand how much money you will need not only to vacation in Greece, but you will also understand the approximate cost of living in Greece.

Lake Vouliagmeni in Athens
Medium Luxurious
1 person/day € 29 2 119 ₽ € 72 5 260 ₽ € 175 12 786 ₽
1 person per week € 204 14 904 ₽ € 506 36 968 ₽ € 1 225 89 499 ₽
1 person 2 weeks € 407 29 735 ₽ € 1 012 73 937 ₽ € 2 450 178 997 ₽
1 person 1 month € 872 63 708 ₽ € 2 168 158 394 ₽ € 5 251 383 638 ₽
2 people per week € 407 29 735 ₽ € 1 012 73 937 ₽ € 2 450 178 997 ₽
2 pers. 2 weeks € 814 59 471 ₽ € 2 023 147 800 ₽ € 4 901 358 067 ₽
2 persons 1 month € 1 745 127 490 ₽ € 4 335 316 715 ₽ € 10 501 767 203 ₽

How to save money

Eat cheap.

Gyros and other street food won’t leave you hungry for €10 a day. If you cook on your own, your average weekly grocery budget will range from €35 to €60.

Rent a moped

When you will not be able to get to a particular attraction by train, rent a moped, it’s a little cheaper than renting a car, plus the savings on gasoline, plus you will be pleasantly winded in the heat of the day.

Turn off the tourist trails.

Greece really is an inexpensive country if you don’t go to the popular tourist islands. Get out of the touristy areas as soon as possible and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with 30-40% lower prices.

Travel between islands by night ferries – exploring Greek islands can cost you a lot of money. So buy tickets for the night ferries, you’ll save a lot on the trip and you don’t have to pay for a hotel overnight.

Food prices in Greece

Book your ferry ticket in advance

If you book the ferry ticket 2 months in advance you can save up to 25% of the cost. Find and book your ferry here.

Avoid Mykonos

Mykonos is a very expensive island and prices there are always unreasonably high. Yes, it is a very beautiful island. A real pride of Greece, but it is also the most expensive island to vacation on in Greece. You are unlikely to find cheap accommodation, pay 12 euros for drinks and 40 for a single meal (and do not think to order fish!). Wealthy honeymooners come here to celebrate their honeymoon, so if you’re on a tight budget, I’d advise you to choose another island, as there are plenty of them.

As you can see, in Greece, as in any other country, there is a wide range of opportunities to spend money. For you, the country may be cheap, or you may be spending hundreds of dollars a day. It all depends on your travel style. I put this country on my list of inexpensive because many people think that traveling in Europe is expensive. This is true for many eurozone countries, but not for Greece.

Rhodes or Crete: Where should I vacation in 2022?

If you compare travel budgets for Greece with similar budgets for Amsterdam or Rome, where a night in a hostel costs 20-30 euros and a meal for 5 euros is considered cheap, you will feel the difference. Even in Athens it’s cheaper for a hotel room than in Amsterdam for a bed in a hostel.

So if you want to visit Europe, and your budget is limited – go to Greece. You’ll probably find this article about the best places to go to Greece for the first time useful.

How much money to take in Greece

How much money to take in Greece

We can help you calculate how much money to take to Greece in 2022. Up-to-date prices for food in restaurants and cafes, the cost of excursions and entertainment. Find out if a 10-day trip for one person is expensive.



Greeks prepare excellent dishes with seafood, fresh vegetables and fruits, so you should not deny yourself gastronomic pleasures! How much money should I take in Greece for a budget three-course meal? In local establishments breakfast costs 6-8 €, and lunch or dinner – 10 €.

Restaurants in the tourist area charge more: moussaka is 9 €, zazaki sauce – 4-5 €, pizza – 7-14 €, and main course with fish – from 12 €. A cup of cappuccino is 2,8-3 €, wine from 3 €, and beer from 2,5-3,8 €.

For a frugal vacation, set aside from 20 € per day. If you’ll buy products in the nearest supermarket and cook by yourself, you can manage 6-10 € per day. For fruit it is better to go to stores and the market. In season, peaches, nectarines, grapes, melons, figs and apples are sold for 1-1,5 € per kilo.

It is not a bad solution to eat at souvlaki and other Greek fast food outlets. Take-away meals cost from 1,5 € there. If you want to have lunch at a table, prices for the same meal will start at 4 €.

Do not order the most expensive dishes and a lunch at the fish tavern without alcohol will cost 15-20 €. Prices for meals in prestigious restaurants start from 12-15 €, so for a dinner consisting of two dishes, an appetizer and a glass of wine you will pay from 35 €.

Tatiana R: “Prices are the same everywhere – dinner for two people cost from 35 to 50 € excluding alcohol. There are variations – the prices range from 2 euros for a glass to 25 euros for a bottle of dry wine.

Prices in taverns are small by local standards, but to have dinner for 40 euros for two is certainly not every day”.

Greek gyros. Photo: svariophoto / Lobster with grilled vegetables. Photo: felker /

Excursions and entertainment

Greek resorts are like jewel boxes. On the mainland and the islands there are many monuments of antiquity, ancient fortresses and ancient temples. Tickets to museums cost €3-10 and to the Acropolis €20.

Corfu or Crete: where should I vacation in 2022?

Look for tours in Greece on Tripster and Sputnik8. Walking and bus group tours cost from 25 €. Prices for custom tours start at 75 €. Popular among tourists are sightseeing tours of historic monuments of Athens and gastronomic walks with a guide in Greek taverns. Learn more about the sights of Athens.

The sea and beaches in Greece are free, but you have to pay for the infrastructure on the beach! Renting a chair for the day costs 2,5 €, and an umbrella from the sun 2 €. At the famous beaches the prices are 1-1,5 € higher.

If you want a new experience and to see the beauty of the underwater world, learn how to scuba dive. Diving with an instructor at shallow depths costs 40 €.

How much money to take in Greece

The Acropolis of Athens with the port of Piraeus in the background. Photo: Dan Lundberg /

Shopping and souvenirs

Tourists do not leave Greece without souvenirs. They willingly buy figurines and vases of the old days, fine Greek ceramics, lace, natural cosmetics, excellent olive oil and local wines. If you have enough of pleasant trinkets, take 10 € for souvenirs, but usually vacationers spend at least 40-50 € for souvenirs.

Those, who want to bring leather and fur products from Greece, we advise to take additional 1500-3000 €. For fur coats is better to go to a city in the north-west of the country – Kastoria. Fur clothes are no longer trendy in Europe, so prices in Greek stores are often reduced.

How much money to take in Greece

The Hadrian and Athens exhibition at the museum. Photo: Follow Hadrian /


Public transportation is cheap in the country. Fare on city buses, trolleybuses, electric trains and metro in Athens costs 1.2 €.

How much money is spent on cabs in Greece? Passengers pay €3.2 to get in and €0.25 per kilometer. According to the reviews of tourists, a trip of 10 km will cost about 20 €. At night the fares double.

How much money to take in Greece

A crosswalk in Athens. Photo: jekatarinka /

Conclusion: how much money to take in Greece

If you have paid for the road, hotel and do not want to spend extra money, take 250 € for your trip to Greece. Budget meals for 10 days for one person costs 200 €, excursions and entertainment – 16 €, shopping and souvenirs – 10 €, and public transportation – 24 €.

To make your vacation in Greece as comfortable as possible, you should take from 800 €: 500 € for food, 150 € for 2-3 excursions, 100 € for shopping and souvenirs, and 50 € for 3-4 cab trips.

How much money do you need in Greece to feel like you’re really in paradise? Take 1400 € for a luxurious vacation: 700 € for food, 400 € for 5 excursions, 200 € for shopping and souvenirs, 100 € for a daily cab ride. And don’t miss anything!

How much money do you need in Greece

Balos beach in Crete. Photo: stefanlanghp1 /

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