How to get from Rome to Tivoli – all ways

How to get from Rome to Tivoli – all ways

How to get from Rome to Tivoli

We tell you how to get from Rome to Tivoli on your own. Which transport is the fastest? What’s cheaper? Timetables, names of stations and bus stations, fares and ticket purchase. Tips on how to save money.

How to get by bus from Rome to Tivoli

Picturesque town located on the western slope of the Sabine Mountains, only 30 km from Rome. In 50 minutes you can get from Rome to Tivoli by bus.

Stops . The blue air-conditioned Cotral buses from Rome to Tivoli leave from the metro station Ponte Mammolo (line B). To board, go to the upper level, to platforms 2-3. We advise you to check the information about the place of departure on the scoreboard!

In Tivoli the buses arrive at the terminus, which is located 2 km from the main attraction of the city, the ancient Villa D’Este. You can not go all the way to the end, and get off at the stop Piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi (Piazza Garibaldi), 100 meters from the famous Villa.

If you plan to visit Villa Hadrian, get off early in the city center and take City Bus 4. Tickets for it cost 1 euro, and are sold in the tobacco kiosks tabacherie .

Timetable . Buses from Rome to Tivoli run from morning to late afternoon at 10-20 minute intervals. Visit the website of the carrier, type Roma Ponte Mammolo at the start and Tivoli at the end, and you will see the exact timetable and names of all stops.

Where to buy a ticket. Rome-Tivoli bus tickets are not sold online. Tickets can only be bought before boarding at a cafe behind the turnstiles in the metro building and at the newspaper kiosk when leaving the station. A one-way fare costs 2.2 euros. Don’t forget to stamp your travel document at the special terminal located at the beginning of the cabin, near the driver!

How to save money . If you take a round-trip ticket for 4.4 euros, you won’t need to waste time buying one on the way back from Tivoli.

Excursions from Rome to Tivoli:

By bus from Rome to Tivoli

Tivoli (Photo: / @speedyroby)

How to get by train from Rome to Tivoli

The most comfortable and fastest way to get from Rome to Tivoli on your own is the local treno regionalale electric trains. Travel time is from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

The trains leave from the railway stations of Rome Tiburtini and Termini, from platforms Est1 – Est3. To understand the structure of Roman railway stations is not easy. It is advisable to arrive 30 minutes before departure not to miss the train.

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In Tivoli the trains arrive at the station Stazione di Tivoli, on the eastern outskirts of the city. From here to the historic center is a 20 minute walk. If you’re looking for thermal springs, get off earlier – at Bagni Di Tivoli station .

Schedule . Electric trains from Rome to Tivoli run daily from 5:35 to 22:00 with intervals of 10 to 40 minutes. The exact schedule can be found on the official website of the Italian railroads

Where to buy a ticket . Rome – Tivoli trains tickets are sold at the ticket offices and vending machines at the train stations. Tickets cost between 2.74 and 3.16 euros. Italian cashiers usually only know their native language, and Trenitalia’s electronic vending machines have menus in English.

To buy online, use the Russian-language service Omio. Do not forget to stamp your tickets at the station, otherwise you will have to pay a fine – 30 euros plus the cost of a new ticket for the same train.

How to save . You can’t buy a ticket cheaper than at the ticket office. In order not to waste time standing in lines, we advise to buy online.

Train from Rome to Tivoli

Tivoli (Photo: / @notaphotographer)

Tours from Rome to Tivoli

If you like to experience the sights of Italy with a guide, buy a tour in Russian. There are several day tours to Tivoli from Rome that are 4-4.5 hours. Group tours cost from 40 to 75 euros, and individual tours cost 350 euros.

Tourists are picked up from hotels in Rome and brought by bus or train to Tivoli. Guide guides guides tour of the city, shows tourists Villa D’Este, Villa Gregoriana and the ancient streets. Entrance tickets to Villa D’Este are charged separately, ranging from 10 to 13 euros.

Look for tours on the Sputnik and Tripster websites. Individual and group, without crowds of tourists and in Russian.

Cheapest way to get from Rome to Tivoli

Sixteenth-century mansion – Villa d’Este in Tivoli (Photo: / @diana_hrn)

BlaBlaCar hitchhiking

Cab from Rome to Tivoli is expensive – 60-75 euros, so it is more profitable to find hitchhikers and share the cost of travel with them. It’s easy to do with the popular service BlaBlaCar. To see the offers from drivers and prices, enter “Rome” in the place of departure and “Tivoli” in the arrival point. Set a date and a suitable time.

We have found inexpensive options starting at 5 euros. If there are no trips for the day you choose, you will have to use public transportation.

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Rent a car.

From Rome to Tivoli there are excellent roads A24 and SR5. They are pleasant to travel by car. Without stopping, you will get there in 40 minutes. In the morning and evening there can be traffic jams.

The cheapest rentals are at Fiumicino Airport. An economy car costs from 15 euros per day. Do not forget to plan for extra costs – to pay for high-speed roads, gasoline and parking. Learn all the nuances of renting a car abroad.

How to save money . We recommend to take a car for several days.

How to get from Rome to Tivoli fast

Tivoli (Photo: / @notaphotographer)

The best way to get from Rome to Tivoli

It takes 40 minutes by car, 50 minutes by bus, and 1 hour by train. Many people like to go to the ancient city as part of a tour group.

If you are not ready to spend extra money, choose the cheapest option – the bus. The disadvantages of this trip – traffic jams on the busy Via Tiburtina . Buses to Tivoli are actively used by locals, so sometimes there is not enough seats.

The buses to Tivoli are heavily used by locals, and sometimes there’s not enough seating. For tourists who like to explore new places by driving, car rental is the right choice. A rental car gives complete freedom of movement. You will be able to lay out a route to the most interesting sights of the Lazio region and make a stop at any place you like.

How to get from Rome to Tivoli

The distance from Rome to Tivoli is 33 km. The modest Italian town attracts tourists with its historical villas. It is not difficult to reach it, and the experience is not worse than the capital itself.

You can get to Tivoli by train on regional trains, by highway buses, as well as by rental car, cab or with a hitchhiker.

Travel time by train – 1 hour, by bus – 50 minutes, by car – 40 minutes.

Of course, you can always sightsee as part of an organized tour – it is the easiest. Nevertheless, further in the advice, let’s consider what is the best way to get from Rome to Tivoli on your own.

How to get from Rome to Tivoli

Train Rome – Tivoli

This is the most understandable way to travel to the Italian city.

Regional trains (Regionale) leave from Tiburtina train station every 40-60 minutes. They run from 6 am to 10 pm. Arrival is at the Tivoli train station.

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Travel time is about 1 hour. Keep in mind: trains in Italy are often late and less often don’t arrive at all.

The Rome – Tivoli train schedule is available at Trenitalia is the main train operator in Italy.

The price of a train ticket for Rome – Tivoli in 2022 is 2.60 or 3 euros . You can buy a ticket on the above website. It is valid for a specific date and time, unlike a ticket purchased at self-service terminals at the train station.

You can also buy a train ticket on the Russian-language website Rail Europe, which specializes in European rail destinations.

Bus Rome – Tivoli

With this method is a little more complicated, so we recommend to pay attention to the trains. The Cotral buses leave during the day (from early morning to midnight) every 10-20 minutes from the Roma Ponte Mammolo stop (Metro Line B station).

Boarding takes place on the second level of the station. Here is a view of the platform from Google Maps:

Cotral buses are the characteristic blue color (you can see them in the panorama). They usually depart from platforms 2 and 3, but it’s better to check the electronic scoreboard.

The ticket from Rome to Tivoli costs 2.20 euros one way. It is best to take it there and back. Tickets are not sold online, you can buy them just before boarding at a newsstand near the station or in the cafeteria at the exit of the subway. Ticket must be validated at the special terminal, located at the front of the cabin.

The bus goes to Tivoli station, but it’s better to get off at Piazza Garibaldi: the Villa d’Este is a stone’s throw away. Ask the driver to stop in the square, otherwise you will miss the stop.

If you want to see Villa Hadrian, it’s better to go to the center and from there take the local bus number 4 to the villa. Local bus tickets are sold at tobacco stands in town and cost 1 euro. When you enter the salon ticket must be stamped. You can not buy it from the driver, and the penalty for fare evasion is 50 euros. Then from Villa Hadrian you can take the Cotral bus back to Rome.

You can find the schedule of the Cotral carrier on its website. There you will find the exact coordinates of all stops in Tivoli. Select “Roma Ponte Mammolo” as the departure point and “Tivoli” as the arrival point.

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The trip by bus takes about 50 minutes, but the travel time depends on the traffic situation. So, it’s better to leave early in the morning, while everyone is traveling towards Rome, and return in the evening, when the motorists are moving back to the suburbs. Besides, a full day is just enough to see Tivoli and its sights.

Cab Rome – Tivoli

The most comfortable way. The driver will arrive at the specified address and take you to the place. You can order a cab online by making a request in advance. Payment is made in the currency at the current rate.

Searching for transfers in Tivoli

From Where Cost
Rome Ciampino Airport Tivoli Rome from 7811 p. Show
Rome Tivoli Rome from 9,525 p. Show
Termini Station (Rome) Tivoli Rome from 12192 p. Show
Rome Fiumicino / Leonardo da Vinci Airport Tivoli Rome from 13081 p. Show
Tiburtina station Tivoli Rome from 18415 p. Show
From Where Cost
Tivoli Rome Rome Ciampino Airport from 7811 p. Show
Tivoli Rome Rome from 9,525 p. Show
Tivoli Rome Termini Station (Rome) from 12192 p. Show
Tivoli Rome Rome Fiumicino / Leonardo da Vinci Airport from 13081 p. Show
Tivoli Rome Tiburtina station from 18415 p. Show

From Rome to Tivoli by car

The trip by car will take about 40 minutes. The distance from Rome to Tivoli by car is 33 km by the shortest way (through A24 and SR5). If you go directly to Villa Adriana, then 29 km. There may be some traffic jams along the way, but it depends on what time you set off.

Please note that there are some tolls along the way. The amount of toll depends on the category of the vehicle, the distance covered and the type of road section. We recommend to know details on the thematic forums of auto-travelers.

Detailed description of the route with all the turns:

Rome – Tivoli route description

Route length between Rome and Tivoli: 34km.

Approximate driving time: 35m Show route description

Distance Time Note
148м 29с Go straight on to the San Angelo Bridge
170м 20с Go left in Via di Porta Castello
101м 12с Go straight on in Via Sforza Pallavicini.
185м 23с Go straight on to Via Giacomo
338м 42с Turn right in Via Cola di Rienzo
198м 24с Go straight ahead in Piazza Cola di Rienzo
356м 44с Go straight on to Via Cola di Rienzo
23м Go straight on to Ponte Margherita
124м 13с Turn left into Lungotevere Arnaldo da Brescia
255м 28с Turn right into Via Luisa di Savoia
1km Go straight on to Viale del Muro Torto
682м Go straight on to Corso d’Italia
499м 55с Go left on Corso d’Italia
44м Go left on Piazzale di Porta Pia
2 km Head straight on to Via Nomentana
440м 48с Head right in Via Nomentana
304м 37с Turn right in Via della Batteria Nomentana
15м Head left on Circonvallazione Nomentana
2 km Go straight on to Circonvallazione Nomentana
595м 29с Go straight on to the Circonvallazione Tiburtina
266м 23с Go right on Circonvallazione Tiburtina
262м 23с Go left on to the Autostrada Parkway
4km Go straight on to the Autostrada Parks
2 km Turn right onto the A24.
602м 22с Go straight on to the Autostrada Parks
191м 17с Turn left onto Parkway.
11km Go straight on to the Autostrada Parks
1km Turn right onto SP51a.
122м 11с Turn right onto SP51a.
1km Go straight on to SP51a.
33м Head traffic circle on SP51a
1km 56с Take the 2nd exit on SP51a.
206м 11с Head left onto SP51a.
152м Turn left onto Via Nazionale Tiburtina
49м Go straight on to SS5
342м Turn right.
36м Head left
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Rent a car.

Travelling by a car is more than pleasant and comfortable. It gives freedom of movement and no time constraints. The only thing to remember is to read the rules and penalties, as this information will always come in handy.

Useful will be this topic material: “Rent a car in Italy”.

Searching for a traveling companion

You can travel the route Rome – Tivoli with a chauffeur. You can find a driver who goes in the direction you are interested in on the website Blablacar. This is the largest community of hitchhikers. To arrange a trip with the driver you need to register on the site.

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