How to get to Innsbruck from Munich and Vienna

How to get to Innsbruck from Munich and Vienna

In this article, travel tips on how to get to Innsbruck from Munich and Vienna.

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Innsbruck is an absolutely charming city and a wonderful ski resort. Traveling through Austria or Germany, it’s a sin not to visit the capital of the Alps.

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How to get to Innsbruck from Vienna

Austria, like Germany, is a country where trains rule. The length of Austrian railroads is more than 6000 km! Do you need to say that all the Austrians work like clockwork? No wonder that many people prefer to get to Innsbruck from Vienna by train, and the ÖBB – Austrian Federal Railways – offers attractive discounts. For example, with the VORTEILScard you can get tickets with a 50% discount, and the Einfach-Raus-Ticket for 35 euros allows a company of up to 5 people to travel comfortably in Austria. And here is SparSchiene Austria (the ticket price from 9 euros for domestic travel and from 19 euros – Europe) you have to “catch”, they are not always available. The ticket for the train Vienna-Insbruck without any discounts – from 24 euros.

how to get to insbruck by train

The Austrian Federal Railways offers travel not only by train – with the ÖBB Intercitybus you can also travel by bus, but only on limited routes: Graz-Clagenfurt (€27.20), Graz-Wolfsberg (€16.90), Klagenfurt-Venice, and several routes from Venice to Lido di Jesolo (€6.70) and Montegrotto-Terme.

The ÖBB also offers Postbus buses. Finding information about Vienna-Insbruck buses is a bit tricky, as many people prefer to travel by train. Here you will find information on the necessary bus routes . You can also use the Postbus website to create a timetable according to your needs and download it in pdf format, which is very convenient.

On a side note: WESTbus also offers international and intercity trips – from Linz to Prague you can get for 26 euros, from Vienna to Budapest for 22 euros and Vienna-Berlin tickets start at 29 euros, but there are no flights to Innsbruck.

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Book a hotel in Innsbruck in advance on Roomguru. Rates start at $77 per night for two people.

How to get to Innsbruck from Munich

By bus

From Munich to Innsbruck, you can take the MeinFernbus company bus – tickets cost from 8 euros. The first flight is at 7:45 and the last one is at 22:05. Website:

By train

You can buy train tickets to Innsbruck on the DB BAHN website, but it will come out significantly more expensive: the cheapest ticket on the Saver fare (Sparpreis) is 19 euros, without the promotion ticket usually costs from 30 euros.

Looking for bargain offers from carriers is best in the Busliniensuche system, where you can find budget options, as well as customize the search to your liking. So, according to the results, you can see that the best bargain is to use the Mein Fernbus bus company – they have the cheapest bus tickets for Munich-Innsbruck, only 8 euros.

Munich – Innsbruck transfer

Individual transfer is a convenient but expensive way to get from Munich to Innsbruck. You can book a cab online on the service Kiwi Taxi. The travel time is about 2 hours. You can choose a car of any class – from Economy to Premium, it is also possible to order a multi-car (minivan and minibus).

Rent a car

The best way to explore the country – travel by car. You can rent a car at The cost of renting a car depends on the class of the car and starts at 20 euros per day.

So, for those who do not know how to get from Munich and Vienna to Innsbruck, we advise: a trip to Tyrol will cost you much cheaper if you choose to travel by bus, although it is not the most convenient option compared to the trains. In our opinion, the best way to plan a trip from Munich or Vienna to Innsbruck is to use the above-mentioned ticket search service, which will give you all existing flights with travel time, price, and start and end stations. The advantage of this method is that you do not need to monitor the website of each company separately, and besides, the service has a mobile version, which will allow you to easily book tickets online, wherever you are.

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How to get from Munich to Innsbruck

The distance from Munich to Innsbruck is 144 km. To make a trip from the German city to Austrian Innsbruck you can use any type of ground transport. The trip by train – 2-4 hours, by bus – 2 hours 20 minutes, by car – 2 hours.

Aircraft are not considered due to the fact that it is not rational: it’s expensive and requires connecting flights. It’s easier to travel by train or bus.

In this article we will tell you in detail how to get from Munich to Innsbruck on your own. You will find current ticket prices and links to sites where you can buy them quickly. We also hope that some services will help you plan your trip.

Munich – Innsbruck train

Innsbruck railway station

This is one of the most popular ways to get to Innsbruck. Trains depart from Munich Central Station and arrive at Innsbruck Railway Station.

Trains run almost around the clock. You can leave early in the morning and close to midnight. Travel time – from 1 hour 40 minutes to 4 hours 30 minutes. The longest is one of the night trains.

Flights are either direct or have one or two transfers (Kufstein, Rosenheim).

See the train schedule on the website of German Railways.

Ticket price for train Munich – Innsbruck in 2022 – from 21.90 to 50 euros . Strictly speaking, it depends on which trains are used.

Pay attention to the combinations of letters in the timetable.

EC (EuroCity) . This is a direct, non-stop route. A ticket that is valid for a particular train costs €21.90-33.90 (Savings fares). A ticket valid for any train on the day of departure costs €47.50-73.90 (Flexpreis).

RJ . RJ is an Austrian RailJet train. The route involves transfers. Tickets are only one price category – 41.50 euros (Flexpreis).

RB, REX . The only trip covered by the Werdenfels plus Innsbruck (Werdenfels-Innsbruck) regional ticket. RB (Regionalbahn) – suburban trains in Germany, REX (Regional-Express) – in Austria. The ticket costs 27 euros, plus 12 euros for each passenger. In one boarding card you can enter 5 people. The ticket is valid from 00:00 to 03:00. Please note: When booking a ticket it is necessary to indicate the name and surname of all travelers. It is not possible to change the name after reservation. Read more about the regional ticket Werdenfels plus Innsbruck.

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The Rail Europe website specializes in searching and selling train tickets across Europe. In addition, you can buy a train ticket through a single ticket search service for transportation around the world.

Bus Munich – Innsbruck

The main carrier on this route is the company Flixbus. Getting to Innsbruck by bus is quite convenient: there are many flights, and you can choose a convenient one for yourself. Travel time is comfortable and varies from 2 hours 10 minutes to 2 hours 25 minutes depending on the trip.

Departure is from Munich Central Bus Station daily from 05:00 to 20:00. Arrivals are at the bus station in Innsbruck, located on Südbahnstraße:

The buses are modern, with comfortable seats, outlets for charging mobile devices, and a Wi-Fi access point.

The price of a bus ticket for Munich – Innsbruck in 2022 is 9-18 euros, depending on the flight. The price includes one piece of hand luggage and one piece in the luggage compartment.

Bus schedules are available on the Flixbus website.

Compare all travel options between cities in terms of cost and travel time via the OMIO unified ticket service.

Munich – Innsbruck cabs

If you book a transfer in advance, you can save valuable time. In addition, this method gets rid of the constraints that are inherent in public transport: there is no dependence on schedules.

To order is available as a compact small cars, designed for 3-4 people, and minibuses, suitable for a group of friends or a few traveling families. And especially for those who are going to the ski resort: all the equipment will fit in the trunk perfectly.

The cost is fixed and will not change, it depends on the capacity and comfort level of the chosen car, as well as the remoteness of the destination.

You can book a cab from Munich to Innsbruck through the service KiwiTaxi. Follow the instructions and carefully fill in the fields offered.

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Search for transfers

From Where to Cost
Munich Innsbruck from 16955 p. Show
Munich Innsbruck Airport from 19622 p Show
Munich Innsbruck Railway Station from 19685 p Show
Munich Airport Franz Josef Strauss Innsbruck from 21717 p Show
Munich Airport Franz Josef Strauss Innsbruck Airport from 22924 p Show
Munich Airport Franz Josef Strauss Innsbruck Railway Station from 23940 p Show
From Where to Cost
Innsbruck Munich from 16955 p. Show
Innsbruck Airport Munich from 19622 p Show
Innsbruck Railway Station Munich from 19685 p Show
Innsbruck Munich Airport Franz Josef Strauss from 21717 p Show
Innsbruck Airport Munich Airport Franz Josef Strauss from 22924 p Show
Innsbruck Railway Station Munich Airport Franz Josef Strauss from 23940 p Show

From Munich to Innsbruck by car

There are at least three routes. The distance from Munich to Innsbruck by car is 144 km by the shortest of them (through Unterhahing, Tegernsee, Schwarz).

The second option is via Unterhahing, Irschenberg, Kieversfelden (162 km).

The third option is via Wolfratshausen, Garmisch-Partenkirchen (151 km).

In all cases, the road will not take more than 2 hours.

A step-by-step description of one of the routes you will find below.

Munich – Innsbruck route description

The route between Munich and Innsbruck: 163km

Approximate travel time: 1h 52m Show description of the route

Distance Time Note
12м Go straight on to Marstallplatz
333м 59с Go left on Maximilianstraße
418м 38с Turn right into Thomas-Wimmer-Ring
34м Go left into Isartorplatz
110м 12с Go left into Isartorplatz
246м 27с Go straight on to Zweibrückenstrasse
139м 15с Go straight on to Ludwigsbrücke
227м 25с Go straight on to the Rosenheimer Strasse
2 km Turn right onto Rosenheimer Strasse
322м 11с Go straight on to the A8
56km 34м Go left onto the A8.
977м Turn right onto the A93.
22km 13м Go straight on to the A93
1km 38с Go right on the A93
1km 39с Go straight on to the A93
107м Go straight on.
3km Head right
69km 42м Go straight on to the A12
355м 32с Go right into the Amraser-See-Straße
1km Go straight on to Amraser-See-Straße
296м 36с Turn right into Amraser-See-Straße
169м 21с Turn right into Rudolf-Greinz-Straße
481м Go straight on to Langstraße
370м 46с Go straight on to Pembaurstraße
214м 26с Go left onto Reichenauer Strasse
370м 46с Go straight on to Dreiheiligenstraße
85м 17с Go right on Jahnstraße
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Please note that some roads in Austria are toll roads. You can travel on them only after paying the toll – vignette. You can buy it at petrol stations or online. There are three variants: for 10 days (9 euros), for 2 months (26.20 euros) and for 1 year (87.30 euros).

Detailed information you can find on thematic forums for auto travelers.

Car rental

It’s comfortable and pleasant to travel by rented car.

We recommend reading about the intricacies of rental cars in our separate article: Rent a Car in Germany.

Finding a hitchhiker

Find a driver who will agree to take passengers, you can find on the website This is an international community of fellow travelers who support the idea of budget travel. To contact a driver you need to register on the website.

OMIO unified ticket search

The Omio service allows you to compare all available public transport options by price and travel time. Here you will find tickets for trains, intercity buses for your chosen destination. Thanks to the easy search will be able to find the best offer.

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