How to get to Prague cheaply – the secrets of economy

How to fly cheap to Prague (all variants)

Prague is remarkable in that you can get there quite inexpensively. Of course you should not take the first ticket you see. There are many ways to fly to Prague cheap. Let’s talk about this … I should tell you right away that traveling to Prague from Russia by train is expensive and long.

How much is a ticket to Prague (regular and cheap)

The normal “ticket to the front”. A ticket to Prague at normal (regular) price, if you take it in the front, will cost approximately from 220 euros and above. From this value and should be repulsed to understand whether you’re taking a cheap ticket or not. I don’t buy tickets at the regular price. And even reluctantly take a ticket for 170 euros (only if you really need it), because you can buy much cheaper.

A cheap ticket is one that can be bought from 85 euros . Sometimes cheaper, but I really haven’t gotten those yet – they sell out very quickly.

Five rules that everyone knows, but often ignore them

Nowadays there aren’t many good tricks (secrets) for buying cheap tickets, but there are patterns that work. If you follow these rules, you can get a ticket for a good price and fly to Prague cheap.

    First rule. No one buys tickets directly from airlines; everyone uses the major search engines Aviasales , SkyScanner, or similar. All airlines sell tickets through them.

(!) The second rule – the chat-bot. It’s super useful! If you don’t have it installed on your phone yet, do it now. It’s a little messenger extension that keeps track of cheap tickets. You just need to specify the destinations that are interesting, and then you will receive a newsletter of good deals on them. Download the bots can be found at the following links: for Viber , for Facebook , for Telegram , for Slack . If you do not need tickets, you can set the mode “Do not disturb.

  • The third golden rule – it’s often ignored. We look for and buy in advance. Start looking for tickets at least 3 months in advance (ideally 4-6 months in advance). In general, the entire budget trip is based on the ticket. I wrote about it here, and I said, that it’s necessary to use low-cost calendar!
Malá Strana and Petřín Hill: sights

“Russians are stable with trip planning. Invariably, year after year, every second traveler buys tickets at most a week before departure. This may be due to the fact that Russians have a complicated relationship with vacations – they are either given at the last moment, or not given at all. Planning your vacation a couple of days before departure is definitely not worth it. While tickets for flights within Russia tend to get cheaper in 2-3 weeks before departure, a long-haul flight to, say, the USA or Vietnam should be planned about six months in advance, and to Europe about 2-3 months before departure.

The overall picture is as follows (see table).

How long before departure Russians buy tickets.

How long before departure Russians buy tickets.

Very important! We are very lucky with Prague! First of all: you can fly there whenever you want, because it’s always nice there. Secondly: for Prague you don’t have to take a basic vacation, even 4-5 days are enough to visit it! Therefore, you can take 2-3 days off at work and add to them two days off. It would be a very good trip. And since we are not tied to the main vacation, we can buy tickets for a variety of dates – there is a wide choice. This applies, by the way, not only to Prague. For example, tourists fly to Berlin, Rome, and Tbilisi, because they usually do not spend more than 5-7 days in such cities.

  • The fourth rule – you have to look. Do not be lazy: look, rather than take it head-on. If you look, you can fly to Prague for cheap. In any case, for the Czech Republic, it works, and it works very well. And what does it mean to look? How long does it take? First, you must install the chat-bot, which I wrote above. Secondly, to search means that every day go to the search engine and see what is in the low price calendar. The low price calendar is our everything! Try it every day for at least a week or two, and you will see for yourself how much the prices of different airlines change.
  • The fifth rule: in the high season you can’t get a cheap flight to Prague. There are no really cheap tickets. It is the whole month of May and the Christmas vacations. These are also the days when in Russia there are three weekends (for example, March 8 and February 23). If you see a ticket for these dates for 160-180 euros, take it without hesitation – it’s already a good price.
What to bring from Prague (Czech Republic) - prices for gifts and souvenirs

A few more obvious patterns! 1) Round trip tickets are cheaper. 2) Departures and arrivals at inconvenient hours are cheaper. 3) Flights with a connection are often cheaper. 4) The cheapest flights are on Monday and the most expensive on Friday.

Indirect flight options (good and not so good)

Flying through Karlovy Vary is a very good option!

It’s a very good option, and quite a few people use it. There are two bonuses. 1) The ticket price to Karlovy Vary is very low – from 85 euros (airline Pobeda). 2) You can immediately see Karlovy Vary – the second most popular city in the Czech Republic.

Extra costs: a bus ticket from Karlovy Vary to Prague starts at 5 euros. Travel time is only 2 hours. Look for tickets on Busfor or Flixbus . Check the prices on both sites, because they can be very different. Be sure to get your return ticket in advance to make it to the airport in time.

If you fly to Prague via Karlovy Vary, and then take a bus.

If you fly to Prague through Karlovy Vary and then take the bus.

Flying through Berlin is also an interesting option.

In my opinion, also a very good option, but less popular than the first. Now in Berlin is very cheap flights Pobeda – you can find tickets from 70 euros.

The option is good, because it’s super cheap and you can also see Berlin. Many people from Prague specifically go to Berlin to walk around, and in our case it would be a free bonus.

Additional costs: bus ticket from Berlin to Prague. They start at 14 euros, but it’s more likely to be around 20 euros. Check Busfor or Flixbus for ticket prices. Travel time: 4-5 hours.

If fly to Prague via Berlin, and then take a bus.

If you fly to Prague via Berlin, and then take a bus.

Flying through other countries with a connection (there are some disadvantages)

A workable variant: fly with connecting flights via other countries. From Moscow, for example, you can fly cheaply to Prague via Belgrade (Serbia), Riga (Latvia), Vienna (Austria), Budapest (Hungary), etc.

What to see in Prague by yourself - itinerary and tips

What are the disadvantages? From my experience, there are two minuses. First: you have to figure out how to change to the connecting flight, as every airport has its own nuances. Second: you need to choose tickets with an optimal connection time. If it’s too little, you may not make it, and if it’s too much, it turns into a real punishment. From personal experience, I’ll tell you that waiting for 8 hours for your flight – it’s very tedious. The bottom line: if your connection takes more than 5 hours, don’t buy these tickets: you’ll spend more money at the airport than you will save on your ticket.

What are the advantages? 1) It’s often cheaper. 2) If the transfer is daytime and long, you can go out into the city, see the main sights and put its visit in your piggy bank.

Example of finding a ticket with a transfer.

Example of finding a connecting flight.

If you decide to fly with a change, you should pay attention to the tickets of the Serbian airline Air Serbia. They fly through Belgrade. This is the easiest airport for transit – you can change planes in 30 minutes. You just have to follow the signs “Transfer, Tranzit, Connecting flights”. Seven exits from the departure area by transit flights are marked C1-C7. If you are flying for the first time, look for tickets with an interval between the planes of at least 2 hours. During this time you will understand exactly what is going on. If the interval between flights is more than 4 hours, take a cab (20 euros) to the historic city center and walk along the local Arbat – Prince Michael Street (Knez Mihailova Street). You can walk along this street to the ancient fortress. To visit Serbia Russians do not need a visa.

How to get to Prague cheaply

To buy tickets and choose the best by duration and the number of transfers it is better to use specialized sites for the purchase of tickets online.

Weekend in Prague. Tours, prices, ideas for a 3-day holiday

You can get the cheapest tickets to Prague Castle by flying via Moscow and St. Petersburg (from 6,000 rubles per one way, cheaper during the sales period). It is more advantageous to take flights of foreign airlines with connection in other European cities:

  • Air Serbia – with connection in Belgrade;
  • Aegean – via Athens;
  • airBaltic – via Riga.

In view of the uniform Schengen area you can choose a comfortable flight with a connection in one of the cities in the Schengen area and go for a walk during the long connection.

Last minute tours to Prague

An alternative option for a profitable trip to the cheerful capital of the Czech Republic is a hot tour, both with a flight from Moscow and from other regions of Russia. During sales and low season the cost of the package offer “flight + hotel” can be significantly lower than the price of just airfare.

When choosing a tour you should pay attention to a number of details:

  • the airport of arrival (most often it is Pardubice, located 100 km from the capital) and the availability of shuttle service;
  • Location of the hotel (preferably districts 1 and 2);
  • type of food included.

To Prague on a low-cost airline

A number of low-cost airlines provide direct flights from major Russian cities to European capitals. There are no lowcosters to Prague from Moscow and St. Petersburg, so you can use the following option:

  • Find a ticket to one of the European cities (Budapest, Bratislava, Vienna, Dresden, Munich), then get to the Czech capital by bus (good prices from Flixbus, Eurolines, MegaBus);
  • to find cheap flight to the city, from which there are low-cost airlines to Prague Castle (tickets from Cologne, Milan, Budapest, Berlin cost 20-30 euro) by Air Ticket Calendar ( and change flights.

Train Moscow – Prague

Travelers who due to circumstances (health, aerophobia, etc.) do not fly, can get to Prague on a direct firm train from Moscow №27/115 (departs from the Belorussky railway station). The train is equipped with modern coaches made in Germany. There are compartments for 4 and 2 people. Schedule – daily, travel time – 29 hours.

Independent travel to the Czech Republic - 2022. Prices and tips

The cost of travel by train is much higher than the price of airfare – a ticket in 2nd class starts at 220 euros, in 1st class at 350 euros. Possible ways to save money:

  • For children under 12 years old – 50% discount (under 4 years old – 62%);
  • For groups of adults 6 and more people – 25% discount.

Tickets must be purchased in advance, if possible on the day of sale (3 months before departure). In the online sale are available only 20 tickets, so if you do not have the required number of seats, it is recommended to visit the international offices of Russian Railways.

Bus Moscow – Prague

A budget way to get to the Czech capital “by land” is to use international buses. In 2020, direct bus services to Prague from the Russian capital are operated by Europe’s largest bus carrier Ecolines.

The route passes through Riga or Marijampole, travel time is 38-40 hours. Minimum ticket price starting from 6 200 rubles for adults.

To Prague by car

Car drivers can get to the ancient Czech city by car. Exciting and intense car trip through half of Eastern Europe requires special preparation:

  • A green card for the car;
  • International driving license for at least 1 driver;
  • A spare set of headlight bulbs and fuses;
  • carefully planned route, taking into account paid roads, accommodation places (there are a lot of inexpensive camping places in Europe), advantageous refueling options (gasoline prices inside the EU vary a lot).

The length of the route (from Moscow) is 1,950 km, travel time – from 22 hours (without long stops).

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