How to get to Pulkovo Airport

How to get to St. Petersburg airport. All options, prices and schedules

St. Petersburg International Airport Pulkovo is an airport of federal importance, the only airport in the city that serves official flights. Pulkovo has an annual passenger traffic of 18.1 million people, which is second only to three airports in Moscow in Russia. After the restructuring of the terminals in 2014, domestic and international flights are handled by one terminal. The airport is located 15 kilometers south of the city center.

  • Address: St. Petersburg, Pulkovskoe Shosse, v. 41.
  • Time zone: UTC +3, MSC
  • IATA code: LED, ICAO: ULLI, Internal Code: PLC
  • Official website:
  • Phones:

Airport terminals

St. Petersburg Airport operates 1 terminal, “New”. Pulkovo 2 does not function, Pulkovo 3 serves only business aviation. Necessary stop of public transport is “New Pulkovo Terminal”.

The second level of the airport terminal Departure. Here come all the buses to Pulkovo

How to get to Pulkovo Airport

To get to Pulkovo International Airport can be reached by the following ways:

  1. By city bus or shuttle cab.
  2. By train and bus (in combination).
  3. By cab.
  4. Ordering a shuttle service.
  5. Use the service of short-term car rental – carsharing.

First, consider a simple and cheap way to get to the Northern Capital Gateway during the day.

How to get to St. Petersburg airport by bus or minibus

The easiest and most popular way to get to the airport is by bus. Bus routes number 39, number 39E (express) to the terminus “New Pulkovo terminal” starts from Moskovskaya metro station. Bus number 39 follows the route with all stops (8), bus number 39E goes without stops, but runs less frequently.

Bus number 39 to Pulkovo Airport

In the south of the city, “Moskovskaya” metro station is located on Moskovsko-Petrogradskaya or “blue” metro line. The station has several exits, so to save time you should follow the signs “To the bus to the airport”. In the south of the city the pedestrian bus stop is located on the right side of the road.

Flights of route 39 start at 5:22 a.m. and end at 1:36 a.m., the interval is from 6 to 9 minutes. Flights of route number 39E start at 5:25 am and end at 0:02, the interval is 15 minutes. Fare is 40 rubles, for large luggage extra charge is also 40 rubles. In the buses can pay contactless payment card technology PayPass and payWave, as well as with a cell phone. You can also pay with St. Petersburg contactless smart cards, for example, BSC student or BSC “Podorozhnik”. As a rule, smart cards are used by local residents of the city, for one or two trips on public transport smart cards are not advantageous. The airport terminal is the terminus, which is located on the second level – “Departure”.

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You can also use the shuttle K-39 , whose route is the same as the bus route. Working time: 06:30 – 23:30, the interval is 15-30 minutes. Ticket price is also 40 rubles. Since the minibus cab is smaller than the bus, it is possible to use it if you do not have a lot of luggage.

How to get to Pulkovo by train

It is worth noting right away that Pulkovo does not have its own railway station within walking distance. Railway transport and aeroexpress were planned, but the projects were cancelled. However, it is possible to get to the nearest railway station by train. The nearest station to the terminal – “Airport” (Baltic direction), is located 6 kilometers from Pulkovo, near the same name public transport stop. Then it is most convenient to use buses number 39 and 39E, go to the terminal of the airport at 1 stop and get out at the terminus.

Electric train to the platform Airport departs from the Baltic Station in St. Petersburg

Train to “Aeroport” platform departs from St. Petersburg Baltiysky Railway Station, “Baltiyskaya” metro station, red line. Interval varies from 15 to 90 minutes. The beginning of movement – 6:05, the end – 23:30. Travel time from station to station is 17-19 minutes. The schedule of train from Baltic station can be found here. The price of the ticket – 41 rubles, tickets are purchased at the ticket offices or terminals of the station.

The station, which is located near the Baikal railway station, is located on the right bank of the Baltic Sea coast. Baltic station is located closer to the center than the metro station “Moskovskaya. Also convenient for those who drive from the south of the Leningrad region, from Gatchina and Luga.

Another type of transfer to the airport

In addition to public transport to the St. Petersburg airport terminal can be reached by other means, such as cab, shuttle service, carsharing, private car.

Cab to the airport

Booking a car to Pulkovo is possible with all city cab services: Yandex.taksi, taksovichkof, Vezyot, Gett, Bolt. Using Yandex.Taxi as an example, the average cost of a trip during the day is:

  • 610-650 rubles from city center (Moscow railway station, Nevsky prospekt 85, distance 21 km.)
  • 400 rubles to the nearest metro station “Moskovskaya” (Moskovsky Prospekt 197, a distance of 11 km.)
  • 1100 rubles from the most distant areas of the city (metro station Parnas, a distance of 54 km).
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At night the price of the trip may change upward, but not significantly.

Yandex.Taxi service car

Private drivers and cab companies of city taxi companies will take 1.5-2 times more for the same routes. For example, from the Moscow railway station the trip will cost about 1000 rubles.

It should be noted that the stay of the car at the airport for more than 15 minutes is paid additionally. That is why the drop off of passengers at the entrance of the terminal is made promptly.

Airport shuttle

For those who want to get the comfort of the trip, there is an opportunity to order a transfer to Pulkovo. The main difference of transfer is the help and special attention of the driver to passengers and luggage. Most of the driver takes care of himself and is responsible for the speed and comfort of the transfer. You can book a transfer through the service kiwitaxi, making an application online. The application is a standard form: where from, where to, the number of people. Then the service selects different options for transfer.

From the Moscow railway station, which is located in the city center on Nevsky Prospect, the average price of a trip for 3 – 4 people class “Economy” is 1250 rubles, a class “Comfort” – 1755 rubles. Guaranteed: on-time delivery car, meeting passengers, assistance with luggage, fixed price. Transfer is most relevant for travelers with children, as there is an opportunity to specify the number of child seats in advance, the service takes care of their availability.

Rent a carshare

Today in St. Petersburg there are 7 carsharing companies: Yandex.Drive, Delimobil, You Drive, RentMee, Car5, Colesa, CarSmile.

A CarSmile carshare car against the background of St. Isaac's Cathedral

However, you should pay attention to the main thing – the possibility of completing the trip in the airport parking lot. Below is a table of all services with the price and the possibility of completing the trip at the airport terminal. Please note that only the first three companies provide parking as an end of the trip. Perhaps in some time the other companies will be able to provide this service as well.

It depends on the time of day and the class of the car.

In order to park your car and end your trip at the Pulkovo parking lot, you must follow the instructions.

Pulkovo parking scheme with a description

  1. Before reaching the terminal building, turn right into the “P3 Open Short-term Parking” parking lot.
  2. Stop in front of the right barrier, the camera will automatically read your car’s data. You do not need a ticket or documents to enter. The barrier opens automatically. If the barrier does not open, contact the operator using the button, tell him that you want to park the car, name the carsharing company and the license number of the car.
  3. Find a designated area for the service. Complete the ride.
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You can calculate the cost using the example of the route on “Delimobile” from the city center, from the Moscow Railway Station. The distance is 21 km, travel time is from 30 to 60 minutes, the price per minute is about 9 rubles. The total amount, respectively, will be from 270 to 540 rubles. It turns out that even the maximum cost, which assumes the presence of traffic jams on the way, is lower than the order of a cab or a transfer.

Go to the airport by car

Pulkovo is conveniently located for car owners, as it is 20 kilometers from the city center, and 5 kilometers from the ring road (KAD). The main task of car owners is to choose a parking space.

There are 4 parking zones on the territory of the airport terminal: 2 short-term and 2 long-term parking zones. The most advantageous option is a long-term open parking P4. The cost of open parking P4 for a week will be 1700 rubles. Closed parking P1 for a week will cost 5,300 rubles. Short-term parking lots P2 and P3 are not profitable to park for a long period. Calculating the cost of parking space on the website of the airport.

A new parking area with a capacity of 120 spaces was recently opened 3 kilometers outside the airport terminal, but this parking is for those who meet and see you off by car. It is not allowed to leave vehicles here.

Free parking with 120 spaces for temporary waiting

If you need to drop off passengers without using the parking lot, the stay in the transit area for up to 15 minutes is free, the excess 15 minutes is charged at the rate of 700 rubles for the first 15 minutes, then 700 rubles for 30 minutes.

What way to choose

First of all, your choice depends on the time of flight. During the day you can use all modes, at night there are no buses, fixed-route cabs and electric trains. So at night you can call a cab, order a transfer or use the car sharing service. Renting a car in this case will be the most profitable option. Transfer is convenient for departure from the railway station, the driver will know the arrival time of the train and will offer his assistance.

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During the day, the most popular way is the bus, for travelers with a small amount of luggage – this is the best option. Of the disadvantages – the remoteness of the metro station “Moskovskaya” from the city center.

For those who live near the Baltic station and for residents of the southern districts of the Leningrad region, it will be convenient to get to the railway platform “Airport” by train and continue by bus.

For travelers with children, it is still a priority to order a transfer or cab.

If you notice an inaccuracy in the description or the schedule has changed, and we have not made changes, please contact us: we will promptly correct

How to get to Pulkovo Airport

How to get to Pulkovo Airport

We describe ways to get to Pulkovo Airport in St. Petersburg by public transport (subway + bus) and cab, and give fares.

Pulkovo (LED) is the only airport in St. Petersburg, it is considered the third airport in Russia after Moscow’s Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo in terms of passenger traffic. The distance from the city center (Palace Square) to the airport is 23 kilometers. One of the closest metro stations to the airport is “Moskovskaya”. You can get to Pulkovo airport by public transport (subway + bus), as well as by cab and by car.

Useful information:

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How to get to Pulkovo Airport by public transport

To get to Pulkovo airport, you first need to go down to the metro and go to the station “Moskovskaya” (token costs 45 rubles). Then follow the signs to go up and walk to the bus stop, where the buses to the airport depart:

  • Bus number 39. The slowest way to Pulkovo, travel time – about 35 minutes. Buses run at intervals of 12-20 minutes from 5:30 to 1:30. The fare is 40 rubles (+ fee for luggage).
  • Express bus number 39E. Express does not make intermediate stops, so it is a faster way to get to the airport Pulkovo. Travel time – approximately 20 minutes. Express trains run at intervals of 25-30 minutes from 5:25 to 0:20. The cost of travel – 40 rubles (+ charge for luggage).
  • The marshrootka K39. The transit bus is the most frequently running transport to Pulkovo, they go every 5 minutes from 7:00 to 23:30. The trip time is about 15-20 minutes. Ticket price – 40 rubles.

As you can see, you can get to Pulkovo from the metro “Moskovskaya” quickly, easily and on a budget.

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Cab to Pulkovo

How much is a cab to Pulkovo? It depends on which district of St. Petersburg you’re coming from. Approximate prices for a trip:

  • A cab from the center of St. Petersburg to Pulkovo (Central and Admiralteisky districts) will cost about 950 to 1,050 rubles;
  • The cost of a cab from Petrogradsky, Vasileostrovsky, Nevsky and Krasnogvardeysky areas – from 1050 to 1250 rubles for a trip;
  • Cab to Pulkovo from the Kalininsky district – from 1350 rubles;
  • The price of a cab to Pulkovo from the Vyborgsky area of St.-Petersburg – from 1350 to 1500 rubles;
  • Cab to Pulkovo airport from the Primorsky district and Krestovsky island – from 1300 to 1500 rubles;
  • The price of a cab to Pulkovo from the Frunzensky area – from 700 rubles;
  • The cost of a cab to Pulkovo Airport from the Moscow district – from 650 rubles;
  • The price of a cab to Pulkovo from the Kirovsky and Krasnoselsky areas – from 850 to 950 rubles.

From suburbs of Saint Petersburg it is possible to reach the airport by a cab on the following rates: from Peterhof – from 1250 rubles, from Pushkin and Pavlovsk – 750-850 rubles, from Strelna, Gorelovo and Krasnoye Selo – 1000-1150 rubles, from northern suburbs (Lisij Nos, Parnas, Sestroretsk) – from 1500 rubles and more depending on distance.

You can order a cab to Pulkovo online in advance on the website Kiwi Taxi – on the site you can choose the desired make of car for a comfortable ride. This option is especially convenient if you are traveling in a company or group (the service can be ordered and multi-car). The same is true for the return journey – the driver will meet you in the arrivals hall with a sign and help with things.

At Pulkovo Airport itself there is also a cab, it is called “Pulkovo Taxi”. Payment can be made in cash or by bank card.

Rent a car at the airport

Perhaps the most comfortable way to travel is to rent a car. You can do this at the airport upon arrival or in advance on the website. You can rent a car before departure, which is very convenient.

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