How to withdraw money profitably in Georgia. ATMs without commissions

The 8 Best Bank Cards for Travel Working Abroad in 2022

In our lives, cash doesn’t apply much. Cashback, perks, insurance, and convenience of use make bank cards ideal for travel.

What bank cards work abroad in September 2022

In March 2022, Visa and Mastercard bank cards, which were issued in Russia, ceased to function. It is not possible to pay with them anywhere in foreign countries, and it is also not possible to withdraw cash.

  1. Bank cards of the Russian payment system MIR work and work in some countries. Their list in September 2022 is small and will be presented below.
  2. Foreign Visa and Mastercard cards issued in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Armenia, Georgia and any other country work, no matter who the cardholder is. For example, citizens of the Russian Federation with a card issued in Kazakhstan or Georgia can easily withdraw money from ATMs and pay with the card in stores and cafes in foreign countries. – here in the telegram channel you can find details on how you can get a bank card issued in Kazakhstan without leaving Russia with home delivery.
  3. Russian Visa and Mastercard cards cannot be used to pay for goods in foreign online stores. Already a large number of Russians have had problems, for example with paying for services such as Youtube Premium and Icloud for Iphone.
  4. The Russian bank card of the Chinese payment system Union Pay works in more than 160 countries. You can withdraw money from not all ATMs, as well as pay in cafes and restaurants. According to feedback from tourists so far are in demand bank cards Union Pay, issued by Rosselkhozbank. Also, you can get Union Pay cards at Post Bank and Gazprombank.

This video details what bank cards now work abroad for Russians.

Registration of a bank card of Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan or Uzbekistan

Russian citizens have recently begun to fly to loyal CIS countries and open bank cards in Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan or Uzbekistan. is a telegram channel, here one can order and execute a multicurrency bank card of Kazakhstan with delivery to Russia.

This video will show you in detail how registration and delivery of such a card is done on personal example.

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You can replenish the card and transfer money to it directly from Russian banks – Tinkoff, Gazprombank, UralSib, Rosbank, Raiffeisen Bank, Zenith, Finam, Freedom Finance, Solidarity and other banks of the Russian Federation, which are not under sanctions.

Advantages of opening an account with a bank in Kazakhstan:

  • Withdrawal to Tinkoff, Gazprombank, Raiffeisen Bank, Rosbank, Uralsib, Finam and other banks not under sanctions, Yumani, PAXUM,PAYPAL,PAYSEND, cryptocurrency;
  • Replenishment with Tinkoff, Raiffeisen Bank, Gazprombank, Rosbank, Akbars Bank, Zenit and other banks not under sanctions, cryptocurrencies (for more details on the nuances of working with cryptocurrencies, read the telegram chat;
  • Everything is official;
  • The card is issued remotely;
  • You only need a scan of your passport;
  • The whole procedure takes no more than 5 days;
  • You can withdraw money to the card in USD, EUR. and other currencies;
  • Access to all applications, banking, card 24/7;
  • Ability to pay for any services and subscriptions worldwide;
  • It is possible to withdraw cash anywhere in the world.

In which countries the Russian MIR card works in September 2022

Full list of 10 countries where the banking payment system MIR operates:

  • Russia,
  • Belarus,
  • Armenia,
  • Kazakhstan,
  • Abkhazia,
  • Vietnam,
  • Kyrgyzstan,
  • Turkey,
  • Uzbekistan,
  • South Ossetia.

In many countries you can withdraw money from the MIR card not in all ATMs. For example, in Vietnam you can do it only in one bank.

For trips to those countries where MIR card works best to issue and use multicurrency card Tinkoff. In it you can open an online account in local currencies and change rubles at a favorable rate directly in the application.

The following will be information, which was before the blocking of Visa and Mastercard cards issued in Russia. If the situation normalizes, perhaps these features will become available again. So for now, we are not removing further information from this page.

Now you need to get Union Pay (carefully read where it works and where it does not), or get a bank card of Kazakhstan, which will be valid in all countries. All the details are here

It’s often difficult to make the right choice, because there are a huge number of banks, types of cards and terms of service around.

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According to the reviews of travelers and in the opinion of the authors of the website Visasam one of the best and universal Russian cards for travelers in 2022 is the usual debit multicurrency card Tinkoff Black .

Where you can open an account online within 1 minute in 20 different currencies, depending on the country of travel.

Also directly in the application you can change currency at a favorable rate, but it still works in those countries where they accept MIR cards.

Types of cards and their application

To begin with, let’s understand what types of cards there are, where and when it is better to use them.

Debit and credit cards

  • Debit cards are convenient for withdrawing cash abroad.
  • Credit cards are used to rent a car, pay for purchases in stores and cafes. These cards often offer higher cashback, which makes it advantageous to book hotels or tickets. Consider an interest-free grace period for repayment, or you will lose out on the interest you pay on the credit.

Rouble and multi-currency cards

  • It’s better to use ruble cards in Russia.
  • And multi-currency cards are much better for travel.

The euro card is useful in any European country, and the dollar card – in almost all other countries.

Ask your bank beforehand which currency the card is linked to. This allows you to choose the appropriate multi-currency account and avoid unnecessary conversions (conversion from one currency to another).

We recommend to use multicurrency card Tinkoff Black, because the card account can be changed online in the application and you can choose one of 20 currencies.

By type of payment system

The largest international payment systems are Visa and Mastercard. Such cards are accepted in any country.

How to withdraw money in Georgia without a commission

With what card to go, in which ATMs to withdraw cash and how not to lose money on conversion.

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You may have to pay a fee to your bank, whose card you use, and the ATM itself. This way we will know whose services it is better to use so that we don’t have to pay any fees at all.

What card to use

I use the Tinkoff Black debit card to withdraw money from any ATM in the world without a fee. As far as I have studied the topic, it is the most profitable bank card for such cases. There is only one restriction – the withdrawal amount must be above 3,000 ₽ or $100/euro, depending on what currency your card is in. Otherwise, a fee will be charged. Servicing this card costs ₽99 per month or will be free if you have 50,000 rubles in your accounts.

Recall the conditions for withdrawing cash from Sber cards in third-party ATMs: the bank charges customers a fee of 1% of the amount, but at least 150 ₽. So there’s no way to withdraw money from their card in Georgia without a fee.

Some other banks also boast about the possibility of withdrawing money from other people’s ATMs without a fee, but there are often restrictions. For example, no fee may be withdrawn only up to 10,000 rubles per month (not enough for a vacation abroad), a few times a month, or with monthly expenses of 70-100 thousand rubles. In “Tinkoff Bank” no such reservations – all simply and clearly.

Important nuance: withdrawing money from credit cards of any bank is not profitable because there is always a fairly high fee.

I outlined the picture. It’s up to you to choose a card for traveling.

A card for withdrawing money without fees in Georgia

I withdraw money in Tbilisi with my Tinkoff Black card.

ATMs in Georgia without a fee

I withdrew money without a fee at TBC ATMs in Georgia. They have menus in Russian and English, so it’s very easy. The only thing I didn’t like about the ATMs was that they don’t allow you to withdraw a non-circular amount to have petty cash on hand. There was no way to enter your own amount to withdraw. The only amounts offered were GEL 100, GEL 200, GEL 300 and GEL 400, while I always prefer to withdraw amounts like GEL 395 so I don’t have to look for change later. The cash-machine is also ready to give out GEL 5, 10, 20 and 50, but it is not so profitable to withdraw such sums, as Tinkoff will charge me a fee when withdrawing less than GEL 100. But maybe it’s just my bad luck with an ATM (at Freedom Square in Tbilisi), and others will let you withdraw money with a change.

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According to online reviews, Liberty Bank doesn’t charge a fee, but I haven’t checked.

Once I tried to withdraw money from the Bank of Georgia. At first I was happy there was an opportunity to withdraw any amount, but then I found out that the ATM charged a 3 GEL (70 ₽) fee without any demand or warning. That’s not a good thing to do!

Find out:

Where to withdraw dollars and euros in Georgia

At many ATMs in Georgia, you can also withdraw money in euros and dollars. For example, the aforementioned TBC gives out American currency, but already with a fee of $5. Liberty Bank charges $4 in this case. The most advantageous way to withdraw dollars from the Bank of Georgia: there is a high limit ($500) and a small commission (only $1).

Here is step by step instructions

Step 1 . First thing you have to do is to insert your card and choose the language. Step 2. Enter pin-code. Step 3. Choose the currency of withdrawal. Step 4. Choose a withdrawal amount. Step 5 . Decide whether we need a check. Step 6 . We take the card and the money.

How to save on currency conversion

We have learned how to withdraw money in Georgia without any commission.

If the currency of your card and the money you get in the ATM are different, then the banks and the payment system will convert one currency into the other. I’ve calculated that this conversion loses about 2.4% of the amount. It’s the same when you pay in stores. It’s more profitable to use a card in the same currency: the loss will be only about 0.4%.

It is not at all necessary to have a Georgian Lari card – there is a much easier way. The already mentioned Tinkoff Black card supports 30 currencies, including GEL. That is why before the trip I opened an account in this currency, exchanged my rubles to GEL in advance at the exchange rate close to the stock exchange rate, and then withdrew and paid with this card at a profit while traveling in Georgia. This is done in a mobile app in a couple of minutes. I talked more about this trick here.

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