Icmeler. Leisure time reviews. Do I go to 2022?

Icmeler – tourist reviews

Reviews about Icmeler, based on personal experience. Pros and cons, personal impressions, what you liked and didn’t like about the trip. Who should pay attention to this city, whether (Turkey) is suitable as a place for family or youth recreation. The main attractions and entertainment, what the city of Ichmelere is famous for. Tips and tips and tips for those who plan to visit the city for the first time.

Turkey. Icmeler holiday for everyone.

Probably no one who would not have heard about the fabulous vacation in Turkey: the blue sea, clean beaches, delicious food and entertainment for all tastes.

For the first time, going to Turkey, I wanted to see as much as possible in a short time, so I long chose a suitable resort. I chose the picturesque resort of Icmeler, located near Marmaris. The place immediately captivated me with its incredible views of the sea, surrounded by mountains.

A view of the central square from the hotel.

Before leaving I checked the weather in our region several times, but when I arrived I realized that there was nothing to worry about. What you immediately notice is the air! After the city – the feeling that you are in a sanatorium.

Hotel near the beach

It is worth mentioning the pros of holidays in Icmeler:

  • If you do not know foreign languages, you will always find a Russian-speaking Turk.
  • If you want to train your English, then there are many Europeans holidaying here.
  • Many stores accept different currencies (you can pay in rubles, dollars and Turkish Liras)
  • You can find hostels for any budget and with a great view
  • You can visit beaches, both for free and for a fee
  • Many interesting excursions
  • for fans of nightclubs bars are open until dawn

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Icmeler is basically a district of Marmaris, it takes 10-15 minutes by shuttle bus from the center to the center. But Icmeler is greener, with more trees, there are less tourists and all the cottages and hotels are more like villas. In addition, Icmeler is located in a very small valley, so the mountains here literally surround you. The beach is big, there is a public beach without sunbeds, there are hotel and bar with sunbeds for drinks (such as Coca-Cola).

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In Ichmelere there are a lot of both expensive and cheap hotels for all tastes. In Ichmelere itself, the promenade is about 1-1.5 km, it connects different corners of one big beach. Right along the promenade you can even walk (or ride a rented bike) all the way to Marmaris and beyond. The 7 km won’t seem so long if you do it in the evening instead of at noon. On my very first visit to Marmaris, I walked this distance the very last evening before I left. Perhaps it was this stunning completion of the vacation that nourished me for 1.5 years waiting to see this place again, and even predetermined my fate.

Icmeler is an inexpensive place for a vacation, the cafes and restaurants are quite reasonable prices, especially in the local canteens-locantes. But for clothes, shoes, textiles and other things it is better to go to the center of Marmaris. Here you will find more expensive restaurants, beautiful souvenir stores, bijouterie and jewelry stores.

Which is better – Icmeler or Marmaris?

Both towns (or should I say both, Icmeler and the center of Marmaris) are excellent choices for your vacation. You will not regret that you came here. The air here is very clean, because it is surrounded by a mountain range covered with pine forests, which are now considered a nature reserve. There is so much oxygen in it that all the tourists just get a kind of euphoria.

Both Ichmeler and Marmaris (Sitteler, Chamdibi, Kemeralti and other areas) are great for vacation. Here you should rather choose the right hotel – with interiors that you will love.

In Marmaris you will find such chain stores as Mavi, Tommy Hilfiger, Yves Rocher, Adidas, LC Waikiki, Koton, De Facto, Outlet (Outlet is cheap stock clothing from Vero Moda, Pierre Cardin and other European brands, which clothes are made in Turkey! Excess products (alas, sometimes there are discards) are sold here at discounts up to 90%, on average – about 60-70%!) So in terms of shopping Icmeler and Marmaris – an excellent choice.

There are a lot of restaurants, bars and inexpensive cafes. You can have a dinner at a luxurious restaurant for 50 TL (a quality meat dish, chicken or beef, dessert like cheesecake, and salad and tea or coffee) per person, in a cheap one you can eat a doner for 5-10 TL (80-160 rubles, chicken!). There are also very expensive restaurants, and there is a mid-range where you can eat a terrific home-cooked meal for an average of 15 TL per person. This is the amount I would advise you to count on your lunch-dinner.

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Pros of Vacation in Icmeler

  • Icmeler is a very quiet town, there are very few cars and you don’t have to constantly worry about children running out onto the road.
  • Icmeler has an excellent seafront with restaurants and benches, where one can sit and admire the sea.
  • The air in Ichmelere is very clean, all the streets are filled with the aromas of flowers, pines, trees and other plants, which is very pleasant. There are many shady alleys that are convenient to get to the beach on a hot sunny day.

Disadvantages of vacationing in Icmeler

  • You will need to take a bus to the city of Marmaris. The fare is 3 TL (45 rubles) per one way, but the buses are very comfortable and the ride is only 10 minutes. You can rent a bike and ride it into the center of Marmaris right along the promenade. But if it is hot, you can get very tired. By the way, there are special seats for small children that are mounted on an adult bicycle (one child per adult maximum).
  • Icmeler is a small town, so you will pass all its streets in seven days. But Marmaris is much bigger, you can walk there for a year or two without having walked every single one of its streets. Although it is also small, its population is 90 thousand.
  • Ichmelere has no more minuses – the beach is good, the streets are clean, the houses are beautiful, and the hotels are both expensive and cheap.

Ichmelere with children

Icmeler is ideal for holidays with children – the streets here are beautiful and neat, there are parks and playgrounds, lots of greenery, areas are all without exception safe. Even at midnight in the peak season there are no drunken tourists or anything like that, but just a beautiful moonlight and silence. Only the cicadas are singing. Very loud! But it adds color and romance!

In Ichmelere there are excellent hotels on the first/second line. I recommend them for vacations with kids, because you find yourself on the beach in 10-50 steps from the hotel lobby. The town itself is small, there is a bus to Marmaris from the main street. It takes about 10 minutes to get to Marmaris water park by this bus, and about 15 minutes to the center of Marmaris. This distance is easy to overcome with children on the bus, even on a hot and stuffy day. By the way, big white buses have special places for baby carriages in the back. The stroller itself can be bought in Marmaris, the price is about 150-250 liras (sitting, walking, inexpensive).

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To go or not to go?

You should definitely go to Icmeler! This is one of the most beautiful places in Turkey! Because of the crystal clear air, pleasant and friendly atmosphere, painted in different colors hotels and villas here is beautiful literally everything! There is absolutely no sense of “commercial tourism”, just a small village with beautiful houses for rent. If you forget about the fact that you are not local, you can experience complete bliss.

In Ichmelere and Marmaris, by the way, a lot of Russians live. Mostly, of course, are Russian (and Ukrainian and Belarusian) girls and women who are married to Turks. Any of them will tell you that Ichmeler and Marmaris – one of the most amazing places in Turkey, convenient for living and for vacation.

Bottom line

Icmeler is a great solution for vacations and you need not be afraid of absolutely nothing – neither the location (they are all good in Icmeler), nor the prices (they are not high), nor the fact that Icmeler is small (Marmaris is close by!).

Regarding hotels, I can say that 90% of your vacation here does not depend on the hotel. Even if you get a cheap one, you’ll have a lot of fun. And if you take the expensive, your vacation will be perfect.

Icmeler, Turkey – reviews

Hello, travel friends and everyone who looked I hope my review will be helpful for those tourists who are lost in the throes of choice and can not decide where best to go on vacation where to book a hotel in a noisy, still quite party Marmaris or a quiet Ichmelere.

Glory1991 avatar

In Icmeler we got by chance – usually in early May in the north of Turkey is still cold, but here we chose a tour for specific dates of arrival and departure from a particular airport, which led us to Icmeler. Visit: May 2019 The sea is Mediterranean (not Aegean, don’t get confused! It’s still Mediterranean!).

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How to get there ➤ Deposit ➤ Beautiful sea and mountain views ➤ Locations for photos ➤ Food ➤ Pros and cons of the vacation!

How to get from Marmaris to Icon Beach ? In Marmaris we took a dolmush (a taxi), the fare was 4 lira per person. In 15 minutes we arrived in the outskirts of Icmeler. Icmeler. The driver stopped near the stop “Nirvana Beach”. We were immediately enveloped by the pine scent of the pine forest.

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Good afternoon I stayed at this hotel in October. 18 years. October is considered out of season, so the hotel was half booked by that time, and already lacked some of the privileges of animation. The hotel is 16+, so you can forget about children on the territory of the hotel for your entire vacation.

morkovka123 avatar

Good day to all. We went to Grand yazici club turban in June 2018. I chose the hotel by myself, looked through all the internet, spent a lot of time and I do not regret it at all.

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It was my first trip to Turkey, the choice fell on Marmaris, or rather not its suburb of 8 km called Icmeler.At sea I prefer to swim and walk around the neighborhood, so I always save money on hotels.We were brought to one of the Litera hotel chain called Icmeler Relax.Its category he…

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Hello everyone, this is a review about Marmaris Park Hotel and its beautiful grounds, gorgeous beach, juniper park and other features. About everything in detail and in order. The hotel is located between Marmaris (7km) and Icmeler (2km). The first line.

Lena Luna avatar

Hi all, I am writing to you from a hot Turkey. We chose this hotel based on the cost (in June-July-August in Marmaris and Ichmelere cosmic prices), 58t.r. for 2 weeks and it’s in three.

samarochka avatar

Good time to all. I like the town of Icmeler that is very close to Marmaris, you can get from one to the other by shuttle bus in 15 minutes. The village itself is nice and cozy, more beautiful than Marmaris.

samarochka avatar

Good time everyone. L’etoile beach hotel is located in Icmeler village, 15 minutes driving (by shuttle bus) from Marmaris. The hotel is small, five-storey building with 144 rooms. The building is old, but all renovated.

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Hello everyone, I returned from vacation yesterday and as long as my impressions are still alive I would like to write a review about Mirage World Hotel in Icmeler (Marmaris district). My husband and I stayed at the hotel for 7 nights.

Ksenka irecommend avatar

Our trip to Turkey was quite spontaneous. It was written vacation, and it was necessary to choose a place where to move. I wanted to go to a warm country, but, due to the current situation, we originally chose tours of Russia. Considered Dagestan, a good tour for a week biting on the cost.

Till tomorrow avatar

Hello all) This year we stayed in a hotel, which is located in a small village of Kizilot – a place where you can’t find any sights. We could not go far away, because we had a rest with small children, but also to sour at hotel somehow it was not desirable.

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