Is it dangerous in Thailand? Personal experience and tips

Is it dangerous in Thailand? Personal experience and tips

Is Thailand Dangerous?

Thailand is a paradoxical country! The Thai media is full of news about accidents on the roads, thefts and even murders, and tourists are delighted with the relaxed atmosphere and the good natured Thais. Is it safe to stay in the Land of Smiles? We’ll tell you about the problems we encountered ourselves.

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You’re seen, you’re thought of

Thai society lives by long-established laws. When tourists come here, they are not immediately understand what is going on, but from the first minute they feel how social Asians are. They do not live isolated from each other. The doors of the houses on the first floors are almost everywhere open, and the entire household is on display.

The Thais eat in public without a shadow of embarrassment, and when they see a foreigner, they smile and offer him to join them for a delicious meal. The children cheerfully say hello: “Hello.” As they pass by the adults, they carefully bow or lower their heads to get lower.

Every time we came to Thailand, we were constantly getting help from cab drivers, hotel staff, and diners. Many times when police officers saw my husband and me at a busy intersection, they would stop traffic and take me to the other side of the street by the hand.

Is it dangerous in Thailand? In our opinion, absolutely safe! Most of the problems faced by tourists do not come from the Thais, but from the tourists themselves.

Опасно ли ехать в Таиланд с детьми? Нет, эта страна идеально подходит для семейного отдыха. Тайцы обожают малышей, и особенно маленьких фарангов. На популярных курортах полно детских развлечений и аттракционов — дельфинариев, аквапарков, океанариумов, деревней слонов, зоопарков и музеев. Отдых в Таиланде с детьми >>

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Is Thailand Dangerous?

Thai children (Photo: / @akeenster)

A Different World – Pattaya

The first resort we visited in 2009 was Pattaya. It’s a city that is completely tourist-oriented and very different from the laid-back working-class Thailand. Everyone who works in the resort places – in Pattaya, Phuket, Samui and Krabi – sees visitors as their main source of income. Employees of hotels, restaurants, massage parlors, girls and boys with famous sojourns try to squeeze the maximum out of tourists.

One evening we were walking along Dongtan Beach. A man came up to us, showed us an open pack of cigarettes and with the words “mar vanna” offered to smoke.

My husband pretended not to understand him. He took out his pack of cigarettes and gave the man a drink. He took the cigarette, thanked him, and went on his way. We think that the blatant offer of drugs on the beach was the work of the Thai police. It was a kind of a lice test for holidaymakers.

Another time, also in the evening and again on Dongtan, we saw a heated group of Thai youth. The guys had come to Pattaya to hang out and were looking for adventure. A young man came out into the semi-dark alley and started yelling something to us. The words could not be made out, but the Thai was acting aggressively. To be honest, we were tense.

Pattaya's Adult Shows: 6 Most Popular

When the guy came closer, he suddenly stopped, shut up, quickly apologized, and walked away. The bully probably didn’t see us too well in the dark and mistook us for men walking together. When he saw a married couple, he realized that he was mistaken in gender fantasies and was embarrassed.

What Dangers await in Thailand?

Noisy Pattaya at night (Photo: / @hannynaibaho)

Traffic accidents

There are a lot of cars in Thailand, and traffic is increasing every year. The dangers on the roads do exist, but there are fewer problems in ordinary cities than in the resorts. Let’s take Pattaya as an example to illustrate the typical dangers.

Getting behind the wheel, local drivers completely forget about the pedestrians. Crossing roads requires caution. Even at marked crossings and traffic lights, some drivers do not allow pedestrians to cross.

Because of traffic congestion there are a lot of accidents, and often innocent people who were quietly walking nearby or standing on the side of the road suffer in them. Often inexperienced drivers of rented bikes – foreigners provoke trouble.

Before our eyes, a Canadian in a jeep broke the rules and crashed into a motorcycle with a cart, on which a whole Thai family was riding. The speed of the car and the motorcycle was low, but the side impact was enough to make the woman, the children and the bike driver hit the asphalt. Everyone was very upset and frightened, but fortunately there were no serious injuries.

What are the Dangers of Thailand?

Dense traffic in Bangkok (Photo: / @ryuwongs)

Natural and climatic peculiarities

The real dangers for tourists present the Thai nature.

Животные. Конечно, в Таиланде есть дикие животные, и некоторые из них опасны. Но их мало, и туристы в повседневной жизни с ними почти никогда не сталкиваются. Многие животные выглядят жутковато и могут напугать, но большинство сами вас боятся до смерти! Вот кто действительно опасен — так это медузы. Я написала статью, кого в Таиланде стоит избегать, а кто не угрожает туристам: опасные животные Таиланда >>

Солнце . В Таиланде субэкваториальный климат. Солнечная активность очень высокая, и даже в облачную погоду легко обгореть. Не пренебрегайте солнцезащитным кремом! Старайтесь меньше стоять под открытым солнцем, отдыхайте в кондиционированных помещениях и больше пейте простой воды. Как правильно загорать >>

Высокая влажность воздуха . В Таиланде властвуют муссоны. В дождливый сезон влажность воздуха на морских курортах повышается до 98%. Вкупе с жарой такой климат тяжел для малышей, людей пожилого возраста и тех, кто страдает болезнями сердца и сосудов. Правда, есть исключения. Наша знакомая приехала в Таиланд с тяжелой астмой и именно здесь стала чувствовать себя лучше. Она стала спокойно дышать, и приступы отступили. Холода и тайфуны: где не нужно отдыхать зимой >>

Floods . During the rainy season, tropical downpours hit Thailand with unbelievable force. Localized floods occur every year, and in the mountains the flow of water leads to landslides. Do tourists in the resorts suffer from disasters?

We were in Thailand in the fall of 2011, when Thais experienced the worst flooding in 50 years. It was raining in Pattaya. Merchants were putting bags of sand in front of stores to keep the rising water from getting in. We even crossed the country by bus and saw the flooded fields and villages with our own eyes.

Resorts in Thailand: where to vacation?

Единственное, чего не произошло — трагедии для туристов. Несмотря на ливни, жизнь на курортах шла своим чередом. Работали отели и рестораны. Отдыхающие купались в море и ездили на экскурсии. Сезоны дождей и отдыха в Таиланде >>

The battering currents . The Gulf of Thailand resorts are not afraid of rip currents. Rip currents are only on the west coast of Phuket. They are a kind of rivers that flow perpendicular to the shore.

Rip currents lead to death for two reasons. First, they can carry swimmers far from the shore. Second, a strong current causes panic, and a person, not realizing what is happening, loses strength to fight the pulling current.

Rescue services on the beaches detect such currents and put up warning signs. If you do not swim well or are not sure you can get out of the rip currents, swim on the east coast of Phuket.

All about the rip currents in 10 minutes

The tourist scam

It sounds implausible, but in 8.5 years in Thailand, no one has ever tried to scam or cheat us. Maybe we were just lucky, or maybe we just never expected evil and trouble from the locals.

We were told different stories, but all the problems were provoked by the tourists themselves. Are you told a high price in the market? Go through the rows and ask about the cost of fruit from other vendors. The Thai bazaar is no different from any other market in the world. Sellers want to sell at a higher price, and buyers want to get a better and cheaper product. Smile, haggle and have fun with the Thais!

Did the sangteo driver unexpectedly swerve from his usual route? Don’t be nervous, get out and get another car. You will lose only 10 baht! No one in our country has carried passengers for that price for a long time.

Thailand is part of the Buddhist world. It is like a mirror, reflects your aspirations and emotions. Do you want a good attitude, pleasure and vivid emotions? Rest easy, without prejudice and clenched fists. You are sure to get a lot more from a trip to the Land of Smiles than you expected!

Top 15 dangers in Thailand for tourists

Thai Dangers to Tourists

It may seem to some that I am exaggerating the colors, but I will simply list the facts that take place in Thailand. It is not necessarily that you upon arrival in the land of smiles will catch tropical fever, or you will be bitten by a varan, but still a warned tourist, it is less likely to get into a tricky situation.

Top 15 dangers in Thailand for tourists

I will not go here to talk nonsense about what you need to wear sunscreen and a panama, we will talk about the dangers in Thailand for tourists, which are not aware of the typical visitor. So if you are interested, read on.

Transeurs pickpockets.

When you come on vacation, your brain gets the command to relax and get high on these very features of tourists, local thieves profit. And in Thailand, theft can be expected from the people for whom many come to this country. They are transvestites or in the local dialect – katoey and ladyboys. Even the Thais themselves avoid the company of people of the third sex, because of their aggressive nature. During your walks through red-light streets, hold on to your wallet, otherwise you risk during an innocent photo with a tranny, lose your phone.

New Year - 2023 in Thailand: Phuket, Pattaya, Samui, Bangkok

Thai Dangers to Tourists

2. Food

Not all tourists can easily switch from conventional food to local cuisine. And in fact the food in Thailand is represented mainly by Asian cuisine. And they are all with a little spice, spicy, unfamiliar to the taste of a Russian person. Even if you ask the waiter for “No Spicy” – no spices, the food will still seem too spicy. It will take a long time before your stomach gets used to Tom Yum and Som Tam soups. And while your body adjusts to the new food for him, then you will have to deal with diarrhea, and it’s good if you do not happen serious attacks with digestion. So stock up on medication enzymes, or look for restaurants near the hotel with Russian cuisine.

I would also advise against trying grasshoppers and fried caterpillars with cockroaches, even for fun. They are cooked in so much oil that there is practically no flavor left, and besides, it is unknown how old these exotic treats are, because you do not think that they are fresh and recently caught.

Thai Dangers to Tourists

Fried scorpions on khaosan road


Despite the fact that many people squeal with fear when they see a gecko for the first time, do not pose a threat to tourists numerous lizards and geckos, which in Thailand can be found everywhere – on the floor in shopping malls, they run along the walls in hotels, not to mention the streets and parks.

3. monkeys.

But tourists completely let their guard down during the excursions and walks, when they meet monkeys running around without a leash, the so-called wild monkeys. Many begin to feed them, allow them to climb on the shoulders and head. Tourist does not realize that the jungle monkey is a carrier of fleas and rabies, and the latter disease can be fatal. Any scratch received from the primate should be treated with antiseptic. It is better not to approach monkeys, they are not as cute as you used to think. In fact, they are aggressive animals, they hiss and lunge at people, if they do not like something. Not to mention that they take things, the most popular item stolen by monkeys is sunglasses.

Thai Dangers to Tourists

4. Elephants

I will now debunk the most common myth among tourists that elephants are wise and kind animals. Yes, they don’t scurry or bite like monkeys, but they are also some of the most dangerous animals in Thailand. Elephants are widely used in the tourism business, the Thais do shows with elephants, offering elephant massages, ride through the jungle on these giant carriers.

Thai Dangers to Tourists

But no one will tell you that in Thailand there are cases when an elephant gets out of control and starts doing terrible things. Such was the case during the tour, when the animal, trained and obedient for years, suddenly went berserk. The elephant threw the chairs off its back, where two tourists were sitting, and began crushing people with its legs. The tourists were seriously injured and the animal ran off into the jungle.

Thailand or Vietnam: where to vacation?


5. Mosquitoes

Mosquitoes in Thailand, are the same mosquitoes we are used to seeing at home in Russia, but compared to ours, they are carriers of dangerous diseases such as Dengue fever and malaria. Therefore, locals wear closed clothes, but only a timely vaccination will help to avoid infection. But keep in mind that there is no vaccine against malaria, if the temperature rises, you can only count on the insurance.

6. Scolopendra

You will have to try hard to see a tropical millipede, as it is found only in places with high humidity and complete absence of sunlight. So there is almost no chance that you will stumble upon a scorpendra in a hotel or on the beach. During the months of our trip, we were lucky enough to see only once, and then we did not have time to see it, it hurried to hide from us. When a scorpendra touches a person it burns, and its bite is accompanied by fever and fever.

Thai Dangers to Tourists

7. Jellyfish

Thailand is not a country where they close the beaches because of the dangers of bathing in the sea, but still some of the dangers of the sea elements are present. This case was an isolated one, when in 2016 in the Adaman Sea were found deadly jellyfish – fisalias, also called Portuguese ships because of their bizarre shape. Meeting them at sea threatens a tourist with death from painful shock, loss of consciousness and cardiac arrest. There was only one bite from a physalis on Koh Samui and on Patong Beach in Phuket.

Currents, waves, tsunamis

8. Rip currents.

The most invisible danger that can lurk in the sea are the rip currents. When I came to Thailand, like any uninformed tourist, I knew nothing about these natural phenomena. And caught in the rip at the most beautiful beach on Phuket Island, I had to experience that the Andaman Sea can be so insidious.

9. Waves

About the waves, knows every tourist, and I have repeatedly witnessed the bathers themselves climb into the thick of the wave. And even let their children, frolic with the waves! My dear, please do not let your kids in the sea without life jackets. Before you know it, the wave will pick up the baby and carry him out into the open sea. And if he gets into an undercurrent, it can take him away for many kilometers from the shore. Are you sure he will stay in the water until the rescuers arrive? In addition, the shock wave is huge, it knocks you down, can hit your back, or twist and hit you on the bottom or the rocks.

Thai Dangers to Tourists

10. Tsunami

Watching movies about tsunamis gave many tourists food for thought, the most impressionable now avoid Thailand. Friends, this danger exists and unfortunately at that time there were no special warning centers for the population. As they say, today there are centers built for seismological activity in the ocean, which can predict the onset of the wave-killer hours before the tragedy.

The most dangerous areas in Thailand where the giant wave can come from are the island of Phuket, its western beaches, the islands of Phi Phi. Islands in the Gulf of Thailand, Samui and Phangan are safer in this regard, but still the tsunami threat exists there, otherwise why was there an evacuation ladder with the wave picture near our hotel on Samui. During the deadly wave in Phuket in 2004, tourists were rescued by climbing to the top, probably after that such places have been made to save people.

Holidays in Pattaya with children - 2022. Best hotels and beaches

Serpentine roads, motorcycle riders without a license.

11. Roads

If you are used to riding in a straight line at home, the ride in Thailand will seem to you like a set of some computer game about the race, are so steep turns encountered on the roads, and have to be a professional driver not to drive into the ditch.

Thai Dangers to Tourists

12. lack of sidewalks

In Thailand there is a danger not only for the road sections, but also for those who travel on their own. The fact that such things as sidewalks you will not find here at all. If your hotel is not on the first line, then get ready for the daily walks among the scurrying bikes and cars. Sidewalks in Thailand are, of course, but only along the major beaches.

13. Tourists – bikers.

Tourists who come to Thailand and get on a motorcycle pose a danger to tourists. In this country are loyal to ride without a license, so the scooter is often driven by inexperienced drivers – tourists who are the perpetrators of accidents and incidents on the roads. Also, many have no experience of driving on the left-hand side of the road, or allow themselves to get behind the wheel tipsy. During our independent travels we have seen many young people who have broken their legs on the roads of Thailand, a special leader in this regard – the island of Phangan, where such injuries were given the name – Pangan tattoo.

14. Hotels – huts.

Now it has become fashionable to travel for 100 dollars in your pocket, this trend is even called backpacking, so today’s tourists are looking for many ways to save money. One of them is to stay in hotels, which by their appearance resemble a hut made of straw.

Thai Dangers to Tourists

Living in a house is very likely that you have uninvited guests in the form of snakes and spiders. Our friends having decided to save money stayed in such bungalow where there were cracks as big as palm in the walls. And in the shower in the morning they were a surprise in the form of a huge furry black spider lurking under the rim of the toilet, which they found only when they decided to use the flush tank.

15. Drugs

I think you are not young children, and do not need to explain what is good and what is bad. But in Thailand despite the free trade of drugs on the beaches, hallucinogenic mushrooms and other crap, there is a law under which you can stay permanently in the country, and in places not so distant, and this is at best. The harshest punishment for drug possession is still the death penalty. I advise to watch movies based on real events, such as Bangkok Hilton, The Broken Palace

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