Italy in October 2022. Where to vacation? Weather and reviews

Italy in October

October is a great time to relax and discover beautiful Italy. This month there is no heat, it is sunny and warm weather, comfortable for traveling around the country. In the Italian south you can still lounge on the beach, the sea is warm at the beginning of the month. The second month of autumn in Italy is the time of numerous festivals and holidays.

Weather in Italy in October

The first three weeks of October in Italy is warm, but not hot weather with sunny days. The air temperature remains within 20-25 degrees depending on the region. At night it gets cooler from +12 to +19. During the last week of the month it can be noticeably cooler.

Precipitation, and even showers occur more often in October in the northern regions of the country, in the south the rains occur three or four times a month.

For a holiday in the northern regions of Italy, visiting Milan and Venice in October will be useful umbrella, raincoat and waterproof shoes.

In the south in October you can sunbathe on the beach and get a nice tan. Sea water temperature on the southern coast of Italy is 25 degrees, only by the end of October the sea is cooler to +22 degrees.

If holiday in the second month of autumn will be in Sicily, for tourists bathing suit and sunglasses are necessary things.

Tourists in October days in Italy there are fewer than in September, but in the major tourist cities they are quite a lot. In this month the prices for hotel accommodation and meals begin to fall. This is a good time to tour and travel around the country, visiting museums and galleries.

In October in Italy:

  • warm weather;
  • many sunny days;
  • rains, even showers;
  • In the south, beach holidays continue;
  • Warm sea water off the coast;
  • cool weather at night;
  • the low season begins.

Weather peculiarities in the main regions of Italy

The northern regions of the country in October are subject to cooler weather than the rest of Italy. In Lombardy in the city of Como and on the lake of the same name near the foothills of the Alps the average day temperature is +17, while at night it drops to +10. One third of the month is cloudy, with up to five days of showers. Rainfall in October equals 131 mm.

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In Milan, the daytime temperature is 19-21 degrees and nighttime temperatures are six degrees lower. During the ten days of the month the sky is covered with clouds and October rains with thunderstorms may start any day. And the precipitation is quite intense. In this case, the fall weather is quite mild, often enjoying the sun.

Tourists going to the northern regions of Italy in October should definitely take in the suitcase a windbreaker, skinny jeans, a jacket and closed shoes.

The same October weather is observed in the region of Piedmont . In Turin it is +18 during the day, the daytime heat is replaced by a night chill of 8 to 10 degrees. Rainfall here is less than in neighboring Lombardy, rainy only two days, but precipitation can fall up to 76 mm. There are weeks with cloudy weather.

The Veneto region with its center in Venice welcomes tourists in early October with warm weather of +19.3, by night the temperature drops to 10-12 degrees. Cloudy weather and rain in the second month of October is not uncommon. Water in the Adriatic Sea is cool for swimming, +19. The end of October in Venice is marked by increased wind and more frequent rains, the temperature during the day is no higher than +12.

At the end of October in Venice rubber boots can come in handy, at this time because of the increasing winds there can be flooding.

In the more southern region of Emilia Romagna with the center in Bologna it is warmer, +19.9 on average during the day and 12 degrees at night. It rains less here. In the resort city of Rimini on the Adriatic coast the daytime temperature is above +20 and the night temperature averages +14.7. The sea water temperature is 19.5 degrees. In October it can rain here.

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The neighboring region of Tuscany with the ancient Florence in October is in the warm weather zone of +20.3, by night here to 11 degrees, rainy three days in this month.

The same parameters of October weather and in the region of the Marche . In the city of Ancona daytime +20.5, at night here it is warmer to 16 degrees. The water temperature on the Adriatic coast is +19.9. Rains are not a frequent nuisance to tourists.

In Lazio region in the center of the country during the daytime averages +23, the warm daytime weather is replaced by nighttime temperatures of 15 degrees. In the capital, Rome, in October, it can rain, but sunny days at least 24.

Campania with Naples and Sorrento delight tourists with daytime temperature of +24 and above, and at night there are 18-20 degrees, and the water temperature off the Tyrrhenian Sea is +22.5 and not less than 21 sunny days.

In the south of Italy in October is beneficial weather. In Sicily, Palermo is warm + 22.8 degrees during the day and 15.2 degrees at night. The water temperature is +24 near the coast. Occasionally it rains briefly.

Popular among tourists Ischia and Capri islands in October are in the zone of warm weather up to +23 degrees, even at night here is above 20 degrees, the sea water is warm up to +22.5. But frequent and heavy rains are annoying, with up to 122 mm of rainfall.

On the island of Sardinia October is warm +20.7, 15 degrees at night. Precipitation is scarce, but 19 sunny days.

What to do in Italy in October

If your October vacation takes place on the southern coast of Sicily or in Calabria, a beach vacation in the first three weeks can be very enjoyable. But this month is most suitable for traveling around the country and excursions.

During this period, when there is no heat and stuffiness, may be comfortable to travel to Rome to visit the Colosseum, the ancient forums, visiting the Vatican. Tourists will enjoy a visit to the beautiful Florence, with its amazing squares, galleries and the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore.

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Milan Cathedral, the canals and palaces of Venice, the Tower of Pisa, the charm of Naples and dormant Vesuvius, the islands of Ischia and Capri in the Tyrrhenian Sea will leave an impression for a lifetime.

If you come to Italy in October, tourists can take part in holidays and festivals, which the country is generous in the second month of autumn:

Sunny Italy in October: weather, sea, where is better

If you look at statistics on tourist preferences, you can see that Italy is constantly going up and every year the inflow of tourists to the country of the Colosseum and Pompeii from Russia is growing. They fly here in summer to enjoy the seas, they fly here in winter for the beautiful Alpine mountains and chic ski resorts, they fly here in spring for the stunning nature, and they fly here in fall to see the sights. If you are planning to visit Italy in the fall, you will be interested to know what the weather in Italy in October 2022 is expected and what will be the temperature of the seas.

Weather in Italy in October 2022 and water temperature. Reviews, video

October is the middle of autumn. Somewhere the beach season just begins, somewhere it ends, but in Italy at this time you can swim, and sunbathe, and walk around the beautiful cities, and get to the sales. Italy occupies a unique place on the continent. You’ll understand it, because Italy is washed by four seas! Agree – it’s just beautiful. And for all of that Italy is a small country and it is possible to travel by car, because the distance between the cities is not great, and to drive along the coast of the country, to see all four seas is an unforgettable journey.

Weather in Italy in October 2022 and water temperature. Reviews, video

Where in Italy in October the sea is warm

Strictly speaking, it is almost impossible to say where in mid-autumn in Italy you can swim in the sea. At this time, the weather is variable, and the sea can have strong waves. But if you look at the statistics, we can see that off the coast of Sicily the sea is heated to +22 degrees. The resort of Capri can also enjoy a warm for this time of year sea with this temperature.

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Sorrento – one of the favorite places for tourists from all over the world. And in October, the sea here is warmer than the air temperature. But the world-famous Rimini will not please fans of beach holidays in mid-autumn. In the second month of autumn the water is only +20, and there are often huge waves.

Weather in Italy in October 2022 and water temperature. Reviews, video

So if you are going to Italy for the sea, choose the south of the country and resorts of the Mediterranean Sea. There will be time for swimming.

Where is the warmest in Italy in October

With the onset of October in Italy it may rain, which means that the sun will not be as much as a month earlier. Therefore, the air cools down and in some areas it becomes quite cool.

Weather in Italy in October 2022 and water temperature. Reviews, video

But there are places in the country where there is a lot of sun and the air is as warm as in summer. For example, Palermo, where even at the end of the month will not be below +23 degrees. In Naples it is slightly lower and about +22 degrees. Identical daytime temperatures in Sicily and Sardinia. In Rome, the capital, the sun shines 12-14 days a month, and the average daytime temperature is the same 22 degrees.

Weather in Italy in October 2022 and water temperature. Reviews, video

Milan, Venice, Verona are some of the most beautiful cities in Italy. They are also the coldest cities in the country this month. The daytime temperature rarely rises above +18 degrees, the wind often “walks” in the cities, and the rains and cloudy skies are common for the regions. At the popular resort of Rimini also cool and not higher than +19. But this is common in the region, which is located on the Adriatic Sea opposite the Balkans.

Where to go in Italy in October for excursions

Any city in the country boasts beautiful sights and incredible architecture. So you can choose to go to any region. But most people prefer to choose the big cities. If you also prefer big cities, you can visit Florence. In October the weather is sunny here, it rains 5-7 times in a month and the daytime temperature is +21 degrees. With such weather you can walk around the city, visit many places and enjoy the beautiful views.

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Verona is another city of choice for tourists. In October, walks around the city will be even more romantic, because they will take place under a quiet autumn rain. The region receives about 70 millimeters of rainfall per month, and the rains here are quiet and lingering.

Weather in Italy in October 2022 and water temperature. Reviews, video

Most of the sights are in Rome. And the local weather will allow you to enjoy them all. The sun shines during the day, the air is warm to +22 degrees and the rains do not spoil the impression of the capital.

What vacation in October in Italy to choose?

Going to the resorts of Italy in October, you should not count on the sea and the beach. The weather can let you down, if there will be sunshine, the cool sea will not allow you to swim. Therefore, it is best to choose a combined vacation in mid-autumn. This is a vacation when you come and depending on the weather and other conditions, visit a particular place. And Italy is great for a combined vacation.

Weather in Italy in October 2022 and water temperature. Reviews, video

There is the sea and the beaches, there are sights, there are mountains, there is delicious food and fabulous vineyards and wine. So even the overcast weather and frequent rains will not spoil your vacation. And in the case of good sunny weather you can go to the beach, sunbathing and swimming. Pack your suitcase, put in summer clothes and warm. Do not forget your camera and flash drives, because there is a lot to shoot in the country, and then there will be something to remember.

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