Italy in September 2022. Where to go on vacation? Weather and reviews

Holidays in Italy in September

Where to go on vacation in Italy in September 2022? We tell you about the weather, tour prices, the best resorts and holidays with children. Bonus – tips and reviews of tourists.

Italy receives tourists from the Russian Federation. There are no direct flights, but you can fly with a connection. The issuance of new visas for Russians has been suspended. This article may not include up-to-date information about prices for tours and flights. Take a look at the list of open countries.


Prices for tours to Italy in September

September marks the start of Italy’s long-awaited velvet season. The exhausting heat recedes and the pleasant beach vacation continues. Tours to Italy in September in demand by parents with small children, elderly travelers and tourists, who are contraindicated to the summer heat for health reasons.

How much is a vacation in Italy in September 2022? Tours to this country are always more expensive than trips to Greece, Turkey or Egypt. Despite the fall, the demand for travel to Italy is high, so it is not easy to find last minute deals and discounts. Relatively inexpensive holiday in Italy is possible only in late September, when prices start to decline a little bit.

How much is a tour for two people for a week with a flight from Moscow? If you stay at hotels 2-3* with breakfasts, the tour will cost from 53 thousand rubles. If you stay at a nice 4* hotel, it will cost from 65 thousand rubles, and a vacation in a comfortable 5* hotel will cost from 116 thousand rubles. The cheapest tours in seaside hotels with meals “all inclusive” are sold from 77 thousand rubles.

In September tourists like to buy tours not only on the beach resorts. Tourists gladly come to the famous cities of Italy – Rome, Milan, Naples, Venice, Florence and Genoa. Warm autumn is a great opportunity to explore the historical past, a time for interesting excursions, romantic walks in the parks, spectacular festivals and gastronomic tourism.

Prices for 7-day tours to Italy in September from Moscow:

Resort Price for two persons Example
Venice from 68 000 ₽. Найти тур >>
Sicily from 56,000 ₽ Найти тур >>
Rome from 54,000 ₽ Найти тур >>
Milan from 45,000 ₽ Найти тур >>
Florence from 56,000 ₽ Найти тур >>
Rimini from 36,000 ₽ Найти тур >>
Sardinia from ₽62,000 Найти тур >>

Svetlana and Boris: “We were in Rimini in September. The beach vacation didn’t work out because the water was already cool. But instead we had a quiet and peaceful stay, which allows us to distract from the noisy city. We visited all the sights of the resort unhindered.”

Where is it warmer in Italy in September

Colosseum in Rome (Photo: / @dinges)

Weather in Italy in September

The beginning of the velvet season in the Mediterranean is almost no different from a hot summer. In the first half of September in Italy there is warm weather. The water temperature is +23 … +25 ° C. In the north of the country during the daytime the temperature reaches +30 ° C, and in the south up to +35 ° C.

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Because of the proximity of mountains and sea, the weather in Italy in the second half of September changes. Winds often blow in the north, it may be cloudy, it rains heavily, and even showers with thunderstorms. In the central part of the country – Rome, Livorno, Pisa and Florence – the number of days with precipitation increases to 3-7 per month. In the south of Italy in September is summer dry. Read more about when to vacation in Italy.

If you want to vacation in the north of the country, put an umbrella and warm clothes in your suitcase. In Rimini at night the thermometer goes down to +17 ° C, and in Milan, Verona and Venice – to +15 … +16 ° C. For evening promenades without a sweater and a windbreaker won’t do!

Air and water temperature in popular Italian cities in September:

Resort t air water t
Venice +24°С +23°С
Sicily +26°С +25°С
Rome +27°С +24°С
Milan +24°С
Florence +26°С
Bergamo +23°С +22°С
Rimini +25°С +22°С
Sardinia +26°С +23°С
Ischia +26°С +24°С

Anna: “I was in Genoa in mid-September, I did not like the rest. I flew specifically to avoid the heat, but alas, most days it was about +30 ° C. The weather was fabulous, not a single cloud.

In the last week of September we were on Ischia island. It was amazing! We went to the Nigomo park and San Montano Bay. I liked it very much.

Dasha Spitsyna: “I think there is nothing more beautiful than autumn Italy. I think any region is perfect for a vacation in September, but I would still recommend to go to Rome.

Where to go in Italy in September

The water on the island of Favignana, not far from Sicily, is amazingly colorful.

Hotel prices in Italy in September – 2022

City Price per day Example
Venice from $56 Посмотреть отели >>
Sicily from $27 Посмотреть отели >>
Rome from $30 Посмотреть отели >>
Milan from $30 Посмотреть отели >>
Florence from $43 Посмотреть отели >>
Rimini from $21 Посмотреть отели >>
Sardinia from $13 Посмотреть отели >>

Where to vacation in Italy in September

Holidays in Italy in September are good for beach lovers. You can swim and sunbathe in any seaside town. Heated during the summer sea cools slowly. On the beaches, especially at the end of the month, almost no tourists. In early autumn, Italians also leave the seaside resorts and return to work.

According to tourists, the best beach holiday in Italy in September – in the south of the country. According to reviews, Sicily, Sardinia, the island of Capri and the “heel” of the Italian “boot” – the resort region of Puglia are leading.

In the north of the country the weather changes quickly. At the beginning of the month in Rimini the sea is heated to +23 … +24 ° C, and in late September it gets cooler. The average daytime air temperature is +23°C, and the sea water cools down to +20 … +21°C. You do not want to swim anymore!

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Roman: The weather in Sardinia is very mild. It is still hot during the day, but there is no big risk to get burnt in the sun, lying on the beach. The sea in general is wonderful! The water is crystal clear and the beaches are deserted – not a soul in sight.

Where is it warmer in Italy in September

A beach in Tropea, Calabria. Photo: @metapolitica /

Map of Italian resorts

Holidays with children in September

According to climatic conditions September in Italy for children is much more comfortable than July and August. In the fall, the humidity is normalized, there is no strong heat, young tourists are much easier to breathe, and they acclimatize to a new place faster.

In September, Italian farmers are harvesting crops. Children can try fresh grapes, sweet bananas and dates. Family vacation in Italy in September will not be boring. In many Italian cities there are zoos, amusement parks, aquariums, aquariums and modern interactive museums.

What to do on vacation in September

Weather in Italy in September will please fans of active tourism. At sea resorts are popular diving, snorkeling, yachting and windsurfing. In the mountains do mountain biking, mountain climbing, trekking, rafting and canyoning.

Fans of sightseeing tourism are also happy. In September, it’s nice to stroll through the streets of ancient cities, explore Roman ruins, admire ancient temples, palaces and explore the halls of archaeological museums.

September is a time of gastronomic festivals. At the beginning of the month Naples hosts the colorful Pizzafest. The city of Asti hosts a grandiose wine festival. Sicily hosts a colorful festival of couscous, and Parma hosts a ten-day festival of the famous Parma ham.

Italy is a recognized leader in world fashion, so it is hard to imagine a vacation in this country without shopping. The global summer discount season lasts until early September, so you should hurry! Learn more about shopping in Rimini.

In early September we suggest visiting Venice. On the first Sunday of the month there starts a spectacular show on the water – the Storica boat regatta.

Holidays in Italy in September

Beach in Cagliari (Photo: / @urre)

Italy in September

September in Italy is one of the best months to visit the country, part of the high season because of the pleasant, warm weather, perfect for sightseeing, visiting the most popular cities – Rome, Milan, Florence and Venice. Although temperatures begin to drop across the country after the summer heat and the amount of precipitation increases, the weather remains mostly warm and pleasant.

Climate and weather in Italy in September

Although most of Italy in September retains summer weather, especially at the beginning of the month, due to its heterogeneous terrain different types of climate can be distinguished: warm continental in the Po River valley in the north, cool, windy in the Alps and Apennines, mild Mediterranean on the coasts and islands. Although there is little chance of precipitation, there are brief showers. In southern Italy and seaside resorts, including Sicily, the climate is usually dry.

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The average temperature in Italy in September ranges between 15 °C and 27 °C, with exceptional peaks of -25 °C in Alghero and 38 °C in Palermo (Sicily) . There is about 75 mm of precipitation per month for 3-9 days. The relative humidity is 65%.

Minuses and pluses of a September holiday in Italy


  • temperatures drop at the end of the month, cool evenings, nights due to wind, especially in the mountainous areas in the second half of the month;
  • from mid-September to mid-October it can rain, especially in the north and center of the country;
  • cool weather on the coast of northern and central Italy is not suitable for beach holidays;
  • because of the high season more expensive prices, a lot of tourists. Accommodation costs are often 50% higher than in low season (upscale hotels double the cost of rooms, for example, in Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast);
  • you should book tickets, tours and hotels at least 3 months in advance;
  • there are no public holidays, except for local festivals and events.


  • mostly warm, sunny pleasant weather; not too hot or cold, which is suitable for outdoor activities, including visiting the alpine region and hiking in the mountains;
  • low humidity; relatively low rainfall in most parts of the country: the rains usually pass quickly, thunderstorms, rain showers are rare;
  • the possibility of a beach holiday in southern Italy, resorts on the famous Mediterranean coast is less busy than in summer;
  • In September, vacations, vacations Italians end, so most places for recreation less crowded;
  • September is the start of the harvest in Italy, which is accompanied by culinary festivals;
  • many historical sites, activities, cultural events throughout the country;
  • By the end of the month, some hotels and institutions reduce prices.

Features of weather conditions by region of Italy

  1. North (Po Valley) – Milan, Turin, Bologna, Verona, Trieste, Venice, Ravenna, Rimini. This region has a temperate continental climate and one of the least windy areas in the world, as it is protected by the Alps from cold northern winds. September is still warm, can be hot and sweltering. Autumn, along with spring, is rainy, with 6 hours of sunshine per day. In the foothills of the Alps (Piedmont, Lombardy) there is less rain than from May to August. Heavy rains sometimes raise the level of lakes Maggiore, Como, Garda. Milan gets as much as 24°C during the day and cools to 14°C at night. There is 70 mm of precipitation in 5 days per month. Turin is slightly cooler because of its proximity to the Alps and the cooler westerly wind. Venice, on the Adriatic coast, has similar temperatures to Milan and Turin, but with less rainfall. In September it can be sweltering, but there are thunderstorms or strong Bora winds. A little south of Venice, off the coast of Rimini, the sea warms up to 23 ° C.
  2. The Alps, the highlands. The Alpine chain running from west to east has mild autumns in the far north because of the mountain climate. In the Dolomite Alps, at 1200 above sea level, it is quite cool at 6-17 ° C ( Dobbiaco ) and lower humidity than in the valleys at the foot of the mountains and the Po Valley.
  3. Apennines. Along the Apennine range, which stretches along the Italian peninsula from Liguria, covering the provinces of Abruzzo, Molise, Campania, Basicalata, Calabria, the average temperature is 13-22°C, dropping with altitude. On Mount Terminillo (2,217 m above sea level) in the central Apennines the air warms to 13°C during the day and cools to 7°C at night.
  4. The Tyrrhenian Sea coast (Rome, Naples), Liguria (San Remo, Genoa). The coastal, flat areas of central and southern Italy along the Tyrrhenian coast, as well as the Ligurian coast in the northwest, are known for mild, sunny autumns due to the Mediterranean climate. It often rains here, especially from late September. The Tyrrhenian coast is slightly warmer than the Adriatic. In the Ligurian Riviera, temperatures range from 18 °C at night to 24 °C, with 135 mm of rainfall in 6 days. In Rome, the air is quite humid all year round, with temperatures rising to 16-27 °C in September due to the effects of urban heat. Rainfall is moderate with 65 mm of rain falling in 6 days and 8 hours of sunshine. The climate in Naples is slightly milder and rainier than in Rome.
  5. Central Italy – Florence, Perugia, Ancona. In the central provinces of Italy (Tuscany, Umbria, Marche) the temperature is close to Rome, but during the day can reach 30 ° C, and nights are usually cool. September in the region is usually hot and sunny, but moderate from wind.
  6. The islands are Sicily, Sardinia, Pantelleria, Lampedusa. Sicily as Italy’s southernmost island is especially warm, mild and sunny in September. It can still be hot on the inland hills, cooler on the coast because of the sea breeze. In Palermo, the temperature ranges from 20-28 ° C, precipitation is very rare. On the western island of Sardinia, it is a few degrees cooler at 17 °C at night, 27 °C during the day, windier and rainy with 30 mm of rain falling in 4 days in Cagliari. The sea warms up to 23°C off the coast. The southernmost islands (Pantelleria, Lampedusa) are the sunniest and warmest, but they can be windy and rainy. The dry warm wind from Africa, the Scirocco, can bring temperatures in excess of 30 °C and sandstorms.
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What to do in Italy in September

September is an eventful month in Italy:

  • St. John’s Day (San Gennaro), September 19. It is a national holiday celebrated by the people of Naples at the foot of Mount Vesuvius in honor of the patron saint of Naples, Bishop St. Januarius. For eight days, there are processions and celebrations throughout Naples that include a feast of traditional foods, wine, music, and dancing.
  • Palio di San Rocco, first week of September. This is a 5-day festival in Figline Valdarno (a city in Tuscany), which is the first competition in the region. The event includes medieval jousting, horse racing, and archery. The event introduces participants to traditional Italian culture, sampling local food, and entertainment.
  • Juliet’s Birthday, September 12. It is a festival with a romantic atmosphere in Verona in honour of the protagonist of Shakespeare’s play “Romeo and Juliet” with dances, costume parades, street parades.
  • Regata Storica di Venezia, first Sunday in September. This is one of Venice’s most popular festivals, featuring teams of men, women, and children racing 16th-century boats (including gondolas) in the Grand Canal. The main event is preceded by a large festive parade, floating booths, and cafes around the canals.
  • The Venice International Film Festival, in early September each year (exact dates vary). It is the oldest prestigious event and considered one of the top three film festivals in the world along with the Berlin International Film Festival and the Cannes Film Festival. Visitors are treated to film screenings, art, architectural exhibitions, dance, and theater performances.
  • Bologna Potato Festival, end of the month (exact dates vary). It is a week-long gourmet festival which offers the opportunity to learn all about the different types of potatoes grown in Italy and to try different potato dishes made according to local recipes (french fries, potato salad, soup, dumplings, chips, pizza).
  • Balloon Festival in the city of Ferrara, September 4. It is a balloon competition starting from the city’s Bassani Park, where there are also numerous concerts and live music.
  • Fashion Week, late September. This is a week-long fashion show by international designer brands (LouisVuitton, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Fendi, Gucci, Armani, Versace and others) in one of the world’s fashion capitals, Milan. At this time the city is filled with celebrities.
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September (especially the first half of the month) because of the pleasant, temperate weather is ideal for sightseeing in Italy. You can climb Mount Vesuvius, go to the beautiful Lake Como or take a boat cruise along the colorful, picturesque landscape of the coastal Cinque Terre, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, walk around Rome and see the famous Trevi Fountain, the Colosseum, the Roman Forum, the Spanish Steps, the Pantheon, spend a day in the Vatican, visiting the ancient museums, cathedrals, the Sistine Chapel.

The harvest season, which begins in Italy in September, is suitable for gastronomic travels from the mountains in the north to the Tuscan hills and southern islands of the country. During this period there are many seasonal specialties, including Italian delicacies such as artisanal olive oils, cheeses, chocolates, and white truffles.

In all wine-producing regions of Italy in early autumn the grape harvest begins and festivities dedicated to this event are held, especially in the wine region of Chianti in Tuscany (between Florence and Siena), where master classes on grape growing, exhibition and tasting of the best wines of more than 60 producers take place.

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