Kata Beach in Phuket – 2022. Is it worth the vacation?

Kata Beach – for a relaxing and family vacation

Kata Beach is located on the southwest side of Phuket. It is sandwiched between Kata Noi and Karon beaches.

Kata is liked by many vacationers and it is one of the best on the west coast for a combination of factors. It is fairly quiet, but it has all the necessary tourist infrastructure, ranging from a variety of hotels to excursions. Plus a good and clean sea.

Description of the beach

On the right, if you stand facing the sea, there is a pass to the beach on the road and on the path along the river stinks, near it is better not to swim. It is important to know that almost all along the beach the entire first line is occupied by hotel Club Med Phuket, so you can not pass through to the beach – it is fenced.

Wherever you choose to live on Kata, keep in mind that the passage to the beach is only on the edges of the beach. In fact, there are 2 other hotels on the first line, but about them below. Settling in the center of the location is not relevant if walking distance to the sea is important to you.

If it is important for you to have easy access to the sea, then settle in Club Med Phuket. Although he too has only one exit and he is huge, too, do not get to jump over the fence. Or choose accommodation closer to the edges of the beach, to minimize the walks to the sea.

Kata Beach is not very large, but wide enough (70 meters in the northern part and 50 in the south), stretching for 1.5 km. It is covered with very fine white sand. Moreover, the sand is cleaned early in the morning and evening by locals with a rake.

Because of the large number of fishing boats in the northern part of the shore, it seems even shorter. There are no buoys in the sea, the mooring of boats is indicated only by flags. It is better to swim away from the boats, as the anchor ropes are not visible under water and you can hurt your leg.

Kata Beach - for a relaxing and family vacation

Also in this northern part of the beach there is a local river (essentially stinky drains), which flows into the sea, so you can’t see many beachgoers there. But after 100 meters you can safely swim.

Holidaymakers on Kata there are always a lot, but because of the large size of the beach, the crowding is not very felt. According to statistics, he takes a well-deserved place in the top three most popular beaches in Phuket.

The beach is quiet quiet, cozy, there are no nightclubs, bars, but there is all the necessary infrastructure. This is an excellent choice for a measured relaxing holiday. If we talk about comfort, the beach has a toilet and shower (paid, it depends on your luck).

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In case anyone is interested to read about other places, I have a brief overview of all the beaches in Phuket, will help you decide on the beach.

The entrance to the water, depth and waves

Kata Beach has a shallow entrance and is good for children in terms of swimming and relaxing. After 10 meters there is a depth of about their necks. The depth increases slowly and is particularly shallow at low tide, when the beach is very wide and the water is about 50 meters off the shore.

The beach is swimmable at high tide, but at maximum low tide – not ace at all. There are no stones at the entrance, as well as almost no vegetation under the water. Very often there is a complete calm.

Waves are very rare during the season, but from early May to late October, a strong wind reigns on the beach, causing high waves on the water surface. So it is wonderful to surf on Kata during this windy season.

Sun loungers and shade

Along the beach at Kata Beach there is a road, asphalt, lively – it separates Club Med Phuket from the general beach. If you stand facing the sea, there are very few trees on the right side of the beach, and the strip between the road and the beach has no grass at all. I will say more – there is almost no shore as such.

Starting from the middle of the beach and to the left, there is a strip of lawn, about five meters wide, with trees – and there you can find some shade. Another option is to rent an umbrella, then the shade will be anywhere.

There are sunbeds in several rows around the perimeter of the beach (+ umbrellas). Often are free. There are sun loungers and from hotels, and free. With beds give and mattresses. Many people have a rest and directly on the sand. Under the trees in the shade you can relax only in the southern part of the beach.

Sun loungers cost 100 baht for the day. On the beach there are a couple of observation towers lifeguards. There is more shade in the first half of the day, and in the afternoon shade remains only on the left side of the beach, where there are trees. On the right – only in the morning and not much, and from 12 o’clock there is no shade at all.

Photo of the beach

The right half of Kata Beach

Kata Beach - for a relaxing and family vacation

Kata Beach - tranquil, family beach

Center of Kata Beach

Kata Beach - for a relaxing and family vacation

Kata Beach - for a relaxing and family vacation

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Karon Beach in Phuket - 2022. Is it worth the vacation?


The beach is located in a cozy area along which there is practically no transit road, noisy discos and other things, so it can safely be called cozy and family-friendly. Along the area, parallel to the shore, there is a street with cafes and eateries (there is internet).

As well as grocery stores and stalls with beach supplies. On the edge of Kata (between Karon and Kata) is a wholesale supermarket Makro, but you can buy there and retail, the range is good. There are no large shopping malls.

Google map considers the embankment one-way, but in reality, people break the rules and go both ways. You can park your scooter all along the embankment, on the side of the road there is a special marking for parking.

On the left side of the beach along the road, sometimes one lane is occupied by Kata Volkynstreet: clothes, food, dunks and other trappings of the weekend fair.

You can park by the side of the hotel

The boardwalk runs right up to the beach line Market starts to unfold on the boardwalk

On the beach you can use the services of massage therapists waiting for clients under woven awnings. In case of slight hunger, the Thais will sell you fruit, drinks and snacks.

All this goodness lives in stalls on the beach, as well as the occasional seller walks on the beach itself, but do not molest. Well, if you wanted a full meal, the edges of the beach are Thai cafes and restornayy.

Traditionally, there are parachute flights after the boat, jet skis, scuba diving and surfing. To learn how to board, there is a kitesurfing school. Within sight (about 500 meters) of the northern part of the beach is a small island called Koh Poo.

It can be reached by boat. There are cafes, and there is an opportunity to sunbathe and do scuba diving. You can also visit Dino Park (Dino Park Mini Golf) and a viewing platform, called Karon View Point.

Houses and Hotels on the Beach

The choice of housing on the beach is very large, there are hotels in almost every price category, from cheap to expensive. Accordingly, the closer to the sea, the more expensive.

Around the third street (the farthest from the shore) and behind it are more budget accommodations, including gesthouses. First of all, let me tell you which hotels are located on the first line.

As I wrote before, most of the shoreline is occupied by Club Med Phuket. An expensive hotel with a very large area, but its disadvantage is that it is separated by road from the shore, that is, it has no access to the water. Also in the southern part (or left when facing the sea) there are 2 other nice hotels:

Both are on the first line and go right out to the water. And, Kata Beach Resort costs quite reasonable money, while having a good rating.

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In the northern and southern parts of Kata:

If you want to book a hotel here in advance or look for accommodations on other beaches, I have a selection of hotels in Phuket with good ratings and reviews.

You can rent a budget one-bedroom house on Kata from about 15000 baht per month, and the distance to the beach will be about at least 1 km. But I would not say that the houses for the long term on Kata a lot. As an option to live in condos, they are there too.

How to find the beach

From Phuket airport to Kata beach is about 40-50 minutes drive. From Phuket Town you can get a blue shuttle bus for 30 baht, the bus stop is on Ranong Road. It is also an easy walk from Karon beach.

The road takes about 20 minutes. But from Patong on foot is difficult. As usual, you can rent a tuk-tuk (cost from 300 baht) or get to the beach on your own transport.

If you just drive on the road from Karon without turning anywhere, you will pass the beach, as it is not visible behind the hotel Club Med Phuket. So for the first time is better to be guided by a map.

The beach itself can only be accessed on the edges of the beach, from the north or south. You can not go through the hotel somewhere in the middle. At the edges of the beach there is parking for bikes and you can find a place to park your car too. You can also park your bike along the whole promenade.

There is a path to the beach along the stinky river that is on the right side of the beach (if you are facing the sea). Usually everyone walks on it from their hotels.

That is, you can walk along the road on the right side of the beach/area, or you can walk along this path. But it’s not much closer to the center and doesn’t save much time. There is one on my map below.

Kata Beach.

Kata Beach - tranquil, family beach

Kata Beach or Kata Beach is located on Phuket Island between Karon and Kata Noi beaches. Beach strip stretches for about 1.5 km, width is about 30 meters. Kata Beach beach is covered with soft sand, which is pleasant and comfortable to walk on. The sea here is clean with a shallow entrance, the depth increases gradually, the place is suitable for recreation with children. The bottom is comfortable and consists of sand, stones and shells are not found.

Hotels and tours

Passage to Kata Beach is only on the edges of the beach. This is due to the fact that the first line of the beach is a large hotel with a fenced area, it has to go around. If you do not want to spend a lot of time walking to the beach and back, it is worth considering this point and choose accommodation located on the edges of the beach.

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Here is a list of hotels near the beach. You can make a hotel booking on ostrovok.ru, or use a hotel tour search.

  • OZO Phuket 4 * (tours on level.travel , Travelata)
  • The Boathouse Phuket 4 * (tours on level.travel, Travelata)
  • Kata Rocks 5 * (tours on level.travel , Travelata)
  • Pamookkoo 4 * (tours on Travelata)
  • Sugar Palm Grand Hillside 4 * ( tours on level.travel , Travelata )
  • Malisa Villa Suites 5 * ( tours on level.travel , Travelata )
  • Sugar Marina Resort Fashion 4 * ( tours on level.travel , Travelata )
  • Phuket Kata Resotel 3 * ( tours on Travelata )
  • Kata Palm Resort & Spa 4 * ( tours on level.travel , Travelata )
  • Beyond Resort Kata 4 * ( tours on level.travel , Travelata )
  • Peach Hill Hotel & Resort 4 * ( tours on level.travel , Travelata )
  • Centara Kata Resort Phuket 4 * ( tours on level.travel , Travelata )
  • Villa Elisabeth 4 *
  • PGS Hotels Casa Del Sol 4 * (tours on level.travel , Travelata)
  • Novotel Phuket Kata Avista Resort and Spa 5 * (tours on level.travel , Travelata)
  • Kata Beachwalk Hotel and Bungalows 3 * ( tours on Travelata )

Level.Travel and Travelata are online tour searching services for all the tour operators and can replace an ordinary travel agency. Book tours without intermediaries.

The closer the hotels are to the beach, the higher the cost of living in them. If you like hiking, you can find inexpensive options and farther from the beach – there are cozy guest houses and apartments.

Kata Beach - tranquil, family beach

Infrastructure and Entertainment

At Kata Beach in Thailand, you can sunbathe on your beach mat or on a rented deckchair, its cost – 200 baht per day. Since there is little vegetation nearby, the natural shade can be found only in a few places, and mostly in the morning hours. The sun is extremely active during the day here, so not to get burnt, it is better to take your umbrella or rent one on the beach. The water safety is monitored by lifeguards.

Kata Beach is a very popular place to relax, but for some reason there are no cabanas for changing clothes. Other amenities such as toilets and showers also have to look – they are located only on the left side of the beach, besides for their use are charged. Toilet costs about 10 baht, shower – 20 baht.

As for entertainment, the situation here is quite good. It is possible to ride a banana and jet-ski, fly a parachute behind the boat, do kayaking. On the beach there is a rental equipment for snorkeling (diving at a depth of 5-10 meters with snorkel and flippers). Holidaymakers enthusiastically describe the flocks of fish and corals, they came across during the dive.

On Kata Beach is a very common service massage.

Kata Beach - tranquil, family beach

The beach is also available for surfing, from May to October here the optimum weather conditions for this sport. Opposite the beach is an island called Pu, the distance to it is short – you can overcome it by renting a boat. On the island will be interesting to fans of scuba diving, this is a great place to dive.

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Near the beach there are many places to eat, as well as buy fruit and refreshments. In the vicinity of the beach there are so-called macashnikas – eateries on wheels, which offer all the variety of local street food. There are also cafes, some with great views of the coast. Nearby markets sell souvenirs and beach accessories.


Not far from the beach, there are places to visit.

On the road to Karon Beach is Dino Park, where you can play mini golf. Causes of interest and the interior of the park, stylized Jurassic period. There are dinosaur figures, caves and waterfalls. Visitors can have lunch in a themed restaurant.

The Karon View point is another great place to visit. Here you can enjoy a breathtaking view of 3 beaches at once – Karon, Kata and Kata Noi. Nearby is also located elephant farm, where you can learn a lot about elephants and, of course, ride them.

Kata Beach - tranquil, family beach

Reviews about Kata Beach

In their reviews, tourists are advised to swim closer to the center and the left side of the beach (if you stand facing it). The fact is that on the right side into the sea flows a dirty river, because of it in this place can float garbage and feel an unpleasant smell. In addition, boats stop here, which also has a negative impact on the purity of the water.

In general, travelers recommend this place for a quiet family vacation. Although it can be crowded here, you can still find places more free. In addition, there is no noisy entertainment on the beach.

Kata Beach - tranquil, family beach

How to get there

There are mini buses and cabs available from the airport to Kata Beach – Kiwitaxi operates in Phuket, the trip will cost about 1000 baht.

There is a blue bus from Phuket Town to the beach, first it goes to Karon beach, and then takes it to Kata Beach. The fare – 40 baht, you should keep in mind that the last bus into town leaves at 16:40.

So, from Karon Beach to Kata you can either take this bus or walk. It takes approximately 20 minutes to walk from Kata Noi, from Kata Noi it is even faster.

From Patong Beach you can take a local tuk-tuk, the trip will cost about 450 baht.

Some tourists prefer to reach the place by rented car or scooter. There is free parking near the beach.

As mentioned earlier, the beach can only be accessed from the edges of the beach.

From the right edge there are 2 route options – you can reach the beach by road or by path. You should take into account that the path goes past the river, which exudes not the most pleasant aromas.

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