Kazan airport: how to get there

How to reach the airport of Kazan

The distance from the city to Kazan Airport is 26 km. It serves many international and domestic flights and that’s why the connection with the city is excellent. Buses and trains are available to get to the airport. Car transportation is also irreplaceable: among the available options are summoned on the spot cabs, pre-booked transfers, long and short-term car rentals.

Travel time by bus – 30 minutes, by train – 30 minutes, by car from the center – 30 minutes.

Further in the material you will find a description of the possible ways, as well as useful services for planning your trip.

Route #197

How to get to Kazan Airport by public transport

Connection to the city is provided by bus and rail transport. There is one direct bus (from the Eastern bus station), but with it you can make many connection options from any part of the city.

The electric train leaves from the main railway station, where also arrive commuter trains from neighboring communities and trains from other regions of the country.

The trip to the airport by direct bus and train takes 30-40 minutes.

The way to the air harbor from the second most important station – Vosstaniya-Passazhirskaya – assumes a change. The first variant is to go from “Severny vokzal” metro station to “Prospect Pobedy” station and wait for bus 197 (see below). The second variant is to go to Kazan-Passazhirskaya station (streetcar № 1, bus № 6, bus № 37, 53) and there change to a commuter train.

In 700 meters from the Central bus station there is Vakhitovo station, where you can take an electric train, which has already been mentioned above.

Next, consider in detail the direct routes.

How to get from the bus station in Kazan to the airport

Route #197

There is one direct route – № 197. The departure is from the stop near the Eastern bus station, which, as the name implies, is located in the eastern part of Kazan. On the way it also passes through the Southern Bus Station and the metro station “Prospekt Pobedy”.

It makes almost three dozen stops and arrives first at Terminal 2, then at Terminal 1A. Travel time is 40-50 minutes, depending on traffic.

The first flight departs at 06:00 and the last one at 22:00. There is no clear timetable, the approximate interval is 20-30 minutes.

On the line – PAZ medium buses.

The ticket price is 60 rubles.

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If you’re coming from Kozya and Sukonnaya Sloboda neighborhoods, it’s more logical to take the metro to “Prospekt Pobedy” and change to this bus.

How to get from the railway station of Kazan to the airport

How to get to Kazan Airport

Suburban train connects Kazan airport with the city. Boarding takes place at Kazan-Passazhirskaya railway station.

The route is served by the Sodruzhestvo suburban company.

The first train leaves at 07:35, the last – at 19:46. The schedule is below on the scoreboard.

The train makes a dozen intermediate stops along the way. It will take 28 minutes to get from the station to the airport.

The electric trains arrive at the train station, which is connected to Terminal 1A by a covered crosswalk.

The cost of the ticket – 50 rubles, concessionary fare – 25 rubles, children’s fare – 12.50 rubles. You can buy a ticket directly before boarding in the railway office.

The schedule of trains to the Kazan Airport

Cabs to Kazan Airport

You can catch a taxi to the Kazan Airport at any time of day, including late at night. The cost of the trip from the city center – from 600 rubles. You can order a cab by calling local taxi companies. You can easily find the contacts on the Internet.

In addition, you can order a car through an application on your smartphone (Yandex.Taxi, Gett, Citimobile, Uber, etc.). However, it is worth noting that during peak hours the demand for cars increases and the rate goes up. This means that the pricing is dynamic and the cost varies. Also, there may be no available cars nearby.

Transfer is a reliable, convenient and proven option. One of its advantages is a fixed price. The car will be delivered to the specified address exactly on time, so you will not be late for your flight. Find a suitable option – through the service KiwiTaxi.

How to get to the airport of Kazan. All transport options, prices and schedules

Kazan airport named after Gabdulla Tukai is considered one of the best transport hubs in Russia and has received a number of awards. Read in our article how to get to Kazan Airport using different modes of transport so you don’t miss your flight.

At the end of the article, we have prepared an airport parking scheme, valid for summer 2019, if you go by private car or carsharing.

  • Address: Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan, 1 Aeroport Street.
  • Time zone: UTC +3.
  • IATA code: KZN , ICAO: UWKD.
  • Official website: kazan.aero.
  • Official mobile apps:
      . .

    Kazan International Airport

    Kazan International Airport Terminal

    The airport is located 26 kilometers from Kazan, near the village Stolbishche of the Republic of Tatarstan.

    The air gateway of Kazan is represented by three terminals. The first one – Terminal 1 is combined with Terminal 1A with a covered walkway. Both serve domestic flights, flights within the Volga region and international flights. The second, Terminal 2, serves VIP clients. All arrival and departure information is written in Russian, Tatar and English.

    Terminal 1A.

    Terminal 1A has 11 check-in counters for comfortable pre-flight check-in of passengers of domestic flights. For check-in and service of passengers for international flights 9 check-in counters were installed. Border clearance procedure is provided by 12 passport control booths.

    Terminal 1A has 6 elevators, suitable for passengers with limited mobility. Terminal 1A is equipped with four telescopic gangways, which increase the level of comfort regardless of weather conditions. The two-story terminal is equipped with comfortable departure waiting areas. Of note are such facilities as a children’s play area, changing rooms, and a business lounge in the international sector on the first floor (immediately after the border procedure and pre-flight inspection). The business lounge offers many services, including a children’s play area, shower, buffet and massage chairs.

    Terminal 1

    There are 16 check-in desks located here. The terminal serves both domestic and international flights.

    Separate note should be made of such facilities as prayer rooms, mother and baby rooms, medical station, which are located on the second and third floors, and are equipped to a high standard. The Air-lounge business lounge, located in the common area on the 1st floor, is at passengers’ disposal.

    In all terminals passengers are offered a wide choice of stores, restaurants and cafes.

    Business Terminal

    Kazan International Airport offers facilities for all categories of passengers, including business class passengers. The Business Terminal has an annual capacity of 100,000 passengers. It is equipped with a common area with a bar and free Wi-Fi, a mother and child room, conference and business meeting rooms, a cafe-bar.

    Passengers can make use of telephone services, copy machines and massage chairs. The terminal is also fully equipped for passengers with disabilities. Here you can go through all the preflight formalities, including check-in and security clearance.

    Station square

    Station square allows parking for 700 cars and 50 buses, including 45 parking spaces for people with limited mobility.

    There are 6 telephone sets installed in the square and it is possible to call to any place in Russia absolutely for free.

    How to get to Kazan Airport by public transport

    On a city bus

    Getting to Kazan Airport by public transport

    In particular, on a fixed-route cab № 197. Timetable: start at 6:00 am and last till 22:00 pm. Travel time: about 1 hour and 15 minutes. Fare is 70 rubles.

    The marshrucade runs from the stop “Agroindustrial Park “Kazan”, moves along Kamaleev Avenue and Prospekt Pobedy and Zakiyeva Street. The route goes through the Kazan City Philharmonic Hall and the Square of Glory, and then turns and goes along the Orenburgsky Trakt. At the first exit the bus turns right and goes further from “Zhirkombinat” to the settlement of Usady. The route goes along the Magistralnaya street, passes the settlement Stolbische, the hotel “Polyot” and finally comes to the airport.

    At the same time from the center of Kazan and from the railway station “Kazan-1” you can go by subway. Traffic scheme: get on the subway station “Kremlevskaya” and go to the stop “Prospekt Pobedy”.

    And on the Pobedy Avenue you can take a 197 route cab and go to the airport terminal.

    From the bus station “Yuzhny” you can also take bus 197. You need to get on the stop “RKB” and get off at the terminus, where the airport is located.

    Free bus, special shuttles to the airport and Aeroexpress are not yet available.

    To the airport by train

    Take a train to Kazan Airport

    You can get to the airport with the help of the city train from the city center. At the railway station “Kazan-1” you need to take an electric train on the line “Kazan-Passenger” and go straight to the stop “Airport-Kazan”. The stop is located just in front of the entrance to the airport building. Travel time – about half an hour. The ticket price – 40 rubles.

    Night electric trains

    Since September 20, 2019, additional night commuter trains have been launched with the connections Airport – Kazan and Kazan – Airport.

    • Train No. 6717 service Airport – Kazan will depart from Airport station at 02:10. Arrival at Kazan station at 02:30.
    • Train #6718 of communication Kazan – Aeroport will depart from Kazan station at 03:20. Arrival to Aeroport station at 03:40.

    Trains go without intermediate stops. Travel time between terminal stations is 20 minutes.

    How to get to the airport by cab

    To get to the airport quickly and comfortably, call a cab. The trip will take about 40 minutes. There are Yandex.Taxi and Uber in the city. For example, from the Privolzhsky District you could get by Yandex for 500 rubles, from the Sovetsky District – for 550 rubles, and from the Moskovsky District – for 600 rubles.

    • Yandex.Taxi number in Kazan: +7 (843) 510-00-00
    • Uber number: +7 (960) 054-58-34

    You can also order a cab at the official transport company of the Kazan airport at a special stand located at the arrivals hall of Terminal 1A. Application for a trip, payment and fares can be found on the website airparkingkzn.ru. You can order by phone: +7 (843) 5-00000-5.

    Carsharing to the airport

    In Kazan, carsharing service from Yandex.Drive is available . You can book a car in a mobile app for iOS or Android. The service has a diverse fleet: Renault Kaptur, Škoda Rapid, Volkswagen Polo, Hyundai Creta, Volkswagen Transporter, Mercedes E-Class.

    Yandex Drive carsharing in Kazan

    The car can be rented to the desired address and time – from an hour to a week. There are “Fix” rates (the cost of the trip is known in advance), “Minutes” “Hours” and “Days”. All fares include the cost of gasoline, MTPL and CASCO). So an hour of rental will cost about 200 rubles, and for a day about 1600 rubles.

    From December 25, 2019, Yandex.Drive parking in front of Terminal 1A opened at the airport. The rental completion zone is marked in the app, do not get confused. Now you can get to the airport by carsharing from Kazan and Innopolis!

    There is also a carshare service “Carousel” in Kazan. In the fleet of cars there are about 200 cars in different price categories. You can book a car and make a payment according to the rates in the app. Per minute rate is 5-7 rubles per minute.

    But the service “Timcar” at the moment has stopped its work in Kazan.

    Transfer to the airport

    Another way that you can use to comfortably get to the airport is to order a shuttle service. Use the service KiwiTaxi. This is a reliable carrier that is responsible for the quality of service. The trip on the tariff “Economy” for one person will cost you 1000 rubles, on “Comfort” 1300 rubles.

    Take advantage of a tiphack and order a transfer company of friends to save money and easily transfer a large amount of luggage.

    Driving to the Kazan airport by car

    Traveling by your own car is a convenient way to get around. So you yourself distribute your travel time. Optimal route to the airport lies directly through the Tuqay Philharmonic Hall. Tukai on Pavlyukhin Street and Orenburgskiy Tract without turning anywhere. Then take R-239 highway, which will lead you directly to the airport parking lot.

    Terminal diagram of Kazan International Airport

    Free parking is located next to Terminal 1 and A1. The free time is 15 minutes. Then according to the tariff:

    • up to 1 hour – 200 rubles;
    • Up to 2 hours – 150 rubles;
    • from 2 to 5 hours – 100 rubles;
    • from 5 to 24 hours – 650 rubles;
    • More than 3 days from the moment of arrival – 500 rubles.

    You can pay for parking at Kazan Airport through the airport’s mobile app.

    How to pay for parking in the mobile app? ⠀⠀⠀

    1. In the main menu you open a special section “Pay for Parking”.
    2. You enter the number of the parking ticket or scan the QR code.
    3. You receive information about the cost and specify the bank card details.
    4. After the payment is complete, a window will appear on the screen stating that the transaction was successfully completed.

    Payment is possible only with the use of bank card. Download the mobile app right now in the App Store and Play Market, by entering “Kazan Airport” in the search box.

    What is the best way to get to the airport?

    If you are traveling with children and a lot of luggage, you can use a carshare, cab, or shuttle service. This way you can save travel time and still travel in comfort. Choosing any of the three modes of transport, do not forget to order a child seat. That way you will make the trip easier for you and your child.

    If you are traveling in a large group and you also have a lot of luggage, then it is worth choosing a transfer to pay the amount of transportation together. It will be more difficult to travel with large bags on the bus.

    It is also better to take a cab to the airport at night, as public transport stops.

    Kazan airport in winter

    What is the cheapest way to get to Kazan airport?

    The most inexpensive transportation options are bus and train. Travelers without luggage is better to choose the way of public transport, because the bus route lies through the center of Kazan, straight to the airport. At the same time you should have enough time in order not to miss the plane in case of traffic jams.

    Avoid traffic jams you can get on the public transport by train. It goes straight, without traffic jams, but with short stops.

    If you notice an inaccuracy in the description, or the schedule has changed, and we have not changed it, please contact us: vk.me/aviakzn we will promptly correct it!

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