Let’s go to Nabeel! Reviews & Prices for vacations – 2022

Nabele in Tunisia – a quiet and relaxing holiday

The town of Nabelle is located 15 km north of Hammamet and is in fact a “poor cousin” of the most popular resort in the country. There are not too many hotels and the people of Nabeel are not so much involved in tourism but in crafts and growing citrus and hot peppers and flowers.

Rest here is quiet and measured, there are few attractions and entertainment is almost nonexistent. But there is an abundance of cheap housing and ineffable provincial flavor.

It’s a small town – only 60,000 inhabitants. Nevertheless it is known throughout the country as the center of production of pottery and oranges, for which it was nicknamed “Orange” or “Pottery” – the capital of Tunisia. As a resort it is less known, but only because the tourism business began to develop here recently.

At the moment there are only three dozen hotels, and only 12 of them are given stars. There is not a single 5* hotel, but there are a few 4s and almost a dozen decent 3s. They are all designed for tourists on a modest budget. Still there is an interesting bazaar, a lot of catering establishments, but almost no disco and entertainment for children.

Profitable tours

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A bit of history

In ancient times this city was known as Neapolis, which means “New City”. An unusual toponym for those places, but it can be explained by the fact that the settlement was founded by Greek colonists, rather than the Phoenicians, who settled the entire Mediterranean coast of Tunisia. Incidentally, in Phoenician it would have been called “Carthage” (the same “New City”).

The colony was founded V B.C. About the same time it was first mentioned in historical chronicles. Describing the Peloponnesian War between the Athenians and the Spartans, the historian Thucydides states that the Spartans reached the shores of Libya, where they were supplied with ships on which the warriors reached Neapolis.

For a long time, Polis belonged to Carthage, but then this state fell to the Romans, who began to plunder all the cities on the Mediterranean coast of Tunis. Naples did not escape such a sad fate, which in 148 BC was committed to fire and sword. The plundered city became a Roman colony, which in the 3rd century AD passed to the Byzantines.

In the VIII century, Tunis suffered the Arab invasion and the Byzantines decided to leave the city, having previously burned it to the ground. Two centuries later, the Arab town of Xar Nabeul arises on the ruins of the Roman colony. Nabeul inherited the medieval Medina and the Great Mosque. The Ottomans, who seized power in Tunisia for a century and a half, had little effect on the look of the city and did not create their buildings.

In the XVII century Andalusian Muslims migrated en masse to Nabeel to escape the Reconquista in Spain. They bring with them European techniques for pottery, forging and tillage. With their help, the city becomes a major center of trade, crafts and agrarian industry. In the late 1980s it acquires resort status.

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Where is it located?

On the peninsula of Cap Bon, 15 km northeast of Hammamet and 72 km southwest of the capital.

INTERESTING FACT! It was on this peninsula in 1943 that the Allies defeated the German-Italian army of Marshal Rommel. Thus, North Africa was liberated and the road to the liberation of Sicily and Italy was opened.

On the map

Who should go?

Nabelle is a budget resort, with all the advantages and disadvantages inherent in such places. They come here to save money and relax in the quietness of the countryside, but do not count on an interesting pastime. For attractions and entertainment will need to go to Hammamet.

Weather at the resort

Nabeel is characterized by a Mediterranean temperate climate. The air there rarely gets warmer than +32 ° C, and the heat is less than in other regions of Tunisia. The peninsula is blown on all sides by a gentle breeze from the sea, which makes it easier to bear the heat.

The local climate has an interesting feature – one of the highest levels of precipitation in the country. In summer it is almost nonexistent, but in the spring and autumn months you can catch a few rainy days. Sometimes there are even prolonged rainstorms. This is why the local soil and gives the highest yields in Tunisia.

The average temperature by month:

  • January +15°C by day and +8°C at night, water +13°C;
  • February +16°C during the day and +9°C at night, water +13°C;
  • March +18°C daytime and +11°C at night, water +14°C
  • April +20°C daytime and +12°C at night, water +17°C
  • May +23°C by day and +16°C at night, water +22°C
  • June +27°C by day and +20°C at night, water +24°C
  • July +30°C during the day and +23°C at night, water +28°C
  • August +31°C during the day and +23°C at night, water +28°C
  • September +30°C during the day and +22°C at night, water +24°C;
  • October +26°C during the day and +18°C at night, water +23°C
  • November +21°C during the day and +13°C at night, water +17°C
  • December +17°C during the day and +10°C at night, water +12°C.

The swimming season on the peninsula begins in mid-May and ends in the second half of October.

How to get there?

A good way to buy cheap airline tickets on the largest search engine in Russia aviasales.ru.

The city is located almost equidistant between the two major international airports: Tunis-Carthage and Enfidha. It does not have its own airport, so you can not make a direct flight.

The best way out of the situation seems to be buying a ticket for a regular or charter flight to Tunis (the capital) with a subsequent transfer by bus or train. Bus is the best option because there is no direct rail connection between Tunisia and Nablus. To get to the city will have to travel by train through Hammamet, where you will need to change to an electric train.

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By bus from Tunis

Get to the bus station in Tunis Gare Routiere Sud Tunis, there you will take one of SRTGN buses:

  • No. 102 – runs every half hour from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. The price is 5 dinars. Journey time is only 60-70 minutes, as the bus travels on a toll road;
  • #140 – departs from the airport on weekdays, several times a day, at 13:30 and 18:00. It travels on a regular highway and makes several long stops, so the journey can last up to 120 minutes. The price is 3 dinars.

Bus from Enfidha

From the local airport there is a direct flight #106 . It departs five times a day from 7:30 to 19:30. Check the exact time at the bus station at the airport.

Current prices

Food prices in Tunisia are the same as in Russia. The only difference is that seasonal fruits and vegetables are cheaper, and meat, dairy products and alcohol – more expensive.

It is worth noting that Nabeel is one of the largest producers of agricultural products in the country, and the resort is considered low-budget, so the prices for food here will be lower than in other cities.

The average check in a cafe for one person:

  • breakfast – 6 dinars;
  • lunch or dinner – 10-15 dinars.

Average bill in a restaurant for one person:

  • breakfast – 10 dinars;
  • lunch – 10-20 dinars;
  • dinner – from 20 dinars.

The cost of drinks in public catering establishments:

  • 0,33 l can of Coke – 1,5 dinars;
  • water 0,33 l – 1 dinar;
  • coffee – 1,5 dinars;
  • local draft beer 0,5 l – 4 dinars;
  • Imported draft beer 0.33l – 5 dinars.

Market foods and supermarkets:

  • A loaf of bread – 0.5 dinars;
  • 1 liter of milk – 1,3 dinars;
  • 1 kg of steamed rice – 1,5 dinars;
  • 12 eggs – 2 dinars;
  • 1 kg of cheese – from 20 dinars;
  • 1 kg of chicken fillet – from 9 dinars;
  • 1 kg of beef – from 20 dinars;
  • 1 kg of citrus fruits – from 1 dinar;
  • 1 kg of bananas – from 3 dinars;
  • 1 kg of apples – from 4 dinars;
  • 1 kg tomatoes – from 1 dinar;
  • 1 kg of onions – from 1 dinar;
  • 1 kg of lettuce – from 0,5 dinars;
  • 1 kg of pepper (hot or Bulgarian) – from 2 dinars.

Popular Hotels

We recommend renting accommodation on safe websites:

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Dessole Royal Lido Resort & Spa 4*

The most fashionable and expensive local hotel . Located on the first line, right at its own stretch of beach. It has indoor and outdoor pools including children’s, spa and thalassotherapy center, gym, children’s playground and animation club. The food is served in two restaurants as well as at the pool bar.

Novostar Khayam Garden Beach & SPA 4*

Novostar Garden Beach is an all-inclusive, family-run, budget-friendly hotel. It was built on the first line in 1982, but has been upgraded several times since then. The last renovation was done in 1982.

Its facilities include: 3 pools, water slides, 2 bars, 3 restaurants, spa, hammam, sports fields, children’s play club, animation center, disco. The buffet restaurant has a children’s menu, including for the very young. The hotel has its own stretch of sandy beach. Staff speaks Russian.

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Les Pyramides 2*.

Les Pyramides is a holiday destination for frugal and unpretentious tourists. It was built in 1972 on the first line. The last renovation took place in 2022. It has an outdoor pool, bar, restaurant, animation club for adults and children, as well as a tennis court and garden. Within walking distance of the buildings there is a tourist infrastructure: catering establishments, supermarkets, etc. There is a part of the beach.

According to reviews of tourists in this hotel there is an unsatisfactory level of service, but this drawback is offset by the low cost of rooms.


The coastline from the northern suburbs of Nabeel to Hammamet is a continuous 7 km strip of sand. It is in fact one big beach, which is divided into sections between the municipality, the cafes and the hotels. Access to any of the beach areas is free and you have to pay a few dinars to the staff to rent a chair and an umbrella.

The beaches are covered with white or yellow sand. The entrance to the water is gentle and the water is very clean.

TIP! Behind the village of El Maamura, north of Nabeel, you can find 10 km of wild sandy beaches.

What to see – the main attractions

There are very few places of interest in the city:

  • Excavations of ancient Neapolis – ruins of several Punic villas and outbuildings. Coordinates: 36.440754, 10.719339. Admission is 5 dinars;
  • Archaeological Museum of Nablus – with a huge collection of Punic and Roman mosaics, sculptures, art, culture and everyday objects. Coordinates: 36.450775, 10.736303. Admission is 5 dinars;
  • Friday Market – Eastern bazaar where you can buy everything from the legendary Nabeel ceramics and citrus fruits to a live camel. Coordinates on the map: 36.459108, 10.740271.

Local hotels and tour operators organize free tours of ceramic workshops where you can observe the process of making pottery, take part in a master class on molding and painting, buy the finished product or order utensils with individual design and inscriptions.


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Tourist reviews – pros and cons


  • Beautiful and clean beaches without huge crowds of tourists. Even the municipal areas, which do not belong to anyone – thoroughly cleaned of garbage;
  • The ultimate cheapness of the resort. Cheap double room here will cost 800 rubles per day.


  • The lack of its own airport, which forces you to spend time and money on transfers from Tunisia or Enfida;
  • The lack of worthy entertainment and sightseeing.

True, the latter drawback is offset by the proximity of Hammamet, where there is an abundance of interesting sights and entertainment.

Nabeel – a small Tunisian resort

Rest in Nabela

A seaside town in the northeast of Tunisia is famous for oranges, fine ceramics and not bad beaches. Find out what tourists say about vacationing in Nabela, what beaches are at the resort, what hotels are considered the best and what to do on vacation.

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Tourist reviews of Nabeul

The region of Nabeul is referred to variously as Nabeul, Nabul and Nabeul. A small town of about 70 thousand people, it is located on the peninsula of Cap Bon, 15 km east of Hammamet. Europeans like to come here on their own, so there are many mini-hotels, apartments, restaurants and cafes in Nabeul. Find out how much money to take in Tunisia.

kristi2222: “Tunisia is a lot like Morocco. The streets are a maze, bazaars are open, lots of spices, leather, leatherette and interesting places. We stayed at Khayam Garden Beach Resort and Spa 4*. The sea with the stones, but if you go a little more to the right, there will be Thai sand.

Victoria Belchenko: “I liked the old center of the city – Medina, where there is a clothing market and a bunch of little stores, cafes and restaurants. In one of them we tried the popular national dish couscous, very tasty.”

Traveller reviews for Nabele.

Nabeel Market, old photo from 1960. Photo: H. Grobe / wikimedia.org / CC BY 3.0.

Best hotels in Nabeel

There are fewer than 20 certified hotels in the resort of Nabeel, Tunisia, so there’s not much choice. 4-5 star hotels are in demand – book rooms in advance, and it’s best to look for them on Hotelluk and tours on Travelate. If you want to save money, stay in apartments with a kitchen. Prices are low at $40-60 per night. When choosing a hotel, find out where the beach is. From some hotels the coast is separated by a road.

The best hotels in Nabeel, according to tourist reviews:

Dar Taieb is a nice apartment for a budget holiday. You can walk to the sea in 20-25 minutes. In high season, a double room costs from $ 40.

Palmyra Club Nabeul 3* is a nice hotel on the beach with a pool and garden. A room for two with breakfast costs from $79.

Dar Sabri 3* is a pension with a golf course. An excellent choice for those who want to stay in the center of the resort. Double room with breakfast costs from $98. Find tour “

Dar Kamy 4* is a cozy hotel 5 km from the Neopolis Museum. A room for two costs from $66. Find tour “

Dar R’Bat 4* is a comfortable hotel in traditional Tunisian style. A double room with breakfast costs from $90. Find tour “

Dar El Gaied 5* – the only “five” in the resort is located in the city center. Guests like the oriental decor and beautiful designer furniture. For a room for two with breakfast you will pay from $123.

Rest in Nabela

Plage de Sidi El Mahresi in Nabela. Photo: Habib M’henni / wikimedia.org / CC BY 4.0.

Nabeel’s Beaches.

Nabeel’s beaches are said to be as good as Hammamet’s luxurious coastline. However, not all tourists agree. According to reviews, in some places of the resort at the bottom of the sea are found overgrown with algae stones.

On free municipal beaches like to relax not only tourists, but also locals. On weekends they come to the sea with their families. The sea water in Nabela is clean and clear. On the shore there are sun loungers and umbrellas from the sun, there is almost no other infrastructure.

Holidays in Tunisia with children - 2022. Best hotels. Prices. Reviews

Andrew: “When I tried to go into the sea, I immediately ran into big slippery rocks overgrown with algae, and I realized that I don’t want to break my children’s legs. So we spent all our days on the municipal beach to the right of the hotel, where there was a gentle sandy bottom.”

Best Beaches in Nabele

Port aux Princes beach, Nabelle. Photo: Vivaystn / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 4.0.

Excursions and entertainment

In ancient times, the town of Neopolis, founded by the Greeks, was located on the site of Nabeel. Today the ruins of Roman buildings can be seen in the excavation area. The artifacts that were found by scientists are on display in the archaeological museum on Avenue Habib Bourguiba.

According to reviews, from Nabeel tourists eagerly go on excursions to the Punic settlement of Kerkwan, the capital of the country – Tunis, on a two-day tour of the Sahara and on a boat trip on the “pirate” ship.

Gusyona: “We didn’t go on historical excursions because it would have been hard on us and the baby. We went to the Frigia Safari Park. We loved it.”

What to see in Nabela

Mosaic at the Nabeel Museum. Photo: Verity Cridland / wikimedia.org / CC BY 2.0.

Holidays with kids

Babies have enough beach activities in Nabeel. Older kids can explore the Medina, the Governor’s House Museum and the Pottery Barn. If you get bored, you can take your child to FLIPPER water park and Carthage Land amusement park, both located in the neighboring Hammamet.

Tatiana Korosteleva: “I went with my granddaughter of 12 years in July. My granddaughter liked the animation. And there was a foam party, and competitions in triathlon (swimming, biking, running). We went to the town every night and enjoyed the architecture.

When it’s best to go

The climate at the resort is very pleasant. The coast is constantly blown by fresh sea breezes, so even at the height of summer the temperature does not rise above +31 ° C. Rainfall in Nabele is more than in other regions of Tunisia – 370 mm per year. If you are planning a vacation in May, September or October, keep in mind that a few days will be rainy.

The tourist season in Nabul begins in May and ends in late October. Most holidaymakers come in June, July and August, when the weather is dry and hot. See when it’s better to rest in Tunisia.

Elena Luch: “If you like warm water, it’s better to come from July to September. Although ours are warm even in May”.

Traveller reviews for Nabele.

Fishing boats near Nabeel. Photo: Pier5230 / wikimedia.org / CC BY-SA 4.0.

Conclusions: is it worth going to Nabeel

Holidays in Nabela have advantages and disadvantages. The pros of the Tunisian resort are reasonable prices, an interesting historical center and a sandy coast. Unlike larger resorts in Tunisia, the beaches of Nabeul are not overcrowded even in high season. There are enough wild places to relax by the sea. Young people can be bored, because in a small town there are no amusement parks, nightclubs and discos.

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