Let’s go to the Costa del Sol! Resorts, beaches, prices for vacations – 2022

Costa del Sol – vacation spot for aristocrats and celebrities

Rest in the Costa del Sol

The beach necklace of Andalusia is loved by tourists from different countries and the inhabitants of Spain themselves. What is the attraction of a vacation on the Costa del Sol? Learn about popular resorts, the best hotels, rental houses and villas, beaches and interesting places.


Tourist reviews of the Costa del Sol

“Sunny coast” of Spain stretches from Gibraltar to Malaga. This region is home to prestigious resorts with excellent beaches, well-functioning infrastructure and wonderful opportunities for active tourism. The Costa del Sol is where European aristocrats and celebrities spend their vacations and weekends. In contrast to the north of the country, life on the Costa del Sol is more calm and measured – as elsewhere in Andalusia.

According to tourists, hotels are more expensive than on the Costa Blanca or Costa Brava, but the food is quite affordable.

Bojemoy: “The Costa del Sol is a coast of sunshine and buzz! Most of all I was touched by the palm parks along the coastline, where huge green parrots live on the trees.

Catherine: “I was just overwhelmed by the beauty of this region and the magnificent Mediterranean Sea. It is something special there, not like in Turkey or Greece. After such a vivid trip I just fell in love with Spain and especially with the Costa del Sol.

Reviews of the Costa del Sol

Malaga Cathedral of the Incarnation. Photo: jonasdenil / unsplash.com.

Which resort to choose in the Costa del Sol

There are several cities and towns in southern Spain, where tourists from Scandinavia, Britain and Russia love to vacation. We will tell you about the best resorts of the Costa del Sol, and you choose depending on the purpose of the trip.

Benalmadena . An excellent resort for holidays with children pleases with a luna park, dolphinarium, penguinarium and a cable car. The old town offers a unique flavor of Andalusia.

Torremolinos . The seaside town has the status of a European health resort, an excellent place for beach and youth tourism.

Fuengirola . It is a cozy resort that boasts long comfortable beaches, an aqua park and a zoo. Apart from relaxing by the sea, visitors come here for shopping.

Marbella . The most fashionable and popular Spanish resort. Hotels in Marbella – above all praise!

Estepona . It is a city which likes quiet rest. Almost all hotels are new, spacious and separated from each other.

Malaga . A small town famous for its interesting architecture and rich gastronomy. There are good beaches nearby.

Where to rest on the Costa del Sol

Fuengirola. Photo: tombrunberg / unsplash.com.

Best hotels on the Costa del Sol

Hotels on the Costa del Sol are the most fashionable and expensive in Spain. There are many 5* hotels, and a higher level of service. All the main hotels are on Bookings, and tours to the Costa del Sol on Travelate.

The best hotels on the Costa del Sol, according to tourist reviews:

Boutique X 3* is a neat hotel in the central Fuengirola area, 350 meters from the beach. During high season a double room costs from 117 €. Find tour “

Hotel Selwo Lodge 3* is an original hotel in the style of an African safari in Estepona. A room for two with breakfast costs from 125 €. The price includes tickets to the Animal Park. Find tour “

Sentido Benalmadena Beach 4* is an excellent hotel with an outdoor pool, next to Torre Bermeja beach in Benalmadena. Double room costs from 153 €. Find tour “

El Tiburon Boutique Hotel & Spa 4* is a comfortable boutique hotel 60 meters from the charming beach of La Carihuela in Torremolinos. For a room for two you will pay from 145 €. Find tour “

Vincci Selección Aleysa Boutique & Spa 5* is a luxury boutique hotel in Benalmadena, with direct access to Las Gaviotas beach. A double room costs from 399 €. Find tour “

Hotel Don Pepe Gran Meliá 5* is a presentable hotel near Don Pere beach, 15 minutes walk from Marbella’s Old Town. A room for two with breakfast costs from 318 €. Find Tours “

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Rent houses and villas in the Costa del Sol

Rent a villa or house on the Costa del Sol – no problem! Proposals from the owners are in any resort. For travelers who want to vacation with kids or friends, houses near the sea are popular. We found three great options on Airbnb (look for more – there are many more)! The level of accommodation and service is reflected in great reviews.

The Bungalow in Marbella is a cozy house with a tiled roof, two bedrooms, and a garden. It can sleep up to 4 guests and costs from 193€ per day.

El Oceano Residence is a beautiful two-story house with six bedrooms and a pool in Benalmadena. This comfortable accommodation can accommodate six people and costs from 284 € per day.

Two-family house – townhouse with three bedrooms and barbecue area on 2 lines from the sea, in Las Lagunas de Mijas. The house sleeps 6 people and costs 409€.

Rest in the Costa del Sol

Tivoli World amusement park in Benalmadena, between Malaga and Fuengirola. Photo: alfcermed / pixabay.com.

Beaches of the Costa del Sol.

There are more than 160 kilometers of beaches in southern Spain. The best beaches of the Costa del Sol, according to tourist reviews:

  • Artola-Cabopino in Marbella.
  • Maro and Burriana in Nerja
  • Vélez-Málaga in Benajarafe
  • Real de Zaragoza 13 km from Marbella.

If you like the sea warm as fresh milk, you are out of luck! Because of the proximity of a cold Atlantic current sea water in the Costa del Sol does not get warm above +22. +23°С. Fans of surfing, on the contrary, are delighted! The same current allows you to catch a perfect wave almost all year round.

The most popular beach of Malaga, La Malagueta, is not the cleanest, if only because it is close to the port of Malaga.

Best beaches on the Costa del Sol

The beach in Marbella. Photo: silviyanenova / unsplash.com.

Attractions of the Costa del Sol.

Nature has gifted the Costa del Sol just as generously as other parts of Spain. Tourists are delighted by the picturesque mountains, palm trees and sea. This region is home to the famous caves of Nerja, the Royal Trail – El Camino del Rey, natural parks Torcal de Antequera and Los Alcornocales.

From the resorts of the Sunny Beach holidaymakers go to Malaga, Granada, Seville, Cordoba, Cadiz and the El Chorro Gorge. According to tourist reviews, tours to Gibraltar and Morocco are popular on the Costa del Sol.

For the sights of Seville, Granada and Cordoba we have a good itinerary with photos, reviews and a map of the places.

serhii1205: “Life in Málaga is different from life in any other city in Spain. It’s sunny 350 days a year and the mood is always good. The architecture of the city is mesmerizing and allows you to go back a few centuries. The clean streets with the smell of delicious coffee and churros are a pleasant wake-up call in the morning.

Attractions on the Costa del Sol

The railroad bridge in the El Chorro Gorge. Photo: aluengo91 / unsplash.com.

When it’s best to go

Full beach vacation at the resorts of Costa del Sol begins in late May – early June, when the sea warms up to +19. +20°С. Summers in Sunny Beach are hot. Because of the proximity of Africa in July and August the thermometer column can rise to +40 ° C and above. But the extreme heat is rare. Usually, the temperature at the height of summer is +31. +33°С.

The velvet season in September and October is enjoyed by all who like to enjoy the mild autumn warmth and beach activities. It is possible to swim until the end of October. In November, the resorts of the Costa del Sol become cooler +19 ° C, and the sea cools to +18 ° C.

Tata Mirzoyan: “In the south of Spain in June it is really hot, but on the Costa del Sol, because of the sea breeze is comfortable enough.

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When to rest in Costa del Sol

It is not for nothing that Andalusia is called the frying pan of Europe. In the summer there is such a strong heat that people carry bottles of ice.

Conclusions: Is it worth a vacation in the Costa del Sol?

There are many advantages of a holiday in the Costa del Sol – well-maintained clean beaches, excellent hotel service, the opportunity to visit picturesque natural attractions and old cities of Andalusia. Sunny coast likes parents with children, tourists of age and lovers of delicious Andalusian cuisine. Tourists with average and high income rest in Costa del Sol. The only drawback – the sea is cooler than in other regions of Spain.

All about rest in Costa del Sol.

Without a doubt, the Costa del Sol is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. This southern coast of Spain, whose name translates as “Sunny Coast”, stretching from Almeria to Tarifa, caters to tourists of all preferences, different ages and nationalities, offering such a wide range of amenities and entertainment that everyone will be delighted. Russian travelers planning vacations in the Costa del Sol in 2022, Spain – prices, entertainment, attractions – are not left out either.


The history of the area dates back to the Phoenicians, who were the first to manifest themselves here. Since then, it has been inhabited by Greeks, Romans and Moors, who have left a variegated mark on the architecture and culture of the region.

Previously, all the resort centers were ordinary fishing villages. In the 20s, the coast remained unspoiled and gradually developed as a resort until the 50s. Since the 60s the area has been experiencing a tourist boom that continues to this day.

The Costa del Sol is as rich in culture as the rest of Andalusia, from Picasso to bullfighting, from flamenco to colorful fairs. The capital of the region, Malaga, is the second largest Andalusian city with a population of 600 thousand. The locals are very friendly and open, perhaps because of the constant good weather and hot sun, or because of the fabulous Mediterranean diet, or maybe just because they live in a beautiful, cultural city by the sea.

The twin cities of Málaga are Manila of the Philippines, Faro of Portugal, Lima of Peru, and Mobile and Galveston of the United States.

Costa del Sol on the map:

How to get there

Málaga has a major airport that receives daily flights from many of the world’s airlines. Including daily flights fly here from Moscow. Travel time is 5 hours. The cost of flights depends on the season. In summer months it is about 400-500 Euros round trip, at other times 300 Euros. Direct flights are usually more expensive than alternative ones.

An alternative way to get to Málaga and save money is to choose flights with connections from low-cost companies. For example, fly to Berlin, and then take Ryanair or EasyJet. In any case you should book tickets in advance and then you’ll pay less.

The best time to rest

The climate in the south of Spain is favorable for visits by travelers throughout the year. But the timing depends on the purpose of the trip.

  1. March, April and May are considered the middle season. March is the transition between winter and spring. The average temperature is 20ºC. These are good days for sunbathing, but the sea is not warm enough. Although in May many brave people already swim. The three spring months are not the best time for rowdy parties, which is something for dance party lovers to know, as there are far fewer holidaymakers than in the summer. But the general price level is lower. The middle season is the best time to visit Málaga and the white Andalusian towns for sightseeing.
  2. June, July, and August are the months when the season kicks in. The number of tourists increases day by day until the end of August. Ideal time for those who love the beach, sun, warm evening temperatures, and nightlife.September, according to many, is the best time to visit the Costa del Sol, as it incorporates the best of high and low seasons. The weather is mild and pleasant compared to August with its sweltering heat. There are no huge tourist crowds and the water is still warm at around 25ºC.
  3. October to February is low season, but these are great months for a cultural visit. Lots of sunny, warm days and the atmosphere is more relaxed. The coldest and rainiest days are between mid-January and February.
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Tourists who want to see a fun Spanish holiday should choose the following dates:

  1. On the first Sunday in May, Archidon celebrates Caterpillar Day, which includes the procession of the Virgin de Gracia. The origin of this tradition goes back to 1743, when an invasion of caterpillars devastated the fields of the region, and the Virgin’s patronage contributed to their disappearance.
  2. On September 9, 2022, the Festival of Moors and Christians in Alfarnat opens. It has been celebrated since the 17th century on the occasion of the conquest of Granada by Christian troops. The city is transformed into a medieval village, where there is a clear division between Christians and Moors, and more than 400 people dress up in costumes of that era. A unique celebration that goes back in time.
  3. On May 20, 2022, the city of Coin begins the Feast of the Orange. Almost all events take place in the Plaza José Bermúdez de la Rubia. Hundreds of liters of freshly squeezed orange juice, salads and orange soups are offered to tourists there for free. All this is enlivened by musical performances.
  4. On August 19, the festival celebrates the incorporation of Málaga into the Castilian state, which took place in 1487. The festival is accompanied by fireworks and costume processions. There is a fair where you can taste wines and tapas accompanied by music in the historic streets of Málaga.


On the Costa del Sol there is no problem how to get around.

  1. Rail transport is represented by the AVE high-speed trains to Madrid, Seville, Cordoba and Barcelona. Suburban connections to stations around Málaga are made via the Cercanías Málaga, with a total of 2 lines, the C1 and C2. The C1 line connects Málaga and Fuengirola, the C2 line connects Málaga and Alora. Along the coast runs the C1 line. The railroad is quick and easy to get to most of the resort towns. Tickets are sold at ticket booths and vending machines. The price depends on the area, from 1.75 to 3.55 euros.
  2. Bus. From the central bus station in Málaga buses depart to all nearby communities. There are many intracity routes and long-distance trips. Tickets are purchased at the bus and train station ticket offices. City buses operate until 23 hours and there are night routes. The price of a trip is 1.1 euros, a complex ticket for 10 trips will cost 7 euros. Passes can be bought at press kiosks.
  3. It is better to ask for a cab to order the staff of the hotel or restaurant, it is difficult to stop it on the street. A trip inside Málaga will cost at least 10 euros.


In Spain there are three major mobile operators – Movistar, Orange, Vodafone. Buy their SIM cards is profitable only for domestic calls or for mobile Internet. The cost is 10-12 euros. For international calls, a good offer has Lebara and another operator – Happy Movil. But their mobile Internet is not of high quality.

Free WiFi is available in hotels, restaurants, shopping centers and major museums.

Where to stay

The choice of places to stay depends on the type of vacation you prefer. It is important to know what is nearby, what you can do in these areas, and then choose hotels, hostels and apartments, of which there are a huge number with a wide range of prices.

  1. For those looking for luxury, the best option is Marbella. Here are some of the best beach clubs in the world Ocean Club and Nikki Beach, where just the price for a chair is 200 euros a day. The Golden Mile in Marbella and Puerto Banus are fashionable areas on the Costa del Sol with extravagant and expensive fashion boutiques, luxury yachts and gourmet restaurants.
  2. For a budget must choose areas Torremolinos, Mijas Costa and Fuengirola, where you can rent a hotel room or rent an apartment, starting from 30 euros.
  3. Holidays with children will be unforgettable in Nerja, a quiet town with a unique microclimate and family entertainment in the city and surrounding areas.
  4. If the tourist is looking for tranquility, the best place to stay is Estepona. Here you can rent sailboats for excursions with the family, watch dolphins, appreciate the scenic views of the North African coast and the Rock of Gibraltar.
  5. Some tourists settle in charming villages with houses of white stone and bright flowers on their walls, for example, in Frihiliana, just 6 kilometers from the coast. A similarly gorgeous village 8 kilometers from the beach near Benalmadena is Michas Pueblo. Here you can take a donkey ride to see the main attractions. In these places, travelers will fully enjoy the life of a typical Andalusian town.
  6. Nightlife lovers should choose the areas of Benalmadena (Puerto Marina), Torremolinos and Marbella. Many nightclubs and discos in Málaga.
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The Costa del Sol has an incredible number of places to go and see, from architectural monuments to beautiful natural parks. Excursions can be made independently by rental car, public transport or take advantage of the offers of guides in Russian.

  1. Tourists will not miss the opportunity to visit the capital of the Costa del Sol – Malaga. The city offers a rich collection of museums, Roman and Arab monuments. There is something happening all year round in Málaga, including musical concerts of all types and flamenco shows. The traveler will be spoilt for choice. Art lovers certainly know that Málaga is the birthplace of Pablo Picasso. They will definitely visit the house-museum of the great artist. The ticket price is 6 euros, minors under 18 years old are free.
  2. Setenil de Las Bodegas. The village that holds the mountain is popular throughout the country. Many of the houses of the old town are built right into the rocky mountain. Nowhere else in Spain has this method of construction been used so spectacularly, although there are other similar towns.
  3. Los Alcornocales Natural Park takes its name from the numerous cork oaks – “alcornocales” in Spanish. There are about 80 species of plants, hawks, eagles, vultures and many species of mammals. There you can view the archaeological deposits of the Neolithic and Bronze Age. Inside the park are beautiful Moorish villages, there is an opportunity to ride a bicycle, horseback riding.
  4. The Nerja Caves are a must-visit if tourists live nearby. Discovered by chance in 1959 by a group of children, they have been opening their wonders to scientists for many years. The cave contains remarkable archaeological and geological treasures, including drawings of Neanderthals who lived more than 42,000 years ago. Admission is 9 euros, children 5 euros.
  5. The Caminito del Rey, known until recently as the most dangerous trail in the world, has been renovated to make it safer. Now it is one of the most famous attractions of the province of Malaga. The road, built at the beginning of the 20th century as a service road for the builders of the El Chorro power plant, now represents much less risk, but still offers a serious adrenaline rush. . A little more than an hour from the beaches of the Costa del Sol is one of Spain’s most fascinating cities, the beautiful Granada. In addition to the famous Alhambra, there is the magnificent district of Albaycin, Flamenco, cave houses in Sacromonte, the Sierra Nevada mountains.
  6. Ronda. History, nature, gastronomy, and art are closely intertwined in this city. Symbolic Roman and Moorish monuments, lush natural surroundings, one of the most appreciated brands of Spanish wines, a stunningly dramatic location have made this place incredibly appealing.
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Active Recreation

Spain’s southern coast offers great opportunities for outdoor activities.

  1. The second name of the Costa del Sol is the Costa del Golf. Here are the best golf clubs in Spain. Players from all over the world hold tournaments of the highest rank.
  2. You can rent kayaks at Burriana Beach in Nerja, and single and double kayaks at Salamandra Aventura at Maro Beach. Explorers will see a scenic waterfall, animal-like rocks, and underwater cave grottos.
  3. Lovers of natural beauty and hiking should head to El Torcal Park. The oldest rock formations give the landscape, where many trails are laid out, a surreal atmosphere.
  4. Nearby Almeria, the Cabo de Gata Park is the best place for diving with its crystal clear waters and breathtaking scenery. There are stores selling specialized equipment and diving schools. Prices vary depending on the degree of service desired.


Costa del Sol offers a wide range of goods for every wallet and taste.

  1. El Corte Ingles shopping centers are located in Málaga and Marbella. For expensive products of famous brands have to go to Puerto Banus in Marbella. The prices are the highest for all products in Marbella, in other cities are much lower.
  2. In the markets in Malaga and Estepona, you can find the products of local craftsmen – artistic ceramics, wicker objects, bamboo bags and blinds. The most famous antiques market is the Mercado de Antiguedades, open on Saturdays in Nueva Andalucia, near Marbella.
  3. Leather goods are bought in the town of Ubrique.

What to bring with you in Russia:

  1. Traditional Andalusian fans, combs, shawls. Cheap samples are sold at every step, but there are stores where you can buy a truly high-quality and memorable item. The price of a good fan ranges from 40 to 500 euros.
  2. Sweet local wine “Malaga” or excellent brandy “Cardenal Mendosa”, which costs 23-24 euros here. In Moscow, if you are lucky enough to find it, it is not less than 50 euros. This drink is very popular in the world, there are even clubs of fans of “Cardenal Mendosa”.
  3. In the village of Michas Pueblo there is a small chocolate factory, where they make chocolate and candy by hand and offer to take souvenir samples.

Andalusian cuisine

The cuisine of Andalusia has made its own unique contribution to Spanish cuisine. The traditional food here is fish, seafood, and meat. In Marbella there are several restaurants with exquisite cuisine, which have Michelin stars. The most famous are “Dani Garcia” and “El Lago”.

Inexpensive restaurants and cafes are found in abundance in all the resort towns. In Torremolinos, you can eat well and affordably at Ajopicao (Calle Casablanca 20), a typical Spanish restaurant. A set menu of several dishes in the cheapest places costs 9-12 euros.

  • The pescadito frito – freshly caught small fish fried in a deep fryer;
  • solomillo de atun, tuna entrecote;
  • espeto de sardinas – sardines cooked on an open fire;
  • Tapas, Spanish appetizers from 1,50 euros cold, from 4 euros hot;
  • Seafood paella.

What to bring

  1. A smartphone with an app installed, where you can open interactive maps without Internet – an invaluable assistant for independent travelers.
  2. Necessary medicines. They may not exist in Spain, or they have other names and are not sold without a prescription.
  3. A minimum of clothes and shoes – only the essentials.
  4. Bank cards. They can be used to pay almost everywhere.


In general, the region is safe, but wherever large crowds of people gather, there are pickpocketing, so documents and large sums of money are better not to carry, and leave it in the hotel.

On the Costa del Sol, tourists will find a combination of relaxing holidays with the exploration of ancient Spanish cities. At 150 kilometers of coastline stretches different beaches – the lively and quiet, where everyone will find their own paradise.

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