Let’s go to Zagulba! Reviews about rest, beaches, best hotels.

Caspian Sea. Absheron Beaches.

Of course, the beaches of the Caspian Sea is not you the Black Sea coast. The water in the Caspian Sea turned out to be slightly salty. It looks like the Azov Sea in terms of saltiness. And the landscapes on the shores of the Caspian Sea were very reminiscent of the Azov.

The Caspian Sea is the largest saline lake in the world, nicknamed the sea for its size. 90% of the water of all saline lakes in the world is in the Caspian Sea. It also holds 44% of the water of all lakes. Having studied the reviews on the Internet before the trip I found out that the cleanest beaches in the immediate vicinity of Baku (1 hour by bus from the metro) are Zagulbia and Bilgia.

Inimitable Azerbaijani names! There we went when we were tired of wandering around the sights of the capital of this country. First we went to get acquainted with the beach of Bilgia. You get there on buses 171 and 172, to the terminus.

On the way there will be lots of remarkable “newly-made” buildings, the models of which I was lucky to acquaint you with in my note about Heydar Aliyev center.

Here, in fact, is the last stop.

It’s a sanatorium building, a cardiac center. We took a cab and wanted to see the wild beach first.

As you can see it’s not very crowded.

The scenery around is also sparse on the possibility of “yummy” photos.

Views of the beach from a decent restaurant. As you can see the sea is far away and across the road. The beach was truly DIKE. There were not even changing rooms.

Free umbrellas and sun loungers were absent. They demanded 8 manats (5 USD) per day. As it turned out later, this was very expensive for Azerbaijan. On the more comfortable beaches it cost $3 with a table, chairs and developed infrastructure.

The water was really clean and without oil! Which for a city like Baku is rare. However, on landscaped beach Bilgea, which is from the wild in a kilometer or two, the water is also nice.

The descent to this net beach of the Apsheron Peninsula is quite steep.

But the water is quite bathable and transparent. As far as it can be transparent with sandy bottom.

Garbage cans here are made originally in the form of….tandirnyh. Or maybe they were former tandyrs, now adapted for other purposes? It was a Sunday afternoon and the trash cans were taken away by the staff.

But did they do it too late and did trash fall out of the overflowing containers? Or is it just a local mentality that allows residents to throw trash past the container? There you go!

There you go again, instead of taking pictures of yummy beach views, your “Revisorro” took pictures of trash. I just want to show how the cleanest beach of the Caspian Sea on the Apsheron Peninsula looks like. Someone will find these photos curious before making a decision to rest on the sea in Azerbaijan.

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However, the cleanest this beach everyone unanimously called in the Internet reviews. Having read them before the trip, we went here. I personally have the impression that the beach of Bilgea is more crowded than the beach in the neighboring Zagulba. Accordingly, the beach is more crowded and has more litter. I do not know about the water purity on these two beaches. As you understand, I did not do analyses. But even on a transparency of water in Zagulba, it seemed to me, it will be better. And really, where there are more people (Bilgea), and there should be more turbidity.

By the way, Zagulbia is closer to Baku. But nevertheless! But I will tell you about Zagulba beach below. And in general, the Caspian Sea and beaches did not seem to me somehow. Steppe and steppe all around. And it seems to me that in neighboring Georgia it was a bit cleaner. This beach even has changing rooms, unlike the wild one.

But there’s always a queue. But the sand here is super.

And there are even tools to bury each other though entirely, though waist-deep. Now about the beach in Zagulbia. Hotel room near the beach was “booked” in advance. Because dragging from Baku a whole hour by bus did not pay off, as you understand. On the day of moving from the hotel in Baku to the hotel at the sea we also visited the neighboring Gobustan. And so tired but happy tourists by night arrived in this Zagulbya.

Hotel address and phone number was written on the reservation in three languages: English, Russian, Azerbaijani. Zagulbya is not Baku, although it is a suburb. And it was hard to find a man who could read the address at least in Azerbaijani. He read it, but could not explain us anything properly because he did not speak other languages. There was no point in catching a cab, because we got here by bus. Anyway, there were no cabs around. I dialed the number on my telephone and put the receiver on the receiver of our passerby.

He had a long conversation with the hotel owner in Azerbaijani. Then he passed the receiver to us. Thank God the hotel owner spoke excellent Russian. But we were not at all happy with what he told us. It turned out he had already rented our room and all the rooms in the hotel to other people. I realized that someone just rented our room for a longer period.

And this someone else rented our room after our reservation. The owner made excuses for sending us a message to cancel the reservation. I swear I didn’t get it! Turns out that can be true in Azerbaijan. Land of surprises!

However, we had a similar case in Kolomna:

By the way, he never showed me this cancellation in the mail. Apparently just forgot to write. It happens! He’s a busy man, with only business on his mind. What do you want to do in the middle of the night in an unfamiliar village suddenly left without a place to sleep with backpacks?

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The romance of independent travel…. But we must pay tribute to this man, he did not abandon us, apparently understood his “bug”. He came to get us, helped us find a place to stay with friends. True, the lodging was poor and unreasonably expensive.

But we could not spend the night on the street. In the morning, we easily found more or less normal and inexpensive accommodation by the sea. In the former Soviet Union, it is easy to rent a room in the private sector. Although here it is not as easy as, for example, in neighboring Georgia. Here, housing is more expensive by half and a half, and not every Azerbaijani is happy to earn so much. Everyone rents out rooms for rent in Georgia! Every third person will willingly rent a room to you in Georgia, and is happy to pay any 20 GEL. However, you can feel that people in Georgia do not live richly, and the mentality there is more in the direction of making money from tourism.

But I digress. So, Zagulba beach. After all the trouble with housing, we hit the sea right on the same night. The shoddy owner of the hotel kindly drove us directly to the beach, because he had business there in his many cafes.

We do not hold a grudge against him, so I did not leave negative feedback on the booking site.

Life on the beach is bustling even at night.

After swimming, we took part in a funny attraction. Virtual reality. I tried it for the first time.

You are flying in the mountains on a parachute. “When you are on the ground, the state of reality is such that it seems that you will fall to the ground with all your might. Then you fly above skyscrapers, “not knowing the obstacles”.

And then suddenly it seems that you are about to be swallowed by a shark! We got to the beach again with the help of the hapless owner of the hotel. In the morning first thing again on the beach Zagulba. In the morning it was not crowded, unlike at night.

A tourist from an Arab country with her son. Washing his underpants. And the husband nearby, where would a wife without an Arab husband?

The sea is clear and calm today. But the wind is not insignificant, as always. In the evening of the same day, on the same beach.

The picturesque islet opposite with the rocks as close as possible. This part of the beach for “beauty” is scarce. Nothing more to take pictures of. From the “interesting things” except this:

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Here, in contrast to the beach in Bilgia, there are even changing rooms without waiting in line. Note in what language it is written for clarity to the locals. That piqued my fancy! Independent Azerbaijan, no offense to the locals. But why be offended?

The Azerbaijani who speaks Russian, my age and older, was always talking about how well they lived in the Soviet Union. Only the inhabitants of large cities speak Russian in a decent way. I did not even pull them by the tongue and did not ask leading questions. They wanted to talk to me themselves. But I was distracted again.

Another of the “interesting things” is a picture of a wild man from Kin Dza Dza.

Cue! This is me smeared with the “miracle mud” collected the day before in the mud volcanoes of Gobustan. These volcanoes, and Gobustan in general, I’m going to introduce you to in my next piece. Don’t miss it. My beloved also believed in the miraculous power of mud, also smeared and is going to rejuvenate for at least a hundred years. Well, let’s see.

Finally, I want to rehabilitate a little bit the beaches of the Caspian Sea on the Apsheron Peninsula.

The next day we hit another section of Zagulba beach.

It is located next to the first and a little closer to the west. Towards Baku.

It was more picturesque and cheerful here.

Right away we took a table for 5 manat (200 rubles). Here you can rent not a chair, but the whole table at once. You pay and sit till morning, as the boy at the cafe who was taking the money told us. Having rented a table, people even heat the samovar here.

Yes! They take samovars and pots with snacks to the beach with them! That’s how they spend the whole weekend on the beach till the evening.

Despite the abundance of people on the picturesque beach, the water seems to be clean.

Cries of baklava will not let you forget that you are not in Europe.

And also about shashlik-mashlyk, meat in rings.

Children are happy to have such a rest here.

And the horses work hard, riding on the backs of holiday-makers. No! If you look, you can find “yummy” views on this beach.

There are not many of them, so I will put them all in the text of this post.

A picturesque ridge of rocks has created a kind of a bay.

By the way, there is a convincing version of historians that in ancient times, the Caspian Sea was connected with the Aral Sea and the Black Sea. It was connected by rivers and canals.

A gulf with warm water. By the way, in August the water in the Caspian is just hot.

And you just don’t want to get out of it for hours, days. Even the surf is there.

The water level in the Caspian Sea has been constantly changing over the decades. At the beginning of the 20th century there was shallowing. Since 1978, there has been a rise in water. Now the water level is 27 meters below sea level, but the water keeps rising. The gulf is sometimes big, sometimes not so much.

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Depending on the tides.

I used to swim here for hours.

Or jumped like these guys off the rocks.

The main thing is not to land flat.

In the end, I swam so much that I got sick and had to be treated on the road. The road home from Azerbaijan was long: Sheki-Kakheti (Sighnaghi, Telavi), Vladikavkaz, Vovnushki, Ingushetia, and then home by train.

The ridge of stones sinks and rises with high and low tides. And the gulf is shallow, then up to my chest.

Strange evenly shaped holes puzzled and left me perplexed.

And the fishing in the Caspian is not bad either. There are plenty of fish in the Caspian Sea. And especially near the mouths of the Urals, Volga, Kura and Terek. There’s a lot to see here. Beluga, sturgeon, barbel, starred sturgeon, catfish, salmon, chamois, carp and pike-perch. There are even seals in the sea.

Let’s go to Zagulba! Reviews about rest, beaches, best hotels.

Rest in Zagulba

The small village of Zagulba in the north-east of the Apsheron peninsula is called the beach pearl of Azerbaijan. Find out what’s good about the resort, whether you should go on vacation to Zagulba and what beaches and hotels are there.


About the resort

Zagulba is located 70 km from Baku. The fishing village began to turn into a seaside resort in the 1970s. Today Zagulba is a popular place for recreation on the Caspian Sea, where Baku residents, tourists from different parts of Azerbaijan and other countries come. The resort is not cheap and is oriented to the recreation of wealthy tourists.

Zagulba has no sights of its own, but vacationers willingly go to Baku and the neighboring village of Mardakan – a former suburb of the capital is rich in architectural monuments. One can see medieval fortresses, tombs and mosques there. In Mardakian there is a museum of carpets, the house-museum of Sergey Yesenin and a luxurious arboretum with over 1800 species of plants from different parts of the world.

Rest in Zagulba

An inscription on a round tower in Mardakian. Photo: Emin Mammadov / wikimedia.org.

Best hotels in Zagulb

The Azerbaijani village is focused on an elite vacation by the sea. Accommodation for tourists in Zagulba is on Bookings, more often high prices for rooms in hotels and guest houses, but you can find low.

The best hotels in Zagulba, according to tourist reviews:

Namig&Jevgenija is a neat guest house with a garden, barbecue facilities and a terrace. Room for two with breakfast costs from 3700 rubles.

Sapphire Zagulba is a luxury hotel with a spa center, beauty salon and swimming pool. It costs from 10 800 rubles for a double room.

Khazar Inji 4* is a comfortable hotel with a garden view. Double room with breakfast costs from 13 300 rubles.

Ski resorts in Azerbaijan

If you plan to visit Baku, see where it is better to stay in the center.

Hotel reviews in Zagulba

The pool at Sapphire Zagulba Hotel. Photo: Sapphire Zagulba.

Beaches in Zagulba

Zagulba has a beautiful and well maintained beach. The beach strip of a mixture of pebbles and sand stretches for 2 km and is about 30 m wide. The sea near the village is shallow, so for the yachts built three prominent in the Caspian Sea mole. The sea bottom is stony. Water is very transparent, without algae and plankton. The stones at the bottom are visible at a depth of 3-4 meters.

It’s a real pleasure to swim in Zagulba! But to swim, it is better to choose windless days and enter the sea wearing special shoes.

There are three commercial beaches. They are well equipped for comfortable recreation, but differ in price and volume of services. The most inexpensive beach of Zagulba is ‘Heather’ that is suitable for everyone who is ready to have a rest by the sea without any extravagances. Here you can rent sun beds and umbrellas, tables and chairs. If you come with your own towel or mat, feel free to set up in any comfortable place, and no one will disturb you!

The most crowded and expensive beach of Zagulba is “Mirvani” . In addition to the usual set of beach services, it has a jet ski rental, volleyball and soccer courts. Vacationers ride “bananas”, and on the fenced areas hold celebrations and banquets.

“Sherlock” is slightly cheaper than “Mirvani.” Families with children swim and sunbathe on this beach during the day, and large tents on the beach sell sweets. In the evenings, fans of noisy parties and discos come to “Sherlock”.

Beach in Zagulba

When it’s better to go

Spa season in the village of Zagulba begins in mid-April and ends in the second half of October. In May and June tourists who like warm weather and can hardly stand the heat here rest. In these months the temperature does not rise above +26. +28°С.

In July and August, because of the heat, the beaches of Zagulba are a bit deserted. At the height of summer, the air heats up to +30. +32°С and above, and the water in the Caspian Sea – up to +26. +28°С.

September is considered a very good time for holidays with children and older tourists. The coast is pleasantly warm, and it’s very pleasant to swim in the sea!

In winter in Azerbaijan rest in ski resorts.

Conclusions: is it worth to go to Zagulba

Zagulba resort in Azerbaijan is known for its excellent beaches, comfortable hotels and a marina. Holidaymakers are attracted by the good infrastructure, cafes, restaurants, bars, close proximity to Baku and the historical sights of Mardakan. Prices for housing in the seaside village are high.

Zagulba reviews

Summer in Zagulba is sunny all days. Photo: haythemgataa / unsplash.com.

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