Loutraki: Traveler reviews and tips for your vacation – 2022

Loutraki reviews

There is never much happiness. The Peloponnese, for the Holiday of Holidays, presented three more amazing days. Corinth. It turned out to be that unique city in which sybaritism and epicureanism converged. I should have known in advance that the city would be so deeply embedded in the s…

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Alexandra Romanova Greece , Athens June 2018

Today the inspiration came to tell me about the village of Istmia. The village itself is unremarkable. You can start your narrative about it this way: there lived, there was an ordinary Greek village with ascetic decorations and hardworking peasants. And although the place is beautiful – the sea.

25.09.18 25 4 1569

Nina Penyazkova Greece , Athens September 2015

Loutraki is a resort town 80 km from Athens on the shores of the Ionian Sea. But you can walk to the Corinth Canal, which connects the Ionian Sea to the Aegean (we went – very impressive). The sea is clean, jellyfish swim, very strange – but not.

Holidays in Loutraki Holidays in Loutraki Holidays in Loutraki Holidays in Loutraki

19.12.15 14 5 5242

Andrew Greece, Halkidiki September 2005

Continuing an excursion into the past, I am writing a review of a trip to Greece (classic + rest) in September 2005. Greece was a completely new country for us – we had never been there before even just for a drive. We chose a hotel for our rest.

27.08.14 3 5 3092

Helen T Greece, Athens, September 2013

The tour “From Homer to the present day” was supposed to include four excursions (the Acropolis in Athens, the Temple of Apollo in Delphi, monasteries at Meteora, Argolida, and a visit to the ancient Greek Museum of Art.

Loutraki seafront

07.01.14 20 0 3321

Irina Greece, Athens June 2012

We stayed in the hotel “Bakos” in Loutraki. In this review I will try to write useful information for self-traveling tourists). Loutraki is a lovely and cozy town. The beach has pebbles. We lay on the sunbeds of the nearest cafe. You take a drink or ice cream, that and.

15.07.12 24 2 7946

Alexander Averin Greece, Halkidiki September 2011

Alexander and Svetlana. Halkidiki September 2011 I guess it’s my fate to write the report in half a year. As they say: while you remember – you do not write, you start to forget and, well, let’s tell. =) Choice of Halkidiki fell at the last moment, in a mode of non-stop perebir.

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Halkidiki on wheels Halkidiki on wheels Halkidiki on wheels Halkidiki on wheels Halkidiki on wheels

12.04.12 8 2 7199

Natalia Varfolomeeva Greece, Athens July 2010

ANCIENT GREECE WITH A REST ON THE PENINSULA PELOPONNESE (GREECE + HUNGARY + ROMANIA + BULGARIA) 02.07-18.07.2010GODA1ST DAY. We left the house at 19 o’clock for the train at the Vitebsk station, we paid 440 rubles for a cab. At 20 o’clock on the station representative.

03.02.12 2 4 6194

Elena Greece, Santorini August 2010

My dream to drive around the uncharted Peloponnese by car became a reality. For the car lovers the Peloponnese will bring a lot of fun, so do not delay and book your plane tickets, hotels and cars to your liking.

22.09.10 8 1 11351

Nikita Greece , Loutraki October 2008

I have been to Greece twice in my life – once in Nikonos Paradise hotel, the second in Phlegre Palace (in Halkidiki, Kassandra) and the first trip in October 2008 I will remember it very well. On arrival in the small town of Kallikratia I felt at once.

02.06.10 0 0 4809

Nicholas Greece , Athens September 2009

From Greece with Love Greece is an amazing country! It’s a country where everything is, and everything is love! To visit the homeland of gods and heroes, as Pushkin said about Greece, is probably everyone’s dream. I dreamed of this trip since high school, when heated.

03.10.09 1 0 4100

Vadim Greece, Athens September 2008

I managed to get on occasion a last minute trip to Greece on island Zakintos. Hotel Constandina Studio. Hotel is ok, it’s ok, there is a kitchen, air conditioner, and russian speaking staff.

04.06.09 1 0 6203

Andrew Greece, Halkidiki July 2008

Tour “In the footsteps of Alexander the Great” July 2008 on the Thessaloniki – Halkidiki – Meteora – Kalambaka – Delphi – Loutraki – Argolida – Athens – Halkidiki – Saloniki Tour turned out very nice, the trip itself is not tedious and informative, .

28.07.08 0 0 7348

Olga Greece, Athens June 2008

My husband and I decided to visit Greece in June: it is not as crowded as in other summer months, and the weather is cooler. Our second assumption was wrong. All 14 days there was hot weather, about 30 degrees in the shade, without a feeling of long-awaited coolness, even.

21.07.08 1 0 10528

Katerina Greece, Halkidiki July 2007

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In the tour In the footsteps of Alexander the Great + rest.Time of travel: 30.05.2007 – 10.06.2007Tour Operator Vilar ToursGuide-guide: Alexei Elpiedis.Leave everything and go to Greece!

26.07.07 0 0 9692

Julia Greece, Crete May 2006

It is possible that all of the following will soon appear in the “Voyage” magazine, which is known to print articles based on tourists’ stories, making good money on it. Fragments of his stories about his trip to Greece in 2004 and to Cyprus in 2.

01.07.06 0 0 14647

Dmitriy Greece, Halkidiki August 2005

At once I shall make some provisos. 1. My story is intended primarily for couples around the age of 30 (well, ±5, myself 27), traveling without children, parents and other pets. Of course, older people, parents .

29.10.05 1 0 14508

Julia Greece, Crete October 2004

Desirable Greece, warm November. Trying to get into Greek life. 17.11.2004 – 1.12.2004When I was going to Greece in November, all my acquaintances wondered: “For a fur coat? And they were very surprised when they heard the answer: “No, just to have a rest!

24.12.04 55 0 34561

Karin&Walker Mimo Greece , Halkidiki May 2004

This is an excerpt from a detailed account of a trip and vacation in mainland Greece (Athens – Peloponnese – Mycenae – Delphi – Meteora – Halkidiki) that we did in May-June 2004. Full text and photos can be found at http://teplo.boxmai.

27.07.04 3 0 17166

Tatiana Greece , Halkidiki August 2003

It is hard to describe my trip to Greece. Only one emotion. It was wonderful, amazing, unforgettable, fabulous! Of course there were a lot of little things that tried to overshadow our trip, but it was nothing compared to what we saw.

Greece Loutraki – Reviews

Greece is a beautiful country for a vacation and there are many great resorts there. But I chose Loutraki and now recommend it to everyone I know. Before I had not even heard about this resort, all the more rumored Crete, Thessaloniki, Halkidiki, etc.

I visited Loutraki last summer. This city was chosen based on the program of the tour, bought as a “package”: a week of travel in Greece + a week of vacation in Loutraki itself.

Aya_Baya avatar

I was in Loutraki 2 times in 2013 and 2015. I liked it very much, I would not mind to go to the third. The nearest large town Corinth is 4 km away. The bus stops in the city center opposite the town hall.

Temple of Zeus the Olympian in Athens

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Loutraki is a small and fairly budget resort town located on the Perahora peninsula, on the shores of the Gulf of Corinth Ionian Sea. On the outskirts begin the mountains.

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It is a small and quiet resort town. A huge plus is the fact that it is two hours drive from Athens, so easily got on the bus station for an intercity bus you easily reach the capital with all its attractions.

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“High above the town of Loutraki, above the blue waters of the Corinthian Gulf rises the monastery of St. Potapias, like a pearl in a setting of rocks.” I will tell you about all the nuances of visiting a convent in Greece.

Good day With this review I want to begin a series of reviews about Greece, its cities and attractions. Greece is one of my favorite countries, to get there has been my dream since middle school, when I got my hands on the famous book by N.Kuhn “Legends and Myths of Ancient Greece.

Axelle avatar

Lake Vouliagmeni near the resort of Loutraki, a great alternative to a beach vacation. The inhabitants of the lake fish Garra Rufa will not let you get bored. How to get there, eat, relax – all in the review ;)

ETERNITY If you’re traveling in Greece, I highly recommend stopping by and relaxing for a day on the shores of a beautiful lake called Vouliagmeni. The literal translation is “sunken lake”, an interesting play on words. It is located near the resort town of Loutraki. The lake is a lagoon, as it is called.

Tea Break avatar

We planned a trip to Greece at the end of May 2015. At that time the season had not yet started, and many hotels were closed, so the travel agent gave us a choice of several hotels. After reading the reviews on Tripadvisor, we chose Pappas Hotel for several reasons.

If you are going to Loutraki, I highly recommend the Segas Hotel. Great location, good accommodation, delicious breakfast – we liked it all. True, after a room change.

Good day to you all! Today I will share with you a piece of my vacation in Greece in June 2019, namely the memories associated with staying at the Hotel ” Segas “, in the heart of Loutraki. LOCATION The hotel is located at : Aghiou Ioannou 8, Loutraki, Greece.

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diano4k avatar

Close to the sea, suitable for people with limited mobility, the staff is very friendly and speaks Russian

During a trip to Loutraki (Peninsula of Perahora, Corinth Gulf of Ionian Sea) my husband and two year old daughter and I stayed at Grand Hotel.

E.Elena avatar

I chose this hotel when I vacationed this year in Loutraki and I did not regret it. The first thing worth mentioning is the good location. The hotel is 70 meters from the beach, it is not the first line but you can see wonderful sunsets from the balcony. As a “plus” – in the evening do not hear the noise of holidaymakers on the waterfront.

❤️ avatar Marsi ❤️ avatar

?Greece tourist review ?Fresh impressions July 2019 and previous experience | Islands and mainland | Tell all in detail without water ? Prices, Climate |When it’s cheaper

Greetings to all ! Travel lovers and all those who are looking for a place for their next vacation! Greece is very popular among Russian tourists country. And it is not surprising.

Ana89 avatar

Hi all, I am one of those who spent my honeymoon in Santorini. It was at the beginning of September. Beautiful photos on the Internet, romance, and rave reviews of my parents about Greece did their job)). Only here’s a correction: the reviews were about Crete.

elena_1962_3 avatar

On a red steam train to the Monastery of Arkadi. The road is interesting, serpentine in places. The monastery has a tragic history.

Hello, everyone, this is a review of the Arkadi Monastery. We decided to visit the monastery on our last day of our vacation in Crete. We stayed in Rethymnon town and every day we saw red trains traveling through the city.

ksellena avatar

A feedback for those who wants to move to Moscow, but is afraid of difficulties and high prices. I will tell you how we did it. During the year in Moscow, we settled in and bought a 4-bedroom apartment! Lots of tips + favorite places.

I originally planned to write this review like everyone else, talk about significant places in the city, etc. But then I thought my review would be much more useful if I told about my experience of moving to the Russian capital for permanent residence.

Kos island : reviews of holidaymakers in Kos (Greece) - 2022

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A small modest city that the whole world learned about in 2014. From humble regional center to the capital of the Republic. Is there life in Lugansk, what to visit in the city, what to bring from the city with you.

Hello! Let me start by saying that I was born in Lugansk region. As a child I’ve been a few times in Lugansk, and at age of 15 I entered college and moved to Lugansk for good. Since then I consider Lugansk my native city. How not to count? I’ve lived in Lugansk for 11 years!

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I thought it was a colorful and atmospheric place, but in fact it’s a sham at every turn. I’m telling you about shopping.

In the middle of April 2022 my spouse and I had a rest in Abkhazia. We chose Gagry as the resort. Gagry is the most popular holiday resort in Abkhazia and not far from the border. Of course at the end of my holiday I wanted to visit the market, because in Abkhazia there is a lot of spices, wine and cheeses.

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Kabardinka, just a paradise place! There are, of course, and minuses. (How much did you spend on food? In what amount did it cost to live? How did you entertain yourself and which beach you went to?

Hi all. Today I want to share my impressions about the trip with my family to the Krasnodar region, and more precisely in the village of Kabardinka. Immediately I will say that I was quite satisfied, and most of all I was overwhelmed with delight). I will tell you in detail. WAY to Kabardinka, you can reach by the following ways.

AnastasiaGel avatar

Beautiful nature, but service is lagging. Tour of Abkhazia in 2 days, popular tourist sites. Prices, menus from restaurants, impressions and many photos. The budget was 30 000, we did not luxurious but we did not deny ourselves pleasures.

The thought of Abkhazia has not left me for a long time. Especially since I live in a region that borders with this country, simplified entry, and my daughter is a little older, so I thought, why wouldn’t this trip happen.Although the “adventure” had started before my departure, despite the fact that …

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