Low-cost airlines: always cheap tickets

How to fly lowcosters

Airlines with low ticket prices are called lowcosters. The word “lowcoster” comes from the English expression low cost, which means low price. Such airlines are also called discounters (from the English word discount) or budget. Low-cost airlines first appeared in the U.S. and Europe, in Russia the first successful low-cost airline was “Pobeda”.

Low-cost airlines are airlines with cheap tickets, new planes and paid additional services. Low-cost airline tickets include only flight and minimum baggage allowance. You pay separately for seat selection, airport check-in, luggage transportation, and in-flight meals. Newer planes are used by low-cost airlines because they use less fuel and require less maintenance.

The main rule of flying on lowcosters

How to fly on lowcosters

The main difference between lowcosters and classic airlines is high fares for extra services, which conventional airlines already include in the ticket price. Each low-cost airline has its own flight rules, and we recommend that you acquaint yourself with them before buying air tickets. Let’s consider 7 main differences between low-cost airlines and regular airlines.

1. Paid baggage and hand luggage

Low-cost airlines have a limited amount of hand luggage and baggage included in the ticket price. But it may also be that all checked-in luggage is charged, and the cost of carrying it may be double the price of the airline ticket.

If you have a lot of luggage we do not recommend using the services of low-cost airlines. Overpayment for luggage will increase the cost of the air ticket by several times. Be sure to check the luggage rules before buying cheap tickets on the official websites of airlines.

Avianiti displays the amount and weight of luggage included in the airline ticket search results. How to search for airline tickets with or without baggage.

2. Payable meals on board

Meals on low-cost airlines are always paid. Some offer only water for free. On average, the duration of low-cost flights does not exceed 2-3 hours – for this time it is not difficult to refuse meals. If this is difficult for you, take a bag of nuts or cookies with you.

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3. Pay for your choice of seat on the plane

There is a fee for seat selection on low-cost airlines. When booking tickets you will be offered a seat based on the load on the plane, if you want to change it you must pay. Large seats and seats in the front rows are sold at higher rates.

4. 4. Check-in at the airport for free

If you fly with a low-cost airline, be prepared to check in online yourself. Check-in at the airport may be fee-based because of the reduced costs of the check-in desks. Print your boarding pass in advance, as this may also be a paid service.

5. Airports are distant from the city center

Airlines pay fees to airports for services: passenger check-in, baggage handling, getting to the plane, cabin cleaning, etc. Not all major airports provide low fares for low-cost airlines. Low-cost airlines don’t usually fly into major airports in order to save money, but rather choose airports farther away from cities.

Landing AirAsia low-cost-airlines

In order to reduce the airport fee, low-cost carriers give up services: they do not use “sleeves” or buses. Passengers board on foot.

Lowcosters do not pay airports for long stopovers. After landing and baggage claim, flight attendants prepare the airliner for the flight and immediately take passengers on the next flight. In order to save money, overnight parking is provided by low-cost airlines only at their home airports. For this reason, budget airlines do not fly long distances, usually the flight time does not exceed 4 hours.

6. Flight and transfer

If the flight is to a distant airport from the city, the low-cost carrier will offer passengers a transfer, which can be paid for with the airfare.

The transfer can be by bus, ferry, or train. For example, the budget airline Pobeda on flights to Europe does part of the route by bus.

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7. New and modern planes.

Lowcosters fly only new and modern narrow-body planes, the fleet consists of one model of airliner. Modern airplanes have a more economical fuel consumption. The age of airliners does not exceed 5 years, so that the airline can reduce the risk of breakdowns and not to spend money for repairs.

The cabin of low-cost airlines has a large number of seats with minimal legroom, there is no business class, some airlines do not have reclining seats. The cabin may have advertising on the luggage racks and seat backs.

Low-cost airline tickets

The cheapest airline tickets are sold in advance and to new destinations for advertising purposes. Low-cost airlines sell low-fare tickets to the first passengers; as the plane fills up, the price of tickets increases.

Budget airlines put flight payback into the cost of 60-70% of airline tickets, so about 30% of tickets can be sold at a low fare. When an airline doesn’t fill a plane, it may hold a ticket sale to staff the flight and make money on additional services.

Be careful when selecting your dates, departure and arrival locations; you can’t give up your low-cost airline tickets! Some low-cost airlines offer paid options that allow you to surrender your ticket, change your travel dates, or change the passenger’s name, but this significantly increases the cost of the flight. Sometimes the penalties for making changes to your current ticket are equal to buying a new ticket.

Choose low-cost carriers if you only need a flight. Check in online, take minimal belongings, don’t choose a seat in the cabin, and tolerate no food – then the ticket will be really cheap. Remember that the policy of low-cost airlines is to cut costs and make money on extra services.

Search for cheap low-cost airline tickets without commissions!

You can search for low-cost airline tickets directly on airline websites or in the Avianiti ticket search, which is connected to all popular low-cost airlines. The search will compare the prices of low-cost airlines and regular airlines, showing the best deals.

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List of all low-cost airlines

Complete list of low-cost airlines that fly in Russia, Europe, Asia and America. Features airlines, links to official sites, and ticket search.

Lowcost airlines.


What are low-cost airlines, how to pay only for the flight and why it is very profitable. Aviasales.ru tips

It is almost everyone’s dream to travel around the world, to discover new places, but many are frightened by the high costs and, especially, the prices of flights. As a result, they simply have to abandon their travel plans. Such stereotypes break low-cost airlines – budget airlines, which allow to travel by plane at surprisingly low prices. Low-cost airlines offer cheap flight options while foregoing the maximum number of services traditionally included in transportation services. Because of this, before you buy a low-cost airline ticket, it’s worth learning more about the rules of flying with a budget airline. Below we will consider what you need to consider when flying with a low-cost airline.

Airport .

The costs of parking and aircraft maintenance at major airports are usually enormous. Of course, airlines usually offset these costs by increasing the price of each ticket. Low-cost airlines can afford to lower the price of a ticket by choosing smaller airports, often located well outside the city of destination, and sometimes far away from interesting population centers. When buying tickets for a low-cost airline flight, always pay attention to the departure and arrival airports in order to calculate the time and additional costs for traveling to/from the airport.

Buying tickets and checking in for a low-cost flight

Low-cost airlines can usually only buy tickets online because they save a lot of money by not hiring additional staff to work at offline sales desks.

Also, instead of hiring separate staff to check passengers in at the airport, the low-cost carriers encourage online check-in in every way possible: for example, they charge passengers fines if they show up at the airport without a boarding pass. Sometimes online check-in is even the only way to check in for your flight.

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If you already have a comprehensive health insurance policy, you will probably be covered much better than you would be with the travel insurance offered by low-cost airlines. You can usually carry only 1 piece of hand luggage at no extra cost, with certain restrictions on weight and the sum of the three dimensions. If your bag or suitcase does not meet these criteria, you will have to pay a large sum at the airport, sometimes even more than the price of the ticket.

Conveniences on board the lowcost airline

First of all, it is worth mentioning that the fleet of planes of budget airlines is usually new, but not of great variety. This allows companies to significantly reduce their maintenance costs. At the same time, they try to put more seats in cabins than in conventional airplanes by reducing the distance between the rows of seats. It is unlikely to be able to sit comfortably on such a flight.

You should also remember that meals on board low-cost airlines are always provided at extra charge. If you are not ready to pay a tidy sum for a couple of sandwiches, it is better to stock up on snacks in advance.

Additional services of the low-cost airlines

Low-cost airlines also offer a number of additional services for an extra fee: choice of seats on the plane, entertainment system, insurance, etc.

The European low-cost airlines easyJet, Vueling, Ryanair, Germanwings, and Wizzair are the most popular among Russian travelers. Popular low-cost companies in Asia and Australia: AirAsia, Jetstar, Nok Air and many others. Let us not forget about the upcoming launch of the Russian low-cost airline Pobeda, which will soon begin its flights from Moscow airport Vnukovo.

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