Making money while traveling: 10 ways

Paycation: 13 ways to make money while traveling

While all over the world people stop just lounging on the beach one week a year and try not to spend but to make money from traveling, 34travel also decided to give in to the fashion of paycation (paid+vacation) and collect pleasant and legal ways to “earn back” money for a trip or even bring something back from vacation.

Make money from your photos.

No more just shooting gigabytes into your desk, there may be a cooler use for your photos than just pouring them into yet another album on Facebook. There are a huge number of apps in which you can sell travel photos. And it doesn’t matter if you’re using a DSLR or a smartphone, photobanks will accept anything. What exactly do you need to do if you want to make money on travel photos – we have already discussed.

Rent an apartment for the period of departure.

Of course you can make an agreement with your friends and relatives to let someone stay with you while you are away, but there is a better option – renting an apartment through Airbnb. Imagine, your studio can fetch as much as $293 a week if you do it right. We went into detail about how to do this. Another way to approach the issue is to not only rent your own place, but also live for free during your own trip, while looking after the place of another traveler – this service is called housestaying.

How to become an Airbnb Host | How to participate in homesharing

Take your dog for a walk

The founders of DogBuddy were trying to find a nanny for their dog and in the end they created a platform where you can earn €10-15 per day by walking someone else’s dog. You can look after your dog in the UK, Spain, Italy, France, Germany, and Sweden. On DogBuddy, two sides interact: on one side the dog owners and on the other side the “sitters”. The owners are looking for a nice person to look after their pet for a day (or longer), and the “sitters” are willing to provide this service for an adequate fee.

How to make money on other people’s dogs while traveling

Allocate space in your suitcase for someone else’s purchase

The Grabr service allows locals to get their coveted purchases quickly and reliably, and travelers to make a few extra pounds in their suitcase. The site has two sections: for shoppers looking for a favorite item in another city, and for travelers who can perform a shopping and shipping service – and make a little money at the same time. The traveler’s reward is usually 10-20% of the cost of the purchase itself, but may depend on the difficulty of transportation. Some people brag about how they earned €500 per trip. Another similar service is Airfrov.

How to make money on deliveries while traveling

Freelancing or working remotely

Captain Hindsight answers. If your work allows you to leave the office, then as an experiment, you can arrange a sabbatical – the so-called paycation. And even if not, you can always translate, write, or, for example, maintain social networks remotely. Agree, the beach and a beach chair in some Asian country – not a bad temporary alternative to the office. The main thing is to be aware of the fact that under the bright sun the monitor glares and the sand gets clogged up in the keyboard.

How to get a discount on airline tickets in 2 minutes: Bravoavia voucher

If you’re not going to the desert, but somewhere civilized, and you can speak a few words, see if there’s a college or university in town that deals with the same subject as you. If there is, you can contact the administration and offer to give a guest lecture. Especially if that’s what you do for a living back home, too.

How to do it? To start with, put together a CV, which should not focus on work experience, but rather on education, qualifications, and skills. There you can also cram your publications and themes of scientific papers (unless, of course, it is a report on occupational safety and health from the first year of university). Make a cover letter (which should explain why you are a cool candidate and why you want to speak at this particular institution) and a letter of intent (yes, a lot of places still require it, so specify it, what you will talk about and what topics will be covered). Get references and feedback on your past performances-often a requirement. And, of course, fill out an application, if the form is available on the organization’s website. As you can see, it’s not that complicated!

World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms helps small farm owners around the world find volunteers to work with. You work in the sweat of your brow 4-6 hours a day, and in return you get food, shelter, and an incredible experience. You can grow bananas in Tanzania, make wine in Brazil or cheese in France – not only are you physically active, but you can also go places that Ryanair and Wizz Air don’t fly to.

WWOOF is the biggest network, but if none of their offerings appealed to you, you can keep looking here:

    (mostly States, New Zealand and Australia); (Europe, Canada, New Zealand); (seasonal agricultural work); (a volunteer portal with a huge database of projects and grants, including farming); (work on Israeli kibbutz farms).

By the way, if you like the idea of volunteer work, we have a couple of interesting projects just for you.

Personal experience working on an organic farm in the Basque Country | What is ecotourism

Get a job on a liner

For people with a strong vestibular apparatus and no less strong nerves perfectly suit the work on cruise ships. Swimming pools, bars, casinos, beauty salons, children’s rooms, SPAs, stores, cinemas, nightclubs and even soccer fields are in demand. Almost all major cruise companies are registered in the U.S., and therefore will need English. Service workers on ships get about $1,000 to $1,500, plus three meals a day and free lodging, and so it’s a pretty good option to make extra money riding around the Caribbean, racing to Mexico or even to Australia. Check the websites of the major operators – Carnival, Royal Carribean and NCL.

If you’re going to Asia, it’s a sin not to take advantage of your European background. For example, in China, professional conferences are considered prestigious only when Europeans are present. It doesn’t matter if it’s some kind of biochemists or geneticists hangout where even in Russian or Belorussian you wouldn’t be able to get into the subject. Of course, in order to reach the organizers, you need to get local contacts – but often you can find such part-time jobs, even by talking to the dudes at the reception of the hostel or hostel.

All discounts, bonuses and promotions for travel

Japan has its own theme. A European-looking hostess or a girl just standing next to the chef / slicer instantly adds to the prestige of the restaurant. If you suddenly decide to hang out in Japan for a long time, this way you can get some of your money back – even the right Japanese can arrange for such positions without working papers.

Become an author guide.

Before your trip, you can arrange with some thematic publication to bring back a text or photo reportage from your trip. The main thing is to discuss everything in advance, before you go, so you’ll know what information to hunt for. If you’re planning a big trip that you’re going to cover on your blog or social networks, you can look for sponsors – if you can’t take money from them, then there’s still a natural exchange: take equipment, clothing for tourism, or equipment.

If you know English, offer your articles and notes about adventures on the road to international travel sites. Here are a few options that pay travel writers: The Travel Writer’s Life, Transitions Abroad, World Hum, Budget Travel, Travel and Leisure, Desert USA.

How to write for 34travel

Sharing travel tips for the money.

Only 34travel spoils you with travel secrets for free; most of the time you have to pay for information. The good news is that you can make extra money, too: at, for example. In the service you can add information about interesting places, attractions, their opening hours and related tiphacks. If one of the users of the site adds your place to your itinerary, you get some money for your account. By the way, even without adding places, you can try out the service – making your first itinerary with cool places for free.

Fix errors in the menu.

You can work for food, too. For example, if some small place has a menu in your native language or in English, you can “sell” proofreading services – nicely point out errors to the owner and offer to write correctly. Almost 100% of the time you can get a free meal or drink for this – the main thing is to be nice and talk without being pushy.

And finally, the most non-stressful way to make a little extra money in European countries. Drink to your health, bring it to the store, stick it in a vending machine and get money for the reusable container. You’re also helping the environment! We’ve already figured out the price tag for cans, bottles, and other containers in Berlin.

Know any other ways to make money while you’re traveling? Don’t be greedy, share them in the comments!

10 ways to make money while traveling

Many people dream of traveling and living freely anywhere in the world. For some, it remains just a dream. But I decided to approach it with my usual practicality and asked myself a question: what actually prevents it? It turned out that the only thing that was needed was money. It’s not even about the amount of money. Rather, it’s about having an income that doesn’t tie me to a place.

Easy to say, hard to do. Especially when you have a family and children around your neck. But the more interesting task is. Last year I spent more than three months traveling, visiting seven countries and visiting six seas. In my personal experience, one month of travel life for a family of three costs an average of $3,000 to $4,000 (not including airfare). Some people will find the amounts I have outlined to be too much and some will find them too small. Everyone is different and has different needs. But everyone has one thing in common. To travel freely, you need at least some autonomous income – a source of money that you can easily support from anywhere in the world.

Independent travel by car. Tips. Preparation. Safety

Listed below are ways to make money while traveling that I personally use and that my friends use. The list is in descending order of income, that is, the most profitable sources at the top and the less profitable ones at the bottom. Be warned that all conclusions about the yield is based on my personal experience, that is, it does not mean that this is how it will be in your particular case.

1. Your own business

This is the most difficult, but also the most profitable way to support yourself in travel. The difficulty is that first you have to spend several years building a business and only then you can enjoy the fruits of your labor. Owning your own business is not for everyone. Not everyone is willing to risk and wait that long. Therefore, businessmen among free travelers are not as common as I would like them to be. By business I mean a real company, where most of the work is done by employees. My company is called Studio RED. We earn our living doing advertising for construction projects and new technologies. All the time at the studio working about 15 people. Of these, half engaged in working with clients, and the other half – are creative professionals: motion designers, modelers, programmers, etc. With the right organization, your business is one of the best ways to generate income while traveling. Most other ways take up personal time that you want to spend on experiencing new countries. Truth be told, if I didn’t have a shill in one place, all the other ways (except business) I don’t have a pressing need. But natural curiosity draws me to develop new sources of income.

2. Project Management

In this case, I’m referring to my work at the studio as a producer. My job is to assign tasks to specific specialists and oversee the entire process so that in the end the client is satisfied with the result. There are a lot of subtleties and nuances in this business, as you need to really understand the client’s business and have a good understanding of the creative process. In addition, you need to have a good client base and proven contractors. Contacts and experience are built up over the years. Gradually there is professional confidence, and with it a good income. But in this post I would like to stress that all this can be done remotely. The office of my studio is in St. Petersburg, but I have a preference for customers from other regions and other countries. This allows me to avoid meetings, meetings and telephone conversations. All questions are resolved by e-mail, and the results are sent over the Internet.

3. investment

By investments I mean investments in real estate, stocks, bonds, precious metals, cryptocurrencies, direct investments in businesses. I have been investing for almost 10 years and during this time I have developed a certain strategy, which allows me to receive a stable income with minimal risk. At the same time I don’t trade on the stock exchange and I don’t speculate. I have a distributed portfolio of assets which allows me not to worry about current quotes or economic disasters. Scientifically, my approach to investing is called Asset Allocation. By the way, this approach can be fully applied to investments in cryptocurrencies. I will try to build models for this market soon. It is very interesting myself.

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4. Stocks

Selling of my projects on stock markets. In terms of earning the most promising: templates for wordpress, music tracks, video plots and projects in affter effects. On the sale of photographs and vector images are now very difficult to make money because of the high competition in these niches. I myself earn on the sale of video. So far the income is small, a little over $1,000 a month. But this is a truly passive income, which has remained stable for two years. Plus I like the fact that my stock buyers come mainly from the U.S., Canada, Australia and Europe. It’s an interesting opportunity to expand my social circle.

5. Advertising and affiliate programs

To earn in this way, you need to have your own thematic web resource or blog with a large number of visitors. Here I also include earnings on yourtube channel or earnings from advertising on social networks. Affiliate programs for me is more of a hobby than earning an income. I am interested in trying, experimenting and getting at least some feedback. You must be aware that some tangible income from advertising or affiliate programs can be obtained if your resource, blog or group in social networks is visited by at least a few thousand people a day. For example, my blog is visited on average from 100 to 200 people a day. Earn on advertising in this case, you can not more than $100 per month. Therefore, my blog is more of an entertainment than a job.

Next are the ways that I personally do not use yet. But they are often used by those whom I meet in travel:

6. Freelancing

This is the most frequent and widespread way. It assumes a good command of professional skills and the ability to sell them. The best way to sell yourself is through your website, mailing lists, social networks, personal connections, and other ways where there is no direct competition with other professionals. If you don’t have connections and contacts yet, you need to build up your portfolio by posting your projects on Russian freelancing sites are unlikely to provide any tangible income, even at a subsistence level, because customers come there mainly to save money, and freelancers compete in who will do the job cheaper. By the way, I notice that the best freelancers I work with now stop putting their work online, as regular orders come through personal channels and recommendations. So it makes no sense to strive by all means to fill the Internet with your work, especially if you provide standard services – graphic design, web design, video, animation, etc. So you will save yourself from dealing with random people who are more important to save money than to obtain quality results. It is more important to find even a small but reliable circle of customers with whom you have a personal and trustful communication.

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7. Online commerce

In this case, I mean the sale of their products through online stores, blogs, groups in social networks, etc. The difference from affiliate programs is that you are not just recommending or redirecting a client to a third-party service, but you yourself act as a seller. With the development of e-commerce technology, you can sell physical goods from anywhere in the world.

8. Working on Location

This is a great way for those who like to socialize and move around a lot rather than sit in front of a monitor all day. My friends in Thailand do photography, shooting videos, working as guides, finding accommodations for tourists, etc. For example, a friend of mine lives in Phuket, who organizes wedding ceremonies with Buddhist monks, shoots photos and videos. You can see examples of his small studio work on the Tropic Phuket website. However, do not forget that without a work visa and other permits your work in another country will be illegal, so it makes sense to study this issue beforehand, so as not to have a problem with the police.

9. Renting a Property

This is probably the first method that comes to mind when it comes to passive income. Apparently everyone secretly dreams of having an apartment in Moscow, which you can rent out and then live happily ever after on this money in Thailand. However, the biggest disadvantage of this method is that such real estate has to come from somewhere. I believe that buying real estate just in order to rent it in Russia is not very profitable, especially now, when there are more and more offers and rental prices are falling. The profitability of such investments is at the level of a bank deposit, and the risks and troubles are much greater. Of course, there are still ways to rent real estate without buying and investing huge amounts of money. For example, you can rent a house in Thailand with a contract for one year at a low price and rent it monthly at a high price. This is a real scheme. But, in any case, it requires business acumen and real estate skills.

10. Advice and training

This method is also very popular among travelers. I am referring to the sale of infoproducts, Skype consultations, online training, etc. To tell you the truth, I have met very few truly advanced trainers. Here it is necessary to understand that this is a huge work that requires from a trainer both good knowledge in their field and great emotional strength to communicate with a large number of students, who will not always be satisfied with the results of training. Speaking about me, I’ll probably take up teaching too, when I’m bored with my own business and my own projects. But for now, that’s a thing for the future.

So, I’ve listed 10 ways to make money while traveling. But the most important thing to remember is to have multiple sources of income. This is not only a diversification of risks, but also an opportunity to seriously improve your standard of living. For example, if one way of making money brings only $1000, which is difficult to live on while traveling, then 5 ways will already bring $5000, which is a very comfortable amount to live in almost any country in the world.

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