Martinique: around the island by car in one day

Martinique in 1 week – 7-day program and itinerary with map

Why stay in Martinique in 1 week ? When we decided to treat ourselves to a 1 week stay in Martinique it would be unfair to say it was for cultural tourism . No, if we had chosen Martinique it would certainly have been for lounging in the sun on its beautiful beaches ! But when I started to get interested in this little piece of the island, I told myself that my 7 day program had to plan some visits that cannot be missed , So, my program of discovering Martinique in 1 week is pretty cool because it alternates moments of discovery with moments of relaxation , Which, in the end, turned out to be a nice little week of happiness in Martinique !

Martinique in 1 week – When to go to Martinique?

With a tropical climate, the Island of Martinique knows only 2 seasons:

  • The dry and sunny season (24 ° C to 26 ° C), which begins in early December and ends in early May;
  • The rainy season (26 ° C to 30 ° C), which lasts from May to the end of November.

Of course, all guides and travel agents advise going to Martinique during the dry season, so from December to early May. Indeed, even if the sun and heat are very present during the rainy season, the disadvantage between May and November is that there is a lot of rainfall, and sometimes it is important and strong.

However, we ventured there in mid-August ! Indeed, we took advantage of a great last minute ad for cheap tickets and decided very quickly on a whim.

In the end, no regrets because the weather was very nice in early August , We had a lot of heat, still around 30 ° C and some beautiful tropical showers (very much, but very little). The water was very hot, but the sky was often cloudy. Also, since it is considered low season, hotel prices are more attractive. In short, if we had to do it again, we would go in the summer .

Martinique in 1 week – Why choose Martinique?

This island in the middle of the Caribbean has been described as a magnificent and gigantic tropical garden. Its nickname, Flower Island, “affirms the richness and diversity of its vegetation. But its main asset remains above all its magnificent shores bordered by gorgeous white sand beaches , This is obviously what motivated my choice for a short stay of 1 week in Martinique , But it is its wild landscapes and its West Indian culture that matter with other Caribbean islands. Take a hike, discover tropical vegetation, taste lobsters in a small fishing village and enjoy a glass of punch under a coconut palm tree with the sound of the waves… This is what motivated me to choose Martinique to make the most of a week-long vacation in the sun.

Martinique in 1 week – Where to stay?

After researching the characteristics of the different coasts of Martinique ( Which coast to choose? ) we decided to stay in Le Francois .

But since we have been staying, it seems that the reception and services at our hotel have gone bad .

Unexpectedly, I suggest 2 more ideal addresses to spend a dream vacation in Martinique mais aussi pour visit Martinique (2 establishments have high ratings):

Martinique in 1 week in a residence hotel

Martinique in 1 week – What transportation?

The most practical thing is to rent a car. This allowed us to be completely free and really go where we want and when we want.

Tip, book a car in advance online (through the comparator Skyscanner for example) because when we arrived, we could not find any rental cars. It was during the Yoles race, and all the cars were already rented. We had to take a cab to the hotel and wait 2 days to find a car!

For your trips, also be careful to leave very early in the morning and return late at night. This way, you will avoid the endless traffic jams that Martinique roads suffer during rush hour .

Martinique in 1 week – My program and itineraries

Day 1 – Arrival, set up and rest at the hotel

Day 2 – Rest.

Day 3 – Discovering the south of Martinique and its gorgeous beaches.

Day 3 Program Stages
  • St. Luc
  • Three Rivers Distillery
  • Anse Figuier Beach
  • Sainte Anne
  • Salines Beach

Stage of my 1 week itinerary in Martinique


Itinerary map of day 3

Day 4 – Discovery of the white background

Stages of the program on day 4

Le Francois (15 minutes from our hotel), François Islands, Josephine bath



Day 4 itinerary map

Day 5 – Discovering Southwest Martinique

Stages of the program on day 5

Anse Noire beach – Anse d’Arle village – Grand Anse beach – Petit Anse beach – Diamant rock – Anse Caffard Memorial

Martinique in 1 week Discovering Southwest Martinique

Martinique in 1 week Discovery of Southwest Martinique Memorial Anse Caffard

Itinerary map of day 5

Day 6 – Discovery of central Martinique

Stages of the program on the 6th day

Fort de France, its cathedral and its market – Jardin de Balata – Caravelle

Opening of the Fort de France Martinique Center


Itinerary map of day 6

Day 7 – Last relaxing day

Rest at hotel – Last shopping – Airport for return to France

Martinique in 1 week – My Impressions

month itineraries and other programs on 7 Jours Suits spent on this small island seemed to me well suited to combine relaxation and discovery , Indeed, I would be ashamed to want to see absolutely everything in 1 week and thus miss the nautical pleasures offered by this destination. Especially since I intend to return there and thus be able to discover other treasures of Martinique !

Do you want to relax on paradisiacal beaches?

Here are my picks of the most beautiful beaches in Martinique

Or why not honeymoon in Martinique ?

Other ideas for dream destinations? Why not the Maldives, the Seychelles or Reunion Island?

Martinique holidays, the best beach

The island of Martinique is located in the chain of Antilles that encircles the Caribbean Sea, and its eastern part is exposed to the Atlantic Ocean, so that on the western side of the islands the Caribbean Sea is calm and gentle.

Martinique, along with the commonwealth of Guadeloupe, St. Barthélemy, and St. Maarten, are part of the French overseas territories.

It is convenient for the French: when it starts dripping rain in Paris and it gets quite dreary, it takes 8 hours to fly to a vacation home on a tropical island with turquoise water and white sand.

Several companies fly to the French islands in the Caribbean, one of which is Air Caraibes.

Now the cabin immediately after business class is called premium (5 rows in the 2-4-2 layout) and to get there you have to pay money, and the seats where you can somehow stretch your legs are now for money.

Notification of this comes 7 days before departure.

Economy class is simply a cabin with narrow seats in the 3-3-3 layout. But they feed and pour like the real French, despite their budget orientation.

Finally our cattle car plopped down on the flat surface of the island of Martinique and we could breathe in the hot and humid air of the Caribbean tropics: the vacation in Martinique had begun.

The car was booked the day before departure (on this site). I went through passport control with the rest of the tourists from the plane – passports were not checked, stamps were not put. Read about the visa to Martinique in a special article about the visa to Martinique .

Roads in Martinique

My first impression of the traffic on the roads, the state of the cars and the manner of driving: Cote d’Azur. I did not expect such intensity from the traffic on an island measuring about 70 by 20 km.

The roads are of good quality. The main highways are two or three lanes one way with bump-outs in the middle.

Cars: French brands and jeeps in good condition. No junk cars are seen. The island is very green, hilly with silhouettes of ancient volcanoes.

The west coast has a deep bay where Fort de France, the capital, is located.

Lodging in Martinique

Well, we booked our lodging for 3 days on the opposite side of this bay. Here, on the peninsula Pointe du Bout, there are some beaches good enough for swimming: Anse Mitan and Pointe d’Alet.

Hotel La Pagerie was the only affordable one. Not on the sea, but close by.

Also, we are never tied to a location and move around the islands with a rental car.

The street near our hotel has a completely European look and does not resemble a slum structure of black towns on the east coast of Martinique.

Rum in Martinique

And what else is Martinique famous for besides the fact that it is home to rich French people? Rum, of course.

Martinique rum is very good: it is as fragrant as Panamanian and Barbadian, strong – 45:50 degrees. And not so expensive if you compare it to Cuban rum.

Beaches in Martinique

Finally, after so many days I got a good night’s sleep. Got up at 8 am – the sun is scorching at full blast: 30 degrees steady. At night it was 26 degrees, but not stuffy, because there was a breeze from the sea in the evening.

So first up next are our neighbors Anse Mitan and Pointe d’Alet. What can I say, they are not bad, but they don’t have a zest and coziness: there are people with kids around and the front of the hotels looks out from behind the bushes. Besides a part of bays, in which the beaches are located – shipping.

There is another inconvenience of these beaches – they steal. It was worth leaving the car on the parking lot and go for a swim, as soon as someone swiped from it everything there was to swipe. But we were not too upset: it’s all the little things in life.

The next place we went on our way south by tandem bikes was the beach in the bay of Grande Anse d’Arlet.

Its main attraction is the restaurant Ti Sable . It cooks the best charcoal meat on the island.

The buffet is open only on Sundays. It costs 28 euros and includes everything. Alcohol without restrictions, meat, salads, and of course the restaurant is located on the beach, right on the beach.

On other days there is a la carte menu, which, however, will not greatly affect your pocket, if you come to such a distance, the money you have to be at the rate of 200 euros per person per day. This is not South-East Asia. This is almost Europe and Europe resort…

The beach is rated 4. This is a good and high score. The sea is soft, no waves. The entrance to the sea is interesting: near the shore there is like a natural step – some kind of lime formation. You jump from it and already the depth is up to your chest.

The sand is light yellow and fine. It is pleasant to the touch and does not heat up much. The water is clear, turquoise in color. Lodging is presented by B&B shacks with negro owners and private villas, which are still closed. The village itself is small – 40 houses.

Prices on the island of Martinique are such that willy-nilly you scratch your head before you pay the entrance fee for a dinner party of 500 euros.

And the lunch package includes a mandatory sandwich with eggplant caviar and black caviar locals recommend sniffing through a cocktail straw, having previously rolled out a path from one corner of the table to the other from a 3-liter canister.

Holidays in Martinique can not be called exclusive, as represented by the domestic spinners of the tourism business, which went, and maybe not go to the advertising once in Martinique. Holidays in Martinique is available to both the student and the proletarian of intellectual labor.

But the best vacation in Martinique will be those who have an opportunity to move around the island. That is to be mobile and not to sit in one place under an umbrella.

As noted earlier on the beach, there are several small villas. Not noticeable that they are rented – as long as they stand closed. In addition there are a few establishments such as B&B: 2-3 rooms with facilities on the street, but it seems to me that the place is rather empty and boring. I could stay here for a couple of days.

Having a car is better to live in a civilized place, and go to the beach to bathe. Well and in Ti Sable I recommend to look. Caviar and eat meat “from the belly” ha-ha-ha…

Best beach in Martinique

In my opinion, the best beach in Martinique is Salines beach, which is located in the south of the island. Its full name is Grande Anse des Salines . Reference point: Ste Anne, 6 km to the south.

In my opinion, the best beach is Salines in the south east of the island. The landmark is the estuary – Solines…

By the way, I noticed that the word “solines” has a pattern that there will be a good beach nearby. Take St. Barts, for example. Analogy.

So, what’s good about it. First, it is free of hotels nearby, some commercial buildings and a freeway nearby. Accordingly, there is an element of wildness.

Secondly, the location on the watershed of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean is a comfortable combination of water temperature and its surface: there are waves near the shore, there is calm water a little further.

In the third: there is a possibility to arrive with the food and drinks and having hung up a hammock between trees to indulge in terrible gluttony and opivatelstvom, periodically falling out of a hammock, approaching a table (tables public), and then falling into the sea.

Fourthly, there is an element of privacy: the beach is long, and cars have the opportunity to pass only 1/3 of the beach. As a rule, motorists try to fall in next to the wheelbarrow, so voila – you can find your own piece of beach and sunbathe naked.

Fifth: There is organized parking. There are bins for garbage, there are a dozen cafes where you cook ribs on the grill, if you have not bought in the nearest karefur or on the way to the chicken grill. In general the advantages on the face.

The structure of holiday-makers on this beach corresponds to my representation about the best category of the conscious tourists: quiet, always ready for adventure, clean, polite and hospitable.

This place reminded me of the beaches of St. Barth’s. It’s scary to imagine what would happen if tourist groups were brought here. I hope it never happens because Martinique is free of that for now.

The east coast of Martinique did not impress me at all: villages with black inhabitants, strong Atlantic surf, sugar cane thickets…

So we went back to the second beach on our way: (read about it in the blog) to spend the sunset and have dinner.

What can I say: I’ll probably never see a green ray in the Caribbean – too many currents, islands and water vapor on the horizon, but the lamb is cooked well. Creole.

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