New Year in Paris – 2023

New Year in Paris – 2023

New Year in Paris

Ideas for New Year’s Eve 2023 in Paris. Where to go and what to see? Useful information: prices for hotels, restaurants and entertainment, weather, tourist reviews and an overview of the cost of tours.

France accepts tourists from the Russian Federation. For convenience, we give pre-dedicated prices for trips and flights. Information about visas and flights may not be up to date now, please check official resources. Take a look at the list of open countries.

New Year in Paris is a dream for many romantics. The big and bustling city at this time is transformed, and its main symbol – the Eiffel Tower – looks especially attractive. The main symbol of the city, the Eiffel Tower, is an especially eye-catching feature of the city.

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Weather in Paris for the New Year

The weather is something like our late autumn: snow falls rarely, the temperature is +3. +5 ° C, sometimes it rains. At night there are slight frosts. Tourists have to stock up on warm and waterproof clothes and an umbrella, and combine short walks in the fresh air with a visit to museums and cafes.

How to celebrate the New Year in Paris – 2023

Young people and lovers of noisy parties are recommended to celebrate among the Parisians and visitors to the capital. Public festivities until 3 am are held on the Champs-Elysées and near the Arc de Triomphe. Then you can have a great time at one of the nightclubs, where the New Year’s Eve parties are held: Batofar, The WAGG, REX Club, Divan du Monde and others.

You can celebrate the New Year in the most romantic way in Paris on a river cruise on the Seine. Night, shining city lights, champagne, oysters and a loved one – what more do you need for a good holiday?

A classic option is to celebrate New Year’s Eve in a Parisian restaurant: oysters, foie gras, lobsters, truffles and other delicacies. In Montmartre you can climb to the observation deck of the Basilica of the Sacré-Coeur and then continue the celebration in a restaurant or cabaret (better book a table in advance). A brilliant New Year’s Eve show in the famous cabaret “Moulin Rouge”, tickets can be purchased online.

Children dream to spend their New Year’s Eve at Disneyland, where they will find fireworks and fairy tale characters, fun rides and spectacular shows. Plan your trip well in advance, as the holidays are always very crowded. Read more about vacationing in Disneyland below.

Finally, for those who honor the traditions, there is always the possibility to celebrate the New Year – 2023 at the Russian party in Paris, although the admission ticket may cost more than dinner at a high-end restaurant in the center of the capital.

Read about New Year celebrations in European countries – a comparison of different cities by weather, prices, peculiarities of the celebration.

new year in paris 2023

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Many tourists prefer to celebrate New Year in a Parisian restaurant, so we recommend booking a table in advance. Popular institutions of the chain Chez Clement (Montparnasse, Champs-Élysées) offer a New Year musical program at quite democratic prices for the capital of 150-200 euros. Visitors are offered foie gras, ripe cheeses and other French delicacies.

The restaurant on Champs-Elysées Flora Danica offers Scandinavian and French cuisine – foie gras, salmon, meat appetizers, champagne and desserts for €250. La Bonne Franquette, a French restaurant in Montmartre, serves scallops, foie gras and ice cream for €190.

Having a beautiful panoramic view and a Michelin star at a restaurant automatically increases the price tag by 1.5-2 times. A musical program usually means playing the piano. Not all establishments are open until morning; many begin the festive program at 7-20 p.m. and finish it by 1 or 2 a.m.

Useful: Where to eat in Paris? A selection of inexpensive restaurants and cafes in the French capital.

What to see during the holidays?

Look for interesting excursions on Tripster. Individual and group, without the crowds of tourists and in Russian.

To be in Paris and not to visit its main attractions – the Eiffel Tower, the Seine embankment, Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre, Notre Dame de Paris, Saint Germain, Montmartre, the Defiance – would be simply unforgivable. It is not worth going to Versailles at this time: damp, chilly, bare trees and covered statues. But it’s worth visiting the museums – and you can do it for free.

Where to stay in Paris - 17 apartments for 50 €

During the Christmas and New Year’s Eve holidays there are traditional fairs, the most popular are in the Defence and the Champs-Élysées. People warm themselves with mulled wine, the famous French desserts and roasted chestnuts, and buy souvenirs and other oddities.

There’s a free ice rink near City Hall . There’s also an ice rink on the first floor of the Eiffel Tower, and you can get there by buying a ticket to visit the tower. On the Place de la Concorde there is a Ferris wheel from which you can see the whole city.

Winter sales start later, and discounts are negligible, 10-30%. Good discounts will be only by mid-February, so if you do not have a specific goal, it is better to spend precious time to explore the beauties of the French capital or go to neighboring cities and countries, such as Brussels.

Article on the topic: How to get from the airports in Paris to the city center and back.

tours in paris for the new year

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New Year in Disneyland

To celebrate the New Year in Disneyland Paris is a joy not only for children, but also for many adults who dream to plunge into the atmosphere of a fairy tale. Reviews of tourists about visiting the amusement park during the holidays are excellent! At Christmas time, rides are open until 8 pm, in the New Year – until one o’clock in the morning. To the delight of children will be Santa Claus on a reindeer sleigh, carriages will ride fairy princesses. Santa Claus will open his office in the center of the park, where he will greet children, take pictures and give presents.

Several times a day, the fairy tale characters cheer to music and Mickey and Minnie wish everyone a happy holiday season. The brightest and most colorful show takes place in the evening, when the sky is lit up with fireworks and a laser show.

How much does it cost? If for the New Year in Paris to stay in one of the hotels of Disneyland, you will certainly be offered a festive dinner with fairy-tale characters. The cost of New Year’s dinner at Disneyland is €200 for adults and €60 for children, family apartments for 3-4 people can be booked for 100-300 euros per night, some hotels have promotions when children live for free. To buy tickets for amusement parks is possible on the official website.

Prices in Paris for New Year – 2023

As usual, the prices in Paris for New Year jumped, which, however, does not embarrass tourists. The main recommendation for frugal travelers is to find an accommodation and a table in a restaurant in advance, and also to read a useful article about a trip to Paris – there we calculate how much a trip for two for three days and a week will cost, and also give prices for food, hotels, transportation and attractions.

Hotel prices. The night of December 31 to January 1, you can book a room in Paris for about the following prices (if you search in advance): the most budget option for two people for one night – from €40, 80 euros to rent a room in the center. Accommodation in a 3* hotel in the city center will cost €144 and more (Tonic Hotel Louvre), in a 4* hotel – from €195, in a 5* hotel – from €283 per night for two persons.

We recommend you book on the service Roomguru, which finds the best deals among several booking systems, including a variety of discounts.

Cafes and restaurants. You can have a simple dinner in an inexpensive restaurant in the capital for €40-50, but the cost of a celebratory dinner ranges from 150 to 850 euros and higher – it depends on the level and prestige of the institution, its location, the proposed menu and the program.

Five-hour program in one of the Eiffel Tower establishments – 58 Tour Eiffel – with dinner and entertainment will cost 400 euros, more affordable prices in the area of the Square Madeleine and Montmartre, it is realistic to find a restaurant where the holiday will cost 120-200 euros per person.

New Year on a boat with dinner and dancing will cost from 350 to 650 euros. New Year’s Eve show with dinner in the cabaret “Moulin Rouge” costs 690 euros, in the cabaret Lido on the Champs Elysees – €350.

new year in disneyland in paris

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How to get to Paris cheaply

Tours to Paris for the New Year – 2023

We will consider prices for tours with a flight from Moscow for two people. The prices are current at the time of publication, as the holidays approach, the cost of tours will likely only increase.

Usually tours to the French capital (not during holidays and low season) cost from 50 thousand rubles (7 nights in a 2 or 3* hotel). Tourist tours for Christmas and New Year’s Eve (with the capture of December 24-25) cost from 85 thousand rubles (9-10 nights).

The tours to Paris for the New Year itself cost from 90 thousand rubles (7 nights, hotel 2*, breakfasts). To come back on January 1 is not the best option, so it is better to take a tour for 4-7 nights and come back a little later.

New Year’s tours with a flight on December, 31 at the moment cost from 70 thousand rubles for 4 nights, but it is not very convenient – to arrive in Paris on the last day of the year.

You may search and compare the prices for tours of different operators at Travelata and Level.Travel – there you will be able to buy an inexpensive trip online without leaving home. Want to save your money? Read our 7 rules for buying tours online.

New Year’s Eve reviews in Paris: pros and cons

Paris is a beautiful city with exquisite cuisine and great sights, but it is an expensive city. And December 31 is also very crowded. From the afternoon of December 31, the subway is free, and the pandemonium is unimaginable. So if the goal is to meet the New Year on the Champs Elysees, you need to take care to get there in advance, otherwise there is a great risk of being somewhere on the way at midnight on the street or worse, in the subway. Experienced travelers recommend skipping the peak time from 1 to 2 a.m. or taking a cab.

Those who are used to the chimes and New Year’s Eve fireworks will be slightly disappointed, because there are no fireworks in the city for several years, not counting the amateurism of some citizens, and there are no chimes here. Instead, there’s a light show at midnight on the Eiffel Tower. Drinking alcoholic beverages in the street is prohibited, which, however, does not prevent violators to do it unnoticed by the watchful eyes of law enforcement officers.

Anyway the French capital is beautiful at any time of the year, its festive atmosphere will bring its fruits and rapturous impression of the trip will remain for years – the majority of tourists, who celebrated New Year in Paris, mark it in their reviews.

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How to celebrate the New Year in Paris in 2023

You are currently watching How to celebrate New Year in Paris in 2023

Statistically, 87% of the world’s population approaches the New Year the same way. People buy presents, decorate the “New Year’s tree” and celebrate the holiday in a simple way – with the family. A popular saying goes that “how (or where) you celebrate New Year, so (there) it and will spend it … For those who do not like to sit at home, we’ll tell you why you should celebrate New Year 2023 in Paris. About the prices and the tours that agencies offer.

Why is it worth to go to Paris for the New Year

The French celebrate Christmas holidays in their own fun way. Despite the fact that for six hours before the next year, as a rule, restaurants and cafes are closed. The main delicacies – foie gras, Alsatian white sweet wine and oysters – are usually eaten at home around the festive table.

Another local delicacy is that nothing works in Paris on December 24, 25 and January 1. The Louvre and other museums are closed and even the fireworks near the Eiffel Tower are prohibited. Bright New Year fireworks can be seen on the Champs-Élysées. There is also a famous laser show.

Hang on a Christmas tree apples invented the people of Strasbourg. This gave them the right to call their city the capital of Christmas. Since then, each city, where these holidays are celebrated, establishes its own Main New Year Tree. In Paris, it’s on the square in front of Notre Dame de Paris. At midnight on December 24 every year, you can hear the French Christmas Mass there. And see the emergence of a baby in a manger, set up near the walls of the cathedral. Inside, biblical scenes of the birth of Jesus and the life of the Holy Family are installed.

How much does a trip to Paris - 2022 cost? Costs and Best Practices

Fairs Paris

Walking along the main street of the city it seems that the owners of boutiques hold a festive decoration contest – original Christmas trees, illuminations, design changes of the usual facades … Especially attracting tourists are puppet shows in shop windows of the largest trading houses Lafayette or Primtamp. In the Christmas Paris it is an amazing tradition. Fashionistas from all over the world try not to miss such entertainment.

The movable, handmade mannequin dolls introduce the audience to the latest fashion from the most famous fashion houses… or to the history of fashion. Not only adults love to watch the dolls dancing, flying, showing acrobatic numbers. Therefore, special “bridges” are built for children.

But also showcases of “small” boutiques are worthy of attention of citizens and guests of the city. They fascinate. Especially in the evenings, when specially designed illumination is turned on. Evening promenade through the streets of Paris – an opportunity to see the most romantic city in the Christmas lights. The Ferris wheel near the Tuileries on the Place de la Concorde is another traditional attraction. You can not only ride it, but also admire Paris from above.

On Christmas Eve rides on the “ancient” merry-go-rounds, which appear as if by magic, in different places of the city, are practically free. In front of City Hall these days you can go ice skating or sledding – the square becomes fabulously icy, despite the lack of frost.

One month before Christmas, Christmas markets and fairs pop up all over France. Paris is no exception. The country’s main holiday market opens on the Champs-Elysées. Although Montmartre, the area in front of the Eiffel Tower, even the market in the Defence are not much inferior to it in scale. Everywhere you can buy gifts, Christmas souvenirs, have fun and good food. Waffles, onion soup, roasted chestnuts, salted chocolate, punch or mulled wine – these days the traditional street delicacies of the French and tourists. We almost forgot about the “live” music playing around.

Unfortunately, this entertainment ends December 30-31 (maximum – January 2). So you need to worry in advance about tickets to the New Year’s Eve performance in the Moulin Rouge. In the most famous cabaret in the world on the last night of the year is not just a show. Dancing, accompanied by the “Orchestra of Wishes”. Rivers of champagne. A magnificent dinner.

Restaurant for New Year in Paris

For the meeting of 2023 there is a New Year’s menu: – Petrovskaya sturgeon caviar; – famous pancakes with cream of cheese; – crawfish soup with ravioli stuffed with shrimp and lobsters; – vegetables according to an old French recipe: – vodka with ice for citrus dessert; – charlesque beef fillet, fried bread with foie gras; – side dish – mashed potatoes with black truffles; – mushroom pie.

The show itself and… distinguished guests. This splendor will begin on December 31 at 21.00 (local time). Of course, there are other cabarets in Paris, where they put on good New Year’s Eve performances. But the Moulin Rouge is beyond competition.

Or book a table at a restaurant. One of those that will be open on New Year’s Eve for the sake of guests. The festive menu will include oysters and other seafood. The holiday will not do without goose liver, champagne, famous French wines and desserts.

The best New Year’s Eve for children (parents, too, will not refuse) will be 2023, if you meet it in the French Disneyland. The park prepares a special program for every Christmas holiday with carnival performances, fireworks and rides. Parents will plunge into the magical world of childhood and fairy tales together with their children.

You can have dinner or a light snack in one of the many restaurants of the park.

It is not easy to make a choice:

  • if you want to feel like a mouse in the “big world” – the restaurant Remy (this is the hero of the movie Ratatouille) will do;
  • if you want to be in the “Wild West”, Silver Spoon Steakhouse is the place to go;
  • lovers of Oriental fairy tales will be met with a special treat by Agribina Restaurant. There you can also get acquainted with Aladdin himself;
  • If you book a table by the window at the Walts Restaurant on Main Park Street, you’ll get to see the parade of Disney characters from an unusual angle;
  • the best Disneyland show will be enjoyed by those who drop in for dinner at Buffalo Bill, Mickey and friends.
Brussels - Paris: How to get there

Weather for the New Year in Paris

What to expect in December-January 2022-2023 weather? Paris is romantic, gorgeous, beautiful…. Even though it rarely snows at Christmas and New Year’s. The forecast for these days in 2022-2023 is for rain and overcast skies. The sun is not going to pamper Parisians and visitors. The daytime temperature will be 0/+12 degrees and at nights from -2 to 5 degrees above zero. But maybe this New Year’s Eve it will snow in Paris.

How much do tickets to Paris for New Year’s Eve

The trip is not cheap at all. Even if you book tickets two or three months in advance. In late September a ticket from Moscow to Paris and back costs about 200 U.S. dollars. In order to get them profitable, you need to constantly monitor travel sites or low-cost.

New Year in Paris

The later the tickets are booked, the more expensive they will be. The same rule applies to hotel reservations. You can check the cost of tickets to Paris in the form below:

Which hotel to choose for your New Year’s Eve holidays in Paris?

If you are going to celebrate Christmas holidays in Paris on your own, you should book a hotel room as early as possible. September-October is a good time to address this issue. It is easier to choose a place to stay closer to the city center. It saves money on travel to major entertainment venues. And the prices will be more affordable.

You should hurry – for example, at the end of September, popular hotels such as the Hotel De L’Empereur or Plaza Elysées are fully booked. At the Hôtel Des Deux-Iles – Notre-Dame, only four rooms are available for the New Year vacations.

According to tourist reviews, the best hotels in Paris are:

    . It is almost next to the Musée d’Orsay and the Maison des Invalides. The Place de la Concorde is only nine hundred meters away, and the Varenne metro has a direct connection to the Champs-Elysées. Guests can use bicycles or cars (rental). Facilities and service are rated 9.5 by tourists. This hotel has the best price – quality – location ratio; it is near the Chapel Saint-Chapelle (Latin Quarter) – the most romantic place in Paris. The hotel is preferred by tourists – romantics who want not only to enjoy the view from the window but also to enjoy the delicious food, history and art of the city. Guests give it a 9.6 rating; it is located in the center of Saint Germain. A fifteen-minute walk through the historic district takes you to the Louvre. And it takes even less time to get to Notre Dame, Saint-Michel, the Luxembourg Garden or the Odeon Theater.In the morning, guests can have breakfast in the vaulted hall – there is a buffet. The guest rate is 9.6; (Ex. Hotel Cyrnos) is also centrally located. Comfortable rooms with TV, safe, bathroom. In the morning, a homemade French breakfast with tea, fresh croissants and jam is served. Guests can also make their own espresso or cappuccino.Especially convenient for shopping lovers – there are many interesting stores nearby. Rated by tourists – 9.1 points; . Center of Paris. Close to the Pantheon and the Luxembourg Gardens. Modern style rooms with free Internet access, air conditioning, TVs…From several rooms you can admire the rooftops of the city – it’s a magnificent panorama. The hotel has its own fitness room.There are services such as a buffet for breakfast, afternoon snacks. If guests prefer, food can be delivered to their room.The Luxembourg Metro is just a few meters away, with direct connections to Charles de Gaulle Airport. Tourists love this hotel and rate it at 9.3…

There are many other noteworthy hotels in Paris that are a little farther from the center. Usually it is not difficult to get to the city center from them, but here are the most famous hotels in Paris.

You can make reservations and accommodation for Christmas in France on your own. Itinerary for the holidays experienced tourists also develop their own. But it is much safer to leave the decision of these problems to professionals and contact a travel agency.

Paris Christmas and New Year’s Eve tours 2023

Now there is still enough time to have time to choose a tour to meet the New Year’s Eve 2023 it is in Paris. Many travel agencies have developed New Year’s Eve suggestions for travelers.

Paris Viewpoints: Free and Paid

For example, tourex offers New Year’s Grand Tour bus 29.12 for 12 days. The holiday promises to be fun. In addition to Paris you will be able to get acquainted with the pre-New Year Italy. See Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany in the new year 2023.

Another similar tour includes visits to France, Holland and Belgium in 7 days. Tourists are waiting for a walk through the magnificent holiday Paris. Excursions to night Paris and the factory Fragonard. The most important day – 31.12.2023 will be held in the French capital. So travelers will get acquainted with the Christmas Brussels and Antwerp.

It does not really matter how to be in Paris for the holidays. Various options are available – you just need to choose. Much more important is to properly plan a vacation. This will help guide, which will make the routes, taking into account the place of residence of tourists as convenient and rich as possible.

In addition to sightseeing tours you can book a standard tour with a flight and accommodation. Most often, when buying in advance, such a tour will be cheaper, and you can buy excursions on your own (list of the most interesting of them look below).

You can book tours on the websites:

Check the cost of the tour on all sites and use the schedule of low prices (it is clearly visible on which days the flight to the capital of France will be cheaper)

Paris holiday tours

If you arrive in Paris a few days before the holidays, you can get acquainted with it better. The more time you have to spare, the more interesting it is to plan it.

    • For lovers of historical mysteries and paradoxes suit the tour “All the Secrets of Paris, or from the Bastille to Diaghilev’s Russian Seasons. It is a walking tour along the walls of the Bastille to the Châtelet. The guide will tell about a new view of the historical role of the Revolution in France. About the moments that are not reflected in the history books. The streets, squares, and quaint old courtyards of the Marais are the perfect backdrop for legends and stories;
    • Adolescents from 12 years old, students and adults may be interested in the tour “Latin Quarter in detail”. In three hours, the guide will introduce tourists to the secrets, myths, and modernity of this famous place. He will tell about little-known sights of different times and about the life of Sorbonne students;
    • The New Year is the main (after the Birthday) holiday for children. And they will not be bored in Paris. For this purpose, there are special routes for children to Disneyland;
    • And another unusual tour – “Adventure at the Eiffel Tower. A city from above for children and adults”. The most important thing – you will be able to climb the tower without queuing! Just look at the city surroundings from its height interesting, but…. During two and a half hours guests will learn many interesting facts not only about the tower itself, its history, but also about the famous roofs of Paris. Consider the city’s largest cathedrals – Saint-Denis, Sacre-Coeur, Notre-Dame. At the end, everyone will be able to decide for himself what is true and what is a legend in the stories of the guide …

    Tips for tourists who decided to celebrate the New Year in Paris

    Decoration of Paris

    Getting ready to travel, you must:

    • Study the route, local traditions, laws;
    • Check the availability of documents, tickets;
    • Do not forget the glasses, medicine, personal care products;
    • If you take children on a trip, they, too, must not forget and count every 15 minutes;
    • money should be “put in different baskets” – 2 or 3 cards and not much cash (in this case the euro);
    • If the traveler is not a VIP-person, it is better not to bring jewelry;
    • The weather in Paris on Christmas holidays is not very good. Umbrella, a warm sweater, jacket and warm shoes will definitely come in handy;
    • Fur coat or mink coat, polar fox in France may not be appreciated as we would like. Throughout Europe there is a recent struggle for the protection of animals;
    • the most important thing is not to forget about the holiday spirit.

    Telling about how and where to spend Christmas and New Year’s Eve is endless. If you have decided to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Paris 2023, it is worth hurrying to find out about prices and tours to get everything done in time.

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