New Year’s Eve in Dubai – 2022. Weather, reviews, prices.

Holidays in Dubai in December – 2022

Dubai in December – 2022 is a 3-in-1 vacation: beach, sightseeing and shopping. You can and should swim, though not always comfortable because of the wind. There is no extreme heat, so you can look at the “most-amazing” sights without fear of getting a sunstroke. The pre-New Year’s sale season begins.

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The UAE is the closest “warm sea” in December for the European part of Russia. Not Thailand by degrees, of course, but the flight is 2 times shorter. December is the hottest month of winter in the UAE. So if you choose between December, January and February, then you’ve made the right choice. We will tell you about the weather in Dubai in December, the number of degrees in the water, prices for tours and excursions – 2022.

  • You can go! You only need a PCR in 48 hours! No visa! No vaccinations!
  • Flights to the UAE fly direct, “air sanctions” are not afraid. You can find real-time airline tickets on Aviasales.
  • Money is quite simple – only use cash dollars. You do not need rubles. VISA, Mastercard, and MIR cards will not be accepted.
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Tours in Dubai in December – 2022

Going to Dubai for 1-2 weeks is more profitable with a package tour than booking flights and hotels separately. The United Arab Emirates is not a cheap country, but in the past (before “covid” and “air restrictions”) a tour here could be found even for 40,000-50,000 ₽ for two people. In 2022 you can forget about such prices, everything has doubled in price. The average cost of the tour is 125.000 ₽, without meals, or with breakfast. The price includes the flight, fuel surcharge and transfer to the hotel.

Rest in the UAE with children. Best resorts and hotels. Reviews

The price range for Dubai tours is enormous. For example, an all inclusive package to our favorite hotel Movenpick Hotel Jumeirah Beach 5* in Jumeirah Beach Residence costs from 252.000 ₽ for two persons, and the Aloft Palm Jumeirah 4* right on the Palm Island, where the stars and millionaires rest, costs from 223.000 ₽ for two persons. These prices are mid-month prices, before the New Year will be more expensive.

Most hotels in Dubai are not all-inclusive. The most common choices are breakfast or breakfast + dinner. There are very few hotels near the sea, mostly city hotels. Each hotel offers a free shuttle to the beach , or to the city center and shopping centers. Therefore, you should read reviews, which hotel has what transfers, it will help to save on cabs and excursions.

But there are some disadvantages – sometimes the number of people who want to use the transfer is greater than the number of seats. It is forbidden to ride standing in transport in Dubai, very big fines. There is a lot of traffic, someone ends up without transport. Hence the negative feedback about the vacation. The conclusion is one – do not save money.

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    Weather in Dubai in December

    The temperature in Dubai in December rarely drops below +15 ° C and can reach +27 ° C on the hottest day. The average temperature in Dubai in December is +21°C , which is 2 degrees higher than in January. December in Dubai is characterized by a drop in temperature, with daytime highs dropping from +27 to +23 °C during the month. The duration of a sunny day decreases to 8 hours, compared to November by almost 2 hours. During December, the average cloudiness ranges from 16 to 24%, gradually increasing each day.

    Precipitation in Dubai in December is rare. There will be about 4 cloudy days during the whole month. The rainiest month, February, has twice as much rainfall as December. At this time of year the humidity ranges from a comfortable 41% to a high of 91%. There are days with an absolute humidity of 100%. The driest month in Dubai is considered to be May.

    Can I Swim in Dubai in December

    The most important question is: “Can I swim in December in Dubai?”. The answer is YES! Every year the water temperature in the Persian Gulf is different, but usually it’s +23+25 °C, i.e. quite comfortable. But not “fresh milk”! And the winds blow from the desert, bringing with them a chill. Nothing can be done about that. That’s it, the Middle East (by the way, in Egypt even worse, the wind even with the sun loungers carried away).

    Tours in Dubai in December

    What to do

    There are a lot of things to do in Dubai in December, but here are the main three – swimming, sightseeing and shopping. The beaches here with fine white sand and smooth entrance to the water. Shallow water heats up quickly, but just as quickly and gives up heat. There are a lot of yachts in Dubai (hello, luxury life!), so the water in the sea here is a bit dirty (in our picky eyes). There are plenty of beaches! And the people on them, too, a lot. For young people would do “beach clubs”, where a DJ is playing, bars with alcohol, there are sun beds and pools.

    Active tourists prefer excursions. The choice in Dubai – huge! From the Burj Khalifa to travel through the desert. Paradox, but sometimes with the excursion to visit a lot of places more profitable than driving alone (prices for public transport oh-ho-ho!). The choice is also there – from a budget tour in a small group to individual tours by car with a personal guide. There are a lot of entertainments, theme parks and other things in Dubai. What stand alone Warner Brothers, IMG and “LegoLand”.

    And the last entertainment – shopping . The Dubai Mall is starting a huge sale that will last till mid-January. But do not wait for super-low prices, because the prices within the country are also high. For example, one meal at a cafe costs between $25 and $30. This means that you have to take $500 or more for food and entertainment.

    Fly to Dubai for the New Year: weather, prices, features

    Do you want to give yourself a gift and go somewhere far away and warmer for the New Year’s vacations? It’s a great gift and you deserve it. Many people traditionally fly to the Emirates. They say that the weather in Dubai for the new year is sunny and almost no rain. How it will be this time – it’s hard to answer. But the fact that the coming year 2022 will give you a lot of positive emotions and happiness – that’s for sure. So, let’s talk about what awaits you in the most beautiful city in the UAE on New Year’s Eve.

    The weather in Dubai for the new year 2022. Dubai on New Year's Eve, is it worth the trip

    Dozens of years ago, and could not imagine that somewhere in the East, in one of the most closed countries, with rather strict laws, celebrate the New Year in such a big way. But now millions of tourists come to celebrate the coming year in the fabulous Emirates, and most of them choose the beautiful Dubai.

    What about the weather

    Surprisingly, December and January are the coldest months in the Emirates! Whoa, whoa – no need to close the page. Cold doesn’t mean it’s freezing and snowing here. During the daytime the average temperature in Dubai is about +28 degrees Celsius. Agree – not really cold.

    The weather in Dubai for the new year 2022. Dubai on New Year's Eve, is it worth the trip

    In the evening and at night the air cools a little, but not critically. At night the thermometer columns go down to +19 +21 degrees, which is not bad. And as soon as it gets dark, the whole city is illuminated by lanterns and lights. And the warm weather allows you to walk around in dresses and shorts.

    The weather in Dubai for the new year 2022. Dubai on New Year's Eve, is it worth the trip

    As for the rains, they happen, but rarely. Not the fact that it will rain on New Year’s Eve, although it happened. Winter rain in the Emirates is mostly showers. Of course, not as heavy as a tropical rain. But still.

    Water temperature – is it possible to swim

    But about bathing is a big question. If you are calm about the cool water, then feel free to go in the water. The sea temperature during these days is about +18 +20 degrees Celsius. During the day on the beaches a lot of tourists, but not everyone swims. Someone says – it’s cold. And others – on the contrary rejoice – such a warm water! So if you dare, then dive in. If not – the heated pools are at your service.

    The weather in Dubai for the new year 2022. Dubai on New Year's Eve, is it worth the trip

    Entertainment for the New Year

    You have already guessed that millions of tourists do not just come to Dubai. They don’t just want to see fireworks, they also want entertainment. Here is a small part of what awaits tourists. First, there is a huge family water park, which is amazing in its size and its water slides. Every tourist just has to visit it. Water slides are 3 meters high – even Russia does not have such snow mountains!

    The weather in Dubai for the new year 2022. Dubai on New Year's Eve, is it worth the trip

    Mall of the Emirates is the largest entertainment and shopping center in the world. Here all life in the city. It is in this building is the famous ski resort under the roof. Don’t miss the opportunity to ski in the snow in the heart of Dubai. If you get bored with skiing, take a stroll through the local stores that are in the same building. At Christmas and New Year, there are great discounts of up to 90%, and isn’t that an excuse to buy something for yourself? Excursions, sea cruises, discos – all of that will be there as well. And also … and you’d better come to the city and see everything for yourself.

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