Phu Quoc weather by month – 2022. Rainy and Holiday Season.

Weather in Phu Quoc by Months

Russian travelers have recently discovered the marvelous beauty of the Vietnamese island of Phu Quoc. Located in the southeast of the country and washed by the azure waters of the Gulf of Siam, the archipelago has long been a secluded, peaceful oasis. The eternal rest was disturbed only by locals and a few European tourists. In recent years, the picturesque resort has become especially popular.

When is the best time to go to Fukuok?

The island has a tropical monsoon climate. The air temperature throughout the year is flat, comfortable and stays in the range from 27 ° to 31 °.

In contrast to the conventional four seasons, the Vietnamese resort of Phu Quoc distinguishes three seasons:

  • November to March – the most comfortable weather conditions;
  • April through June – heat, with occasional heavy downpours;
  • July through October, the rainy season.

Monsoons determine the weather in Fukuoka. Twice a year, huge air masses move and change direction. During the dry season, they move toward the sea, and during the wet season, they move from the sea to the land.

Interestingly, the rainy season changes quite quickly, usually in late October. The transition to the wet season is gradual and takes place in April and May.

Water in the Gulf of Thailand is considered cool when its temperature drops to 26 ° C. During the hottest season, 31 ° in the sea is normal.

Consider the weather in Phu Quoc by months at the usual times of the year

Winter season, which we associate with snow and frosts, here in the southern part of Vietnam, is considered a high season.

The weather in Phu Quoc in December is one of the most favorable for a relaxing beach vacation. The water in the bay is warm to 28°. The air is 29° during the daytime hours, cooler at night – about 22°. Rainfall is up to 60mm, that’s 4-7 rainy days a month. Tourists from all over the world come here for the Catholic Christmas and subsequent holidays. What’s more exotic than meeting the New Year on a white sandy beach under the palm trees in Fukuoka?

In January, Fukuoka is still celebrating life and hotels are actively raising prices. The weather on the island is wonderfully warm. For the whole month, it rains a maximum of 2-3 times, which amounts to 30-40 mm of rainfall. Tropical showers are abundant, but short-lived. Very soon the clouds disappear, the sun warms up and you can swim and sunbathe to your heart’s content. Weather is clear and windless, 27° C during the day, 20° 21° C at night. Spoiled locals call January the coldest month. But for visitors, 27° in the water and in the atmosphere are very comfortable conditions.

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In February in Vietnam and on the island of Phu Quoc meet the New Year according to the Eastern calendar. Those lucky people who can afford to spend the whole winter at the resort live in an atmosphere of eternal holiday. The weather is conducive to a cheerful mood. The amount of possible precipitation is not more than 20 mm. Cloudy skies, light breezes, the water in the bay of 28 °, the air is warmed up to 29 °. Even at night the thermometer does not fall below 24-26 ° C.

The weather in Fukuok in December

© bittermelon / / CC BY 2.0


In March on Phu Quoc Island, the weather remains dry and clear, with the thermometer gradually creeping upward and reaching 31° during the daytime hours. At night, the heat drops to 25°, but it is still quiet and warm. Tourists enjoy swimming in the warm water (29 °) and admire the beautiful scenery. It rains a little, only 4-5 in a month. That’s about 50, maximum 80 mm.

In April, the heat intensifies and reaches 31-33°. Even at night, the air does not cool below 25-27°. Water is almost not refreshing – the same 31 °. But the demand for water entertainment is growing. The amount of precipitation increases to 200 mm, that is 6-8 rainy days per month. So begins the transition from the dry weather to the rainy season.

May is the hottest month of the year. If at night the temperature is 24°-26° in the air, in the middle of the day it rises to 32°, and in the afternoons it reaches an annual maximum of 34°-35°. The sea water is still very warm, 30°-31°. Despite the heat, the precipitation is more: 230-250 mm. The weather in May is capricious and unpredictable. If you are lucky, it may not rain for 2 weeks. But then it may start not just raining, but the most real tropical showers, and they can last for several days.

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When best to vacation in Fukuoka

Fukuok holiday season

When is the best time to rest on the island of Phu Quoc in Vietnam? We tell you briefly and to the point about the weather by month, water and air temperature, weather conditions, rainy season and tourists’ reviews.

As noted by experienced travelers, the weather on the Vietnamese island of Phu Quoc can be good and… very good. Whether this is in fact the case, we will find out from the overview of the weather in Phu Quoc by month.

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Weather by month:


Water and Air Temperature. Weather in January in Fukuoka is pleasant: air temperature during the day +30 ° C, night +28 ° C, sea water +28 ° C.

Weather conditions. The sun shines most of the time, there is not much rain, and the water is so clear that people eagerly explore the underwater world. A little hot in the afternoon: the air heats up to +35 ° C, and even the most heat-loving hurry to take cover in the shade.

Tourist reviews. In January in Fukuoka there is no rain, winds, storms and other troubles. Full freedom of movement: if you want – sunbathe, if you want – explore the sights. A great time for excursions! This is the most favorite month for tourists on the island, so we advise you to book hotels in advance.

Comment by Alexey Sinitsyn . We stayed on Phu Quoc in January. The weather was wonderful! It did not rain once in three weeks. A couple of days blew a strong wind, but it did not interfere, but it was only pleasantly cool. We visited Vietnam three times in winter and visited all resorts – to choose the best, read our tips.

Fukuok weather by month water temperature


Water and air temperature. In February in Phu Quoc is as warm and sunny as in January: daytime above +30 ° C, at night about +28 ° C, water in the sea +28. +29°С.

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Weather conditions. The weather is sunny and windless most of the time. February is the driest month in Fukuoka.

What about local reviews? Hotels are overcrowded, so book a few months before your trip. Some tourists complain about the high cost, but what can you do – peak high season.

Water and air temperature. In March it’s +31°C and higher during the day, +28°C at night, water in the sea +29°C.

Weather conditions. Precipitation is a bit more than in February, but it’s usually small afternoon rains that quickly stop. There is no wind and the high humidity makes the heat seem unbearable.

Tourist reviews. March holidaymakers consider it a good month for vacation, because you can swim, and under the warm rain to run. But do not forget about the sunscreen even in cloudy weather.


Water and air temperature. In April it is +32. +33 ° C during the day, +28 ° C at night. But the sea is not refreshing – the water temperature is almost the same as the air (+30°C).

Weather conditions. This month is considered a transition month from the dry winter to humid summer with twice as much rainfall. It rains more often, but there are no strong storm winds yet.

Feedback from tourists. Vacationers spend their time as follows: in the morning sunbathing on the beach, and in the evening chatting in a cafe. During the day no one swims because of the heat, and even in the afternoon it can rain – it becomes very humid.

Water and air temperature. In May, the daytime temperature is +33 ° C, at night +30 ° C, the water in the sea is +30 ° C.

Weather conditions. The rainy season begins in Fukuoka. The wind increases, periodically the sea storms. However, it is not all bad: overcast and sunny days in May are equal.

Tourist feedback. Vacationers do not advise to come to the island in May: it is hot, stuffy, bathing is hampered by storms and rains. This does not stop budget travelers, because the prices of hotels are greatly reduced.

Vietnam in January 2022. Weather and where to relax

Water and air temperature. In June, the daytime temperature is +32°C, at night it’s +29°C, and the water in the sea is +29°C.

Weather conditions. It is cloudy most of the time, the sea is stormy, the winds are violent, and it rains half of the month (mostly in the afternoon). The relative humidity is 80%.

Tourist reviews. June is unpopular month. However, only among the packers. If you are traveling alone and you like tropical rain and discounts on hotels – you are welcome! You can sunbathe and swim in the first half of the day.

Vietnam phu Quoc weather by month

(Photo: Mr & Mrs Backpacker / / CC BY-NC 2.0 license)

Water and air temperature. Same as in early summer: daytime +31°C, nighttime +28°C, water +29°C.

Weather conditions. July is the height of the rainy season in Fukuoka. It rains for more than half of the month and becomes longer and more intense. Tourists write that you have to be a desperate optimist to plan your vacation during such an unfavorable period. The humidity is 84%. The waves are strong.

Tourist reviews. Hotels are empty, Fukuoka is low season.


Water and air temperature. Temperatures are the same as in June-July: daytime +31°C, nighttime +28°C, water +29°C.

Weather conditions. Rains are still frequent, the humidity level is still high – 85%. Most of the time the sea has high waves.

Tourist feedback. Vacationers write that in August in the eastern regions of the island is not as rainy as in the west, and storms a little less. However, in general, the month is not suitable for beach holidays.


Water and air temperatures. The summer heat is on the decline: +30°C during the day, +27°C at night, the water +28°C.

Weather conditions. The weather is not good – heavy rainfall, waves, high humidity.

Feedback from tourists. In September, some tourists vacation on the island, tempted by discounts in hotels, but they complain that the rest spoil the rain and storms at sea.


Water and air temperature. In October, the daytime temperature is +30 ° C, at night +28 ° C and the water is +28 ° C.

Vietnam in May 2022. Weather and where to rest

Weather conditions. The showers are still heavy, but not as frequent as in September. The level of humidity drops to 82% and most of the monthly rainfall falls in the first half of the month.

Tourist feedback. In late October, the weather in Fukuoka gets better, and there are more tourists. Holidays in October is also beneficial – the prices are not so high, and the weather is almost a whisper.

Starfish beach on Phu Quoc island in Vietnam


Water and air temperature. In November, daytime +31°C heat, nighttime +28°C, water +29°C.

Weather conditions. The weather is becoming comfortable for recreation. The amount of precipitation decreases significantly, the humidity level is about 78%.

Reviews of tourists. The holiday season in Fukuoka begins. The number of tourists on the island increases. The daytime heat is easy to handle, always blowing in the wind from the sea, but at night without air conditioning is not a thing.


Water and air temperature. The weather in December is very dry and warm: daytime air +29 ° C, night +27 ° C, water +27 ° C.

Weather conditions. Weather in Fukuoka in December favors vacationers. The humidity level drops to a comfortable 72%.

Tourist feedback. During this period it is good to rest by the sea and travel around the island, the evenings are a little fresh.

Feedback from Alexey Sinitsyn . Arriving in Phu Quoc to celebrate New Year, we caught the last days of December. The weather was good, only once in the afternoon there was a heavy, but short tropical rain. In those days South Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand were hit by a typhoon of medium strength – but we were lucky, Fukuok was bypassed.

Weather on Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam

When to vacation? Holiday and Rainy Seasons

High season in Fukuok lasts from November to March, from May to September – rainy season. April and October are transitional months and the weather is changeable.

The most comfortable holiday during the high season – at this time there is no rainfall, low humidity, the clearest water in the sea. In summer, the island is better not to go – the rains and wind can reach such a force that tourists are forced to escape from the weather under the roof of the hotel.

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