Prices for food in Bulgaria in cafes and groceries – 2022

Cost of living and recreation in Bulgaria

Rest in Bulgaria or move here – in both cases, the prospect is very tempting. The Balkan country attracts tourists and immigrants alike with its damn pleasant, sunny climate and beautiful seashores. An important bonus is the prices in Bulgaria for products, services and accommodation, which are quite low for a resort country.

We have made a compilation of the cost of everything that will be interesting and important for you in Bulgaria. For your convenience, the information is divided into general block – for tourists and immigrants, as well as for each category of visitors separately.

Prices in Bulgaria: general overview

No matter what status you are in Bulgaria – buying groceries or eating in restaurants, riding in transportation and renting accommodation will certainly have to both locals and tourists.

Prices for products in stores

Prices for products in Bulgarian stores depend on the area of the country – tourist or, let’s say, simple, for life. In the resort areas the cost will be one and a half to two times higher than in ordinary, unremarkable for tourists cities. The fact that foreigners come to Bulgaria to rest, don’t care much about the issue of food prices (vacation – what savings?).

Bulgarian cuisine

In Bulgaria, it is relatively inexpensive to set a large table. Photo:

For example, in the resort town of Nessebar, located near Sunny Beach, a kilogram of pork can cost 12 BGN, chicken legs – 7 BGN, cheese – 13 BGN.

If it is important not to overpay for products, then go to chain supermarkets like Metro, Billa, Lidl, Kaufland, Mladost, Promarket, Fantastico and the like. The cheapest place to shop is there.

Prices in Bulgaria

Here are approximate prices for staples in these stores (assuming that 1 lev (BGN) is equal to almost 45 Russian rubles):

Bread 0,96 BGN per loaf
Eggs 2,1 BGN per 10 pieces
Pasta 1,20 BGN
Buckwheat 3 BGN
Sunflower oil 2,3 BGN per half liter
Olive oil 9,37 BGN
Rice 1,15 BGN per kg
Flour 0,95 BGN per kg
Sugar 1,29 BGN per kg
Coffee 8,29 BGN
Ice-cream 3,19 for 0,5 kg
Cakes From 6 BGN
Confectionery From 1 BGN

Prices for Food in Bulgaria

We advise to buy fruits and vegetables in the markets or in specialized stores – there, as in Russia, the quality is higher and the taste and aroma is richer than in supermarkets. You can reckon on these prices:


Tomatoes 3,50 BGN
Cucumbers From 3 BGN
Potatoes 1 BGN per kg
Black olives 9 BGN per kg
Carrots From 0,75 BGN
Onions From 0,45 BGN per kg
Sweet bell pepper From 0,82 BGN
Eggplants 3,12 BGN

Prices for vegetables in Bulgaria


Watermelons and melons From 1,50 BGN
Apples 0,7 BGN
Pears From 0,7 BGN
Peaches 1,40 BGN
Oranges 2,50 BGN
Grapes From 2 BGN
Bananas 2,50 BGN
Figs and apricots From 2 BGN
Plums From 1 BGN
Cherries From 2 BGN

Fruit prices in Bulgaria

You can buy quality dairy products in Bulgaria in hypermarkets, as well as in small grocery stores. Prices will be about the same:

Milk 2 BGN per liter
Kefir 3,5 BGN per liter
Ayran 0,85 BGN
Yoghurt 2,15 BGN
Sour cream 1,25 BGN
Cheese cheese From 2 BGN
Butter 2,20 BGN for a 200g pack
Cheese 7,75 BGN per kg
Brizza 4,2 BGN per kg
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Prices for dairy products in Bulgaria

As in the case of fruits and vegetables, the quality of meat, poultry, fish and seafood is higher at local markets. The situation with their cost in Bulgaria is as follows:

Chicken 5 BGN per kg
Pork 8,60 BGN per kg
Beef 11 BGN per kg
Dorada From 10 BGN
Tuna 10 BGN
Trout 9,80 BGN per kg
Carp From 5 BGN per kg
Mackerel 4 BGN
Sprat From 1 BGN
Mussels From 3 BGN

Prices for meat, poultry and fish in Bulgaria

Alcohol and other drinks

Wine From 6 BGN per bottle
Beer From 1 BGN for 0,3 l
Water 0,5 per BGN 1,5 l
Soda From 0,90 BGN for 2 l
Juice From 1,60 BGN for 1 l

Prices for alcohol in Bulgaria

Prices in Catering

Not surprisingly, the coolest restaurants in Bulgaria are located in tourist areas. There and the interiors are instagrammatic, and the average check is not small – plus/minus 36 BGN per person. Prices for soups start from 2,80 BGN, salads from 5 BGN, meat dishes from 4 BGN, fish from 12 BGN. It is cheaper to eat in cafes – the average bill per person is about 10-15 BGN.

Restaurant Catering in Bulgaria

There are many eating places in Burgas. Photo:

A nice bonus that will definitely surprise you: everywhere in Bulgaria they serve large enough portions, which is enough for two.

The cost of renting and buying a home in Bulgaria

If we talk about rest in any of the resort towns, you can rent a studio for 30 euros a day, or two or three for 200 and 300 euros respectively. Prices for apartments start from 200 euros per week, depending on the prestige of the area and proximity to the sea.

Buy an apartment or house in Bulgaria is more profitable than renting, so more and more often we see a tendency to buy Russian housing in the Balkan country.

How much does a house cost in Bulgaria?


A square meter of a standard apartment costs 932 BGN, a more luxurious one – from 3000 BGN. A square meter of house in Bulgaria costs 346 BGN, there are more expensive options for 2807 per 1 m². The prices are different in different cities. The most expensive apartments are in Nessebar (from 22 000 euros) and in Sunny Beach (from 18 000 euros). In Sofia and Burgas is cheaper: from 739 euros and 578 euros, respectively.

Plus, every year the property owner is charged tax at a rate of 0.15% of the value of their purchased property.

Prices for public transport, cabs and car rentals

Travel on public transport 1,5 BGN
Railway fare 135 BGN per month
Car hire From 52 BGN
Cab 0,7 BGN per ride + 1 per ride + 0,95 BGN per kilometer

Fuel prices

Petrol 98 2,29 BGN
Petrol 95 1,94 BGN
Diesel oil 2,16 BGN
LPG gas 0,90 BGN

Cost of car maintenance if purchased in Bulgaria

MTPL INSURANCE From 245 BGN per year
CASCO From 600 BGN
Technical inspection 35-40 BGN
Parking 50-100 BGN per month
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Prices for clothes and shoes

Since popular clothing and footwear chain stores are scattered around the world, the prices in their Bulgarian franchises are about the same as everywhere else. So we do not consider it correct to cite them. But the cost of shoes of local factories (the more so that they are famous for quality, comparable with Italian) – please: from 40 BGN. Really good Bulgarian leather shoes and accessories are worth looking for in stores of Mat Star, Tendenz, Estil and Enzo Nori.

Price categories that an immigrant needs to know about

The cost of visas and health insurance

For a long stay in Bulgaria you need a national visa. You will have to apply for it yourself. The document costs 35 euros, the visa center may request 70 euros for work in a short period of time – depending on your wish. Plus, every year in the country you’ll need to renew the residence permit – this service costs 300 euros. In the future five years you will have all chances to get the Bulgarian citizenship.

Work visa to Bulgaria is issued differently: you need to enlist the support of your future employer. This service will cost you 35 euros, and the urgent visa issuance will cost 70 euros. In this case, you will be issued a residence permit for one year, then you will need to extend it for three years.

Prices of living in Bulgaria

A street in a residential area in Bulgaria. Photo:

If you want to save money on medical services, or even get them for free, it is advisable to buy insurance. Its price is 65 euros per year. If you ignore the registration of this document and will be forced to go to the doctor without it, for a regular visit, you will pay 10 to 30 euros. There is some good news: many Bulgarian medicines are cheaper than in Russia.

The Cost of Education

When moving to Bulgaria for permanent residence one should not rule out the possibility to study there by oneself or to think about education for one’s child. In the republic, as elsewhere, it moves in three stages: primary (kindergarten), secondary (school) and higher (university). The prices are roughly as follows:

State kindergarten. 70-100 BGN per month
Private kindergarten 300-600 BGN per month
Public school 300-600 BGN per year
Private school Up to 4000 BGN per annum
University: undergraduate, masters and postgraduate From 3500, 3600 and 4900 BGN per annum respectively

The only way to get a degree in a Bulgarian university for free (provided that the scholarship will cover all tuition costs) is to enter an American university.

The price of utilities

As for utilities, then living in a two-bedroom apartment, on average you will pay 50 BGN per month for electricity, heating – 100 BGN, water – 2.66 BGN per cubic meter. An unpleasant surprise may be the rather high maintenance fee of almost 100 BGN per month. Given that the average salary in Bulgaria is BGN 1077 (which means that the standard of living in the country can be compared with Russia), utility bills take the lion’s share of the budget.

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Residential area in Bulgaria

The amount of fees for maintenance of an apartment house directly depends on its prestige. Also, in ordinary residential neighborhoods the price will be much lower than in tourist areas. Photo:

Internet and mobile communications

Bulgarians pay from 12 BGN for a month of Internet use. Mobile telephone costs at least 10 BGN for the same period.

Price categories you should be aware of

Tourist visas, trips and airfares

Tourist visa to Bulgaria with the possibility of staying in the country for up to 30 days costs 4300 rubles. Usually it takes no more than 7 days to be issued at the visa center. More urgent paperwork (a couple of days) will cost you twice as much.

We searched for prices for trips to Bulgaria: 7 nights for two in an all-inclusive five-star hotel, departing from Moscow on August 1 and back. We found tours starting from 107 731 rubles. This option is offered by the Planeta Hotel in Sunny Beach. Seven days vacation in the same place, but in other, no less impressive hotels would cost 115,000 or 150,000 rubles. In other resort areas such as Sveti Vlas, Elenite, Nessebar, Pomorie is possible to relax at about the same cost, and therefore more expensive.

Prices for vacations in Bulgaria

The level of service in Bulgaria is comparable with European. Photo:

If you have decided to make an independent journey to Bulgaria and buy tickets separately, then on August 1st to fly from Moscow to the capital of the republic – Sofia will cost you from 6297 rubles and higher, to Plovdiv – minimum 16 083 rubles, to Burgas – 4792 rubles and higher. The cheapest ticket to Vern is 9581 rubles on this date.

Excursions costs

Let’s tell about the most popular destinations. The prices are given in euros, because we found them on the websites of Russian guide companies:

Sofia sightseeing tour From 106 euro
Excursion to the city-museum of Koprivshtitsa From 308 euro
Excursion to the Museum Cities of Bansko, Leshten and Kovachevitsa From 382 euros
Excursion to Veliko Tarnovo with wine tasting From 250 euros
Trip to Plovdiv and Bachkovo Monastery From 346 euro
Excursion to the Belogradchik Rocks From 353 Euros
Excursion to Kazanlak and the Rose Valley From 374 Euros

The cost of beach attractions

There are lots of beaches in Bulgaria, and almost all of them are state beaches, which means that they are free. That is to say that you do not need to pay to enter and stay on them, but the additional facilities in the form of umbrellas, sun loungers and other attributes for the rest – yes. Prices for all beach attributes vary from resort to resort.

Beach in Bulgaria

Old beach in Burgas. Photo:

On average, to rent an umbrella for the whole day will cost you 3-8 BGN, a beach chair – the same amount. In prestigious resort towns like Sunny Beach, St. Vlas or Golden Sands, the price to rent beach attributes will be 2-3 times higher. Therefore, an umbrella, for example, cheaper to buy in the store.

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And here are the prices for popular sea entertainments in Bulgaria:

Boat rides 30 BGN per person
Banana boat rides From 8 BGN
Water skiing, water scooter From 30 BGN
Parachute flight tethered to the boat 60 BGN per person and 80 BGN for a couple

In general, the cost of living in Bulgaria is quite low. Here you can decently live and rest on almost any budget. Therefore, there is a large number of Russians, as well as old people who come here for retirement.

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Prices for food in Bulgaria

How much does it cost to eat in Bulgaria?

Learn how much it costs to eat out in Bulgaria! We tell you about the prices in cafes, restaurants and stores in 2022. What to try from national dishes and seafood.

Exchange rate: 1 Bulgarian lev (BGN) ≈ 43 RUB.

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What to try in Bulgaria

The food in Bulgaria is delicious and hearty. You can try the national cuisine in mekhan – national restaurants. There you can taste the delicious Shopski salad, vegetable moussaka, meat stew gyuvech, grilled cutlets and sausages, fried meatballs kyufte and cold soup tarator. The menu in Bulgarian mehanas runs to 30 pages. Such a variety of tastes will surprise even the most experienced gourmet! You can find authentic, not old-style, mechants in Sozopol, Sveti Vlas, Nessebar, Bansko, Obzor and Borovets.

What to Try in Bulgaria

A table with Bulgarian food. Photo: vladington /

Prices in cafes and restaurants in Bulgaria

Cafes and restaurants in Bulgaria can eat on a budget. Breakfast for two in an inexpensive cafe costs 4-10 leva, and a three-course lunch costs 25-35 leva.

Prices for food in cafes and restaurants in Bulgaria in 2022

  • salad – 4-6 leva
  • fried fish tsatsa – 3-12 leva
  • Banitsa – 0.5-2 leva
  • sach – 9,5 leva
  • main dish of meat – 6-15 leva
  • küfte – from 1.6 leva
  • pancakes palacinka – 2-4 leva
  • soup – from 3 leva
  • dessert – 2,8-3,5 leva
  • drinks – 1,6-4 lev.

Prices for food in Bulgaria depend on the resort. They are higher in Sunny Beach than in Pomorie or Nessebar. In order not to spend too much, choose places that are away from beaches, tourist attractions, and attractions!

Be prepared for larger portions in Bulgarian establishments than in Western Europe. Do not order much at once or ask the waiter to bring half a portion. Soups in Bulgaria are more salty than what we are used to.

Sweet tooth and parents with children are frequenters of the local cafes and pastry shops, which are called sweet shops in Bulgaria. A cup of coffee there costs 1-1.3 leva, 10 cupcakes – 2.5 leva, and a piece of cake – 1.7-4 leva.

Tipping is not obligatory. A surcharge for service is usually included in the price of the order, but the owners will be happy if you leave 10% of the bill.

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Prices for Food in Cafes in Bulgaria

Palacinki – pancakes with sweet filling or syrup. Photo:

Street food

The cheapest food in Bulgaria is street food. Drinks in coffee machines cost from 0.3 leva, bagels are sold for 0.6 leva, and tasty ruguvachki for 1 leva. Tourists really like doner (duner) – Bulgarian shawarma with meat and potatoes for 4 leva, and cobs of boiled corn tsarevitsa for 1 leva.

Fast food prices in Bulgaria in 2022:

  • small kebab – 0.4 leva
  • grilled sausage – 0,5 leva
  • pancake – 1,2 leva
  • slice of pizza – 1,2 leva
  • sandwich – 2,5 leva
  • 12 donuts in sugar – BGN 4
  • hamburger – from 2,9 leva
  • bun – 0,85 leva
  • ice-cream – 1,5-2 leva.

Prices for food in Bulgaria

Food in Bulgaria is inexpensive, so in Bulgarian hotels is not too popular “all inclusive”. The cost of meat products is the same as in Russia. Milk, excellent yoghurts kiselo mlyako , sour cream, cheeses, cottage cheese izvara , seasonal vegetables, fruits and herbs are cheaper than in our country.

Prices for food and soft drinks in stores in Bulgaria in 2022:

  • a loaf of bread – 0.8-1.8 leva
  • cheese, 1 kg – from 7,8 leva
  • feta cheese, 1 kg – from 4,2 leva
  • yogurt – 2,2 leva
  • Pepsi, 0,33 l – 0,82-1,2 leva
  • drinking water, 1,5 l – 0,4 leva.

We advise to buy fruits and vegetables at the markets. There and the choice is greater, and the products are always fresh. Sellers can always give a taste of their goods and are willing to discount the price. Bulgarian fruits and vegetables are cheap at the markets, and those imported from Italy and Greece are 1,2-1,5 times more expensive. In summer, watermelons and melons are sold for 0.5 leva, apples and peaches for 0.8 leva, plums and grapes for 1 leva, and figs for 2 leva per 1 kg.

Food Prices in Bulgaria

Supermarket in Sofia. Photo: julia_lazarova /

Prices for seafood

Despite the fact that Bulgaria is located on the Black Sea, seafood here is expensive. For this reason, locals and tourists prefer meat and vegetables. Prices for a seafood dish in a restaurant start at 10 levs. Order fried sea bass, trout soup, fried sea pike and other delicacies!

Pay attention to the delicate Bulgarian mussels, which are grown in special farms. A kilo of mussels costs from 3 levs. An excellent appetizer for beer and wine!

The prices of fish are normal. The cheapest one is sprat – from 1 leva per 1 kg. Mackerel and carp are more expensive – 4-5 leva per 1 kg. The white fish is 9 leva, and trout and dorada are 10 leva per kg.

Seafood in Bulgaria

Fried sea bass. Photo: phototastyfood /

Alcohol in Bulgaria

Bulgarians have been growing grapes and selling wine around the world for a long time. For more than 1,000 years, this land has been making excellent fruit moonshine – rakija . The quality of Bulgarian alcohol is high, and prices are lower than in Russia.

In restaurants, alcoholic drinks cost from 2 to 9 levs. A 50g serving of rakija is 2-9 leva, a glass of wine – from 3,5 leva, and a 0,7 l bottle of wine – 11-25 leva.

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