Prices for holidays in Barcelona – 2022. How much does it cost to go?

How much does it cost to vacation in Barcelona

Prices for vacations in Barcelona

Figuring out the cost of a vacation in Barcelona: prices in 2022 for tours, airfare, hotels, food, transportation, and attractions. We calculate how much it costs to go to Barcelona for a week for two people.

Why is a vacation in Barcelona so popular? It’s low prices compared to other European cities. And it is a combination of delicious cuisine, the Mediterranean Sea, beaches, beautiful architecture and a rich cultural life.

Exchange rate: 1 EUR ≈ 57 RUB.

Spain takes tourists from the Russian Federation, if they are vaccinated with a vaccine approved by the WHO. It is also possible to enter through another EU country. Look at the list of open countries. Tours to Spain are not yet on sale. For convenience, we give pre-pandemic prices for travel and flights. Information about visas and flights may not be up to date now, check with official resources.


Flight prices to Barcelona

These prices are per person round trip.

The first step when planning a trip to Barcelona on your own is to find the tickets. From Moscow, tickets cost from 8.5 thousand rubles in low season and from 12 thousand in summer. There are direct flights by “Pobeda” (to Girona airport), “Aeroflot”, Vueling, and with connections (AirFrance, KLM, Alitalia and others). The ticket price to Barcelona from Saint-Petersburg starts from 11 thousand rubles during low season and from 14 thousand rubles during high season.

A ticket from Ekaterinburg to Barcelona costs from 19 thousand rubles, from Novosibirsk and Chelyabinsk – from 24 thousand rubles, from Krasnodar – from 18 thousand. Thanks to new flights of “Pobeda” from some cities you can fly to Barcelona a little cheaper than before. But it’s hard to buy cheap tickets on “Pobeda” flights – they sell out quickly.

If you want to save money, keep an eye on airline promotions and sales – for example, the low-cost airline Vueling. Learn how to get to Barcelona cheaply.

Where to find cheap tickets? Use the Aviasales search engine – it compares prices of all airlines. Learn the secrets of finding cheap airline tickets.

prices in barcelona

(Photo: angelocesare / / CC BY-ND 2.0 license)

Prices for tours with holidays in Barcelona – 2022

A vacation in Barcelona will be budget-friendly if you catch a last minute tour or take advantage of early booking. Such a trip with a flight from Moscow costs from 50 thousand rubles – it all depends on the severity of the hotel and food, as well as dates. Usually such inexpensive tours offer hotels 2 * without meals and, of course, not in the first line.

In Barcelona an all-inclusive vacation is not practiced: such hotels can be found at Salou, Lloret de Mar, La Pineda and other resorts. Prices for tours in 2022 “all inclusive” start from 85 thousand rubles. The advantage of such tours is that you do not have to worry about food, which is not very cheap in the Catalan capital.

Search for last minute trips on Level.Travel and Travelata services – they will find the best deals among different tour operators. Want to save your money? Read our 7 rules for buying tours online.

Hotel prices in Barcelona in 2022

The high season is in July and August – prices in Barcelona in these months jump as the city is experiencing a tourist boom. Keep this in mind when planning your vacation and book hotels in winter or spring. In our opinion, it is better to visit this wonderful city in May, June, September or October, when the flow of tourists subsides, and hotel prices will not be so inflated.

6 Spanish apartments in Barcelona

Prices for hotels in Barcelona in the high season start from 50 euros per night for two (for example, in a budget hotel Pension Alberdi). Price of a double room in 3-stars hotel in the center of Barcelona starts from 70 euros.

Look for discounted hotels on Roomguru. Here are the main rules of hotel search.

Find an apartment with 1 or 2 bedrooms from 80 euros, a lot of proposals of good accommodation in the range of 100-150 euros per night. We visited Barcelona in November. Prices for housing out of season please: we rented a room in an apartment for 35 euros!

Useful materials:

How much is a ticket to barcelona

(photo © carinasuyin /

Food prices in Barcelona in 2022

In the Catalan capital feel comfortable as travelers with a limited budget, and those who are used to vacation in anything do not limit themselves. We’ll take a look at budget establishments and mid-range restaurants and show you the approximate prices of food in Barcelona in 2022.

Prices in cafes and restaurants

A budget breakfast in an inexpensive café in Barcelona costs 3-6 euros. Many hotels serve a continental breakfast, which is included in the room rate. Lunch for one costs from 5 to 9 euros, in restaurants more expensive. Pay attention to set lunch (menu del dia) – for 8-12 euros you get the first, second, third and dessert. Dinner costs from 8 to 20 Euros per person.

Prices for food in restaurants of Barcelona are approximately the following: a dish on the average costs about 10 euros and higher, dinner for two from three dishes at a middle-class restaurant – about 40 euros. A cup of cappuccino is about 1,6 euros. Paella with seafood – 25 euros. Prices for food in Barcelona →

About drinks. Here they are inexpensive – both in stores and bars. A pint of local beer in bars, restaurants and night clubs costs from 2,5 up to 4,5 euros (local – about 2,5, and imported – from 3 euros), a glass of wine – from 1 to 3 euros. Beer is cheaper to buy in a store – a bottle costs from 1 to 3 euros.

Find out where to eat cheaply in Barcelona – a selection of budget places where you can have a nourishing and tasty snack.

where to eat in barcelona

(Photo: Juanedc / / CC BY 2.0 license)

Grocery prices in Barcelona stores

How to save money on food while vacationing in Barcelona? Get a room in an apartment or apartment with a kitchen and cook by yourself, because the prices in the stores in Barcelona for food are not too high. Fruit and vegetables are even cheaper in the markets.

Here are the approximate prices of food in 2022 in Barcelona:

  • milk (1 liter) – about 0,83€;
  • A loaf of fresh bread – about 1,06€;
  • baguette – 0,7-1€;
  • White rice (1 kg) – about 1 €
  • Eggs (12 eggs) – 1,90 €
  • Local cheese (1 kg) – about 10 €
  • chicken breasts (kg) – about 6 €
  • apples (kg) – about 1,7 €
  • oranges (kg) – about 1,5 €
  • bananas (kg) – about 1,8 €
  • tomatoes (kg) – about 1,4 €
  • potatoes (kg) – about 0,9 €
  • water (1,5 l) – about 0,65 €
  • A bottle of wine – about 5 €;
  • local beer (0,5 l) – about 0,9€;
  • Imported beer (0,33 l) – 1,3 €.
Majorca: Monthly weather and temperature. When is the best time to travel?

barcelona food prices

(Photo: by Maurizio Costanzo – mavik2007 / / CC BY 2.0 license)

Transport prices

The transport system of the city is simple and convenient. You can move around on the subway, buses and streetcars. Well developed rail and sea connections.

The subway and bus are the most convenient and economical ways to explore the city. How much does the metro cost in Barcelona? A one-way ticket costs 2.15 euros. However, you can save money with the T-10 card! We bought one card for two and saved about 1 euro per trip in zone 1 (it includes all the major attractions of Barcelona). The card itself costs about 10 euros and is valid for 10 rides on any public transport, including night buses.

Note: the T-10 card doesn’t apply to the Airbus to the airport, but you can use it to take the RENFE train to the airport. Read about how to get from the airport and how much it costs.

The Barcelona Card, which besides free public transportation, gives you discounts at restaurants, stores, and other places. These cards cost from 14 to 32 euros depending on the number of days (2-5 days).

You can also travel around Barcelona by cab. The prices are following: boarding – 2,40 euros, 1 km – 1 euro. A cab from the airport costs about 30-40 euros. Though the best way to get acquainted with the city during the vacation is to rent a bicycle or a moped (about 15 euros) or to walk on foot.

If you are going to explore the neighborhood, we recommend renting a car for a trip to Spain at Prices in Barcelona start from 10 euros per day. Learn more about rental cars in Spain.

hotel prices in barcelona

(Photo: Bert Kaufmann / / CC BY 2.0 license)

Prices for sightseeing in Barcelona

Search for interesting tours on Tripster. Individual and group, without crowds of tourists and in Russian.

What is a trip to Barcelona without seeing the local beauties? The capital of Catalonia is practically a city-museum in the open air, many sights can be admired for free, and each facade is unique and beautiful. Although for tickets to some attractions in Barcelona the price is rather high: for example, for the right to visit the Temple of the Holy Family (Sagrada Familia) you have to pay 14,80 euros, the entrance to the Picasso Museum is 11 euros, to the Park Guell – about 8 euros, and to the House of Mila – about 20 euros.

However, some museums in Barcelona can be accessed for free – it is important just to know what hours and days of admission for visitors are free.

Read what to see in Barcelona on your own in 1, 2 and 3 days.

How much does it cost to go to Barcelona

Let’s calculate the cost of a trip to Barcelona in 2022 for a week for two people. This way you will know what the minimum amount is needed for a vacation. All expenses were counted at the minimum:

  • T-10 pass – 20 euros for two people;
  • three meals a day at minimum prices – 36 euros per day for two people, that is 252 euros per week;
  • Accommodation in a double room in a budget hotel – 50 euros per day, or 350 euros per week;
  • Three major attractions – 67.6 euros for two people.

It turns out that an independent trip to Barcelona for a week costs 690 euros for two people – that’s 98.5 euros per day. If you include the flight from Moscow to Barcelona and back (303 euros for two people), as well as the cost of the Spanish visa (70 euros for two people), the amount rises to 1062.6 euros for two people. It turns out that about a third of the vacation budget – the cost of airfare and visa, a third – hotel rent, a third – the cost of food, transportation and sightseeing. Find out how much money to take to Spain.

Let's go to Costa Blanca! Resorts, beaches, prices for vacations - 2022

Don’t forget about insurance! Take it out at or Cherehapa. The cost of the policy – from 300 rubles for a week.

Prices in Barcelona 2022: how much does it cost to eat, transport and attractions?

On the Mediterranean coast lies the wonderful city of Barcelona. Most of the excursion routes of Spain pass through this city: there is a large amount of unrivaled historical architecture, and also here is one of the coolest soccer clubs in Europe. The city is popular with foreign tourists as well as Russian tourists.

Barcelona is not the cheapest city, but the prices here are quite acceptable, and today GeekTrips will tell you about them.


Holidays in Barcelona in 2022

Barcelona City Spain Tourism Catalunya

To rest comfortably in Barcelona, you need to spend about 5,800₽ per day (about 80 euros). But that’s only enough for the essentials: comfortable accommodation, good food, and also enough money to go to a single museum. If you want to go shopping, you have to spend a lot more money. Or you can save a little more and live off 45€ per day. Let’s look at a rough budget for a day in Barcelona.

So, what can you spend 80€ per day in Barcelona:

  • To visit a single attraction, such as the Sagrada Familia , you’ll need to spend 26€, and that’s just for one paid entrance;
  • For food you’ll spend €20 at an entry-level restaurant;
  • For the means of transportation: 2,2 € for a single ride;
  • Hotel room for about 40€.

If you’re on a smaller budget, you can stay in Barcelona for 45€ per night. This will include the following expenses:

  • one free walking tour;
  • For breakfast and lunch you will have to eat street food or buy ready-made food in a supermarket for 5€ per meal;
  • you have to cook dinner yourself (about 8€) or eat at a chain restaurant (11€);
  • you can afford a beer or wine for about 4€ at the supermarket;
  • You will not be able to use any transportation, so you will have to walk;
  • a room in a hostel or a hostel for 20 €.

Sightseeing costs in Barcelona 2022

There are lots of sights to see in Barcelona. Here are the prices for some of them:

  • Casa Batlló – 24,5€;
  • Sagrada Familia church – from 17€ to 32€;
  • Picasso Museum – 12 to 14€;
  • Palau de la Música Catalana – 18€ (one tour); – 10€;
  • Museum of the History of Barcelona – 7 €;
  • Cable car round trip – 16,5 €, one way – 11 €; – from 26 €;
  • Bicycles: €22 to €24.

Snorkeling and scuba diving will cost 50€. A Barcelona City Pass is the best way to explore most of Barcelona’s main attractions.

Cost of groceries in Barcelona 2022

Here are the costs of some products:

  • snacks in the city can be purchased for 3-7€;
  • If you decide to get wine in a cafe, know that you’ll have to pay between 10 and 13€;
  • Dinner in a restaurant will cost about 20€;
  • If you want a combination of paella, drinks and appetizers, it’s 25€;
  • a McDonalds lunch for about 9€ (for the whole package – hamburger, fries, sweets and tea);
  • If you cook your own food and buy it in a supermarket, you can buy a week’s supply for about 30-35€.
  • Some restaurants have set lunches, which somewhat resemble our business lunches. Such lunches are much cheaper and offer the opportunity to try the best dishes from Spain. The cost of such a lunch is from 7 to 10 €. Google the words libre buffet on the map.
The sights of Spain. What is worth seeing?

Breakfast Room Hotel Casa Fuster Barcelona Spain

Keep on vacationing in Barcelona in 2022

Almost every hotel or hostel provides a free breakfast. Most likely it will be a set of some porridge, eggs, bread, various sweet pastries, milk, coffee, tea, or juices.

The classic Barcelona breakfast, which can be bought on the streets of the city, includes coffee with milk, a croissant, a donut or a sandwich with ham and cheese. The cost of such a breakfast in a cafe – from 4 to 7 €. And an English breakfast that includes eggs, beans, bacon, tea or coffee can cost you from 5 to 10€.

Meal costs:

  • Economy lunch costs 4 to 10€;
  • fast food (a sandwich and a drink) costs from 4 to 7 €;
  • a ready meal (barbecue and fries) – 5 €;
  • A lunch at a restaurant or a café for 8 to 12 €;
  • A McDonald’s combo meal will cost you €9;
  • order a pizza to go from 4 to 7 €;
  • Economy dinner – from 12 to 20 €;
  • Tapas – from 4 to 5 €;
  • Pinchos – from 1.50 to 5 €;
  • paella – from 15 to 20 €;
  • A 0,5 l. beer at a cafe costs 2,50€;
  • Local beers cost from 1.20 to 1.50 €;
  • 0.5 l. beer in the supermarket is 0.80 €;
  • A bottle of good wine in a store costs 6.50€;
  • An espresso: 1.80€.

Transport prices in Barcelona in 2022

The most expensive thing to do is buy tickets to Barcelona. There are many flights to this city, so it is possible to buy inexpensive tickets.

You can read about your own experience of planning a trip to Spain in our Travel Guide .

For example, the cost of a direct round trip flight from Moscow will cost 15000-20000 rubles, and in low season you can buy tickets on the stock for 10000 ₽ round trip. The lowcosters can fly to Girona at half the price. Also have to pay about 4,000 rubles for a Schengen visa.

In the case of independent registration price of the Schengen visa for Russians in 2022 will be only 4000 rubles. This is really issued (and received!) Visa to Spain for a year. Of this amount 200 rubles was spent on photos, the consular fee took 2654 rubles and on sending documents from the province to Moscow spent 1172 rubles.

By the way, to visit Barcelona you need to have good insurance in Spain. It costs about 40 ₽ per day.

The cost of public transport in Barcelona

The city has excellent public transportation. The subway and shuttle buses cost 2 to 3€ per ride. High-speed trains cost between 50 and 150€. If you decide to take the local train, it will cost you €15 to €45. Intercity buses cost 18 to 21€.

Transportation options:

  • Metro fare is 2.2€; (includes 10 rides) costs 11.35€;
    • A two-day ticket costs 15€;
    • three-day ticket – 22€;
    • four-day ticket – 28,5 €;
    • A five-day ticket – € 35;
    • Three-day Barcelona Tourist Card includes unlimited travel by car and admission to some museums – €44;
    • Four-day Barcelona Tourist Card includes unlimited rides in public transport and admission to some museums – €52;
    • Five-day Barcelona Tourist Card includes unlimited transport and admission to some museums – 58€;

    Since you’re going to fly to Barcelona, you’re likely to travel further afield in Spain. That means you’ll definitely need information about train and bus fares between Spanish cities. Use the search and buy tickets through the website Omio.Ru (formerly GoEuro):

    The cost of accommodation in Barcelona

    Bus Barcelona Spain City Street City

    In each city the prices for accommodation depend on the season and remoteness from the central part of the city, so in Barcelona works the same system. For example, a place in an inexpensive hotel costs from 30 €, and a private room – from 40 to 75 € per night. Room rates at mid-range hotels range from €80 to €155. And if you come to Barcelona in high season, prices will be much higher.

    The cost of accommodation:

    • A bed in a shared room in a hostel costs 15 to 35€;
    • A private room in a hostel – from 30 to 70 €;
    • Inexpensive hotels – from 55 to 135 €;
    • An apartment for rent costs 90-140 €.

    You can save 10-15% if you book hotels through the major hotel chains or if you look for bargains on Bookings.

    Renting a car in Barcelona

    In order to have time to see as much as possible, you need to rent a car. Renting a car is much cheaper than making cab rides.

    Car hire:

    • to rent a Fiat 500 2 dr costs from 15€;
    • Hire a Skoda Octavia – 25€;
    • Hire a VW Tiguan – from 120€.

    Here we have studied the prices in Barcelona for 2022.

      • Where to eat, where to drink, how much it all costs: guide for those who fly with Pobeda without overpaying
      • How NOT to behave as a tourist in Barcelona

      We’ve discussed all the possible costs, and now you can calculate your budget and plan your itinerary for sightseeing.

      • Read how to get to the city center cheaply from Russian airports: Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo, Vnukovo, Pulkovo, or Koltsovo .
      • AviaSales: an aggregator to find cheap airline tickets and a service with the best parking at Moscow airports.
        • And here you can buy an RZD train ticket through the site Tutu.Ru
        • Or buy an “all inclusive” tour at OnlineTours

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