Prices for holidays in Singapore – 2022. How to save money

Prices in Singapore – 2022: meals, tours, all inclusive tours

How much will it cost to travel to Singapore in 2022 for two adults or on a trip with kids? Let’s look at the prices of food, meals, and tours. We’ll find cheap tickets, find bargain tours and point out where to find decent discounts, as well as how to save money when planning an independent trip.

A visit to a small Asian island will prove to be an original and attractive offer for 50% of Russian tourists and more. After all, it is less developed than Thailand, Vietnam or Hainan. And the cost of the trip really allows you to visit and see how the city lives and develops, especially in terms of vegetation. But we need to thoroughly investigate the topic of prices, which in fact we will do.

Prices for holidays in Singapore in 2022

Prices for tours from Moscow.

Figuring out the cost of travel to Singapore in 2022, you must first break down the rates on trips that offer the major tour operators and decide on a really good place to stay in comfortably close to all the infrastructure. We have already selected some great options that will suit families with children or for spending time together.

  • A visit to Hotel Jen Orchardgateway will cost 138400 rubles (including fuel surcharge).

Ordering a room with breakfast, you will have to pay 163000 rubles. The distance to the central part of town is 8.4 kilometers. The hotel has an exchange office, a restaurant with a banquet hall and a bar, an outdoor pool. It accepts luggage and organizes car parking. It is possible to send a fax or hold a business conference. Check-in and check-out 24 hours a day, which is very convenient, no need to sit in the lobby with tired children after a flight and wait for check-in time. Breakfast is delivered to the room at your request, there are proposals with a dietary menu. Rooms are prepared for disabled guests as well as non-smokers.

  • A visit to Hotel 81 Sakura allows you to enjoy comfortable rooms for 75900 rubles .

The hotel is classified as two-star; it is 6 km to the city center and 14 km to the international airport. The set of services includes luggage storage, sending faxes, parking, air conditioning, Internet via radio, laundry assistance.

  • Another option is Fragrance Hotel.

For 7 days the guests pay 93000 rubles each. The 3-star hotel is also ready to provide breakfasts. But then the fee rises to 100000. The hotel has a restaurant, luggage storage. Prepared an outdoor pool. Rooms are equipped with Internet access with good speed.

  • Prices for tours to Singapore from Moscow can be easily “corrected” with discounts! For this purpose, our project offers promo codes: UAF500travel-picture gives a discount of 500 rubles, for tours of 40 000 rubles. UAF1000travel-picture gives 1000 rub, for tours over 70 000 rub. Promocodes only work on the links in this material. How to use?

Flights to Singapore from Moscow

  • Every trip starts with a search for the cheap air tickets, here are a few nuances which will help you to choose the flights with significant discounts, about this on a separate page.

To find out the cost of round-trip tickets to Singapore, we recommend the Aviasales website. No airline organizes direct flights to this Asian country. The prices for tickets Moscow-Singapore with a connection start at 22,000 rubles, and if the plane sits twice on the way, the fee can be reduced to 19,400 rubles. But you have to study everything carefully, analyze the convenience of the proposals – as well as the prices of hotels in Singapore with a pool – to exclude unexpected unpleasant “surprises”.

The flight by Etihad Airways, departing from Domodedovo, will last 16 hours and 35 minutes. The rate of payment starts from 22050 rubles . The same airline also offers an option with two connections. Travel time increases to 19 hours and 15 minutes. One of the landings is made in Belgrade, and then the passengers are actually carried by a Serbian plane. The fee will be at least 19,400 rubles.

You can save time by flying with Thai Airways. It takes 15 hours and 40 minutes to get from Domodedovo to Bangkok. The transfer takes place in Bangkok. The fee for the ticket rises to 25800 rubles .

The combination of S7 Airlines and Scoot reduces costs to 21200 rubles. The journey time goes up to 18 hours and 55 minutes. Change flights in Istanbul or Bangkok.

Prices in Singapore for Accommodation

Considering the prices of holidays in Singapore in 2022, this point also cannot be ignored when planning a trip in different seasons. Start taking note of hotels or apartments as early as 2-3 months in advance during the holidays or summer vacations. From most places to stay, we recommend looking at a selection of bargain hotels and apartments below.

    is classified as a 4 star hotel.

The hotel is a member of the privileged Booking program. Its location on this site is rated at 9.2. The hotel occupies a 27-story building in one of the lively areas of the island capital. Guests enjoy the outdoor pool, restaurant, terrace, and bar. Customers use the parking spaces at no extra charge. It takes 3 minutes to walk to the metro station.

The way to the airport takes 12 kilometers. All rooms are equipped with a cable flat-screen TV. Guest areas are not available everywhere. But any guest of this hotel may use a private bathroom. Check-in is available 24 hours a day, which is very convenient. At the same counter will offer to change foreign currency, but not very profitable, we change money either at the airport or in a bank. They provide Asian breakfasts with good coffee. The fee for the week will be 128200 rubles . On top of this amount still 23000 will go to taxes and fees.

    – Not a bad alternative.

Five-star hotel is also located properly – score of 9.3 on the scale of tourist reviews. Very close to the airport terminals. Guests are accommodated in stylishly decorated rooms. A fitness center and a couple of restaurants are available. You can enjoy a tropical shower in the private bathtub. The drive to downtown takes 30 minutes. Clean clothes from laundry and dry cleaning are returned the same day. Some rooms are provided along with an executive club lounge. The cost for a double room “Premier” is 91000, another 16000 will make up taxes and fees.

  • Of the variety of apartments for rent in Singapore, we suggest you consider Pan Pacific Serviced Suites Beach Road.

The apartments have complimentary wi-fi and a well-equipped kitchen, an outdoor pool, and a fitness center. The guests can be assisted around the clock by a personalized staff. Grocery deliveries are arranged as needed. Laundry and ironing services are available, and the front desk stores luggage. Together with taxes it is necessary to pay 108000 for a week of rest.

Prices for excursions with a Russian guide

What is a must-see in Singapore? There is no need to carefully collect information and assess its reliability. We recommend to focus on those attractions that attract the attention of the organizers of the tours and services that offer a really exciting program.

Prices for tours in Singapore with a Russian-speaking guide may be different; for example, to get acquainted with the modern city center pay 125 euros. If you add a visit to the colorful Chinatown, the fee rises to 150 euros.

  • What’s the first thing to see and where to go?

Dining & Catering Prices in Singapore

The cost of a single meal starts (as of February 2022) from 240 rubles. Prices in Singapore for a meal at some posh establishments even start at 760 rubles. A dinner with alcohol for two people costs on average 2,800 rubles. You can save money by visiting fast food establishments (international chains). A burger set with soda, fries sells for 320 – 340 rubles. Coffee, depending on the variety, establishment and time of purchase, costs 180 – 300 rubles. For a portion of boiled chicken and rice, or heavily cooked rice porridge with vegetables/fish on the street pay 3 – 9 local dollars.

  • 1 Singapore dollar ∼ 49 rubles;

Next, let’s switch to local currency, it’s more convenient. For 7 dollars Singapore will sell crab in chili sauce, or daikon stew, or fried egg and rice noodle mix. Radical savings are possible when you go to a hocker center (that’s the local name for food courts). These places serve a lot of rice and noodle dishes lavishly flavored with sauces. But the fee ranges from $4 to $10 local.

The Starbucks chain has a lot of customers, but the prices are high, even for coffee. Replacing the international chain is a domestic Singaporean coffee shop from Toast Box. Of the chain restaurants, The Soup Spoon is notable – it charges from $6 for a portion of soup, and with a salad and a drink from $10. Tax is added to the prices on the price tags and you will have to calculate the tax yourself. It will be more economical to prefer Chinese cuisine and not sit down at the table in places saturated with international tourists.

Meals at establishments

Food Prices

Public catering can’t cover 100% of the needs of independent tourists. Therefore, it’s important to know the prices in Singapore for products in stores. Cheese on the island is extremely expensive. Prices for alcoholic beverages are high and purposefully sold at a higher price to reduce consumption. A can of beer at the waterfront bar is sold for 10 or 14 Singadollars. Regular beer (bottled) is sold in stores for $16 and wines from $20.

Prices in Singapore

Home World Asia Singapore Prices in Singapore

What’s and how much does it cost in Singapore (Singapore)?

All prices in RUR are correct at the time of viewing (converted from local currency using Central Bank exchange rate as of 9/11/2022).

Three Star Hotels for 2022-2023

Pink line – average price for a room in a three star hotel in Singapore for the indicated month.

Turquoise Line – the lowest found price for a room in Singapore for the whole specified month.

Hotel prices are for guidance – prices may change depending on the day of the week and the specific hotel. And we are working on improving the calculation methodology :-) Please check targets for your specific dates at a specific hotel.

Hotel Prices

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Singapore’s general prices.
Regular lunch for one: 445 rubles $7.57
Dinner for two with wine: 2,465 rubles $41.86
Bigmack + fries + cola: 312 rubles.
Local beer 0.5l: 356 rubles.
Cup of cappuccino: 200 rubles.
Cola 0.33l: 70 rubles.
Mineral water 0.33l: 48 rubles.
Pack of Marlboro: 572 rubles.
Fitness pass: 6,045 rubles.
Cinema ticket: 535 rubles.
Levis jeans: 4,786 rubles.
Dress at Zara / H&M: 2,744 rubles.
Nike sneakers: 5,941 rubles.
Average salary 185,325 rubles: $3146.97
1 room in the center in the month. 143,817 rubles.
3 rooms. on the outskirts in the month. 157,563 rub.
Single trip (public transport) 80 rubles $1.36
Monthly transportation pass. 4,459 rubles
Petrol, 1 liter 94 rubles $1.6
New Kia Ceed 6,171,722 rubles
Reviews from social networks

” Garden from Avtar. Well, put the post in the bookmark and let’s go standard: – Time to spend on it is worth 4 hours. Photo will be a lot – Go to the junction of day and night. Googling sunset in Singapore to catch both the day and the evening – It is a must to climb SKYbridge! – Climbing the monuments is forbidden! – Admission to the garden itself is free, climbing the skybridge is about 16 Singdollars. Multiply by 45 – The light show at 8pm. Its cool to watch exactly from the hanging bridge in the garden there are two greenhouses: a dry climate and a wet climate. Well in “heads and tails” about them in detail told. And there is an exit to this garden directly from Marina Bay, which is another plus in choosing this hotel. It is noteworthy that this garden is not grown, but planted. That is, if the tree is from Egypt, then heck it was brought from Egypt, there uprooted, transported and there planted. Everything would be fine, except that some of these trees are under thirty meters. Take a walk through the park, it’s worth it. More on the hashtag and I’m waiting for your likes. “

” Usefulness post. So, wherever you’re going – for cheap airfare, go HERE. You won’t find cheaper tickets. It’s a search through a bunch of agencies and airlines, and you pick the best of the offers. Convenient.

Already bought a ticket? Well, then run run to download application, which will allow you anywhere in the world to quickly and easily navigate the area.

” Transportation in Singapore . How I love big cities that have a very developed subway system! You can take the subway to any part of the city. And even “from” and “to” the airport. Singapore reminded me a lot of Guangzhou in that respect. Even the subways are very similar. There are signs everywhere – it’s impossible to get lost. After reading on the Internet information about getting around the city, I bought us tourist cards, which were valid for all urban transport – overground and underground. Like everything in Singapore, the fare is not cheap. However, the card costs 30 Singapore dollars for 3 days, although of them $10 – a deposit which is refunded when you return the card. The total for each of us was $ 20 (Arina, unfortunately, is already considered an adult and do not do any discounts) – which is 800 rubles per person. Cab, for example, one way around the city is also about $ 20. . The cheapest food we found was at the food court in the mall. Two slices of pizza, which cost $10 – that’s 400 rubles . Considering that 2 days were not enough for us to qualitatively see everything and visit everywhere, you need to go to Singapore for at least 4-5 days. But, it is very expensive))) . “

” More about Singapupur and photos from the river walk. ⛵ . One option for a very quick tour of all the city’s attractions in Singapore is a boat ride on the river. In 40 minutes, they take you through the main places that are must-have to see in this city. The cost is 25 Singapore dollars for an adult and 15 dollars for a child under 12 years old (here we were lucky)) . We were very lucky – there were no other tourists on the boat except Ari and I, and we took pictures of everything from different corners of the boat)) plus, we got a sociable guide who took pictures of us everywhere. “

“In the law every 5 years you have to paint houses (since last year I think they changed it from 5 to 7 years). Comes a team of brave young climbers-painters and a couple of months painting houses: first the entrance from top to bottom washed with a scrubber, then applied Petit-bacterial coating and then the paint in two layers. It is expensive – to paint 12 entrances is about 800 thousand Singobaks. But after painting condos – like new. It seems like a trifle – but nice “

” a portion of the burning trail tips in Singapore! ❤️ Save it, it will definitely come in handy! . Going to the city of the future, pay attention to these points: . Finance: . ✅ Don’t look for the Singapore dollar in Russia – it’s rare, and the exchange rate is not the most favorable! ✅ Withdraw money from ATMs in Singapore, the rate is good. You should only pay attention to the fact that some ATMs take a minimum fee of $30, while there may be an ATM next to it where the fee is 0. ✅ Always have cash in your pocket, oddly enough, but in the city of the future not everywhere pay by VISA and MasterCard (mostly pay only by local e-cards, yes, there is a banking world). ✅ At the airport, you have to withdraw cash on arrival. Paradox: you can only buy a metro ticket with cash. ♀️ . Transportation: . If you plan to ride the metro – better to buy a card (like the Moscow troika). It makes travel cheaper, and you don’t have to stand in line for metro tickets, and the queues there are eghey The card costs 12 Singapore dollars, of which 7 are credited to your account. Taxis are reasonably priced. Use UBER. And in popular public places, there are special counters where cars come up and you can go anywhere in the city for little money too! . ♂️Entertainment: Be sure to visit Sentosa Island. Sentosa. For bathing the place is not super, but the Universal Studios and Crane Show (8pm start every day) is fantastic! You should definitely go to Singapore for the views, because there are enough places with wonderful view The Marina Bay pool attracts everyone who comes to the city-country ✨ Adrenaline, skyscraper tops and unforgettable emotions is what you will definitely take away from this trip. . Have you ever had coffee with a view? After your water treatment, take a look at the viewpoint by the pool and enjoy your favorite drink with the sound of dreams come true . Another musthave of this trip is the Museum of Modern Science! The one in the shape of a lotus! Located in the heart of the city! If you thought you’ve seen everything, the museum will definitely surprise you with its innovations and modern technology! . Definitely check out the Arabic Quarter and take a stroll down Designer Street! Continued “

” . continuing the theme of traveling to Singapore . Travel and transportation Personally, we love walking and I wish you the same: cheap, healthy, energizing, aerobic exercise⛹️♀️. However . The metro fare is more expensive than in Moscow and costs on average $2 . Singapore has very comfortable double-decker buses for the price of a metro fare . I highly recommend it, because as a bonus you get a city tour . And of course taxis . Many people say it’s very cheap here . I will say – it depends on what to compare ♀️. For us yes, it’s convenient and not expensive (15-20 dollars for a trip of 15 minutes), BUT for example in my hometown in Russia a cab is fix-price and costs 100 rubles . So everyone decides for himself . Overall, definitely don’t put a cliché on Singapore as a city you can’t afford . Look for the life hacks, plan ahead, and you’ll be amazed at the beauty and awesomeness of this city-state-island! If you consider yourself a seasoned traveler, Singapore is a must on your list! ♀️ . “

” Gardens by the Bay, a tropical park in Singapore, is striking with its futuristic landscapes. 18 giant “trees” from 25 to 50 meters high turn into a glowing forest after dark, as if hidden on the shore of the bay The park is open from 5 am to 2 am daily. Admission to the grounds is free. Greenhouse hours are 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily; single ticket is $28 for adults and $15 for children ages 3 to 12. Tickets to the OCBC Skyway and Cruiser Garden will cost $5 for adults and $3 for children. An audio guide is $4. Park ticket booths close at 8 p.m. The best time to visit Gardens by the Bay is late afternoon, when you can see the greenhouses and enjoy nighttime views of the tropical park shimmering with colorful lights✨ “

” What else can surprise Singapore ? – Airport ✈️ Full automation from the moment you enter the terminal building. You can print your boarding pass and check in through a special machine by scanning your passport. yourself – you just need to scan your passport and your finger. At these stages you do everything yourself and do not contact anyone – everything is very fast and without unnecessary questions. – ⭐️ It took me 2,5 hours to get the tastiest noodles in the world, so I had to wait in line and then I had to wait for about 30 more minutes. – Prices Yes, everything is expensive. But here you understand what you’re paying for – Innovation, Service, Cleanliness in the city and Safety. Examples: Universal Park entrance 3.500 rubles + Oceanarium 2.200 rubles. Night in a capsule hotel 1.900 rubles. Dinner with a glass of beer and pasta 2.000 rubles. The average price of a ride in the subway is 90 rubles. Useful ? Save “

” The Gardens by the Bay . The avatar tree gardens and greenhouses behind Marina Bay. Two huge greenhouses with plants from all over the world (no birch though ) And the offingeno-impressive Cloud Forest with an artificial waterfall Botany lovers are definitely here But for variety, communication development you can visit, but no more. Price 38 Singapore , for one. And be sure to see the avatar tree light show in the evening, it’s cosmos So you can also walk on the suspension bridge, between the trees for $8 . There are all kinds of places! You have to see everything . ✌ “

” Singapore a city of the future in the present ✅ A city where they actually wear Gucci and not just sell it. City where breakfast in a mid-range café can cost $16$ The number of expensive cars on the roads, has broken all records And an apple costs $6 (yes, it gives me no peace) “

” GM! ☀️ U N I V E R S O L Studio Singapore ✌ . Let me start by saying that Singapore is an expensive city Even before you leave the airport, you will spend a decent amount of money . . Getting to Universal Studios, there are three ways to get in: ⬇️⬇️⬇️ 1️⃣ cable car ( package fare + ticket $103 ( but I would not recommend, I will write below why) ride back and forth 33 $ 2️⃣ monorail (15 $) 3️⃣ walk across the bridge (free, 20 minutes on the bridge, in 32 degree heat ☀️ ) . . Admission to the amusement park is $76 and plus, what I highly recommend, is to buy express passes for $70. You won’t be standing in lines for the rides And the lines there are decent, you can stand for 1 hour on some. That’s why we didn’t buy the ropeway, we would have had to add more express passes. But if you’re not ready to buy them, the ropeway is quite a bargain . The most for us: the Egyptian (where you go into the crypt), the transformers, and the gray roller coaster The rest are all kid-friendly. With kids there of course is paradise, so much stuff . P.S. I give the price in Singapore . ✌ “

” Our trip to Singapore is coming to an end. Three very eventful days, idiot’s dream come true – rode the roller coaster ) saw the zoo and the oceanarium and to finish off the viewpoint of the giant Marina Bay . Of course all these activities are not cheap, but worth it. Very pleased with the local food courts (Havker) for 3-5 dollars (local), you can eat out, it turns out Havker is a local cult, and there are food courts with Michelin stars. In general, we will definitely come back) “

” What a beautiful place we were today I recommend to visit for sure. This is the Futuristic Gardens by the Bay in Singapore located next to the famous hotel in the park are two huge greenhouses – flower house and cloud forest cost $28 to visit the greenhouses! In the photo we are in the flower house where all the collections of plants and flowers from all over the world it is very beautiful. Divided into separate areas and you walk and an Australian garden or a South American garden opens up in front of you. unusually intricate and painstaking work has been done to show us the creations of nature from all over the world! “

” UNIVERSAL . -UNIVERSAL” -10/10- that’s my assessment of the park.Amazing number of attractions for the smallest and the largest, the seven themed areas from Transformers to Far Far Away, from New York to Egypt, honestly, it’s amazing . -But the PRICES, of course, are insane. Normal entrance to the park is $50, which includes:all the rides and queues for 10 kilometers. At first we took this ticket, but after the very first attraction we were standing for 20 minutes, we took an express tickets. The express ticket costs $50 + basic ticket which let you go on any ride without waiting in line. -If you take the regular ticket, you won’t regret it. This park has millions of locations for photos, food courts, and restaurants for every budget and also,there’s an insanely convenient thing! In front of each ride is a stand that says the time you stand in line . -I advise everyone to go, you will get a storm of emotions . Travel, friends❤️ “

” I had already given up hope of getting in after learning that the pool is for hotel guests only. minimum room rate is $760. but. the main thing is to believe. “

” These are Singapore dollars. Due to the threat of flooding, they are watertight. To the touch – something between paper and polyethylene. “

“And also in Singapore, cars are very expensive. But buying a car is not enough, you still need to buy a license, which costs from 60 thousand dollars) But very well developed network of public transport and cabs! “

“Will you be in the Emerald City, do not repeat my mistake, do not buy a ticket for $ 33 for a bus tour of the city of hop on hop off Singapore is a small relative city and all the attractions were almost within walking distance. And the subway covers the whole city and is cheap ( But you can get a great meal at Chinatown for only $2.50 )) “

“As a continuation of the dream about the future of the island of entertainment to save money in Singapore is difficult but possible ) turns out that the island can be reached by walking across the bridge and then the entrance fee will only cost $ 1. Locals, by the way this way and go. No one clawing at the buses and boats. Well then on the island I personally chose free beaches and seal rest :-)) although there is something to see and do “

“They say there is an attraction where you get inside the movie Transformers! Incredible 3D effects. but admission costs $75. (( So some other time. “

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