Rent a car in the Dominican Republic – 2022. My review. Where is inexpensive?


Renting a car in the Dominican Republic immediately solves a huge number of issues. It adds such mobility to your trip that is not even close to be achieved by public transport. In this article you will learn everything you need to know. I will tell you about all the subtleties, difficulties you may encounter and dispel all doubts.

When you read this article to the end you should not have any questions regarding car rentals in the Dominican Republic. Well, at least I hope so :).

Table of contents:

  • Renting a car in the Dominican Republic: general points and rules of rental companies
  • Where to rent a car in Dominican Republic, Punta Cana, Santo Domingo and other cities: possible options
  • Prices for car rental and gasoline costs. Everything you need to know about the country’s gas stations.
  • All you need to know about deductibles, comprehensive coverage, super insurance and deposit
  • You can read about traffic rules in the Dominican Republic, toll roads, parking and driving culture in a separate long article. There will also be tips on what to be most afraid of while driving in the Dominican Republic.

Resources to help the traveler

  • The most adequate car rental – DiscoveryCar
  • Tours to the Dominican Republic, cheaper only to steal – Level Travel
  • Villas, apartments, hotels – Hotellook
  • Excursions with Russian guides – Tripster
  • Transfer from the airport to the hotel – Intui

rent a car in dominica

Our Kia Rio rented in Santo Domingo for $38 a day. You can’t get to these beaches by bus.

Renting a car in the Dominican Republic: general points and rules of rental companies

Below is a list of facts that apply to the whole country and all rental companies in the Dominican Republic. It is convenient because everything is uniform and unified.

  • The roads in the country are of good quality. Especially the toll highways. There are some subtleties, but about that in the article about the traffic rules and roads. The link will be below.
  • There are relatively a lot of police on the roads, but they do not stop for nothing. And when they stop tourists in rental cars, their attitude is excellent. There is no hint of corruption and extortion of a couple of dollars, as in the same Tanzania. And where better to vacation: in Tanzania on Zanzibar or in the Dominican Republic, read the link.
  • The closer you get to the Republic of Haiti, the more checkpoints and inspections. This is for safety and to prevent illegal migration.
  • The vast majority of the rental car fleet in the Dominican Republic is gasoline-powered automatic cars. I do not even know if you can find a manual here. Probably you can, but you will have to try hard.

The rules of rental companies

  • You get every car with a full tank, with a full and return it.
  • There are no limits on mileage, no daily or any other.
  • Payment for the rental car is almost always in U.S. dollars and a deposit in the same currency. If you wish you may pay in pesos, but all documents will be in USD.
  • One package of documents: passport, driving license (ours may be plastic card), card for deposit.

Important to know:

Two classes of cars are popular in the country: economy cars like the Kia Rio, as well as huge sheds like the Ford Explorer or Chevrolet Tahoe with a 6.2L engine :). It happens that you are offered such a car at the price of economy, because there is no economy and you are upgraded for free. Do not agree, it is a sly trick. In such a car the gas consumption, even without pressing the gas pedal is 25 liters. And you’ll read more about gasoline prices.

Dominican Republic, by the way, is the first country after the U.S., where there are quite a lot of fans of huge cars and pickup trucks. Most of the country sincerely believe that a 2-liter can be only a pack of juice :).

Another of the important points can be said about the volume of traffic. In all cities in the country and even in small villages, the intensity of traffic is high. Santo Domingo is almost always stuck in traffic jams, not like Moscow of course, but still. But if you go beyond the city limits, the traffic is very low. It is comfortable to drive.

all about renting a car in dominica

I took really nice pics, too. I promise this is the last from this beach. Rent a car in the Dominican Republic is not difficult if you know all the subtleties.

Where to rent a car in the Dominican Republic?

There are 3 real options. I will try to describe the pros and cons of each. Since we have been living here for a long time, we don’t have our own car, so we rented it for different periods more than 5 or 10 times. And there are some subtleties.

  • You can book in advance at the site of the aggregator or the rental company. This point we are talking about international, large, worldwide renters with a good reputation.
  • On site on the day of rental at the office of the rental company. The same applies to the major international car rental players.
  • Also on the spot at small local rental companies.


Never, under any condition, even what is cheap, do not go to the company Dollar in the Dominican Republic, even through aggregators. You’ll ruin your mood, all your plans, and you may get poorer by some money. We have rented a car from them three times and all three times there were problems. All three times we went to them, as very cheap. The biggest problem is when you booked a car in advance, made a part of the payment, they confirmed, came to the office and the car is not there. And the manager sits, blinking, no car, sorry. Swearing here is useless – the car will not appear. Their rating on all websites speaks for itself.

kia rio for rent in dominica

Of the last car we rented, we liked the Kio Rio at the Alamo (rental company). A car with a good package, low consumption. And overall it was comfortable.

How much is a vacation in the Dominican Republic. Tour prices 2022.

In advance on the international aggregators website

This option has many pluses, but there are also minuses. About that below.

  • Safety for the traveler. In the event of any screw-up by the rental company, the aggregator protects your rental and your money until the end of the rental period. Well, and the big aggregators have a tough screening process from rental companies.

Good to know:

Who doesn’t know, an aggregator is an intermediary that searches, reconciles prices, and offers rental services through many rental companies at once. In order for a rental company to work with an aggregator, it must meet a number of requirements. That greatly increases the quality of services provided.

  • It is ideal if the travel route is planned well in advance, and you know where you will be in a week, two weeks, and so on.
  • If you book a few months in advance, there are often discounts. And the rental price is very nice as far as this applies to the Dominican Republic.
  • High loyalty to customers and transparency of all activities, including the return of the car. No one will pick on you for a half visible scratch on a fender.
  • Many offices throughout the country. Possibility to take in one city and return in another.
  • Perfect 24/7 roadside assistance if needed.
  • Recently began to accept a deposit in cash, cash and return immediately after surrendering the car. So having a card is no longer critical.
  • The biggest disadvantage is that you book a class of car, not a specific car. Even if you choose a KIA Rio, for example, on the website. They might give you a VW Polo on the spot. We once booked a hatchback, it was important for us, and we were given a sedan. And it is a standard situation.
    • But if you chose an automatic gasoline car, you should know that you will be given an automatic gasoline. Here everything is clear. The car will be of the same class and the same level of equipment.

    About the free upgrade I wrote above. This happens in the Dominican Republic, so keep your eyes open.

    rental companies in dominica

    This is how the car rental area at the airport looks like. All the carriers are large international companies. Only Dollar I don’t like. All the others are ok.

    On the spot on the day of rental at the office of any major well-known rental company

    This option is ideal for those who don’t have a long term plan. Decided to go to the insanely beautiful beaches of the Samaná Peninsula today, or need a car that would drive to Duarte Peak – then this option is for you. Pros are the same as above. But there is a serious minus, even two:

    • In high season, you may run into the fact that there are no available cars. This applies to remote rental stations or in small towns. As a rule, there are always cars at the airport.
    • There may not be an economy car. And you will be offered something like Chevrolet Tahoe, which are popular here. But if in the advance booking, the upgrade will be free, in this case you’ll have to pay for it.

    Below are links to two of the world’s leading car rentals. I recommend searching both of them, and booking wherever is cheaper or you like it better. Both resources are reliable and protect you and your reservation. In case of any problems, a 24/7 call center will help resolve them:

      – The most popular aggregator for car rentals in the Dominican Republic. Highly rated by customers. – Their main competitor in the Dominican Republic. More often it is cheaper, but not always.

    At local rental companies.

    This option is suitable for those who also do not have a plan and do not have a deposit card. And decided to rent a car today. These guys have their pros and cons. Let us start with the pros:

    • They bring the car right to the hotel.
    • Minimal bureaucratic procedures and delays.
    • Often you don’t even need a card to block the deposit. You just leave a $400 deposit in cash, return the car in one piece, you get the entire deposit back.
    • You can haggle, but the price is still unlikely to be lower than the international big companies.
    • You are booking a specific car, not a class.
    • These are very small local companies, literally with 1 or 2 offices.
    • You cannot rent a car elsewhere.
    • Non-transparent pricing.
    • As a rule, you have a dialogue with the owner. And he has to earn money. So here the loyalty is lower. They can pick on some scratch or chip. Be very careful when receiving the car.
    • In case something happens on the road, there is no place or a very long time to wait for help.

    This option is convenient for those who do not have a pledge card, but have cash. As well as those who do not plan to go far from their place of residence.

    Important to know:

    No matter which option you choose. Always buy full insurance or full deductible on the car. Why, will be below.

    The largest selection of rental companies and cars in the Dominican Republic for tourists is:

    • Airport in Punta Cana.
    • The capital city of Santo Domingo
    • Las Americas Airport
    • Puerto Plata

    Rent a car in the Dominican Republic: price and cost of gasoline

    The point is not big but important. You can follow links above to open sites and look at car rental options.

    Useful information:

    The average cost of an economy car in the Dominican Republic, with all the necessary insurance and deductibles is about $35-40 per day.

    If you rent a car without full insurance, the price will be almost half as much, about $25 per day. But you still need to look for such a car rental company. So even if the search results showed you the option without insurance, my personal opinion is that there is nowhere in the Dominican Republic without super coverage.

    The standard price for a turnkey car rental for 10 days is $400, give or take. But, don’t forget to add toll roads and gasoline. By the way, if you book early, there are excellent discounts. We once rented a car for 10 days for $210 with all the deductibles. Which for the Dominican Republic is a great price.

    About gasoline and gas stations in the Dominican Republic

    At gas stations in the country you can find 4 types of fuel:

    • Gasolin Normal or Gasolin Regular – a counterpart of our 95th gasoline.
    • Gasolin Premium is the equivalent of our gasoline of the 98th year.
    • Diesel Normal or Regular
    • Diesel Premium – I don’t know what is different, except the price. There is no winter here, and the temperature during the year doesn’t drop below 15 degrees below zero even at night.

    All the rental cars are gasoline except for a small percentage of diesel cars.

    I always fill up with Gasolin Normal.

    Important to know:

    All fuel prices in the country are the same at any gas station. The quality is also the same. No one dilutes the fuel. You can fill up at any gas station.

    Personally I like Texaco gas station chain. One of the largest networks in the country. It’s everywhere. I don’t know why I like it, it’s just that the first time I filled up at Texaco, and that’s how I drive now.

    One more important point:

    All gas stations in the country have a security guard with a gun is one. And two, you can not even get out of the car, as it is forbidden to fill up yourself in the Dominican Republic. There is a gas station attendant at each station. You drive up, open the window, say what gasoline and how much. You pay at the same time. Somewhere I accept cards, somewhere I don’t. But as a rule, they usually do.

    The price of gasoline in the Dominican Republic.

    For prices for all categories of goods, food, tours, accommodations, attractions, read a long article: Prices in the Dominican Republic.

    Below are pictures of prices from gas stations. What’s important to know from this: at all gas stations in the country, the price of gasoline is in pesos per gallon. A Dominican gallon = an American gallon = 3.79 liters.

    • Gasolin Regular is 270 pesos/gallon or 70 pesos/liter or $1.25/liter. Gasoline in the Dominican Republic is not cheap, despite the proximity of oil fields.
    • Gasolin Premium – 290 pesos/gallon or 75 pesos/liter or $1.35/liter.
    • Diesel Normal – 200 pesos/gallon or 53 pesos/liter or $0.9/liter
    • Diesel Premium – 220 pesos/gallon or 58 pesos/liter or $0.99/liter

    Rent a car in the Dominican Republic: the deductible and the deposit

    This topic is complicated, especially if you’ve never dealt with it before. I will not go into the thick of it, but I will try to break it down in your head. Because, the subject of franchise and deposit in general, the same throughout the world and this information will be useful.

    I will summarize the information:

    • All rental cars always come with basic insurance. It works in the following cases:
      • Theft
      • Car accident damage, as long as you are not at fault.
      • Natural disasters: A hurricane or a tree falling on your car.
      • In these cases, basic insurance, which always goes with the price of the car, will work.

      All rental companies, all aggregators without exception will offer you to buy a full deductible. It can also be called:

      • Super insurance
      • Full coverage
      • Super cover
      • Full coverage
      • Know that it’s all the same thing, just a different translation.

      In the Dominican Republic, full protection costs an average of $10-$15 a day for an economy car. When I wrote above about the average rental price of $40, it was already taking into account the purchase of a full deductible.

      How does full insurance differ from standard insurance. I’ll list below the items it covers:

      • Getting a flat tire or smashing a windshield
      • Lost your keys
      • Get any dirt on the interior.
      • been in an accident with you at fault.
      • Bodywork damage: You scratched a fender in a parking lot, or you backed up and hit a flowerbed.

      If you don’t have full insurance, you’ll have to pay the full cost of the damage in these cases.


      In general, it looks like this. If you rented a car with full insurance, your job is only to return it on time and then the deposit will be returned to you in full. If you do not have full coverage, in case of a broken window or a punctured wheel you will still pay for the damage.

      full insurance car rental

      Pay attention to the price here. 9346p without full coverage, 13304p with full coverage. It’s up to you. I hope I explained the difference.


      And here’s another huge plus in favor of buying full insurance.

      A security deposit, which will be blocked on your card or paid in cash. For an economy class car in the Dominican Republic is on average from 600 to 1000 USD. Sometimes even 1200 and 1400 dollars. This is a lot, and not everyone has that kind of money. If you have returned car and there is no question about it, then the deposit will be returned to your card in full within 10 days. The term depends a lot on your bank.

      The rental company is also understandable, they give the car to strangers, which costs money. And they want to protect themselves as much as possible.

      If you have bought full insurance, then you do not need to worry about the deposit. It will be just a guarantee for the rental company that you will not leave the car in the field, and that you will get it back. And any damage you have is included in the insurance.

      So, it is up to you to decide whether you need full insurance or not. But I always take it, and do not even consider it as an additional expense, just immediately include it in the price and plan these costs.

      Rent a car in Dominican Republic: about traffic rules, toll roads, driving culture

      This is a big topic for another article. For detailed information please follow this link: Traffic Rules and Roads in the Dominican Republic.

      I can be very brief in two paragraphs:

      • No matter what they say about the driving in the Dominican Republic, the drivers here are not worse than in Moscow, and in terms of culture – much better.
      • The rules of the traffic rules are intuitively understandable to us, with some exceptions.
      • The roads are good, with some exceptions.
      • Traffic is right-handed, as in our country.

      On the Internet, a lot of horror stories about the roads and drivers. In fact, it’s not so bad. Read the article, it’s all described in detail.

      In conclusion: today renting a car in the Dominican Republic is easy, but not the cheapest way to travel. Because of the poorly developed public transport, as well as a lot of cool sights, where you can not get by bus. Rent a car is almost the only sensible option. It saves a lot of time, and is often more expensive than money.

      Enjoy your car rental and have no stressful situations!

      If you find a mistake – write in the comments.

      IMPORTANT: Below are links without which you can’t organize your dream trip to the Dominican Republic.

      How to Rent a Car in the Dominican Republic

      My experience of renting and traveling by car. Where to find a reliable and inexpensive rental and what you need to know about the PDD.


      Do I need a car?

      Not every tourist in the Dominican Republic needs a car, but many will find it useful. For example, in these cases:

      • To go to chic wild beaches, where the real Caribbean, not “Gelendzhik.
      • For interesting and unconventional travels around the country.
      • For serious shopping.
      • Not to think about cabs, shuttles and buses.
      • As a two or three times more favorable alternative to expensive excursions.

      I rented a car to visit the Samaná Peninsula, to visit both the south of the country (Caribbean Sea) and the north (Atlantic Ocean), and just because I love road trips and complete freedom of movement.

      Without a car you are likely to get a vacation at the Caribbean branch of our Black Sea resorts. (Beach in Bavaro. Photo: Miguel Discart / / License CC BY-SA 2.0). But having a car will give you access to paradise beaches like this. (Pictured: Colorado’s chic wild Colorado beach on Saman).

      Where to rent a car inexpensively

      There are two ways to rent a car : run-and-seek locally or book in advance online. The first way is either the most oblivious, or the laziest go. For the laziness and forgetfulness will eventually have to pay with lost vacation time and extra money. The biggest markup on the rental car, by the way, is always in hotels. And the more expensive the hotel is, the more green bucks they take from lazy and forgetful tourists. But you and I will choose a different way.

      I rent cars in almost every country I visit, and most often I book them through my favorite service But, alas, it is not working in the Americas yet, so to rent a car in the Dominican Republic I used another service I have known for a long time, which I also often use – By the way, it is owned by the giant Booking Holdings Inc. In a country like the Dominican Republic reliability is an important thing. is an aggregator that works with all major car rental brands: Alamo, Sixt, Avis, Budget, and so on. It compares their offers, prices, and conditions in just a minute. Well, all you have to do is to choose a car to your liking while drinking a cup of coffee. Without such aggregators it would be hard to live – you would have to open a dozen of sites of rental firms and compare everything by yourself. Thank the IT-gods of our century we don’t have to do this.

      You can also check the prices on, which is a similar aggregator. So similar that you can hardly tell them apart. The prices usually coincide because both services work with the same rental companies using the same scheme, but it’s good to double-check. Besides, maybe it will seem more convenient to you.

      rent a car in dominica

      Get a pre-booked car at La Romana airport. To get it you need a voucher, passport, driver’s license and a credit card.

      The cost of renting a car in the Dominican Republic in 2022 starts at $40 a day. For this money you can get a Chevrolet Spark, Kia Picanto, Kia Rio and other similar cars of the “mini” or “compact” class. Suzuki Vitara, Kia Sportage or similar crossover can be rented for $70-90 per day. These are the prices in Punta Cana and Puerto Plata. Cars larger cars like Ford Explorer or Nissan Frontier are in the neighborhood of $ 200 a day.

      Almost all rental cars in this country come with automatic transmission.

      In my experience, prices for rental cars in the Dominican Republic are among the highest in the world. At least I haven’t paid more anywhere else, even a BMW X5 in Georgia cost me a lot less than a Kia Rio in the Dominican Republic. Such are the prices in the Caribbean! Car rentals are even more expensive in Cuba, though.

      Check the current prices for your dates by filling out the search form:

      Can you get a cheaper one?

      I do not like to overpay where it is not necessary, so I was too lazy to spend a couple of hours to study the topic of renting specifically in the Dominican Republic. In the end I came to the conclusion that it is more profitable than the above-mentioned services to find a car. Or, more precisely, almost impossible to find.

      Actually, it was possible to get a car a little bit cheaper, if you scoured all the forums in search of some small and, most importantly, reliable company, owned by some local uncle Vanya Juan. But even then, not always, but only if you’re very lucky. Some tourists do so, but for the sake of purely hypothetical savings of a few dollars, I did not indulge in such a fascinating pastime. If you enjoy such searches and excitement appears, then I wish you good luck, but I will pass.

      In fairness I should note that in this case you can save a lot of money if you rent expensive cars for a long time. For example, I saw a review of a tourist who rented a Hummer H3 for a month for less than $ 1000. The car, of course, was very tired, but still the price is excellent. But most vacationers do not need such terms or such cars.

      Interesting about the Dominican Republic:

      Do you need an SUV?

      There are good roads in the Dominican Republic, so four-wheel drive and high ground clearance are not necessary for the vast majority of tourists. I’ve seen reviews that some tourists (also girls) have no problem getting to the remote province of Pedernales, where the most beautiful, in the opinion of many, snow-white beach of the Dominican Republic – Bahia de las Aguilas (“Eagle Bay”). In addition, for the locals off-road is any sufficiently large in capacity car. Keep in mind that if you book a car in the “SUV” category, on the spot you can get just a front-wheel drive crossover.

      And one more important nuance. According to the terms of rent in any firm, insurance on a car stops working at departure on a dirt road. Keep it in mind, intending to drive dashingly somewhere in the sand.

      Our Kia Rio coped perfectly both with unpaved roads to wild beaches … and with trips on shallow sand along the beaches themselves. (Pictured: the famous Rincon Beach on Saman.)

      Prices at different resorts.

      When I was picking up my car, prices varied widely at the resorts. The most expensive was to rent a car in popular Punta Cana – I think it was about $60-70 per day. About the same money was asked at the resort of Puerto Plato. But the airports in Santo Domingo and La Romana had much lower prices: we were paying $42 a day for a Kia Rio on an automatic, but I saw cars for as little as $27 for longer dates.

      However, going to again now and checking all the major resorts, the author of these lines found that the price tag has magically become the same for all resorts – from $40 a day . So now for most tourists renting a car in the Dominican Republic has become cheaper. With that I congratulate you!

      We rented a car ourselves at La Romana airport. It was cheap and, luckily, it was the port of this city, where we arrived on a boat after a cruise across the Atlantic. After a 16-day sea voyage from Europe to America, we first stayed at an all-inclusive hotel in Baiaiba for four days and then from there we took a fun shuttle to the airport to get the car. Everything came together nicely.

      Learn about the Dominican Republic:

      Hire a car in Dominican Republic

      Route from south to north through the center of the country.

      Insurance, deposit and deductible

      When renting a car in the Dominican Republic, as in almost any country in the world, you will need to either leave a few hundred dollars as a deposit in case of damage, or buy insurance with full coverage. I described these important nuances in detail in the article about renting a car abroad. Be sure to read it, if you are not familiar with the subject. Personally, I prefer not to spend on full insurance, because I drive carefully, in addition, I have a free third-party liability insurance from my bank. Well, you should think it over and decide what’s best for you.

      At and each car has its own deposit amount: $200, $400, $700, $1000 . For example, for our Kia Rio, we left a deposit of as much as $1,600. Usually the lower the cost of renting a car, the higher the deposit is. They do it to make a tourist choose a more expensive car or buy full insurance which allows not to leave a deposit. Large deposits don’t scare me, so I can safely use the best priced deals.

      I mentioned a little earlier that some campers spend hours and days looking for small private local rentals. First of all they do it not for the price benefit (which they rarely get) but for the cash deposit. Honestly, I do not understand this logic. What’s the advantage of leaving paper money as collateral before freezing the deposit on a credit card? Some people even leave their passport, and that’s a real shame. What if the rental guy gets cocky and starts demanding money for imaginary or real damage? No, friends, we never leave our passport with anyone.

      Actually, leaving a deposit in the form of freezing on a credit card is much more profitable, because it’s not your real money that gets frozen, but the credit, that is bank money. I am not confused about this point, a bunch of times I went through this procedure and everything was fine: the money is unfrozen within a few days after delivery of a car, and sometimes in the same minute (it depends more on the bank: I recommend credit card Tinkoff). During the cruise in general, I rented a car on almost every Caribbean island and everywhere I had to leave a very fat deposit. I ended up with a total of almost 3,000 euros frozen for a few days. Since it was the bank’s money, not mine, freezing it didn’t bother me or limit me in any way.

      Rent a car in Dominica

      Spinning the steering wheel in the Dominican Republic.

      Car pickup and delivery

      After you book a car on you will get a voucher. It will specify all the terms and conditions of the rental and insurance. At the agreed date and time you will come to the rental office. There you will be booked and obligatorily offered to buy an extended insurance. Take it or leave it (I wrote about how to buy full insurance cheaper here). Similarly, you will be offered to buy the service “roadside assistance”, I at that time decided to agree to it: the country is unpredictable, and the price was not biting – $ 10. Then they will freeze the deposit on your credit card and give you the keys.

      Inspect the car carefully and write down all the damages in the contract: scratches, chips and so on. Be sure to take photos and videos of them. This precaution will save you from unfair claims. Ask all the questions about the car and traffic regulations that you have. Be sure to specify what kind of fuel to put in the tank. All of these formalities with me usually take 30-60 minutes. After that, you can finally drive!

      By the time the rental period expires, come to the office. Usually a rental officer will take a quick look at the car, and if everything is in order, you are free to go in a couple of minutes. The deposit is unfrozen in a couple of days, but sometimes instantly.

      Rent a car

      Ask the employee to fix any defects of the car and take pictures of them yourself. These are just the scratches we photographed when renting a car in the Dominican Republic.

      Traffic rules and nuances of driving in Dominican Republic.

      It is clear as day that the local people, blessed with a warm Caribbean sun, are not used to living and driving by the strict rules. It is still decided to be guided not by the traffic rules, and the philosophy of Don’t worry, be happy. In short, the manner of driving here is southern.

      However, there is no need to be frightened. If you had a chance to steer a wheel somewhere in the Kuban or in the Crimea, you will not notice the difference. If you got used to drive by the rules and expect the same from the others, play the mentioned hit of Bobby McFerrin on your car stereo, exhale and breathe deeply, and be doubly attentive on the road: for yourself and for others. Everything will be fine!

      There’s more joke than truth, though. Personally, I did not find the driving style in the Dominican Republic too slovenly, everything is quite decent, especially on the highway. The only tense moment of the trip was when the navigator (if he’s wrong) took us into the center of a densely populated town. That’s where I had to sweat and swear! We spent about an hour in traffic, with cars, mopeds and people cutting in and out of the way from all directions. I wouldn’t even be surprised if they started coming down from somewhere overhead. In short, check your navigator routes and stay away from the big cities and then you won’t have any problems.

      The roads in the Dominican Republic are generally good. The tracks are of excellent quality, but the country roads on the sparsely populated Samaná Peninsula are a bit rutted. Beware of potholes: there are few, but they always appear unexpectedly. Also, be careful of speed bumps. They are steep and are not easy to pass. However, these bumps are nothing compared to the Mexican bumps.

      There are toll roads in the country.

      The police stopped us once: they just checked our documents and let us go.

      Gasoline is expensive in the country, and it is counted not in liters, but in gallons, so you have to learn to convert mentally.

      Hire a car in Dominican Republic

      Traffic jams in some densely populated city, where the navigator took us.

      Conclusions and impressions

      Overall, we enjoyed our car ride in the Dominican Republic. Very glad that we rented a car and drove to the Samaná Peninsula – it’s fabulous and almost no tourists. Fabulous! It was in those places that we picked up the most enjoyable experiences of a Dominican vacation. The car rental process itself also suited me in every way: we booked a car through at Europcar at La Romana airport. We rented the car quickly and easily. In the office there were wonderful guys, who were so nice to give us a free ride to the bus station in town. This is what I call customer care!

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