Resorts in Israel – 2022. Where to rest on the sea

20 best resorts in Israel

Israel is a tourist destination that is popular all year round. They come to immerse themselves in the centuries-old history, visit sacred places, improve their health and enjoy recreation at comfortable resorts at sea. Three seas washed the shores of the country, they form the main resort area of Israel. The longest is the Mediterranean coast, its length exceeds 200 km. It has all the necessary conditions for family and youth recreation.

Most of the hotels and ideal sandy beaches of the Dead Sea are located in the health resort area Ein Bokek. The length of the Red Sea coast – only 14 km. Its northern part has dozens of hotels, good beaches, entertainment venues, and the southern part is famous for its coral reefs. The only ski resort in the country built on Mount Hermon.

List of major resorts in Israel

The most popular places to relax on the Mediterranean and Red Sea in Israel.


City on the slopes of Mount Carmel, one of the most beautiful on the Mediterranean. It is interesting for those who like to combine a beach holiday with a sightseeing program. 5-km beach area – one of the best in the country. There are not many hotels, but they are all of a high level, the most chic are located in the upper reaches of the city. There is the largest natural park in the country. Many museums, historical sites, chief among them – a multi-level Bahai Gardens and the Temple.



Located on the picturesque Red Sea coast. It is an oasis in the middle of the desert. It is a prestigious year-round resort and a free trade zone. A symbiosis of natural beauty, exciting tours, a great beach holiday and vivid entertainment. The pearl of Eilat – the Coral Reserve, attracting fans of diving. The underwater observatory at a depth of 6 meters, the national park of Timna, the Dolphin Reef, the center of ornithology, the camel farm.


Tel Aviv

An active, vibrant city on the Mediterranean Sea with many museums, galleries, theaters, and round-the-clock entertainment for young people. Tel Aviv has one of the world’s best promenades with numerous restaurants, pubs and stores. 12 perfectly equipped white sand beaches stretching for 14 km, smoothly flowing into each other. All of them are free with the exception of Ha-Tzuk beach. There are facilities for diving and all water sports.


A seaside town with a history of 5000 years, a suburb of Tel Aviv. Suitable for fans of relaxed, measured recreation. Its unique atmosphere is created by the narrow streets, architectural monuments, magnificent seascapes, numerous fish restaurants and hummusias, where different kinds of hummus snacks made of chickpeas are served. The old part of town has been transformed into a tourist center with museums, workshops, galleries and stores.


Bat Yam

Located on the Mediterranean coast, part of the Tel Aviv district. The resort area is more than 3 km long, it attracts tourists with its abundant vegetation, stores and restaurants. Includes 4 well maintained beaches. Along the promenade are built modern hotels with beautiful sea views. Nearby is a city park. The cultural life of the city is bustling – street theater festivals, sports events, exhibitions. Operate several museums.



A fashionable Mediterranean resort in the center of the country, 15 km from Tel Aviv. Its calling card – expensive yacht clubs, an airfield for private planes, brand stores, chic villas, luxury hotels and excellent 6-kilometer beach. Israel’s best sea kayaking club is organized here. The city has many ancient monuments – the ruins of the settlement of Mahmish, National Park “Appolonia” with the ruins of an ancient fortress, where concerts are held in the summer.



Mediterranean resort in the center of the country, 30 km from Tel Aviv. Especially popular among young people. Many small and inexpensive hotels with good service. An excellent 13-kilometer beach area is equipped with everything you need. All beaches are free. There is a lot of water and sports activities, including paragliding. On the coast a lot of restaurants, nightclubs and discos. High-speed elevator for 60 passengers, descending to the sea – the only one in the country.


Located on the Mediterranean coast, 20 km from Haifa. There are beautiful beaches with soft sand, a beautiful promenade, a large number of fish restaurants and fishing port. Noisy entertainment in the city, it is suitable for lovers of relaxation and educational tourism. Acre is over 4000 years old, on the abundance of historical and archaeological monuments, second only to Jerusalem. It is protected by UNESCO. It has long been famous for its bazaars.

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Ancient city on the Lake Kinneret, which is called the sea. A holy city for Jews. It is home to a number of Christian shrines, which attract many pilgrims every year. The resort is famous for its thermal springs. There is a famous balneological complex built around them. There are spa hotels, rest houses, and thalassotherapy centers in the vicinity. The lake is surrounded by coniferous forests, so the local air is also healing.


Ein Bokek

A town on the coast of the Dead Sea, at the foot of the rocky mountains. Offers a year-round recreation resort type. There are a number of balneological centers, comfortable hotels, spa centers, restaurants, and several public beaches. Most hotels have their own recovery complexes, offering medical and cosmetic procedures – baths, wraps, inhalations, sea water pools, and massages.


Hamat Gader

It is located on the Yarmouk River, near the border with Jordan. It is popular among the lovers of recovery tourism. Since the times of the Roman Empire, it has been famous for its healing hot springs with a high concentration of salts. Thermal mineral baths are situated on the territory of a tropical park covering an area of 17 ha, and include pools, Jacuzzis, hot waterfall, and water slides. Visitors are offered walks to the crocodile farm and visits to the parrot show.



Mediterranean resort 30 km from Tel Aviv. The main port of Israel. The length of the beach area with golden sand and easy access to the water – about 8 km. Well-developed infrastructure, there are separate beaches for women and men, places for people with disabilities. The Kshatot beach with its clubs and discos is popular with the youth. In the city there are a lot of parks, museums. The mild climate allows you to relax here all year round.



An ancient city on the Mediterranean, in the southwestern part of Israel. The length of the coastline is 12 km. The two main beaches with lagoons and breakwaters – Bar Kohba and Dalila – are among the best in the country. There are two national parks with numerous monuments of ancient civilizations. In the vicinity is a health center on the healing thermal springs of Kamei Yoav. In October the resort holds a festival dedicated to beach sports.



A small resort town on the Mediterranean coast is a veritable archaeological museum in the open air. There are ruins of temples, a Crusader fortress, the palace of Herod the Great, ancient thermae, and aqueducts. On the stage of the Roman amphitheater performances of world opera stars take place. Beaches Caesarea – one of the best in Israel, suitable for families. There is a diving center, surfing club, the only golf club in the country of international level.



A small picturesque resort on the Mediterranean Sea, 9 km from the northern border with Lebanon. It is relatively young, but quite promising. The beaches are artificial, bulk, high level. One of the best – the central beach Ghalei Galil, landscaped, suitable for recreation with children, free. Divers love the beach Azhiv, part of the national park. There is a rich underwater world – grottos, rocks, sunken ships.


Beit Yanai

A cozy little coastal village to the north of Natanya. A favorite place for kitesurfers as there are no enclosed coves and breakwaters and as a consequence there are often big waves. There is a surfing school. For lovers of relaxing there is a well-equipped 2-kilometer sandy beach with barbecue areas and fish restaurants. Included among the best beaches in Israel. In the surrounding area there are parks, eucalyptus groves and the ruins of an ancient marina.



City on the Mediterranean coast, between Tel Aviv and Haifa. Surrounded by citrus plantations and eucalyptus groves. A young resort, in the development stage, there are no special attractions. People come here mainly for beach holidays. The city beach – Givat Olga – is among the most environmentally friendly beaches in the country. Especially beautiful and popular with divers, the southern part of the coast, where there are many rocky reefs. There are nightclubs and discos.

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Kiryat Yam

Picturesque suburb of Haifa on the Mediterranean coast. Not one of the famous resorts, so prices are quite reasonable, and the infrastructure allows a pleasant stay. Suitable for a relaxing family vacation. The beaches are well equipped, with white fine sand and wave-cut, provided children’s area. There are comfortable hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, markets, souvenir shops. There are no noisy clubs and discos.



A small village on the Dead Sea coast, 3 km from the hotels of Ein Bokek. It is considered the lowest piece of land in the world – it is 395 meters below sea level. 6 hotels and several guest houses on the shore offer high quality recreation and treatment. All hotels have private beaches, and there is a public beach. Popular excursions to the caves of Mount Sodom and the fortress of Masada, situated on a rock in the middle of the desert.


The ski resort of Hermon

The Hermon mountain range is located in the northern part of the country. Its highest point is 2,236 meters. The ski resort of the same name is located 10 km from the village of Neve Ativ, is known for its excellent service and welcomes visitors all year round. There are several tracks for skiing and snowboarding with a total length of 45 km, including 2 Olympic. There are 11 funiculars and elevators, equipment rentals, specialized store, ski school.

Israel’s best resorts to vacation at

Israel is an amazing country in many ways. For example, its very small area has three seas: the Mediterranean, Red Sea and Dead Sea. Resorts Israel, located on their coasts, annually attracting hundreds of thousands of tourists from around the world.

Dead Sea resort

Due to the geographical features of Israel, on its territory there were such climatic conditions that allow you to have a good rest at any time of year:

  • to the famous Dead Sea, located in the east, go to health;
  • sunbathing, swimming and doing spectacular diving go to the south, the resorts of Israel on the Red Sea;
  • Go west, where the best, beautifully landscaped beaches on the Mediterranean coast, come to have a good time.

Choosing where to stay in this country, you need to consider the characteristics of each resort – so get the most interesting and useful vacation.

Resorts of the Mediterranean Sea

Mediterranean Sea, Israel

Swimming season on the Mediterranean Sea begins in late April and lasts until late November. The highest heat here is observed from the beginning of the first summer month until the end of September, when the air heats up to +35 … +40 ° C, and the water temperature in the sea reaches +28 ° C. Many people think that under such natural conditions it’s the best time to relax, so this time is the high season in the Mediterranean resorts with a maximum number of tourists. In April and October here go to rest those who do not like the strong heat. The average air temperature at this time of +26 ° C, water temperature +20 … +23 ° C.

Among the most popular resorts of Israel on the Mediterranean Sea: Tel Aviv, Netanya, Herzliya, Bat Yam, Nagariya.

Tel Aviv is an energetic and active city with a huge number of attractions. We can say that there are numerous restaurants, discos and nightclubs running almost continuously. That is why young people prefer to relax in Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Still, the main reason why tourists of all ages travel to Tel Aviv to vacation is the 14 miles of beautiful coastline.

Local beaches are well maintained, clean, free (with the exception of Ha-Tzuk), well equipped and relatively uncrowded. They are covered with light sand, with a comfortable entrance to the water, most of them are suitable for recreation with children. Almost everywhere there are umbrellas, sun loungers, lounge chairs and lifeguards are on duty. Tourists who like to rest actively, in Tel Aviv waiting centers for diving and surfing. A detailed overview of all the beaches in Tel Aviv can be found in this article.

The choice of hotels here is very wide, and most of them are concentrated along the coast. During the high season, the minimum cost of double rooms in 3* hotels is $ 155, apartments cost from $ 55.

Weather and seasons in Eilat by month. When is the best time to relax

Tel Aviv Resort, Israel

The main advantages of Tel Aviv, recognized as one of the best beach resorts in Israel:

  • perfectly developed tourist infrastructure; .
  • Convenient location – only 60 km from Jerusalem, where you can go on excursions;
  • clean, well-equipped beaches.

But Tel Aviv is not only one of the best, but also the most expensive resort in Israel. In addition, it is a metropolis with all the ensuing consequences. This must be taken into account, going to rest here.

For a more detailed description of the peculiarities of rest at the resort, see here.

Choosing where to vacation in Israel, you can not ignore Netanya. At 11 km of city coast with amazing soft sand dispersed 8 well-kept beaches. Due to the fact that the entrance to the sea is gentle, it is convenient to rest here with children. On the beaches everything is provided for a pleasant pastime: sun loungers and umbrellas for rent, toilets, showers and changing rooms, lifeguard stations.

Netanya resort, Israel

It should be noted that Netanya is located on the limestone cliff height of 15-40 m, and with the cliff has to go down to the sea, and then climb. To go down to the beach strip provided stairs, but the best option – is an elevator with panoramic glazing. Therefore, choosing a hotel, you need to consider its remoteness from the elevator and not from the sea.

Hotels in Netanya are many and mostly all have a level 2-4*, 5 * hotels only 3. Prices for accommodation are quite moderate (as for Israel), the food, too. It should be noted that the rest at this resort will be a little cheaper than other large cities in the country. This is one of the decisive points, why when searching for where to rest in Israel, many tourists, especially local youth, choose Netanya.

Netanya, Israel

So, the main positive aspects to go on vacation in Netanya:

  • perfectly developed tourist infrastructure;
  • The beaches are some of the best in the country for recreation with children;
  • Convenient location in relation to the main attractions of the country;
  • Relax can be cheaper than in other resorts of Israel.

As for the drawbacks: you need to go down to the sea from a high cliff. And although the elevator is provided for the descent, its location must be considered when choosing accommodation.

For more information on the features of Netanya go to this page.

The list of the best resorts in Israel includes Herzliya. This is the most luxurious, fashionable resort of the Mediterranean with a very calm atmosphere is designed for respectable vacation. In Herzliya there are about 700 hotel buildings, concentrated on the waterfront, and the vast majority – the hotels 4 * and 5 *. It is clear that luxury and comfort are not cheap: prices for budget accommodation in the high season starts at $ 170 for a double room.

Herzliya, Israel

As in Netanya, Herzliya has a very high coast, and to go down to the sea, too, you have to use the stairs or elevators.

But the coast itself (7 free beaches stretching 6 km) is really probably the best in Israel: luxurious soft sand, gentle entrance to the water, amazing cleanliness, every 100 meters toilets and indoor facilities with showers, rent chairs and umbrellas.

Briefly about the features of Herzliya:

  • Expensive place, where not everyone can afford to relax;
  • Convenient location: just 12 km from Tel Aviv with its many attractions and the best entertainment;
  • comfortable beaches with good infrastructure;
  • Sometimes the waves are very strong;
  • High shoreline; access to the beaches is a bit of a problem.

More information about the resort of Herzliya is available here.

One of the resorts by the sea in Israel, where the best vacation with children, is considered Bat Yam – a suburb of Tel Aviv (the distance between them is only 5 km). Almost every hotel has the best possible conditions for families with children, the administration even provides cribs for babies. The city operates a modern recreation center, where parents and children can relax – there are swimming pools, various water rides, tennis courts, a relaxation zone.

Bat Yam, Israel

The coastline of Bat Yam, with several picturesque and well equipped beaches, stretches for 3.5 km. Vacationers can rent the necessary beach equipment, there are showers and changing rooms. Thanks to breakwaters having an arched shape, there are never any waves, and the water is very warm near the shore!

What to see in Tel Aviv - independently and with excursion

Almost all hotels are on the beach, and prices are 5-30% lower than in Tel Aviv hotels. Given this, many travelers prefer to vacation in Bat Yam, considering it the best choice.

Bat Yam Resort, Israel

Of all the advantages of the resort of Bat Yam can be identified as follows:

  • Disposes to a measured relaxation parents with children of all ages;
  • You can relax for less money than in other well-known resorts of Israel;
  • There are opportunities for interesting entertainment, for example, all year round working skating rink.

Of the drawbacks to note: the central city beach there are large jellyfish, you have to be careful – they burn.

View a more detailed description of Bat Yam here.

Of all the resorts in Israel, located on the Mediterranean Sea, Nagaria is the most northern and at the same time the most beautiful.

Its main pride is an artificially created sandy beach (bulk) Halei Galil, recognized as the best and most beautiful in all Israel. He has a sandy entrance to the water, toilets and showers, there are changing rooms and gazebos, rent umbrellas and sun loungers.

The resort of Nagaria, Israel

The northern shore of the Mediterranean Sea has excellent conditions for snorkeling and diving – the best only on the Red Sea. Here you can see the picturesque underwater landscapes with cliffs and grottoes, sunken ships, different marine life.

Hotels at this resort are not in abundance, the best of them are located on the coast and in the city center. Accommodation in a double room at a mid-range hotel will cost from $ 75, in the elite hotel from $ 220.

In Nagaria, come not only to rest, but also to be treated. Here is the hospital of Western Galilee, which successfully treat many diseases, do IVF and plastic surgery.

Nagariya, Israel

The distinctive features of the resort of Nagaria:

  • The best beach in Israel;
  • Good conditions for snorkeling and diving;
  • the opportunity to undergo treatment for various diseases;
  • not too extensive choice of hotels.

For more information on Nagaria, go to this page.

Red Sea resorts: Eilat

Israel’s main and best resort on the Red Sea coast – Eilat. This southernmost city of the state is located on a narrow strip of land, dividing the Gulf of Aqaba (Eilat Bay) and the Eilat Mountains.

Eilat, Israel

Rest by the Red Sea and swim in it all year round, and this is the main difference from the Mediterranean Sea.

Winter in the Eilat Bay region is milder than in the rest of Israel: daytime temperatures are usually within +21 ° C (+17 ° C – a rarity), and almost always sunny. The water in January and February is warm – about +22°C, so there are always plenty of people who want to relax and swim.

Already in May the air heats up to +35 ° C, and in summer the temperature rises to +40 ° C and above, but this heat is quite easily tolerated because of the dry air (humidity of 20-30%). The sea gradually warms up to +26 … +27 ° C, and even at the hottest time remains comfortable and refreshing. Such conditions for recreation remain till mid-September, and then comes the velvet season – the heat gradually decreases.

The temperature in Eilat

The best time to travel to the Red Sea are considered to be October and November, when the ambient temperature is very pleasant: +33 ° C (October) and +27 ° C (November). And the sea is still warm, +27 ° C, only in December it cools to a pleasant bathing temperature of +25 ° C.

In Eilat there are 12 km of well equipped beaches with showers, toilets, changing rooms, sun loungers, umbrellas and cafes. Recreation areas located within the city have sand and gravel, infrastructure at a very high level. Outside the city, along the entire southern coast, the entrance to the water is somewhat complicated by the presence of rocks and corals. But it is there are the best beaches on the planet for diving, with bizarre coral thickets and a variety of exotic fish. See this article for an overview of all the beaches in Eilat.

The sea in Eilat

In Eilat, with its many nightclubs, discos and bars, will not be bored even at night. Gambling enthusiasts also come to this resort to relax. Local businessmen have found the best possible solution to circumvent the existing Israeli ban on casinos: for the gambling special ships leave the port of Eilat in the sea.

Eilat Vacation Reviews 2022. Reviews and tips for your vacation in Eilat.

There are a variety of options for staying at this resort on the Red Sea in Israel, and prices are designed for holidaymakers with different income levels. You can stay in a budget hostel, or in one of the remote from the sea hotels 3 * – double rooms there rent at an average of $ 125 per day. And yet, planning to travel to Israel’s best resort on the Red Sea, all-inclusive hotels on the beachfront must be considered! Prices for accommodation there start from $ 280, but the quality is the best. Look here for a list of the best hotels according to tourists’ reviews.

Hotel in Eilat

Basic things to know about Eilat:

  • Israel’s best resort for families with children;
  • The proximity of the Negev desert – a great opportunity for a safari on the sand dunes;
  • the coast of the Gulf of Eilat – the best place for diving;
  • There are some dangerous sea creatures, so dive and swim near the reefs with caution;
  • In the city and its surroundings are quite a lot of interesting historical and natural attractions.
  • because of the hot climate is constantly thirsty, so you should have a supply of drinking water.

A detailed description of Eilat look here.

Dead Sea Resorts

At the Dead Sea in Israel are therapeutic resorts, and the first thing people go there – treatment. Although many come just to rest.

Dead Sea Treatment

If the purpose of the trip is treatment, the time should be chosen according to the favorable period for this. If it is an ordinary trip, you can come at any time of the year, although the high season is considered the period from mid-March to almost the end of November. In the first month of summer the temperature already reaches +36 ° C, in the last – stays at +40 ° C. The sea water can hardly cool in this heat, because its temperature is about +31 ° C. It is comfortable to rest in the fall: the air in September is heated to +28 ° C, in November to +22 ° C, and the water is at least +23 ° C. And even in winter you can swim in the sea, because the water temperature does not drop below +20 ° C.

The main feature of the Dead Sea resorts is that they are not large cities, and very small villages. The main resort areas are Ein Bokek and Neve Zoar, as well as the town of Arad, located 25 km from the sea. Entertainment, in fact, no, just beaches, hotels, massage and SPA-salons, restaurants, a few small shopping centers. Even attractions, except for the Dead Sea, nearby – for them to go to other regions of Israel.

In Ein Bokek is the main share of local hotels, and almost all of them have a category 4 * – 5 *. In Neve Zoar there are only 4 large-scale hotels, but with well-developed infrastructure, allowing a comfortable stay and recreation.

Ein Bokek in Israel

Along the coast of Ein Bokek is equipped with several beaches. They are half sand, half salt coating, very clean. Free showers and free changing rooms are available. On the territory of Neve Zoara there are no beaches, the nearest one is located 2 km from the village.

The main advantages and disadvantages of resorts on the Dead Sea:

  • Some of the best treatment options in Israel;
  • Baths, massages, inhalation, cosmetic procedures with mineral mud are available in the SPA complex at each hotel;
  • the high level of service in the hotels;
  • of entertainment – only stores and restaurants;
  • interesting attractions in the resorts themselves do not.

Learn more about Israel’s healing resorts described here.

A short video about the resorts of Israel.

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