Resorts of Abkhazia. Where and when it is better to have a rest.

Weather in Abkhazia

Recreation in Abkhazia has not lost its popularity since the Soviet era. Its mild climate, unspoilt nature, warm sea and today it attracts tourists from all over the country. Holidays in the Country of Souls can be at any time of year, because the climatic conditions here are unique. But everyone has different preferences, so information about the weather is always useful.

Climate and geographical position of Abkhazia

The country stretches a narrow strip along the Black Sea coast. From the northern winds it is sheltered by high mountain ranges. Therefore snow here is a rare and short-lived phenomenon, but palm trees, magnolias, oleanders and eucalyptus trees grow here very well.

Weather in Abkhazia is determined by a humid subtropical climate. This means that winter is short, spring is early, autumn is warm, summer is long, and the tourist season lasts all year round.

The average air temperature is +15° and rarely drops below +7°. According to weather forecasters, the sun shines for 300 days a year. In summer, the thermometer can show 35 °, if not all 40 °.

In the cities, stretched along the coast, the climate is different. The warmest resort on the entire Black Sea coast is Gagry. The town of Tandripsh, 17 kilometers away, is a couple of degrees cooler. Most precipitation falls in Sukhumi, and the lowest humidity is in Pitsunda. Water temperature in the Black Sea during the peak season rises to 26-27 °, which is not unimportant for tourists practicing beach vacation.

To ensure that the reviews are only favorable, let’s consider the weather forecast by month and find out when it is better to go to Abkhazia.

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In Abkhazia, spring comes a month earlier than in most Russian regions. But the spring weather is capricious and changeable:

  • In March it rains, and from the sea blows piercing winds. However, the temperature stays at 10-12° and the fragrance of mimosa is in the air. Is it worth going on vacation? The reviews of holidaymakers assure that you should. But not at the beginning, but at the end of March, when the rainfall abates, and the air gets warmer up to 16 °. However, the water in the Black Sea is still very cold, and there is no entertainment. Tourists are left with walks in the parks and embankments or trips to the cities of Abkhazia. You can relax in a sanatorium, go to Gagra to Stalin’s dacha, see the caves in New Athos, get warm under hot jets of thermal spring in Kandyga. is becoming more attractive, weather is normalizing. It is raining less and the sun is shining more often. The air warms up to 18-20 °, and at night cools down to 10-15 °. The sea is still cool – 13-15 ° at the beginning of the month and 17-18 ° at the end of April. Vacationers a little. It is cold to bathe, but it is already possible to sunbathe. Holidays are mainly sightseeing or recreational. Popular treatment tours to sanatoriums in Pitsunda, Gagra, Sukhumi.
  • In May there are a lot more sunny days. But in early May it can rain for a short time, after which it cools down to 16°. In the middle of the month, the rainfall recedes. In late May, the thermometer reaches 21°. The sea temperature rises to 20 degrees and tourists can be seen bathing on the beaches. The beach season opens.
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Is it worth going to Abkhazia in spring? Here is what the reviews of holidaymakers say: it is a little early for a beach holiday, but the nature blooms and pleases the eye, the first fruits and berries appear – strawberries, cherries, medlars, mulberries.

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Subtropical summers are traditionally hot and sunny, and crowds of tourists head to the sea, where the bathing season begins. Here’s what the summer resort forecast looks like:

  • In June, it is better to rest for those who do not tolerate the heat. The thermometer shows about 24-25° during the day and not less than 17° at night. In early June, there are brief rains. In general, the weather is warm and comfortable, suitable for holidays with children. The water temperature rises to 22-24 °.
  • In July, the air heats up to 30-35°. Fresh sea breeze helps to endure the heat. There is practically no precipitation, rare rain is rather pleasantly refreshing than inconvenient. People swim, sunbathe, beach vacations are in full swing. The temperature in the sea reaches 25°. Fruits ripen – apples, pears, cherry plums, plums, bay leaves, blackberries.
  • In August the heat picks up. In the first half of the month the thermometer rarely drops below 30 °, and sometimes reaches 40 °. The sea temperature is 26-27°. The fruit season is in full swing. In the markets appear watermelons and melons, figs and grapes, local peaches and nectarines.

Reviews: in Abkhazia in summer there is something to do. If you are tired of the heat and bored with beach vacation, you can cool off in the caves of New Athos or go to the mountains by car. It is always cool there, and the beauties of nature do not cease to amaze – mountain serpentine, stone sacks, Lake Ritsa, waterfalls. In the mountain villages you can buy honey, try the local wine or the famous Abkhazian chacha.


Wonderful comfortable weather is established with the arrival of autumn. Tourists leave excellent reviews and consider the autumn to be the best time to travel. We mean the velvet season, because the rest in late autumn is not so popular. Here is how the climatic conditions in Abkhazia change:

  • In September the exhausting heat recedes. The heat is replaced by mild warmth. The water and air temperature is the same and stays at the level of 25-26 ° for the first two weeks, only at the end of September descending to 22 °. There is no precipitation, fresh fruits on the shelves please the variety. Reviews claim it is worth going on vacation with children and elderly relatives in the first month of autumn.
  • In October, ripe persimmons, pomegranates, quince, feijoa and other fruits. In the air it is about 20 °. The water is slightly warmer, with a sea temperature of 21°. In early October the first snow falls in the mountains, and on the coast the rains begin to linger. The wet period lasts about a week. It is followed by dry, warm weather when you can go to the sea. It rains more often at the end of October, the temperature is 17°.
  • In November the temperature drops to 14-15°C, the rains become heavier, and the wind picks up. The exception may be a few days in early November, and if October was really warm. The water temperature is 18 degrees, and some brave people even swim. Favorite activities of overland tourists – hiking or trekking in the mountains, accompanied by experienced instructors. In late November it gets really cold. Closer to the evening the temperature drops to +10°.
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Tourist feedback: It’s worth going in late autumn if you want to relax from the bustle of the city, breathe the sea air, do mountain tourism, look at ancient temples. Families with children is better to vacation in September, and the most popular resorts are Sukhum, Pitsunda, Gagra and Tsandripsh.

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What to see and do in Abkhazia in winter? Let’s look at the weather by month:

  • In December, a subtropical winter descends on the country. The air temperature at the beginning of December stays at +14°. In this month, the weather is particularly capricious. It is wet and windy, and the sun rarely comes out. Snowfalls and frosts are expected in the mountains. The coast receives the maximum rainfall. At the end of December the temperature will not rise above +10°. But the New Year is ahead, the number of holidaymakers increases and tours become more expensive.
  • In January comes the coldest period. The lingering rains and cold winds from the sea do not stop all month. The air temperature during the day +7 °, +3 ° at night. In early January at the resorts a lot of tourists who came to see the New Year celebrations in Abkhazia. Rest takes place in sanatoriums, boarding houses and warm cozy cafes.
  • In February, the tourist season dies down. There are no excursions and there are no ski slopes in Abkhazia. Recreation is possible in sanatoriums and at thermal springs. The temperature does not rise above +7 °, at night zero is possible.

The coldest places on the coast are Tsandribsh, Bagribsh and Kholodnaya Rechka.

Gagry remains the warmest resort even in winter. Here the average winter temperature is +10° during the day and +6° at night. It is a couple of degrees warmer only in Sukhumi, but at night it is as cold as +3 °.

What is worth to go to Abkhazia in winter for? Read the reviews: tourists are attracted by sanatoriums and inexpensive procedures. If you look at the prices, the difference compared with the summer season is up to 50%.

Another pleasant bonus is cheap local fruits. Mandarins, lemons and other citrus fruits ripen in December. Open temples, some of them are several centuries old and are a cultural treasure of the country. It is impossible not to mention the Abkhazian hospitality, which does not depend on the season.

For tourists from Russia Abkhazia remains the Land of Soul – generous, friendly, hospitable, with wonderful kind people.

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When is it best to go on holiday to Abkhazia?

Abkhazia is a hospitable sunny country on the southeastern coast of the Black Sea, bordering with Krasnodar region of Russia in the northwest. Read our article on Tour-Calendar, you’ll learn why late May, June, early July and September is the best time to vacation at Abkhazian resorts.

Every year the popularity of Abkhazian resorts is gaining momentum

Tourist season in Abkhazia

Most Russians remember Abkhazia as it was 20 years ago after the armed Abkhaz-Georgian conflict. Now much has changed. It is too early to talk about apparent prosperity, but the fact that the Abkhazian government has actively engaged in development of the tourism industry, building new resorts, hotels, improving beaches cannot but rejoice. After all, natural gifts of Abkhazia are priceless, and now they are available to everyone! Every year hundreds of thousands of tourists coming here from May to October prefer Black Sea coast of Abkhazia to Russian resorts.

High season

Summer is a little life. And you want to live it with pleasure for body and soul. Abkhazia is an ideal choice for both the first and the second – it is not without reason that its name sounds like “country of the soul” in translation from Abkhazian. Genuine hospitality of the locals, a cleaner sea than in Krasnodar Krai, very low prices for packages, stunning with its luxury nature, picturesque places known throughout the world, as well as quite a different culture and a different flavor. This is why every summer about 400,000 Russians tend to leave their homeland, going to the Black Sea coast in neighboring Abkhazia. In addition, it is no secret that one of the main reasons for a holiday away from home is the thirst for a change of “scenery”.

Low season

Immediately after the end of the velvet season, the last tourists leave Abkhazia. Now for 7 months tourist business plunges into hibernation. And from mid-April begins active preparation to welcome long-awaited guests.

Beach season in Abkhazia

The swimming season lasts at least 4 months

The official opening of the swimming season is in early June. But in the end of May due to the moderately hot weather the sea gets warm up to +18 ° C … +20 ° C, so at this time on the beaches is sufficient number of tourists. In July and August it gets pretty hot, and at the same time there is a significant warming of water – +23 ° C … +25 ° C. It is noteworthy that even in the height of summer on the beaches there is not so much people as on the Russian Black Sea coast: there is no rush and noisy crowds, so the holiday is quite measured. And this is a rarity at vacation time.

Velvet season in Abkhazia

The gentle velvet of autumn, the stunning blue of the warm sea and caressing sun.

As the first days of September there is not much to say that it is autumn. On the contrary, it is in no hurry to come into its own. The weather bestows soft warmth, gentle rays of sun and tender sea at about +25 °С … +26 °С. Velvet season in Abkhazia, which lasts from September to mid-October, is the best time for holidays absolutely on all fronts.

The best time for excursions

Abkhazian people, despite its difficult fate, managed to maintain its unique culture. There is a huge number of historical monuments on the territory of the country. Natural attractions are no less impressive. On the inspection of all of them can take, without exaggeration, several years! It is not necessary to aim so ambitious, you can just visit the most popular of them. So, if the format of your trip to Abkhazia is purely excursional, you should plan your trip for late April, May, September and October months. But if you still want to take full advantage of a visit to this wonderful land, the win-win option will be the month of June.

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Health season

Abkhazian resorts welcome their guests all year round.

The mild climate, medicinal mountain air with the scent of pine, rich natural resources created all conditions for the development of sanatorium-resort business. During the USSR times privileged people used to come to Abkhazia for recuperation, but today it is a popular resort, warmly welcoming everyone who wants to improve their health. Autumn and Spring is the most favorable time for the procedures, but do not disregard the winter.

Religious season

Tours to the holy places of Abkhazia are very popular

There are a large number of Orthodox sanctuaries scattered throughout Abkhazia. Pilgrimage tours to the holy places of Abkhazia are especially popular among Russians on the eve of religious holidays. Tour operators usually offer organized tours on Christmas Eve and Easter.

The time of holidays and festivals

The holiday calendar of Abkhazia is full of different events

Just like all Russians January 7th Abkhazians celebrate Orthodox Christmas, on the night of January 13th to 14th they celebrate a day of creation of the world “Azhyrkhua”, in April and May there is a traditional Easter “Mshapi” which coincides with the Orthodox Easter, on May 9th they remember events of the Second World War, on September 30th – Independence Day of the Republic of Abkhazia, another public holiday they celebrate on November 26th – Constitution Day. But the most important holiday of all Abkhazian Muslims is Kurban-aua or Kurban Bayram which falls on a new date every year.

Climate in Abkhazia

The proximity of the sea, the protection of the Caucasus Mountains from the cold Caspian winds and the constant south-western winds have created a humid subtropical climate in the plains. Summers are hot and winters are warm and snowy. The amount of precipitation is distributed almost evenly throughout the four seasons. The warmest weather is typical for Gagra. Overall, 300 sunny days a year for Abkhazia are guaranteed.

Abkhazia in spring

Spring in Abkhazia is quite warm

Spring in Abkhazia is early: already in March the thermometer column begins to rise gradually. But we must remember that the weather changes its mood in an instant. Clouds may come over in a moment during a sunny day and in a couple of hours the weather becomes clear again. In April in Abkhazia warm weather is established. The thermometer stays at +16 °С, but at times it rises up to +20 °С … +21 °С. This is a very beautiful time of the year: forest edges and city parks are “dressed” in flowery attire, the leaves open up and the air fills with delightful aromas. During the last month of spring the weather allows for sunbathing.

March Weather April Weather Weather in May
Gagra +10 +9 +15 +13 +17 +18
Pitsunda +9 +8 +14 +12 +16 +17
Sukhum +12 +9 +16 +13 +19 +18

Abkhazia in summer

Summer is the best time of year to relax in Abkhazia: the bright sun, the warm sea, the cleanest mountain air and sweet fruit

Summer is the best time of year to relax in Abkhazia: sunshine, warm sea, clear mountain air and sweet fruit

Summer in Abkhazia means generous bright sun and an abundance of sweet fruit and berries. In June the swimming season opens. The sun is already warming up, but the weather is not hot. This is a perfect time for those who are contraindicated to stay in the aggressive sun, as well as for persons with coronary heart disease and people suffering from vegetative-vascular disorders. In July and August the thermometer column may rise up to +30 °С … +34 °С. The humidity aggravates a little the perception of summer heat, but cool sea breezes partially save the situation. At this time, the water in Abkhazia warms up to comfortable temperatures. High in the mountains in the summer there are heavy rains. Daytime air temperature at 1500-1700 m ranges from +16 ° C to +18 ° C, and at night you can freeze. You should take this into account when going on excursions in mountainous areas.

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June Weather July Weather August Weather
Gagra +23 +20 +26 +22 +27 +24
Pitsunda +22 +20 +25 +21 +26 +23
Sukhum +23 +20 +25 +22 +26 +24

Abkhazia in Autumn

Autumn in Abkhazia is a romantic time, which pleases with a lot of warm days.

Autumn in Abkhazia is a wonderful time of year. As much as 1.5 months lasts steadily a velvet season. However during the first week of September the weather can change dramatically: it rains heavily, there are thunderstorms, there are gusty winds. As a rule, after a few days the heat returns, and the sea is completely calm. In mid-October it begins to get colder, the water temperature drops to +20 °С … +21 °С. In November the rainfall increases. This is the ripening time for persimmons and tangerines.

Weather in September Weather in October Weather in November
Gagra +23 +26 +17 +21 +13 +18
Pitsunda +22 +25 +16 +21 +12 +18
Sukhum +23 +26 +19 +21 +15 +18

Abkhazia in winter

In winter it snows in the mountains and rains in the coastal areas

Winter in Abkhazia in coastal areas is very warm and fleeting with an average daily temperature of about +10 ° C. Minus temperatures are quite rare. Even rarer is the snowfall, and as a rule, it does not happen much. But the rains are quite often in winter, especially in December. Storm winds are also possible. As a rule, in February, the amount of precipitation decreases significantly, more and more often the weather is pleasant on clear days. Many plants bloom in the forests at this time, and in gardens – mimosas. Weather conditions at the highlands are quite different: at an altitude of 2400-2800 m winter is very severe. Stable snow cover is kept here from October till July.

Weather in December January weather Weather in February
Gagra +10 +12 +8 +10 +8 +9
Pitsunda +9 +12 +7 +9 +7 +8
Sukhum +11 +12 +8 +10 +9 +9

What are the prices for holidays in Abkhazia?

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Whenever you come to Abkhazia, you will get a lot of positive emotions from the meeting with it. But if in addition to good impressions want to take away with a beautiful golden tan, Tour-Calendar advises to plan a vacation in June, first half of July or September.

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